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  • slaughtered_heart 1w

    I regret a lot of things,
    the first one being the
    stupidity of mine for
    trusting my heart
    over my mind.


  • onlywarrior 1w

    Words are itself dead .
    What is hatred,love for me
    May Differs to person to person
    So I wonder
    Why we value words this much .

    I wonder,
    Who creates RIGHT and WRONG.
    Why should I believe in ethics which is define by you
    Why can't I make them like I make coffee.
    Seriously, we are living our life in someone else definitions
    Isn't it is irony ,
    Selfish people talks about KARMA
    casanova says I respect girls
    We are living in democratic country(INDIA) ,still observing inherent autocracy

    We are constantly trying to prove themselves in someone else definitions..either it is success or happy marriage

    Words have no meaning in itself
    I think
    Connection is something transcendental
    We can't share most of the things we feel
    Because bunch of dictionary of words cannot fulfill it
    Don't you think
    I still wonder .
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  • lovelynotes 2w

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    Bounded by lies

    I hate to admit it,
    I really do.
    I know it's true,
    But I don't want it to.
    We were bounded by lies,
    Lies we told without flinching,
    Feeding one another each time
    And we could still comfortably say hi.
    Lies and lies alone were all that held us together,
    Now the truth is out, our trio exist no more.

  • akshay_vasu 2w

    Those birds sat next to each other even after the thread that was tieing them to each other was severed. When the thread was in place, they always wanted freedom from each other. But when that thread didn't exist between them anymore, each wanted the other one to fly away first so that they would never feel the guilt of leaving the other behind. They stayed in the same place forever, and the thread wasn't needed to make them stay there anymore.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • akshay_vasu 3w

    Someday, she will build a wall so high that you will not be able to see her face anymore. And that day, you shall regret all the moments you could have had with her.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • onlywarrior 3w

    When you are fighting with yourself inside
    It took a lot of strength for a while
    To get back at the road to walk with smile
    Still Something crumbling within in you
    And itching you inside
    And that time your strength little bit start shackling for a while
    Then you start talking to yourself
    To make you feel better from inside
    Ohh dear dont do this
    You have to present yourself good in front of this selfish world
    Otherwise they will mock at you on
    your back when you are not observing from your sight
    Somehow ,lately you realize
    This short feeling derailing you from the higher purpose you decide
    You wipe your tears and start walking with half fake smile
    Gradually u realize even that fake smile helps to grow and u crossed miles
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    Deep regrets


  • maeyuki01 3w


    At first, You're soft and lovely.
    You're confident. 
    Really my opposite 
    Next thing I know
    You're changing.
    But I don't care. 
    I trust you.
    You become part of my life. 
    Then I realized. 
    I regret.
    You're full of hatred.
    And you're not a friend. 
    Not a true friend
    I regret.
    Calling you as my best friend 
    I regret.
    Because I won
    And you lose. 
    And started to regret
    You realize your mistake.
    But I don't know how to forgive. 
    That's why I regret.
    I know at the end.
    I am a loser.
    Cause I lost you forever
    I'm referring to myself 
    I regret. 
    I need to accept. 
    That I'm not being true to myself 

  • onlywarrior 4w


    My regrets turned out as ,
    a Tenacity
    instead of Tragedy
    with Time .

  • diabolicangel 4w

    I was your only support, but you were not there,
    I'm still looking for you, can't find you anywhere,
    There is nothing I can do, and it hurts everywhere,
    I miss you all so much, you are everywhere.

    I fixed you and you broke me,
    I loved you and you destroyed me,
    And when I'm trying to feel better and I'm laying in bed,
    I'm saying I'm lucky, that you saved myself.
    I am lying to feel better, but it doesn't help.
    My heart is bleeding and I need help,
    I am not feeling good, I am fading,
    I don't know why I am failing.

    We were happy together but you wanted more,
    You were looking at things and I was looking at love,
    I asked you to marry me and you said yes,
    I wanted to give you the whole earth,
    I got all your problems on me, so you will be free,
    So you won't be in pain, but only me,
    I supported you and I gave you a family,
    And you treated me with just cruelty,
    I loved your kids more than anything,
    And you stole from my life everything.

    But it's fine my love, I only want you happy,
    I know you don't care at all about me,
    But remember, I was the only one who treated you good,
    The others were abusing you inside your room,

    I left everything for you, friends and family,
    And came there having problems constantly,
    But I never complaint, never asked for more,
    I only loved you all more and more,
    I fixed your life and you destroyed mine,
    I feel like I'm about to lose my mind.
    I gave you all my heart, my everything,
    And you left without explaining anything.

    And I still love you the same as before,
    It never changed, no matter what happened before.
    We all do mistakes, we are all humans no?
    But you ego doesn't let you admit that you were wrong.
    Becoming paranoid and blaming me
    Makes you feel good, like it's all me.
    But it's ok my love if this is good for you,
    Always everything was about you.
    Just remember I love you more than anything,
    And I could do for you everything.

    I will only ask you for one thing,
    Give them a kiss and don't say a thing.
    They don't have to know it is from me,
    They will never see me again probably.
    I know they love me like I love them too,
    He said I am his dad, you were there too,
    And it breaks my heart that I lost them,
    I'm not even allowed to talk with them,
    I know they are not my kids, I'm not their dad,
    But I loved them like they are mine, is it that bad?

    One day you will understand, what you've done,
    And then everything will make sense, but I will be done,
    You will understand how much I loved you,
    And all this pain will make sense to you, like I told you,
    Because when everything will make sense,
    You will come to my place, you will be there,
    Remember those times you were hurting me?
    Remember when I was begging you to stop stabbing me?
    You will come to my place and you will feel my pain,
    And you will understand why I became a nade.
    I exploded because the pain was too much,
    And you wasn't even there to understand.

    But still I love you more than anything tho,
    Even if you don't even care if I live or no.


  • monali03 5w

    Emily, you know that poems are not just written words. They are the soft taps of reassurance for everyone, that it's okay to be imperfect, unique and misunderstood. They are the moments that define you, lull you to sleep, and pull you back up.
    How far away from home are you? How are you measuring it?
    Whenever you are awake, remember, to build your wall so high, that your mind stays, on the 'other side'. Persistent. Fearless.
    The aroma is soft. And whatever you pulled, Emily, drop that. Your soul is perching on the petals of gold.
    And now you're walking on a poem, aesthetic, and poignant.
    It's your turn.
    The moon is full.
    Your light is real.

    @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @mirakeeassistant @writerstolli

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    Emily, you know that poems are not just written words. They are the soft taps of reassurance for everyone, that it's okay to be imperfect, unique and misunderstood. They are the moments that define you, lull you to sleep, and pull you back up.

  • trippy_potato 5w

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    The boy gets cramped into the suit of a man.
    The man gets cramped into the scales of monsters.

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    My humanity,
    My broken dream;
    Like my tears,
    I had to dam.
    My bravardo, flourish,
    I thought could nourish,
    Are but cover-ups
    For my soul damned.

    No tears come,
    For weakness felt,
    At the dead of night
    In secluded peace.
    I've lost smiles
    And who I ever was
    'tween the whip
    And attempts to appease.

    Love I've lost too,
    As sinew bulged,
    And expectations
    Devoured charm.
    What beast am I,
    Collared in laurels,
    So burdened in hope,
    Yet a cause of alarm?

    My own bile
    I've drunk and danced,
    From cracked chalices
    Meant for ale;
    My own blood
    I've loosed to feed,
    Yet I'm mere sustenance
    For selfish, social sale.

    With hands red and taloned,
    And teeth of jagged bone;
    I was seeking solidarity
    With the familiar and unknown...
    And you take it for strength:
    My regret, my foresaken hope.
    My affection once untainted
    Now turned to hollow tropes.


  • nubi_vagant 5w

    Other side of regrets

    Don't regret for the one's that left
    Its them who taught you
    To love your own self..

    Don't regret for the bad situations
    Without which you never know who the good ones are

    Don't regret for the one's lost
    They have changed your mind
    They have left words to that will guide you in your way

    Don't regret for those biggest losses
    They have taught you that you are capable of handling any situation

    Nowadays some losses don't even bother you right?

    Because you have become so capable of tuning yourself to be the best version of yourself!

  • kingdom_servant 5w

    Goodness, where should I start.
    to mend this hole inside my heart.
    If I only knew then, what I do
    now, I'd protect & defend, my
    Dear sister somehow, from a
    so called uncle, & all the awful
    things he did. Even though I
    was four, just a little kid.
    We were both young, but the
    Best of friends. I never thought
    A day would come, our friend-
    Ship would end.
    Everyone said she was the
    pretty One, & I always agreed. I
    wasn't quite as pretty as she. I
    was meek & very sweet.
    "Uncle" always came & took
    my sister to the store.
    I'd ask if I could go but he
    Always told me no. For now
    just one, next time you come.
    But each time was the same
    As the time before.
    Sister always came home,
    With that disgusting man &
    Bags of candy in both hands.
    I wondered who & what, was
    that much candy for? I asked
    If I could have some, she said
    "You could have it all,* & threw
    It on the floor.
    From that day, & each day
    after, no more smiles & no more laughter. I noticed change in her behavior, so unkind and full of
    anger. My sister & my best friend left me, with a total stranger. I suffered for so long, I tried daily
    to understand what I did so wrong. My broken heart in so much pain, for we would never be the same.I forgave her. I just wish I could've saved her.
    It wasn't until we had grown, I
    Learned the truth I'd never known.
    It hurt me to my core. To know
    The pain she had to carry & the
    Secret that she bore.
    I regret that from age 5, she was
    Already broken. She endured all alone the horror, of a secret gone unspoken. Though she Survived, her whole childhood was taken. If I could change just one thing in my past, i'd go back, before she was forsaken, & I'd take back the
    years & Innocence, she had stolen by satan.I'd make sure she never went with that uncle by herself, I would have told someone, what I had to I would have sought for help.
    He was never suspected so she
    was never protected. Now I will
    forever regret this...

  • thelonecrusader 5w

    Undo the wrongs

    If I were by profession, a scientist
    I'd have assembled a time machine
    Not just out of academic interest
    But to undo the wrongs unforeseen

    It'd be nice to set a few things right
    And promptly drop those king-sized egos
    To go back and forgo matters contrite
    And embrace the good old ethos

    It wouldn't be a bad idea, at the outset
    To abstain from drugs and alcohol
    And other vices leading to Tophet
    With a vow to abide sincerely by this resolve

    Above all, I'd devote all time to my parents
    Showering upon them, love instead of presents
    Remember, they are God's best dream come true
    There can be no one else, even closer, for you


  • mohammad_mohsin 5w


    I went to my past to acknowledge my regrets
    I find bundle of mistakes to regret on
    The one which turn my head down was
    The creator had designated me as a human
    I had lost all the values of being human


  • scribble_throughts 5w

    Regret having regrets.
    We live everyday and die once. As what Avicii said, "he said one day we leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember". Leave yesterday behind, don't worry about tomorrow and just live in the now. Embrace the pain and heartaches of the past but never dwell in them. That's how you move on my dear..


  • kamrie872 5w

    Don't twist me to tell a lie
    I've come too far to be tempted by insecure threats
    With the words you speak to me
    Wanting to be through me
    Regret will follow you around
    When there aren't any hands left to help lift you up

  • useyourname 5w


    Only if you were a thing of present i would learn to live
    Without hoping to change but hoping to built
    Because for all i was left, for you were gone
    Was a broken heart and a never ending guilt

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  • sumana_chakraborty 5w

    I inhale regrets and exhale blues
    I live and die thousand times
    But never metamorphose
    I linger on failures
    Dwell on sorrows
    Tempest of troubles
    Dwindle hopes.

    Propel barque
    Betwixt inclementing climes
    It takes time to overcome tides
    It's only when sailors take strides
    Words become lyrics
    Amidst billowing ocean of pain
    in solitude of silence.