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  • seaweed 79w


    Remember me as mellifluous verse,
    Or a melody you heard somewhere,
    A nail scratch on your back,
    The remnant of a winter night.
    Remember me as transience,
    And a bit of joy held within.
    Remember me as a stroll by the beach,
    On a summer eve.
    Remember me as dust,
    For I am dust and I will return to dust.
    Or better,
    Do not remember me,
    I am a moment, a breath,
    A speck in the universe,
    A speck in time.
    I am your moment of sonder,
    Found and lost.



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    Image: Pinterest. Credits to the rightful owner.

    Sonder: The profound feeling of realizing that everyone, including strangers passed in the street, has a life as complex as one's own, which they are constantly living despite one's personal lack of awareness of it.
    - The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows


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  • santor_674 80w

    When I was subtly stroked with a tinge of glee , you stabbed my heart with the fierceful pair of eyes that speaks truth, while your tears pour of happiness with a smirk , my heart bleeds in a chalice , you sip as slay..

    When I pace about in a meadow of blossoms , you grab hold of a sickle uprooting them up - while the rustle of leaves subdues me - you wither them off with a stormy wild wind..

    Hey demon in me! You never foster me neither do I belong to you , while I am known to the fact , that the world will never remember me , for I am not their metaphoric poetries, nor I am their emotions drenching them even after attaining their death..

    I will be remembered as me for my selfless heart where I belong to absolutely!

    //I am not a wine leaving back it's quintessence for a drunkard , I am a maple syrup - sipped with enchant even though never remembered//


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    Taste Me With Reality, Not with a Hoax

    Remember me as nothing , for I don't want you to behold me in your memories , so as I belong to my selfless heart, not in your grave head!

    Possessing a terror in front , my hands do clasp a bouquet of roses!


  • rhymeless_poems 80w

    When I'm gone
    remember me as a melody
    you have forgotten the lyrics of

    Dance around with your new lover
    hum the tune I wrote for you
    which you never owned

    You will forget me
    while the sun is up but as soon as it drowns
    I'd play on repeat in your brain as the shadows dance around

    Remember me as a melody you killed and buried,
    maybe if you'd burnt me I wouldn't
    be remembering you as a poem,
    I will never complete



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  • umbraa 80w

    And after I am gone,
    Remember me as ,
    The memory of your best time.
    And not as pain inflicted due to misunderstandings...

    -Deependra Bhatt

  • biswajitdev 80w

    Dear Beauteous souls,
    Drop a ❤ if you feel me & a token of suggestion. I'll be elated .
    ** And after I'm gone,
    Remember me as the serene sonnet engraved in home of your heart . **

    *GLOSSARY :-
    Serene - Peaceful, Sonnet - Poem, Engraved - Carved or chiselled *

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    Picture credit to the Rightful owner
    -- Pinterest --

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    And after I'm gone,
    Remember me as the serene sonnet
    engraved in home of your heart .


  • 300roses 80w

    The Rose

    And after I’m gone
    Remember me as the rose.

    Each crafted piece of mine is
    painted like the rose,

    The stalk is the heart of each piece
    every petal shaped by the
    echoes of my soul,
    the sprinkling of prickles
    along the stem are
    touches of my tenacity,
    subtly revealing the strength
    beneath my delicate demeanor.

    Each crafted piece is scented with
    the fragrance of the rose.

    Remember me as the rose.


  • pooja17 80w

    And After I 'm Gone
    Remember me as a star
    Who wished to shine
    Remember me as a flower
    Who wished to smile
    Remember me as an invisible friend
    Who always wished to help the needy
    Remember me as one soul
    Who always wished to achieve its goal**

  • free_elf 80w

    #rememberasc Thank you for the❤ @writersnetwork

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    Remember me as a dead rose...

  • wilmaneels 80w

    And after I'm gone
    Remember me for how I made you feel
    Not for what I did or didn't do

  • bclark2681 80w

    Remember Me

    And after I'm gone,
    Please remember me for my love of
    Deciphering and penning poetic versus,
    For studying and appreciating the art of
    Abstract paint and female silhouettes,
    For my time, devotion, and complete joy
    Of being a loving father and husband,
    For being a good person with an honest
    Soul and a vermilion heart that was true,
    And for my love and my struggle with
    Life itself, it's give, it's take, it's everything,
    Allow this to dry tears and ease minds

  • veloc1ty_ 80w

    And when I'm gone,
    Remember me as the thought
    That sprung a smile on your lips
    Before making you cry.

  • hiddenwords_of_heart 80w


    And after am gone 
    Remember me as the 
    Soul which penned her 
    Heart over the paper

    Welcoming all the sadness 
    For herself and being happy
    By seeing the others happiness
    And the world filled with bliss

    The love refrigerator keeps 
    Her cool like an ice cream
    But melts when turned aside 
    And drain it to the soil

    She is blessed with the Krishna
    Crazy about flute and peacock
    Chanting his name endlessly
    Following his path to meet him


  • soulfulstirrings 80w

    And when I am gone remember me as
    That little boat that kept adjusting her sails ...Inching towards the horizon
    Willing to touch the rising sun
    /The one that followed stars in the darkness of the night
    The one that let hope bloom over her ashes/
    Darling ..
    Do remember me as the one who never gave up on hope

  • trumpetcreeper 80w

    #rememberasc@writersbay@mirakee@writers network

    And after Iam gone ...
    Remember me as the smile on your face,
    The love in your heart

    Remember me as the wind ,
    Playing withyour hair..
    The rain that makes you happy..

    Remember me as the spring
    After the long winter.....

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    Remember me as the spring
    After the long winter....


  • bonitasarahbabu 80w

    When God calls me and I have to leave,
    I want to be remembered for my hugs, love, and my need to help others.
    My positivity, I want others to remember,
    My smile and the joy it brings when I trip over air, I want it remembered.
    I want my legacy to be that of love,
    A legacy of understanding and acceptance.
    Remember me for my good days,
    And forget the sad ones.
    Know that love is what our world needs,
    So, we share it wherever we go.

  • ___nujazi_farooq 80w

    Shaheed(The martyr)

    And after I'm gone
    Remember me as an orison
    I wished to be accepted
    In the abode,God's blessed
    For I owned a life
    Only for a strife
    To save the humanity
    From bouts of brutality
    Despite thirst and hunger
    Bare feet or home asunder
    I will always act the sword of rectitude
    To eradicate the epitaph of moral turpitude
    Of my dears I will sacrifice love
    In the consent of my Lord before I bow
    Only then I will be worth called sacrifice
    Before the God and in my mother's eyes

  • pallavimaruji 80w

    And after I am gone
    Remember me as
    A poet
    A mad one
    Who liked to write
    About anything and everything!

    A poet who
    Set no limits to Express!

    A poet
    Who wanted to explore
    What all she can
    By scribbling on and on and on!

    A poet who
    Got so immersed into writing
    That she didn't care of the world around!

    A poet
    Who just wanted to
    Write and write
    Without knowing
    What is she writing!


  • _mathematics 80w

    promises made to adore
    now squander along paths
    deserted and dark
    desire agony
    more than a calm

    Death pleasing corpse
    reciting with a strangled voice
    Poem of remembrance
    on its last hour
    to one I confided
    a long-ago with
    words of wonder
    and again telling
    to her, that remember
    me in these words
    I assembled in
    my scrabble board
    with cold hands
    asking for your warmth
    every time you see the fallen star
    when sipping hot tea on your chair
    kept in the balcony of our home
    I envied building for you.

    // Remember me in those words
    every time you see the fallen star//
    assembling words of wonder
    to express adore for you
    Despite the distance so far.

    #promisec #rememberasc

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    strangled voice

  • _creatingworldsthatdonotexist_ 80w

    To whoever has hardened their heart enough to read this over my lifeless body,

    Trust was the shoelace I never learnt to tie correctly. Sometimes, i could not manage bringing the two ends close enough. Sometimes, i failed to cross the right loop and sometimes, I preferred having the lace intertwined with my fingers over performing the petty task of holding up my life for me. Maybe, that's the reason I could not leave the task of writing my eulogy to you. I have not let anyone peep through the drapes of my heart well enough. I'm afraid I haven't been a transparent lens that sings my stories. I have fogged every quark in me for i knew you wouldn't be able to dance with my demons. They hide behind angelic costumes of joy and feigned laughter. All my life, my story has been told as lines from a novel that I have not written. You have not known my journey, the wilderness of emotions I've been, the sky of vermillion tear droplets I've cried, the anthology of poems my tangled hair has been, the dark mornings and bright dusks I've seen, the warmth winter has brought my cold dreams or the willow tree my dreams have swung from. You have seen me as an ocean but you do not know that all my breaths have swum across a million streams, walked a hundred bridges, burnt a thousand rainbows, basked in snow and frozen in daylight to get to the ocean you have known me as. And I know, today too, I shall be failed. You will listen to me and your prayers will cry with you, but a thousand and one nights from now, you will watch your favourite soap opera, wear your favourite jewellery, wash the dishes, and smile because I was but a song to you and there are a hundred more on your playlist to keep you going.

    I have craved sweet all my life and I shall crave sweet long after I am ashes. Maybe that is why I could not leave the task of writing my eulogy to you. You cannot expect hemlock trees to start growing magnolias. It'd be a sin and once, upon my death I wish to refrain from committing one. I have been eating on bitter words, I have walked across beaches where each sand grain has been a failure, I have sewn my mouth shut and spent nights bleeding on my bed trying to let something sweet form within me, I have written stories that will never be read, I have lived autumns yearning for winter to dwell on my tongue and I have plucked roses to prick my soul and press its dry petals between threads of a crochet I left in the sink. I do not know how I fell for the lullabies that were signing me to a sleep I would never be able to wake up from. Maybe, because I crave sweet.

    I have profound insights and grim memories of times I wished I didn't remember anyone and no one remembered me. But, today, in my grave, I wish for immortality and in your memories, I shall be a tenant. For all the rents I have paid all my life, give me a home upon my death.

    And now that I'm dead, I wish to take command for once. I wish to dictate how you shall remember me. When you rise from the crumpled sheets on your bed, remember me as the sunshine knocking on your window, as the reason your sedan has a sunroof. When you walk to your bathtub, remember me as the water that unlike people who should have loved you better, is unafraid to touch you even when you are your most devastated and broken. When you breathe, remember me as the freedom in the air that does not cost you but pushes your heart to beat one more time. When you walk, remember me as the grass below your feet, that carpets your steps and smiles with you when you bring your lover and lay on your back, watching the comets run after their tails. When you can't find sleep, remember me as the bedtime story your mama read to you by the fireplace everyday, incessantly until you were at ease in her arms. When the night seems a little too dark and your sails are dry for the wind has ceased to blow, remember me as the firefly that lights up your skies and whisks and dances with wings that fly you to your destination. When science disinterests you, remember me as the forlorn writer who has scribbled you letters that are awaiting discovery.

    And maybe, remember me as the girl who smiled and wrote for she wished to be remembered and smiles and words were the only infinity she knew.

    ~ Never yours,

    Edit : please don't wake me up if this is a dream
    (´ . .̫ . `)
    Thanks a tonne @writersnetwork (•ө•)♡

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  • anshika_winks 79w

    Writing makes you happy!!!
    Are you sure?

    People say they love writing!
    Writing makes them happy...

    You stay happy when you bleed out all the emotions that you had buried deep in the heart. Stitched them between the scars that hurt again. You dare to live the pain again. You dare to bear all the melancholy that you had left behind. Will you be able to digest the praise you get on tearing your heart apart. You wish to get remembered because you write. But no, people remember you only because they connect with what you write and nothing else. You wish to receive all the thorns after giving everyone the roses of gratitude. You had placed an icing of snow cold hatred upon it, remember! And now you yourself are digging that out. Those scars I had mentioned earlier must be hurting you now. Take care because there's no one numbing out the pain except you. There are just people in the audience applauding you of how bravely you did what they couldn't. The pain that belongs to you, is your only possession and you place it in auction where nobody cares. Leaving a trace of you in whatever you write what are you left with in the end? Happiness!!

    Are you sure?