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  • rupazrag 6w

    #related with priority of people... special place is more deeper and stronger than first place ��

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    I never need first place
    I just need a special place

  • spirit_13 15w


    Beyond being lonely and
    being related

    one realises

    one is the world itself

  • inoxorable 40w

    नई सुबह

    हर रोज़ नई सुबह ले आती हैं अपने साथ
    फ़िर से नई उम्मीद नए सपनें जो छूट गए थे कल

  • inoxorable 41w


    तेरे हर एक वादे फ़रेब में लिपटे हुए थे
    तूने हर वक़्त मुझे बस एक झूठे रिश्ते में उलझा रखा था

  • inoxorable 41w


    इंसान अक़्सर ये बात भूल जाता है
    उसका नहीं समय का महत्व सबसे अधिक है

  • d_anie_99 82w

    The 'H' in life stands for #happiness. #love #sad #related

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    The 'H' in life stands for happiness.


  • misty_2004 83w

    Am sharing an incident that happened to me ! this is #related ! Nd not at all #random !
    Please I beg you people ! Don't isolate ur friends! Don't leave them alone !
    Loneliness sucks !
    Please if they aren't at least you be a true friend!
    Isolation isn't teaching a lesson ! But then it's changing the jubilance of one !
    And am a product of one such incident ! I laugh ! I smile a lot !! But then I don't show my pain to my "friends" cuz I know m not deserving of a friend !! Am sorry if I ever have hurt any of ur sentiments ! I have got friends on mirakee as well ! And m sorry to them for anything they felt bad of me ! Am sorry to everyone ! Whoever reads this for having wasted ur necessary time ! Please ! I request ! Don't leave a friend alone for a mistake solely !


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    I was taught Friendship this very way !!

    Ever felt isolated??Ever went through ignorance?? Do you know how it feels??
    Spelling a few words,"I know u were hurt" doesn't mend up everything dearie. Break a porcelain and then say,"oh sorry,I hurt you "and check if it resembles back again....
    Yes !I agree I was wrong ! I agree I was embarrassing ! I agree I was guilty ! I agree I was not trustworthy (not at all) ! I agree I wasn't deserving friends ! I agree to that !
    Like I was told, "Friendship ought to be earned! " And it's okay if I wasn't deserving it !
    But do you think you were so true as a friend?
    What do you think "friendship" is??
    The fact that if one of ur contemporaries (I won't call myself a friend anymore) are wrong or may be immature in the actions,you will isolate that very brat and shield urselves with glazy lies! Wow! Such a beautiful friendship I learnt!
    You know what...you taught me what my value was,is,and shall be ...
    Afterall,I am not trustworthy! But you people are !
    Yup ! Trust is to make plans without one and allure it with a hue of randomness! You were correct in saying that m too irritating!
    You call urselves friends and really u people are a good(best I should say)example of friends today !
    We read Gita and various books : religious, spiritual and psychological. But where does that lead??
    Question yourself !
    You were together but me? I was remnant only for the times you needed me !
    You people forgot those hundreds of memories that we had treasured since we had our Alphabets book at hand!
    You forgot those millions of smiles and thousands of funs and trillions of emotions that we had built ! Why not? You had the others and me?? Huh! Its better not told !
    Yes! I had my best friend and I still have! But then she didn't know me from that lil crawling stage and she will never know!who knew those?? You people !
    But then I was punished with isolation and ignorance ! I remember how we would bend from our benches just to talk even when we had our classes . How we used to contempt the "kirtans" before the exams ! How we used to laugh when the other was beaten ! The same brought tears sometimes ! But then how do these matter??
    These didn't create a tinge of guilt in u people ...right?
    Yes,you were too true to be punishing me ..yes I deserved it...m still undergoing it !
    You know what ,"u never know what humdrums I went through...what m still going through...and when I needed my friends you people chose to punish me even then ...
    I appreciate your friendship ....yes you taught me how friendship should be!! Afterall ,I don't deserve being one !!
    You asked me,"Swarnaly,what happened to you ?? Why are you so silent nowadays?"(about a few months ago) and I said ,"simply" and then rather than helping me out of that sick feeling you mocked me saying,"she has taken the moto to top the finals this year as well...and so she has stopped talking"...and I just gave you a sceptical smile and a bewildred glance if i well remember !!
    I still have that book that you gifted with a few appealing words written on the front page,"With love,Your best friend ________"
    And I have a fame in my room with two of my best friends (if I should say that): something I smile at as I wake up every morning ! But then now onwards,they will remind me of my worthlessness and that I don't deserve those smiles...and that I never earned it !

    Listen guyz,Calling on my birthday and to re-stimulate my emotions without any true feelings from ur sides doesn't mend my broken parts....you people had ur crushes and ur peers ...I had only friends !! But then who cares??
    Yes ! I go through mood swings... a lot of it...often times I end up embarrassing u people...may be insulting at times...but then do you know the reason??
    Today ,get to know it...I undergo hormonal imbalances ... I am a PCOS...yes,I have hormonal imbalances which make me short tempered!! I lose my self at times...I stay depressed for hours even now ! And then I have isolated myself to such an extent that I don't even like to talk to myself now !! But then ...again...how does that matter....??
    I had my reasons and you had yours...if I wasn't gd as frnd u could have been...u could have talked to me ...u could have made me understood... It's okay I was punished...rather jailed to isolation and ignorance ! I became subjective ! Thank you for the lesson !
    I thank you people for explaining to me what true friendship is....thanks for punishing me in the most right way possible...yes ,I learnt a lesson!! I learnt a lot !!

    I believe in the karmic cycle...if I have received this whole lot for that mistake...wait and watch what comes to u...I won't ever pray that u get the same treatment that I went through... afterall,m not a good friend but then I can be a well wisher...❤️stay safe and happy always....

  • vswrites97 87w


    हम जल जाएंगे राख बचेगी
    इश्क़ में इक ना आग बचेगी
    फिर भी इन सीली आंखों में
    आखिरी लॉ तक आस बचेगी

  • vswrites97 87w

    वो कहती है किसी और से इश्क़ फरमाओ
    अब उसे कोई समझाओ की किसी को टूटने
    की हद तक चाहना कोई खेल नहीं....

  • vswrites97 88w

    क्या है मोहब्बत?

    मोहब्बत में सब कुछ हसीं लगता है क्यूँ
    सितम जो करे दिलनशीं लगता है क्यूँ
    मोहब्बत है जिससे वो दिल तोड़े भी तो
    बुरा फिर भी दिल को नहीं लगता है क्यूँ
    कोई ये बता दे कि क्या है मोहब्बत...?

  • afreenwriteups 90w


  • ankahe_alfaz_ 92w


    She blocked me on whatsapp
    Still I've pinned her chat

    My day begins by seeing her blank DP and ends with the same

    I even text her sometimes, when I'm low, just to express myself. And then I just stare at that single grey tick for a while...

    This is my own way of showing that noo matter how much she changes, She'll always be my top priority and I'll always be the same person who will be waiting for her

  • salonisingh2005 96w

    Badi ajeeb h ye duniya
    Jinka milna kismat mein nhi hota
    Unse mohabbat bhi badi kamal ki hoti h...❤❤❤❤❤

  • manzoor097 97w

    Something precious ❣️

    Tumhare wo kitab aj b hai humare pass
    Begar pdhe koi din nikalta he nai,
    Sochta ho jla do is kitab ko
    Pr iske siwa kuch hai he nai humare pass.


  • mangalapatil 100w

    Sometimes eyes give you a best answer
    To your question and doubts

  • unknownwriteranu 101w

    Yes, I'm that confuzed one......

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    I am that confuzed one,

    When someone asks me for thare problme, I have all of his ans.
    But when comes on me, I can't able to find one.
    I think,
    I'm that confuzed one,

    When someone chat with me,I can talk like hell,
    But when comes on call,I lost my word.
    I think,
    I'm that confuzed one,

    by @unknownwriteranu

  • musafirwords 101w

    Kyuki Main Ek Chori Hai
    Something Rare
    Something True

    Main Kyun Akeli Ro Rahi Hoon।।
    Kyun Itni Duri Hai।।
    Nahi Chod Rahi Sath Mera Ye Kesi Majburi Hai।।
    Dur Karun Ise Kese Ban Rahi Meri Kamzori Hai।।
    Dekho Na Yaar Kyun Itni Duri Hai।।
    Jo Ban Rahi Meri Kamzori Hai।।
    Kyun Andar Se Yeh Todh Rahi।।
    Khwaishon Ka Gala Ghot Rahi।।
    Kesi Ye Majburi Hai।।
    Duniya Ki Nazre Ghoor Rahi।।
    Kesi Ye Kamzori Hai।।


  • musafirwords 102w

    A Short Love Story

    Boy - Kya Hum Apni Family Ko Mana
    Payenge Hamare Rishte K Liye
    Girl - Kyun! nahi Hum Unhe Usi Pyar Se Manayenge Jo Humare Dil Me Hai Ek Duje K Liye
    Boy - Yes..❤️ Par Na Suno Ghar Par Agar Sab Na Mane Na To Hum Single Hi Rahenge Bina
    Rishte K Bi Koshish Karenge Pyar Nibhane Ki
    Girl - hahah Yes Aisa Karne Se Dant Pdegi Par Wo Chhup chhup Kar Pyar Karne Me Sachi Bdha Maza Hai.. Main Tumhe Apni Rooh Aur
    Dil Se Judaa Nahi Hone Dungi..
    Boy - Inshallah! Khudaa Na Kare
    Humare Pyar Ko Judaa..

    Respect Your Decisions
    Respect Your Loved Ones
    There Are a Lot Of Ways! Just Keep Trying


  • iti___ 105w

    कानों पर हाथ रख लेती हूँ,
    अक्सर खामोश रातों में!
    हजारों ख्वाब शोर करते है,
    इन शरबती आँखों में!

  • barbatos 111w

    α ℓιƒє ѕтσяу...

    Born in a small happy family, he grew up watching many things and changes in day to day life. Then came a time when he was a small boy sitting in front of the television, watching some men playing a game in two different coloured dresses, one was holding a bat and other with a ball. Then there came an uncle who made him understand the game of cricket where a team of 11 players representing their countries play with each other with one side as a batting team and the other as balling side. A question striked through him and he asked, so which are the two countries playing? To which his uncle replied, "Beta, the men in blue is our country India playing against the green coloured team Pakistan", that was the first ever cricket match he saw, the 2003 World Cup. 
    So he had a dream, a desire inside him that one day he'll grow up to represent his country and make his country win a World Cup. With this dream inside him, he started playing cricket with his father and uncles. Time passed and boundaries changed from within the house to outside the house, from playing in footpaths to gully cricket to playing in grounds, the only thing that remained constant was the clock striking at 4 in the evening and all the friends getting down to play, forgetting about the bad day they had.
    But there comes a time where one has to make choices to live a life, a choice that one needs to make for a better future. Maybe the dreams, the desires inside him didn't have that strong supporting pillars so he had to give up on it. A sacrifice he did, not for a living, but for the smiles and happiness of his family. Thoughts still run across his cerebrum thinking, had his dreams got that support which he needed, he could have made his family feel more proud and happier.