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  • robertnolan_1 2d

    The One They Took From Me

    I loved that girl.
    More than anything in the world.
    The beauty of her soul made me fight that war.
    The one person in life I could truly adore.
    I was twenty-seven, she was twenty-four.
    The love that never got to be anymore.

    They raped her in that room.
    One by one and two by two.
    She was left white as snow.
    After they messed my head up and made me go.

    They broke into everything I owned.
    In that moment when I became dethroned.
    If I could go back in time I would have made her mine.
    The one girl I thought about all the time.
    If I was a man I would have ensured she was fine.
    Instead my death meant she got left behind.

    J was my perfect ten.
    My future taken by those awful men.
    The students who gawked all day long.
    Too stupid to react when I sang any song.

    A eulogy about me won’t be written now.
    My body broken from that shrew like cow.
    I hope J is ok even though we don’t speak.
    My life is over because of that week.
    She was the one, would have made me complete.
    I did everything I could, but pointless in the end, as I couldn’t stop that final shriek.

    I’m sorry and always will be.
    Scared of life? Of love? I never will see.
    All I want now is to take what is mine.
    If only I could change it and go back in time.

    © Robert Nolan 21-06-21
    All Rights Reserved

  • alexa09 3d

    Pain receptors

    this pain piercing to my skin slowly,
    like a niddle touching my dermis.

    every move i make
    every decision i made

    it's all end-up in regrets.


  • slaughtered_heart 4d

    Unlike you I don't carry a
    grudge, all I carry is the
    regret of not being enough.


  • nothingleftsoiwrite 4d

    Better Off Gone

    I hate it here
    Want to disappear
    Always living in fear
    That I won't see the next year

    Regret everything each day
    Overthink everything I say
    I'm just in everyone's way
    So why stay

  • vibzofvibha 4d

    Head Over Heels!

    I was surpriced that I stayed beyond everything,
    I went into muddle, everytime I was approached.
    I was on the other side of everything,
    I never regret; as it was head over heels.
    I believed; not in your words, but I believed in your beautiful eyes.
    I drowned in your smile, always deep enough.
    I was embraced like a little girl.

  • abhinav1729 5d


    I think am just obsessed with you.

  • pensouls_eden 5d

    Don't come along if you're not going to stay for long


  • rhythmsofheart 1w

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    For a second

    In the middle of the passage
    It striked
    To stop for a moment
    Not for the footprints left behind
    Not for the unexplored way ahead
    But to look at the present landscape
    Full of ups and downs
    You chiseled it
    So for a second
    No regrets.

  • succesful_failure 1w

    Feel the pain Don't feel remorse because pain is a temporary guest and regret is a lifelong companion

  • shubham_20 1w


  • _writer_at_heart_ 1w

    Past and punishment

    What's the whole point to regret, when what we did was according to 'the then person' we used to be ?
    What's the whole point to regret in order to punish oneself and live in adversity, when what's gone is past and past can not be revert through any switch ?
    What's the whole point to regret and feel guilt or sadness from the bottom of your heart, when now you know what could have been done rightly ?
    Were you perfect since birth and expect yourself to commit nothing wrong and act always flawlessly and wisely ?
    Regret for a lot of reasons,
    And ofcourse we must.
    But once you are done ,
    Stop being a slave of it anymore then ;
    As you ought to welcome your new version,
    who learned and experienced from it, atleast something!

    Pondering over past and taking lesson from it is all right but ;
    dwelling in past,
    residing in the cage of regrets, failure, sadness or anything that holds you back, is making you its slave and not a warrior.

  • pallavi4 1w


    Perhaps we were never meant to flow
    Together as a river entwined
    Perhaps we were ordained to be little drops of rain
    Once wept and forgotten, forever lost to time

    Perhaps we were never destined to meld
    And watch the stars in the night
    Perhaps we were suppose to separate
    Forever and not put up a fight

    Perhaps we would remain questions
    Unanswered, it was deigned
    Perhaps it was essential that we
    As scattered autumn leaves remain

    Perhaps it was better that we, the two ends
    Of the rainbow never meet
    Perhaps it was best that our love story
    Became blank as a bleached white sheet

    Perhaps people would have judged us
    For being together forever
    Perhaps it was good that our relationship
    Became hollow and light as a feather

    Perhaps one should never put
    All their trust in one person
    Perhaps like a broken liner sinks to the ocean floor
    Trust once shattered, always remains broken


    14th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- JL Scheppers Art

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  • pandeys 1w


    पत्थर भी था, ईंट भी था,
    बुनियाद बनाने के लिए छड़ भी था,
    सुख में लिपटा मेहतवकांक्षाओं का सहयोग भी था,
    एक मकान बनाने हेतु हमारे पास सब कुछ था।

    मकान जो अपने में एक दुनिया समा ले,
    एक इमारत जो खुद में पीढ़ियां उपजा ले,
    स्तंभ मजबूत इतने की घर संग हमको भी संभाल ले,
    एक ऐसा ठिकाना जहां हारा हुआ भी दो पल चैन की सांस ले।

    शब्दों का भंडार था, मन उमड़ा भी था,
    मन में प्रश्न भी था, संग उनके जवाब भी था,
    हृदय के संग जो कानो को भी सुख दे, ऐसा लय भी था,
    एक काव्य लेख हेतु हमारे पास सब कुछ था।

    कविता जो अपने अंदर असीम ग्रंथो को समा ले,
    एक लेख जो समाज में शीतलता उपजा ले,
    मर्म ऐसा जो हर गिरते ह्ताशी को संभाल ले,
    एक ऐसी कविता जिसमे खुद हमारा व्यक्तित्व सांस ले।

    आखिर क्या अंतर है कुछ होने और हो जाने में?
    एक इमारत को बनते फिर उसे ढलते देखने में?
    एक होते-होते ना हो पाने का बोझ आखिर कौन उठाएगा?
    सब रहते भी क्या रह गई कमी, ये हमे कौन बतलाएगा?

    जीवन की पगडंडी पर उलटा चलें तो मिलेंगी काफी बातें,
    कुछ सपने, कुछ बातें, कुछ रिश्ते, कुछ यादें,
    कुछ जो हिचक से रह गए, कुछ जो अपुष्ट से ढह गए,
    लेकिन हर किसी में वही बात है, सब होते-होते रह गए।

    यदि नियति का लेख और समय का ज़ोर कुछ अलग होता,
    ये अपूर्ण इमारत एक घर होता,
    ये कलम से घसीटा कागज एक लेख होता,
    और शायद ये जीवन कुछ अलग होता।

  • pensouls_eden 1w

    अल्फाजों की कमी नहीं है, हमारे शहर में
    तुमने कभी जज़्बातों का ज़िक्र ही नहीं छेड़ा ।


  • lost_horcrux 2w

    For every time that I broke down
    There was a fake smile to cover the frown
    I hid behind lies when things got tough
    Forced myself to think it was enough
    My tears were masked by the rain
    Unseen by all, alone with my pain
    Each night was a cover to hide my cries
    To keep from showing all these lies
    If I could go back, I'd change it all
    Stop myself from starting to fall
    Consumed by hatred, I lost all sight
    I knew what was wrong but it felt so right
    I couldn't live without the pain
    Or the anger pulsing through my vein
    Each truth a lie I learned to hold
    While watching each one start to unfold
    If I could go back, all that would change
    These diamond lies wouldn't seem so strange
    I'd undo my lies and make them true
    Hold on tightly to all that I do
    Forget the bad, and think of only each day
    And what's to come, without dismay
    I'd forget that I cried those tears
    Remember only every one of my fears
    I'd try to be everything that I lost
    Before I fell, remember the cost
    Hope for the best, and try to be
    All that died when I lost me
    I'd turn back time to redo all this
    And relive the life I almost missed
    Only if I could turn it back
    I'd find everything that I started to lack
    No longer would fake smiles appear
    They'd be true with nothing to fear
    It'd be as though it was a dream
    That came one night to make it seem
    As though this was really true
    But now there's only one thing I must do
    Go back in time and erase this pain
    Wash it away on rivers of rain
    All this could happen if I went back
    And once again in my life, I'd be on the right track.


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  • discreetliterature 2w


    Regret with constructive mindset
    Is just a bliss.


  • bloomingflower5 2w


    People with large egos than their size will left behind with nothing but regret

  • kaanfidence 2w

    Where are you now

    I feel you still beside.
    Memories of your smile.
    This pain I just can't hide.
    Without you what I miss.
    Words cannot define.
    Only with a kiss.
    My heart fell in line.
    Emptyness without you.
    I long for better days.
    Simply bliss about you.
    My heart you left still stays.
    To go on without hope.
    For hope will die with me.
    So I dream of to cope.
    Of us just to be.


  • not__so_poetic 2w


    If I really wanna set an example
    What would I be?
    A good one? Or a Bad one?
    Would I be the one
    Pleasing people on the run
    Or easing myself for fun
    A silent whisper
    Or a recurring echo
    The one no one knows
    The one no one wants to know
    Whatever example i can be
    I'll not be an example of regret
    Who knows when time changes
    And my way was the best one ever!!

  • jharna_05 2w


    Was it love?
    The way you made me feel goosebumps like no other?
    Was it love?  The way inexplicable feelings forged a beautiful hue of red in my face.
    Volatile hearts and charming smiles.
    Fantasies and delusional nights.
    Miles apart yet bound together.
    I wonder if it was love?
    I wondered if it was love?

    And yet I can never forget your lifeless eyes
    devoid of all shine and happiness.
    I can never forget the sight of your car wreckage.
    I will never forget the blood covering your soulless body.
    The  way you would go from stealing candies to stealing my heart.
    The way you'd go from being a guy to my bestfriend in a few years.
    And just as fast you had entered my life,  you were snatched away as well.

    That's how a lifetime of love changed into one of grief and misery.

    And that is how our story came to a brutal end.
    However I still am and will forever cherish you and your charming smile.
    Yes it was love pure and dynamic.
    And it will always be love
    Till we cross paths again.