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  • tenderkisses 15w

    She should have been honest
    He should have asked why
    She was left abandoned
    He turned to poison
    She turned to pain
    He drank till he lost all
    She had a breakdown
    He blames and hates her
    She is emotionally scarred
    He will never listen to her
    She will no longer try
    He will never forgive her
    She will never forget him..


  • tenderkisses 15w

    Yes she’s obsessive, intense, impulsive, persistent, determined, passionate, strong, driven..
    But also sensitive, fragile, gentle, nurturing, delicate, emotional, intuitive..
    They make her who she is, and sometimes who she is scares people away..


  • tenderkisses 15w

    She is sorry, truly, not a bad person but made a huge mistake, incomprehensible and it cost him grandly. In the wake of it she recognises her own emotional issues, her life needs to radically change. Her feelings he will never know and they don’t matter, she carries a scar. He deserves the world and to be happy. He is brave, braver than she will ever be. He may hate her, he may feel nothing, she is trying to mend herself, and the repercussions of her actions have changed her significantly.


  • kaiotyk 15w

    I found this draft I liked, and I'm glad I did because I got to revise and add to it! This bad boy is finally finished ��
    #miraquill #kaiotyk #spokenword #improvement #selfcare #reflection #isolation #togetherness #comparison #love #relationship #friendship #family

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    Difference 365

    The most fun I’ve had in 2020
    listed by amount indulged:
    One. Dancing in my room alone
    to songs about boys who never loved me
    Two. dancing in my room alone
    to songs about boys who may have loved me at one time
    and could give a damn less now
    Three. imagining the laughter of the people
    when they realize it’s another poem
    about loving solitude more than anything else
    Four. Every time I see my younger sister smile
    Five. Realizing I’ll always be whoever I want
    and remain both nothing and everything else
    Six. Sitting in bed alone
    thinking about hugging my friends
    Seven. Hugging my friends

    The most fun I've had in 2021
    listed by amount indulged:
    One. Finding love in the obvious place, the home of arms
    that welcome you with ease
    Two. Hobbies become fun again, the daily grind now but a pile of dust
    that has lessened its grip on my mind
    Three. Posing for Polaroids with my favorite ring of human beings
    Four. Imaging the laughter of the people when they realize it's a new poem
    about embracing the change for once instead of
    sad boy central up in this bitch
    Five. Seeing my loved ones smile
    Six. Sitting in bed shoulder to shoulder
    thinking about the possibilities of tomorrow
    Seven. Getting to tomorrow.

  • sarie_the_writer 15w

    If I could tell that little girl anything I would tell her this.....

    Love is a four letter word that most use and don't know
    That pain becomes the structure that grows
    And tears become so familiar
    It's the only thing you truly know
    And anger how angry you will be
    To see so many people you love
    Not love me
    How actions never matches
    Even when the person is acting
    And lies oh how people lie
    How they say they want to be there
    But truth is they can't
    Cause loving you is something they just can't do
    Correctly that is
    And you deserve to be loved correctly
    But for years you won't have it
    You will be confused and abused
    Violated and disrespected followed by
    I love you(s) and I'm sorry(s)
    But forgiveness is something you lack
    Cause actions can be controlled
    So every hurt was intentional
    Therefore the anger grows
    And you hold on creating barriers
    And this time no one will break it down
    Walls up you will be no one's clown
    No men family or friend
    And you wonder sometimes when does end
    So I say
    Head held high smile now
    Wiped them tears no frowns child
    And the only sorry that means something is from me
    I tried to protect you from what I couldn't see
    And when you broke
    I picked you up glued the pieces
    But your heart still shattered into pieces
    Broken mirrors
    That we can't look in
    A reflection that's sometimes hurt cause we know when it began
    They see the beauty
    I've always seen what's within
    And when I tried end it I’ll always regret
    For the solution for you shouldn't never been death
    But death at the time brought peace
    I'm thankful we didnt leave
    But I'll always be your protector
    Cause you are me but never forget
    Love is a four letter word
    Most use and don't know
    So sadness and pain made you comfortable with the cold
    But it's time to be warm now
    I'm here now
    They might not know what love is but I do child
    And will forever love you
    Correctly that is
    For you are me
    And I am you
    And loving correctly is what I do

  • kaiotyk 15w

    Catching up posting older content is tough �� #spokenword #insomnia #dysphoria #reflection #miraquill #kaiotyk

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    Hip bones

    The hollowed caves between the bridge of the nose sink deeper into pools of apathy as the day drags me on by the collarbone. Succumbing to the dreary nothing that unprofitable hours bring home to the table, leaving only a crumb for the shrinking stomach freeing up space between piles of calcium and marrow; by three am, I care for nothing at all. The earths oceans would never quench the undying thirst to be something bigger than this body--a figure whole, an infinite symbol etched deeply into the crevices of the brain you find home to the mountains of internal thought from clouds of fantasy raining down unto a summers day where the heat parading off pavement is too unbearable to handle. 

  • truevibes 16w

    Mirrored Reality

    Mirrors are intriguing,
    For they are non-living entities reflecting the shape of the living.
    Nothing and no one knows us better than the mirror at our home.
    It knows the real us.
    It knows where our flaunting curves and edges are,
    Where our body is scarred.
    It realises the reason behind our unshed tears,
    The name of the molester we fear.
    It believes in the personality we hide from none,
    The inner ability we don't reveal to everyone.
    It understands why we haven't smiled in a while,
    When we behave like a child.
    There are times we are afraid to look in the mirror,
    Because we know we'll hate our vigor.
    Sometimes, the mirror dimensional figure is who we actually want to be,
    A tethered monster waiting to be set free.


  • siotisms 16w

    Envisaging the End

    Not everyone you started with,
    will be with you at the end,
    really makes you wonder,
    if peace will really be found,
    and will soulful hearts at least attend….

    Someone once said a wonderful thing,
    it’s certainly a tune you should sing,
    We all have two lives,
    and the second one starts,
    when you realise you have only one….

    You can only be kind so much,
    people need to be cut off and such,
    as opinions are formed without even getting in touch….
    You hear em say bad stories about you,
    society doesn’t care if they are false or true,
    Though there was a time when you were good to those people,
    and bonds were strong and shined as tall as high steeple,
    But they’ll never speak about that,
    how can they when it belittles em and make the lies squat….

    So why have so much negativity around,
    the crying needs to stop and tears need to be downed,
    for there are always reasons to resonate laughter abound,
    almost like a rainbow shining after a hailstorm nearly drowned….

    So it really doesn’t matter if soulful hearts will attend,
    peace can actually be found, if you remember,
    not everyone you started with,
    will be with you at the end….

  • praachii 16w


    I cared about her, whenever she was hurt;
    Whether in her body or in her heart.
    I consoled her whenever she was depressed;
    I convinced her whenever she needed.
    Although she was my reflection, But was my part;
    We both have same heart and mind but were apart.
    In times when nobody can please me;
    she stands beside me.
    In times when I feel alone;
    She makes a thought for me as sweet as scone.
    I am grateful I can connect with her at times when I need;
    Hopefully we stay together and nobody can see her indeed.
    - Prachi Bera

  • thebhavnasaxena 17w


    In the book of life,
    She had meant to write
    A story of a conquering
    Warrior queen, but instead
    She turns the pages to find, the tale
    Of a wicked queen, holding onto
    Her crown even as her fingers bleed
    And her throne is adorned with the
    Bones of countless innocents.
    She tears up the pages,
    Her book stained crimson.

    In the masquerade of life,
    She wished, nay, longed to be the Venus,
    All beauty, all grace, all charm, and
    The power of a goddess, at midnight,
    The masks come off, and the mirror
    On the wall shows her a Medusa, her own
    Gaze turning her to stone, cold, unfeeling,
    She hates the mirror, let it shatter
    Beneath her feet.

    Let her bleed, drain her out,
    She carries vile blood in her veins
    And vendettas poison her heart,
    How did this happen, she tries to
    Recall, but statues just are, their
    Memories frozen in some pocket
    Of oblivion, statues do not bleed,
    So if this be the curse she put upon
    Herself, let her fall from the mountain
    Of her vanity and let her break.

  • _writer_at_heart_ 18w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #wod #reflection #miraquill @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Here 'She' refers to 'me'. ��
    Did you smile today ?? ��

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    I see her smiling through the mirror,
    When she prepares her outer self, that will define her personality and appearance.
    She smiles to see how she looks,
    It is the last step, after she is well prepared.
    She believes we must wear our smile more often.
    Since it is the best make-up ever !

  • rhythmic_beats 18w

    Paper bag of poetry crumbled and thrown, lying emotionless exhale emotions. What an irony you would say. But that's the truth! Like the heart can be broken thousand times but it will still pump love, the limbs can be broken and paralysed but it will still hold paint brushes and peacock feather quill to ink the vintage era to a fairyland, where tints and shades light up the sky when someone collapses down as their sun sets forever behind the horizon of destiny. Similarly the crumbled poetry zephyrs the delicate peaceful white petals of daisy, which blossoms each twinkling star and moon reflecting the yearning memories, fragrance, and traces of love wrapped inside the paper bag of poetry.

    They are not ghosts or zombies though the walls echo their dulcet voice, though their fragrance of skin would still fill the air by vibrant spring, though their warmth would fire as before, it's their traces of shedded love still finding their lost existence just like those tiny yellow amber smiles of daisy, gravitating lost heartbeats, eclipsing amorphous album of memories!

    Asunder espy of stained mere emotions and makes the place a heritage of poem and becomes the favourite tourist destination to gaze and hear the fading fossil traces of rubescent words.

    Jamie, you know there are many undiscovered corners of such heritage places, where the world is concreted by petals of daisy in the form of refulgent pages and the yellow amber words will beat music of haiku, sonnet, metaphors and will flash epitome of ethereal sempiternal coalescing incandescent love.

    And Jamie you know people leave but places don't.
    They exist holding back all the memories, fragrance
    And traces of love wrapped inside the
    Paper bag of poetry;
    And that precious heritage place is
    MIRAQUILL where all seasons and time
    Amalgamate as one soul.

    © rhythmic_beats

    Too long sorry��

    #monologue #pod #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork
    #poetry #life #reflection
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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  • tenderkisses 18w

    Fuck you player
    Fuck you liar
    Fuck you insensitive
    Fuck you stalker
    Fuck you user
    Fuck you bullshitter
    Fuck you just fuck you
    You were no blue eyed wolf, you were a vulture..


  • mazingamar 18w


    Where one looks
    One does not find

    Revelations and fears
    Of being hopelessly behind

    A loss or a win?
    One must wonder

    How did this all begin?


  • john_felix 19w

    Two Tales of a Road

    I find myself walking along a road,
    A road that winds up to form a fold,
    Beside it forms two streets, each on either side,
    And each street seems to be staring at me, Sending shivers across my spine,
    I look down, and in retrospect view my life,
    Of both light and in darkness.

    As I stare to my right,
    I see all that is wrong,
    Every tear that I shed, every day that was long, The side carries all the hearts that I broke,
    All the miles I strode,
    Its atmosphere is dark, and my aura is stiff,
    I can recall all my pains and grief,
    My mistakes in a brief.
    Life is dark here, and I can't feel the Creator's spirit,
    That side is a prison for evil,
    There I felt mere mortal, old instead of new,
    I had to turn my eyes, away from the view.

    I stare on to my left, and all that's dark has left,
    I see all smiles I've shown,
    Every time my heart was warm,
    In it lives the times I wouldn't frown,
    The air is filled up with light,
    Meors of sound from past rush through my mind,
    And I feel life had never been this kind,
    Here I feel the Almighty's presence,
    And one with all that has sense,
    And my walking is now of essence.

  • tenderkisses 19w

    And finally she has come to realise and find out she really did mean nothing to him, she is a forgotten piece of something sweet he devoured, she was taken for a ride and when he had his fill he bailed..


  • tenderkisses 19w

    The ghost of her past still floats through her mind from time to time, on the waves of her heart which she only opens briefly for a moment and allows herself to think about him once more, a beautiful wolf who penetrated her soul and drank her love without ever knowing what he had once meant to her.


  • sundarcvc 19w

    Her Blood!!!

    I see her smiling through the mirror,
    Her calm confident eyes filling me with terror.
    Extending her hand, Reaching out,
    Asking to come nearer,
    Taking a step closer,
    Now looking at her even more clearer,
    Confident smile,Slender body with a flawless skin.
    My future perfect self,
    Looking back at me.
    Elated to reach out but,
    Was blocked by the mirror,
    As hard as reality.
    Will I ever look that better?
    I spit on her on the mirror,
    As I felt cheated and bitter.
    Covered with my venom,
    Making me feel happier.

    But her smile turning into,
    A loud mocking laughter,
    Making me even angrier.
    Smearing my spit all over her,
    Untill I could see only a total blur.
    Her distorted image, Made me feel bigger.
    But her mocking laughter,
    In my mind it still lingers.
    I take a look,
    As the venomous facade fades.
    Rising from my onslaught,
    Slowly revealing,
    Her slender body and beautiful face.
    Suppressed fear and anguish resurface.
    Pain of not being good enough for decades.
    Thoughts of self pity and hatred do their parades.
    As her eyes slowly revealing itself,
    More confident,Shinier and Brighter.
    Her guts to get what she wants,
    Made me shiver.
    Her smirk made my insides wretch,
    Losing my hope for glimmer.

    The utter humiliation made me want to kill her.
    Eyes crying the tears of suppression.
    My scream a war cry for freedom.
    Filled with helplessness and rage,
    I make a first with my shivering fingers,
    Into Thousands of pieces,
    She shatters.
    Already feeling like a winner.

    But I could still hear her,
    More clearer and louder.
    Looking down I see,
    Laughing through the shattered pieces,
    Looked through by thousands of eyes.
    Felt like being looked down upon,
    And Stipped naked.
    Wounds exposed and tied to a huge block of ice.
    A feeling which I so much hate and despise.
    For it always takes me by surprise.
    Now for this,
    She's gonna pay a huge price.
    That was the much needed trigger,
    For the on coming blood filled slaughter.

    The pieces I pounded and punched,
    The sounds of creek and crack.
    Felt like her screams,
    To forgive her mishaps.
    All out of mercy,
    For I was all in to attack.
    Thousands became millions.
    As I slowly slipped into oblivion.
    Her laughter grew louder and louder,
    As so my punches harder and harder.
    Seeing her blood makes me mightier and prouder.
    Her Blood!!
    I thought..

    Drunk in delusion,
    For even this thought to be considered.
    That in the pursuit of teaching a lesson,
    And ripping her into Shred,
    It was I who suffered and deeply bled.

  • sumanaa_ 20w

    I see her smiling through the mirror
    The smile of a wornout soldier,
    Fresh out of the battlefield
    Scars and wounds yet to be healed,
    From the ferocious battle with herself
    She succeeded, with some help
    From the chief of self esteem
    Her self worth, she redeemed
    And from the general of confidence
    She learned to give herself a chance
    Raged a war against the weaker her,
    Fought against everyone who tried to weaken her,
    Stood as the champion at the end,
    Confidence and power she gained,
    After the long and strenuous battle
    She is shaken, she is rattled,
    But she won herself back,
    Put her self worth on top of the rack
    She smiles at herself in the mirror,
    The smile of a wornout soldier,
    Tired but content with the win,
    Excited for what is to begin.


  • theselcouth_scripturient 20w

    Resurrecting within one's own scuffles.

    Evanescing from our own puzzles of trauma,
    Sanguine hopes fusing with an unfathomable plight;

    Filling the ethereal azure with aspirations of effervescence,
    Unveiling the cynical gaze of the iniquity;

    Reincarnating to the oblivion of the life's nuances,
    I metamorphosed to an an eccentric spirit of Renaissance!

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld

    #pod #wod #renaissance #rebirth #reflection #life

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    Evanescing from our own puzzles of trauma,
    Sanguine hopes fusing with an unfathomable plight;

    Filling the ethereal azure with aspirations of effervescence,
    Unveiling the cynical gaze of the iniquity;

    Reincarnating to the oblivion of the life's nuances,
    I metamorphosed to an an eccentric spirit of Renaissance!