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  • madinah_writes 8w

    I read poems people wrote about their grandmother.
    Even though I didn't see mine or witness her love,
    I know what her touch felt like.
    What I heard of her was how much she loved and cared for me.
    My grandmother thought me how to sleep with my eyes open.
    Wide open to look inward and feel the weight of my heart.
    In her eyes stood magical galaxies.
    In her heart sat a revolution of beauty and talent.
    Sitting under the baobab tree that served as kitchen,
    Grandma would wake before the first cock's crow to burn dry woods.
    Everyone is still asleep.
    The day just begin to yawn in dusky Dawn.
    Grounding pepper on a flat stone to make our local dish.
    My grandma first taught me how to endure the peppery fish.
    Smoke filling the morning till it touches the sky,
    Grandma would lay me on her sweaty back which served as my first bed.
    I clocked one and she passed.
    Well, that was destiny. All left with me is imaginary memories and a wishful smile.
    For I never knew my grandmother but I felt her love.

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    Grandma's Love

  • madmans_diary 18w

    No lullabies

    No bedtime stories

    Yet he chose to sleep , to eternity

    Lives in peace , my boy

  • vijaylaxmimohata 19w


    Khaamoshiyon mey meri aahaton ko sunanaa,
    Khuli aankhon se sapney tum bunanaa,
    Gar ruk jaate hain abhi mere kadam...
    Tere dar par aane se,
    Par mere aane ka intezaar na kum karnaa.

    Iss intezaar mey gar tadap hai,
    Toh meethi yaadein bhi hongi,
    Teri aahon mey gar kasak hai,
    Toh pyaar ki laalsaa bhi hogi,
    Tujhe unn yaadon ka waasta,
    Mere pyaar ki laalsaa ka waasta,
    Meri chhavi ko na bhulaa denaa,
    Gar ruk jate hain abhi mere kadam...
    Tere dar par aane se,
    Par mere aane ka intezaar na kum karnaa.

    Yaad dard ko janm deti hai,
    Adhuri laalsaa niraashaa ko janm deti hai,
    Tanhaayi saare dhairya tod deti hai,
    Par tu mere pyaar ko apni taakat baana lenaa,
    Gar ruk jate hain abhi mere kadam...
    Tere dar pey aane se,
    Par mere aane ka intezaar na kum karnaa.


  • kaiotyk 21w

    Silence at golden hour.
    Peace by the water
    humming a childhood tune to the Mother Earth
    in rememberence of what’s come to pass.
    In the daily commute to talk the loudest
    always living to die to be heard
    we often forget we, too
    must breathe.

  • dbethancourt 73w

    A Year Ago after my worst moments.
    #Rememberance #Triumph

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    Saying Goodbye

    Two year sacrifice or two year lie?
    Looking through my past wondering if and why?
    They call me a Hero. I used to run and hide.
    Story of a legend, pains coarsing deep inside.
    Used to bump my praise, till it all came crashing.
    Voices in my head always prompted every action.
    I remember em well and what they said.
    "You'll never make it far.
    You'll probably end up dead."
    I didnt have no heart.
    I chose to cower instead.
    Let them tell the tale and lies became truth.
    Betrayal by my side just for a laugh or two.
    Tears in my eyes asking God what to do?
    Scared of my school and scared to be you.
    Humiliated everyday, maybe suicide is true?
    Never took the deal, but made my way back.
    Long after graduation, I was looking to attack.
    Slaughter gang shit, looking to be convicted.
    Glad I didn't find em, lives would have gone missing.

    Year of 19, military came calling.
    Long awaited dream, I never thought of falling.
    Family came to visit, I was just off and running.
    Questions bout my future? They wanted me to do something.
    I waited for my trident, but a light shined bright.
    She wanted some closure, so we fucked for the night.
    Ya boy fell in love, for the girl who wasnt right.
    Lust over loyalty? This shit will be alright.
    Had some red flags, I still chose to waive em.
    Played friends with benefits.
    Cole told me I couldn't save em.
    Montgomery or G.I, which one was she gonna get?
    Story never told, she hated me by then.

    I played the game so I made it through.
    Great Lakes, everything was coming true.
    Leader of the new school, I was pushing through.
    Happy on my own, I paid my dues.
    Didnt care for nothing, I wasnt coming back.
    Wrote them letters, love something I didnt lack.
    Insecurities made a run, my main woe.
    PO's killing my division, I couldn't say no.
    I saw the beatings and the disrespect.
    Visions of myself once being helpless.
    From alchohol bottles to straight neglect.
    Questioning myself did I really want this?
    Went to ask for help, my worst mistake.
    "Doctors" known to help, I made my case.
    It was lie and go home, a true disgrace.
    Or fight the demons to be the ace?
    It was the hole that I fell through.
    Broken and scarred all to lose.
    I chose to fuck the world and all she had.
    Grab her by the hair and show her bad.
    Changes made, I need too.
    Saving The Hero was all I knew.
    Fuck everything and everyone.
    Just like my father leaving his only son.

    I came home early, I couldn't tell.
    I kept tabs on my brothers, they were doing well.
    Doctor from Iran asking, "where I'd been?"
    Convos over the cell, I'd just listen in.
    There wasn't much to say, I couldn't see them.
    The kid felt embarrassed for every reason.
    I'd rather fake my death then see them eye to eye.
    I felt everything I talked about had been a lie.
    From sought out king, to a broken man.
    From HM to picking up trash for the random man.
    Giving up was tempting but I made a plan.
    I'd die fighting trying to take a stand.
    Boxing came a love, manos como Duran.
    Every pain ensued punching heavy bags.
    A therapeutic I always needed.
    Never the pussy, cars or money I always feeded.

    A year goes by and I'll never forget.
    The suffering endured and the failures met.
    A path so cold
    I took advice from Cole.
    "Like keep gridin' boy, your life can change in one year."
    I feel like someone now, someone who ain't got fears.
    Put me in front of anyone, upset champions like I'm Spinks.
    I'll take Tyson too anyday of the week.
    I'll die trying if you'd think I'd taste defeat.
    Rather than be you crossing your feet.
    More than just the gloves, it's about the will.
    That you could be more than what you've been made to feel.
    Higher than the ceiling, I'm touching the atmosphere.
    Degree in my pocket, I can see the future clear.
    Paris, Gold Medal, 2024 is going to be the year.

  • mackruis 80w

    Never compare your life with others!
    The path you have been through was always tough with pathetic situations!
    Overcoming them with courage was an interesting journey to remember!


  • a_few_thoughts 84w


    Something to be laughed at when not present
    Something present but nothing to be laughed at

  • secretletters00747 86w


    I was young when I came to you; and
    Going to the new world taking things that you thought me again and again.

    Things you thought me these years had made me better than what I was,
    Things you gave me will be with me forever but the time won't forgive me to live that life again.

    I know your blessings will be with me forever,
    But I never going to change what you made me forever.

    I never knew what you made us,
    Except the time you spent among us.
    Losing hopeis not what you gave us,
    But enlighting the spirit and to fight which you taught us.

    Years passed by we never knew,
    When we have to leave and say goodbye.

    The memories between us will be forever,
    Except the time we spent together.

    You taught us from A to Z, from 0 to infinity,
    But we always be thankful to you eternally.

    Things had changed from then to now,
    But this is uneven I don't know how to tell now.


  • darkus_ 87w

    I'm here

    Even when your thoughts can't thrive and dreams turn dust, I would still be there for ya, I'll let you have mine,
    Even as the world falls apart and we dwell in darkness, just remember
    I'll be for you forever
    Till the end of time

  • soaringeyes 92w

    Last Gift

    When I die, look for me in the warmth of your bed and I'll be hiding there in the folds of the covers. Look for me in my cups of coffee, I'll be looking for my caffeine fix. Look for me in bottles of whiskey and rum where spirits had turned my blood to fire. Look for my words in the books at my desk and you'll find a word or two for you. Look for me in the clothes that I stole on the sly from your wardrobe and you'll find that our scents have blended perfectly. When I die look for me in you, take one last glance and move on. Let this be my last gift to you.

  • ankitj 95w


    A day has passed and yet another anniversary missed by the constitutional up-keepers of red-minded India !

    Where are the charismatic sounds of shamelessness ?

    Has the objective gone too much non commercial that you forgot your Afzal again ?

  • mawondergirl 97w


    सालो से दबा कर रखा ख्वाब,,
    ख्वाबो में जज़्बात लिखा है....

    उस पुरानी डायरी में आज भी,
    तेरा नाम अपने साथ लिखा है..


  • dinosaur_abh 98w

    तू अाई न तेरी याद
    मैं ठहरा रहा "और"
    वक़्त मुसाफ़िर हो गया।


  • darkus_ 98w


    As the darkness creeps into the sky... Fading all shades of red and purple
    When the moon dares not to glow
    I'm still awake... My mind wandering in a lonely lane of depression
    While everyone else falls into a trance in blissful Melody,
    The demons in my mind rage maniacal,
    I find myself wandering alone... In the lifelessness of the night
    I cry out loud... For none to hear
    My tears well up... For none to behold
    My fingers trace along the broken pieces of my own world
    Even the calm wind seems to rip my innards
    And my blood speaks my tragic tale
    Such a frantic I have become
    Since the day you left me...
    But this cold of the lonely night... This pain...
    However much... It's weaker than the reminiscing pain in my heart
    My heart screams in the silence honey
    I'm shattered to pieces...
    Still in hope that you will come
    You will come in this nightmare to take my hand...
    You will come back to me... To look into my eyes and say "it's okay"
    Still dreaming in this endless nightmare to shrink into your arms...
    To lose the world and be yours again
    Yet... The night is dark honey
    And some dreams are never fulfilled
    My embers in the dying flares
    I feel a cold surmounting me
    All I want is a glimpse of you in this nightmare
    Before I shatter ...
    as the pieces of glass into this night
    Erasing my memories
    Erasing my own self
    Vanishing into the night
    If life be a music... those shattered memories are my forgotten lyrics
    Still hoping that you would compose me and make me shine...
    Yet I'm fading...into the unknown... My existence is
    nothing more than a mere fable now...
    A mysterious fable never to be understood
    And you have become the key to it
    And even as I vanish... You still remain
    In my heart
    ... Forever... And ever... No matter what...

  • neharikaawode 100w


    Woh mujhe utna hi jaante hai jitna main unhe batati hu,
    Arsa hua kisine mujhe pehchane hue.

  • drnits 105w

    प्यारे Daddy cont..

    फिर जब कभी हम ज़िन्दगी की राहों पे चलते चलते थक जाते,
    तब ये कहकर कि, "गिरते हैं शहसवार ही मैदान-ए-जंग में,
    वो तिफ़ल क्या गिरे जो घुटनों के बल चले",
    हमारा हौंसला भी तुम्हीं बढ़ाते थे...

    फिर वक़्त ज़रा और गुज़रा,
    और हम जीने की जद्दोजहद में ये तो भूल ही गए,
    कि तुम अब अपनी ज़िंदगी के आख़री कगार पर हो...
    फिर वो दिन आया,
    जब उस खुदा ने तुम्हे अपने पास बुलाया,
    उस दिन हम रोये तो थे ये सोचकर,
    कि तुम्हें आख़री वक़्त में देख न सके,
    पर ये तसल्ली भी थी कहीं,
    कि तुमने अपनी पूरी ज़िन्दगी बड़ी शान से जी है,
    और अब तुम जहाँ भी होगे,
    अपने हमसफर के पास महफूज़ होगे,
    और उस आसमान में सबसे चमकीला सितारा बनकर,
    अपनी रौशनी हमपे बिखेरते होगे,
    Daddy, तुम दूर होकर भी हमेशा हमसे करीब होगे...


  • drnits 105w

    मैं अपने दादाजी को daddy बुलाती थी...बहुत खट्टा मीठा रिश्ता था हमारा.. मैंने लिखना उनसे ही inspire होकर शुरु किया... वो urdu और english में लिखा करते थे और speaking tree के articles अपनी diary में इकठ्ठा करते थे.. वो mujhe लिखने के लिए हमेशा encourage करते थे और मेरे सबसे बड़े critic भी थे.. उन्हें अपनी poetry सुना कर बड़ा मज़ा आता था क्यूँकि वो बढ़े ध्यान से सुनते थे और ideas भी देते थे.. बड़े ज़िंदादिल और निडर थे वो..कहते थे "मैं तो अपने दिल की बात कहूँगा, फिर चाहे किसी को अच्छा लगे ना लगे!" ये कविता मैं अपने daddy को dedicate कर रही हूँ, जो आज हमारे बीच में नही हैं पर उनका आशीर्वाद हमेशा हमारे साथ रहेगा...
    #diary #thoughts #poetry #life #dadaji #mirakee #hindiwriters #hindiurduwriters #rememberance #yaadein

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    प्यारे Daddy

    बेशक माँ बाप का दर्जा सबसे बड़ा है,
    मगर तुम तो उनसे भी ऊपर हो,
    लोग कहते हैं कि जिस दिन हम पैदा हुए थे,
    तब सबसे ज़्यादा खुश तुम्हीं थे..
    प्यार से हमारा माथा चूमा,
    फिर चुपके से हमें झूले में सोए देखते थे,
    कि कहीं हम एक हसीन ख्वाब की तरह,
    आँखे खुलते ही ग़ुम ना हो जाएं...
    कभी लुक्का छुप्पी खेली,
    तो कभी हमारे घोड़े बने,
    कभी प्यार से सर सहलाया,
    तो कभी शरारत करने पर गुस्से से आँखे दिखायीं,
    मगर माँ की डाँट से तुम्हीं बचाया करते थे...

    फिर जब हम स्कूल गए,
    तो सबसे फिक्रमंद भी तुम्हीं थे,
    शायद ये सोचकर,
    कि कैसे हमारे नन्हें से कदम,
    दुनिया की दौड़ का सामना करेंगे..
    फिर जब हम स्कूल से वापिस आते,
    तो bus stop पर लेने भी तुम्ही जाते,
    और दौड़कर हमें गले से भी लगाते,
    फिर पुराने scooter पे घुमाने लेके जाते,
    कभी अप्पू घर तो कभी india gate की सैर कराते...

    जब हमने जवानी के पड़ाव पे कदम रखा,
    तब हमारे ज़हन में हज़ारों सवाल उमड़ते थे,
    जिनका जवाब ढूँढने के लिए लफ्ज़ भी मंडराया करते थे,
    उन्हें इक्कठा करने के लिए कलम और diary भी तुम्हीं दिया करते थे...
    फिर जब कभी तुम हमसे पूछते,
    कि "क्या आज कुछ नया लिखा",
    और हम सिर्फ़ यही कह पाते,
    "नही, लफ्ज़ों की आज कुछ कमी सी पड़ गयी",
    तब नए लफ़्ज़ों का पिटारा भी तुम्हीं बना करते थे...
    और फिर जब ज़िंदगी का फलसफा ज़रा समझ आने लगा,
    तो हमपे एक बगावत का जुनून छाने लगा,
    तब तुमने हमें 'बिन वजह का बाघी', ये नाम दे दिया,
    मगर हमें निडर होकर अपनी बात कहना भी तुम्हीं सिखाते थे...

    फिर एक दिन उस खुदा ने अजब खेल खेला,
    और तुमसे तुम्हारा हमसफर छीन लिया,
    तब हमसे ज़्यादा तुम्हे उसकी कमी खलती थी,
    और तुम उस हर शक़्स से शिक़वा करते थे,
    जो उसके सबसे करीब हुआ करता था,
    शायद यही एक ज़रिया था,
    जो तुम्हे उसके नज़दीक होने का एहसास दिलाया करता था..

    फिर वक़्त का काँटा चलता रहा,
    और हम ज़िन्दगी को और करीब से समझते रहे,
    और ऐसे ही गिरते संभलते एक दिन doctor भी बन गए,
    उस दिन हमारी degree लेने भी तुम्ही गए थे,
    जिसे देखकर सबसे ज़्यादा फ़क्र भी तुम्हें ही हुआ था..


  • cjr_writes 107w

    Time and again,
    The adrenaline rush is running down my spine,
    Reminiscing the home that I called mine,
    The time when you came stronger than my solitude,
    Healing every little scar that had me tied.
    A little broken You,
    A little broken Me,
    We converge on the beautiful shores of oblivion,
    Time and again.


  • minowrites 108w

    Waise toh izzat bohaut kamaiyi hai ghalib ne,
    Phir bhi raaton ko so nahi paata hoon.
    Saalon baad bas tere ek fb update ki baat hai,
    Chahe kahin rahoon, phir wahi pahonch jaata hoon...
    Wahi uss ghar mai,
    Uss saundhi dopeher ko,
    Bhool jaana pad raha hai zaalim
    Teri yaad mai iss sheher ko.


  • zoe_likes_to_write__ 109w

    Less we forget

    For every poppy is a man or woman who fought for your freedom