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  • prachii_ 58w

    Fancy intellects

    There, a car without wheels,
    threads tied, eyes wide,
    daughter learns to drive the car,
    scuffed streets, gloomy brakes,
    the mechanic now owns the motor
    as ad hoc wife pays him
    and holds her nose high in pride
    for being his trophy wife
    the last night.

    The Monalisa hangs,
    family photographs fall,
    doorbell rings *don't open*
    waits the stack of coins in blues,
    grabbing them all
    he invites them again,
    throwing memento notes away.

    I see the lavishness again
    stepping out of the kitchen,
    a salver decorated with almonds,
    lemons and lemonades, but ouch!
    the chilled glass hurts me
    and I spy at her husband
    collecting shattered pieces of the glass
    and keeping them up on the pedestal.

    A chest irrigating hate
    is found in diamond mines,
    where he is busy amassing
    glitters out of the mud,
    while his 'once a friend' smiles
    and continues picking up
    each bread, carefully,
    while the rich man's son slurps ramen.

    Children playing peek-a-boo
    with skyscrapers, closing eyes,
    for a real world that exists
    under those golden lashes
    and the silver bracelet,
    that keeps the couple corralled
    for the Bachata with ceased moves.


  • gelukzoeker 61w

    That's how it started.
    I sat in the corner and i cried.
    I cried for the girl

    ~who gave up on trying~

    for she was always healing others

    ~no one even tried to be there for her~

    I cried for the girl,

    ~who never wanted to grow up this early.
    the girl~

    ~who always disappointed people~

    no matter how hard she tried.
    The girl they made feel,

    ~that being her,
    wasn't good enough~

    and will never be.
    She gave up on trying
    without giving up on any one she loved,

    ~she gave up on herself~

    Every time she tried to fix something,

    ~she made it worse~

    They never apologized for hurting
    but she

    ~apologized for being hurt about it~

    Every time you think someone loves you,
    they prove you wrong,
    that they just needed you for awhile,
    It's like they are travelling and
    they decide to take a break.
    That break is you.

    //I'm drowing but I've learnt the art of holding my breath//

    They say time heals,
    but the truth is, you get used to it,
    you get used to the scars people gave you,
    you get used to being alone until one day it comes back and then next moment you don't know where you are but just like it came,
    It goes away,
    //Just like the nightmare you thought you'd never survive, you survive this too//

    ~ gelukzoeker

    I don't know what this is,
    Can be ignored.
    Take care❤️


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    And she felt that,
    Being her will never be good enough.

    ~and while drowning,
    She learnt the art of holding her breath~


  • justt_human 62w

    She is just like the moon.
    lonely yet romantic.

    She too has scars,
    but still, she's beautiful.

    and, When she smiles
    fills the light in the dark soul.

    Who knows what heaven will be like?

    Whenever I see her
    I get immense peace
    I get creativity and vibrance

    She is just like the moon.
    so far yet so close.

    She shines creating incomprehensible rhymes...

    Who knows maybe she too is lonely...
    maybe she is scared
    maybe she is anxious
    maybe she is worried

    That, if she gets too close
    men will be mad at her beauty.

    She is just like the moon
    so much chaos yet calm

    She is inspiration to love, life and happiness..

    if she's a moon
    I want to be that ocean

    if she's a moon
    I want to be that inspiration

    She cries with me each night
    taking away all the contrite..

    She is love, she is the life.
    (to be continued.. xD)

    Image credits to its rightful owner!

    #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork #redpurple

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    She is life to some
    dead, dull and dark soul!

  • justt_human 65w

    Who’s a clown?

    Once there was a man, who was fed up with his life, everyone left him at that hard and sad phase of his life.

    He was anxious about his own life.

    He stopped smiling.

    He looked at his surrounding and got to know that every other person is facing this.

    So he made himself a clown!

    He became a clown: laughing on the outside and crying inside...

    People laughed at him…

    He painted his sad face with a fake smile

    With lovely, cheerful colours…making other people a sense of enjoyment, laugh…

    When he was not a clown, he was sad and lonely..

    He loved walking in the rain…

    There was nobody to comfort him...

    So he wore a mask that always smiled, to hide his feelings behind a lie…

    Cause he knew that a fake smile is precious too…

    Intelligent clowns fool everyone around.

    (He still cries in loneliness…)

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    He knew that a
    fake smile
    is precious too...

  • gelukzoeker 81w

    There wasn’t anything left worth living for,
    I mean not even one thing that was enough to keep me going but then in this chaos I stumbled upon him,
    he wasn’t like the rest.
    There was something about him that made him different from the world,
    maybe it was the way he cared and tried,
    lets say we were 2 broken souls
    trying to fix each other,
    but I don’t think he fixed me just by being there,
    he filled the empty void,
    he showed me things
    about myself I never knew existed,
    and he completed me,
    made me feel whole, alive,
    and maybe somewhere
    while showing how perfect
    it was,
    to be the way we were,
    we fell in love,
    and that’s the greatest thing my heart could ever do,
    loving him.


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    If it’s not you,then it’s not anyone.

  • gelukzoeker 81w

    ||can be skipped||

    So ofc i know there’s no point in writing this,
    but can I tell you something?
    Well thats the point.
    I thought I’ll never tell and you’ll never know,so here we go,
    just dont hate me for this,
    i loved you,i really did,
    you were the first guy my heart ever loved,
    the first guy i fell in love with
    Well i really did like you, even if we were nothing,
    to me you were everything well atleast that time.
    You didnt even do anything to make my heart love you, cause it just did,
    it happened and i know you dont know any of this and this might be so confusing.

    But just know that even if it was for a matter of time,
    you meant alot to me, and the thing,
    well the only thing that hurted me
    about you was that
    when she said shit to me,
    you never stood up and
    maybe thats where and when i fell out of love cause i really wanted you to say something.

    but maybe you dont get what you want,
    Not always.

    You will forever have a part of my heart.
    You’re like a song I’ll forever have on replay,
    always favourite.

    I loved you, i love you and I’ll always love you even after everything,always.
    You made me happy,
    my heart happy and
    I’ll never regret any of you, or our memories cause at one point
    you were exactly what i wanted
    and needed.
    Even if we stop talking I’ll always be here,
    im just a text away.
    You know my stupid heart just doesnt know how to stop.
    I really wanted me and you to be something but ofcourse
    we were nothing but
    just know that wherever you are be happy,
    thats it, thats all that matters to to me,
    you to be happy,
    also i love the way you smile.

    Thank you for everything,
    for making me smile,
    for making me laugh,
    for every lil thing,
    so thats it,
    my lil secret that you deserved to know.

    I wrote this on 14th January 2019,
    One-sided love really hurts, doesn’t it?
    Been 2 years and I never thought I’ll move on, but i did and
    thats the best thing i could ever do
    to myself, for myself.


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  • gelukzoeker 104w

    //.You can skip this.\

    I miss you.I miss you in a way that it hurts.
    Can't you just come back?

    I don't know what to do,all that you left me with,is a letter.The best letter someone could ever give me,something that will stay with me,always and forever.

    I wish I knew what you were feeling,
    I wish I could turn back time and make it better for you,
    If only I could,but I know,I cant.
    I wish that you were alive.
    I wish that instead of you,it was me.
    But all I can do is wish.

    You really didn't deserve any of it,you deserved the best but life is just so unfair,isn't it?
    Thankyou Perv,thankyou for making me this happy.

    Thankyou for lending me your shoulders,
    Thankyou for making me feel home in your arms when I was lost,
    Thankyou for listening to my endless drama,
    Thankyou for holding my hand when I fell apart,
    Thankyou for staying when everyone left.
    Thankyou for showing me what love really is,
    that if its love,nothing else really matters.

    I hope that in your next life,god gifts you with a brain,so that you don't make the same mistakes you made in this life.
    I hope wherever you are,you are as happy as you made me.
    And I hope you don't fall in love with someone like me,
    But I hope you get someone who loves you as much as you love her.

    Be happy stupid,wherever you are,be happy,thats all I want.



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    I wish you had stayed a little longer.

  • gelukzoeker 105w

    I had to let you go.I know,I know we shouldn't let go of the person we love,but not every love is love.

    You can't call the destruction of someone's soul,love,taking away their peace is not love, sucking every ounce of hope and happiness in them,is definitely not love.Love isn't breaking someone so much that they are afraid to love again,that everytime someone tries to come close,
    they flinch.

    He hurts you,and you call that love.
    You cry yourself to sleep,and you tell me that he loves you.
    How is it love when you're crying and he is sleeping out there peacefully?

    Honey,get out of it.
    I know you love him,I know you're giving in everything,but you don't need to.You dont need to stay in the arms of someone who has no love in him for you.

    You deserve love and so much more,let go,it will hurt but it will be fine.You'll get someone whose going to love you and make you whole,get out of that shit.

    Letting him go,is your freedom,is your way to happiness because if you stay,it is just going to hurt more than letting him go will.Its just a matter of time,you'll be over him and everything will be alright but let him go.

    What you both have,is only real for you.You are going to miss him,so much but think about it,
    is it worth staying with someone who can't give you what you deserve?

    Why do you wanna try so hard when he isn't trying at all?

    Trust me,one day you are gonna thank yourself for leaving.


    I don't know what was I feeling while writing this but yeah I've been in toxic relationship and one thing that I learnt is,the earlier you leave,the better it is.There's no point in staying in the ruins of love.I loved him,more than enough but i got nothing in return,so if ur in one,just leave cause now I wish I had left sooner.Don't give yourself false hopes cause when its toxic,things don't get better,it gets worse.

    And someone told me,
    It will hurt but it will heal.

    Take care reader.


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    Is it worth staying with someone who can't give you what you deserve?

  • gelukzoeker 107w

    And all of sudden,that song started playing.Our song..
    It didn't bought back memories,it bought back the person.The person who was no longer a part of my life.The person I once loved.But also the person who left me in the middle of my chaos.

    I remember that day clearly,we were together and I made you listen to that song.As soon as you did,you started crying.I hugged you tight and whispered "Its fine."
    That song,reminded you of that girl you loved,also the girl who played you,you said it was a wound that could never be healed.
    That day was special,cause you cried in my arms,but did I ever cry in your arms ?

    They say,it takes alot to cry in someone's arm,cause that person is special,its the bond you know.

    You see,I gave you everything and you didn't.I made it possible that you tell me what you feel but you made it seem like I am impossible to love.
    I fixed your mess but you didn't bother to fix mine.

    Was that love?
    No,cause love doesn't hurt,love doesn't give pain.

    You didn't like me,you didn't really love me but you liked the idea of being with me.

    Thats what happened later,I cried,cause it hurt.

    The song reminded you of her.It now reminds me of you.

    And as you said,
    that love is like a wound that can never be healed.



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    You made me feel like I'm impossible to love.

  • gelukzoeker 108w

    And I am glad it wasn't enough,
    I am glad you didn't stay.



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    Maybe you wanted a different kind of love,
    A kind of love I couldn't give you,
    Though it wasn't enough to make you stay,
    It was still love.

  • gelukzoeker 109w

    Dear ex-bestfriend,
    I miss you.
    I know I am the one at fault but you are too,more than I am.You replaced me,with a girl you knew only for 2 weeks,to be precise.Tell me,did I do something wrong or was it something I said?
    I know that you don't miss me and never will I guess,but I miss you everyday.I miss our 3pm talkes,I miss our 3am talks.I miss teasing you,I miss getting teased.I miss our dirty and lame jokes.I miss your voice,I miss your face,a little more everyday.When I had you,I always had someone I could call any moment of the day and I know you'd pick up.I had someone who would listen to me,without judging me.I had someone I could always look upto.Someone who I knew would stay.Someone who cared for me more than he cared for himself.I had someone who would knew something was wrong just by a text or my voice.
    I had this someone when I had you.But as you left,so did this person.

    This feeling of being replaced,it kills me.I hate myself because maybe I wasn't a good friend to you.But tell me;
    Does she get you like I did?
    Does she make you laugh like I did?
    Do you both talk about the stuff we did?
    Does she understand you like I did?
    Does she know about me?
    Do you talk to her about me?

    Is she able to fill those gaps,the void?

    She must,cause thats why you chose her over me.

    I want to get over you so much.I want to delete those pictures,those screenshots,close the chapter,the book..damnit!!
    I so wanna burn this book,But I can't.

    Are you happy?Are you over her?Are you doing okay?
    There are so many questions,the answers only you know to.

    You,not here with me,has killed me enough.I can't erase you but maybe I'll allow myself to finally let you go.We were just two people meant to cross paths,mend each other and leave.
    I am happy that I met someone like you and now I choose to cherish our memories.
    I want you to be happy,thats it.
    And with alot of strength,I'll close the chapter but hey don't worry,the book won't be burned.
    I'll just keep that at the very corner of my heart,safely,for if you ever come back which I know you never will.
    But atleast I can live that hope until there comes a time I'll stop hoping.

    I'll be here,just for you and thats a promise,and you better than anyone know what promises really mean to me.

    From your bestfriend,
    whom you replaced,
    who doesn't really exist for you now.

    As you said "she is dead to me now."

    I guess this is my first longest post.I just wanted to vent,thats it and I miss my bestfriend.
    Take care reader❤


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    Dear ex-bestfriend,
    You broke my heart more than he did.