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  • bandile 4d


    I heard a tender voice in my plight.
    He said ,"Rise up its time to fight!" .
    I was lost in my addiction
    Thank God for his conviction.
    He pulled me out of the fire.
    To save me was his only desire .
    Rescued by his mighty sword .
    Christ is the ultimate reward.

  • akshatt 3w

    Hey Addiction!

    Hey Addiction!
    I know you're the ultimate trickster
    Well prepared
    I acknowledge that you've the most powerful spell
    No offense, but not enough to keep me compelled.
    Hey Addiction!
    You've been creeping inside me for so long
    You've given me enough blues
    This time I'll settle the score once and for all
    There won't be any dues.
    I will surely beat your ass
    I will definitely survive
    I refuse to be your slave
    I will live to thrive
    Hey addiction!
    I know you find joy in my suffering 
    The way you give me that disgusted feeling
    The way you feed me darkness in the form of pleasure
    The way you hinder me from healing
    Now, your days are numbered
    till then have fun
    this time my sun of faith would be so effective
    That all your addictive forms would burn.


  • ink_floyd 5w

    #heaven, #redemption #future #revelations #music #pinkfloyd
    This poem was inspired with one of my bipolar episodes and the spiritual growth what it caused

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    The Journey

    Once was an infinite darkness
    Dance with the spirits, madness
    Tiny spark in the purple void
    Owning the light, its Pink Floyd
    Getting comfortable slowly with it
    Growing numb but High in spirit
    Sounds are breaking the prism
    Trouble is coming, escaping prison
    Trouble is knowledge
    People are bridges, massive lesson
    Steps toward is the starway to heaven
    The bridge is a byte
    We are the software , infinite flight
    Its the game of life
    Leveling up, stairs are checkpoints
    With Friends surrounded, our tension grows
    Reaching the disney heights, is the real high hopes


  • yahwehs_storyteller 9w


    In tears and blood I was birthed,
    Becoming a tribe of people unwanted and rejected.

    While others were in the cradle of evolution,
    Here I was learning of life from the harsh hand of colonisation.

    "Unity and peace", they preached,
    Yet the blue bloods' table was a height I could never reach.

    Times and seasons, they say, come and go,
    But I spent my youth in endless hope.

    Children of my skin were born to me,
    I grinned, redemption is nigh, the masters must flee.

    Had I known, the master's whip ripped my flesh and cut bare my soul.
    For my children became their own worst foes.

    Oh! How my children have fallen! (The wailing of a despaired mother)

    The dam of my tears break loose,
    Ravaging my land like a deranged moose.

    Mixed with the tears is the blood from my womb
    Painting my land red, like the scarlet full moon.

    But herein comes my salvation.
    All bloods speak, and mine carries the cry of redemption.

    My fertile blood touches the earth and reproduction is inevitable.
    New children are being born to me, a nation strong and mighty, wise and able.


  • dheegenes 11w

    A life of soliloquy is way less painful than a life and dream of unreturned love

  • bandile 12w

    The Redemption of Isreal

    The veil will be removed from Isreal and the tribes that were scattered.
    All the delusions will be shattered .
    I will breathe in them a new passion for scripture.
    They will  see Christ in the Old testament and see the full picture.
    My people will once again know me.
    And will see that Christ is the key.
    I haven't forgotten about my lost sheep.
    The children of Isreal will no longer weep!

  • innispoetry 19w

    I sense a wrath entrapped within.
    A generous gift of peace, I reckon.
    To burn my mistakes of the Past,
    And not to let the ashes ruin the Present.
    To rekindle lost Future goals, and
    not let its worries set the Present ablaze.
    I allow this fire to consume me,
    Cleanse me from within.


  • _shael 19w

    Take me to the shore
    Far away from the roar
    Where the endless chatters
    Cannot find me anymore
    Let me be lost
    In the abyss like a ghost
    & give me a chance
    To redeem myself
    From the burden of
    All that I gathered.

  • vanya_saxena 19w

    LOVE !

    "Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
    Love never ends."


  • tonie222 21w


    Press my heart

    Ready for redemption

    I want peace

    Never strife

    Conflict or Hatred

    Give me a reason

    Just this once

    An I'll never doubt again

    I want to know is it possible

    For people to receive and be given a second chance towards Redemption.

  • lovesmessenger 22w

    Another part to Battle For You

    A Knight's Reflection

    Time has gone by
    yet I still be awakened by the blood moon in the sky
    oh how you have transformed my world
    with the battles I fought to try to save your world
    blood now lay still on my hands
    from swinging my sword trying to slay your demons
    another gloomy silent night
    as I reflect upon once being your knight

    The sounds of war still rings in my ears
    fighting while you cowered in fear
    yet you put on airs as if you're a worthy queen
    telling truths that I now know are fables
    of other kingdoms who made you a victim
    I gripped my sword with such conviction
    that my sword and my hand became best friends
    Oh how I was fooled by you
    as I reflect in these waters of truth

    I'm still recovering from wounds
    for no healer upon the lands can heal me from you
    so I let the stars twinkle as my guides
    while my tainted hands will never be purified
    the darkness awaits as I venture through it
    giving my honest thanks to the waters of truth
    they say there's no rest for the wicked
    so here's the tale of a restless knight's musings

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #knight #reflection #redemption #truth #wanderer #regret

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    A Knight's Reflection

    This pool of water revealed my inner nature while reminding me of your true nature

  • v_4_ved 23w

    #song #redemption #remorse#gloomy#let it be#fallen sand# irreversible#acceptance

    Wrote this for someone...who wanted to express ...but I also added essence of my own experiences and how I would have felt ....

    Appreciation and criticism are welcome ..
    I would be glad to know how I could improve

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    The rain and the thunder in the sky
    Splashes of water around shows reflection
    But I
    All I see is the flash back in the water
    The moment we shared together
    The moment I wanted to pause
    its gone yet still in my eyes

    But i guess I have let the sand drop out
    I can't hold it even if I want it all to stay
    So here give you a shout out
    I hope you just bloom as always

    It isn't same anymore.
    Will never be parted we swore
    But now all I have is memories I stored.
    The less i want to but everytime I miss you

    How I wish those summers to be back
    When we watched horrors despite getting insomniac
    There's no one after you who can compensate your lack
    I wish I could change the way things took the track

    But i guess I have let the sand drop out
    I can't hold it even if I want it all to stay
    So here I give you a shout out
    I hope you just bloom as always

    From all I had. you were the best
    Like a moon amongst stars that overshadowed the rest
    There was no one who could endure my pain like you did,
    everytime I was torn
    And now I'm all alone without you, forlorn.

    Here you're standing in front of me
    Like a complete stranger
    the friends used to be
    I want to go back in the past
    And change what I allowed to ruin and
    I realise what I have lost..

    I should've realised it right across
    The tears whose reason I was
    I realise what I have lost
    I know how stupid I was

    But guess I have let the sand drop out
    can't hold it even if I want it all to stay
    So here I give you a shout out
    I hope you just bloom as always

  • pcking 23w

    Dark Waters

    I'm swimming in the dark
    Can't see, can't breathe, can't think
    Swimming hard, but I can't seem to move very far

    Feeling sharks swim past me
    The feeling in my stomach? Nasty.
    I really wish the end would hit faster
    And current keeps dragging me

    Struggle's getting weaker
    My vision's just as bleak as the future I'm seeing
    I pray for my release
    In faith I took a leap

    Really thinking I'd survive in this black pool vice
    I was wrong this time,
    But really, was I ever right?
    Time and time again mistakes I make are crimes against my life

    I just hope this time around it won't be my last
    I have a hell of a ride to run before I hit my max
    Screw that!

    Was that all it took?
    I think I see a light pointing up!
    But to make it I'ma really have to struggle.
    This burning in my lungs and these sharks don't have a muzzle.

    Now that they see me climbing,
    They will try to take a bite.
    This the war, this the fight
    Defining point of my life.

    Will I make it? Will I drown?
    No time to mess around.
    Currents' dragging me down,
    But I won't let it take me out.

    Determination clears my vision,
    Cuts the darkness of this river.

    I see the surface—I'ma make it!
    The top—my face breaks it!
    Air— my lungs take in,
    In all I'm just grateful!

    To think—back then I really thought I was dead
    I guess it's never the end,
    Just as long as there's retention
    The will to survive and once again face the threat.


  • kamikazemind 24w

    Hello mirakeans.
    First of all thank you mirakee for giivngyme such an opportunity.❤ I love iconography a lot and iam a huge fan of impressionism��. I love to feel the depth of a work��, perhaps a poetry, painting, building, whatever it maybe.
    I was planning to go for a Van gogh or Claude Monet.
    But I chose the Mexican surrealist artist, Frida kahlo's 'two fridas' as my iconography theme. My heart beats faster whenever i see her paintings or read articles about Frida kahlo.
    Her depiction about herself and the things she relates herself to, has always enchanted me.

    ✨The most beautiful aspect of her paintings are how she portrays the concrete (her life issues) into an abstract form and also bringing to life about her culture. Her works mainly outspoke the pain, suffering and the tragedies, largely emphasizing death.

    "'Two Fridas' depicts the loneliness of her reality, also implying that she is the only one who can understand herself.*

    Elements�� :

    1. The painting has a stormy background which means her turbulent life. She has come across tragedies after tragedies.

    a) She was affected with polio.

    b) She wanted to be a doctor but couldn't go to medschool due to a bus accident in which she not only lost her dreams and ambitions but also the hope for almost everything.

    c) Then she found solace in her husband, diego riviera, later turning into a huge divorce, due to her inability to conceive and also claiming that he was cheating on her with several women.

    ��" there has been two tragedies in my life: the first one is the accident and the second is diego" �� ~Frida Kahlo

    2.One of the frida is wearing a European dress were as the other one is wearing the typical Mexican dress, cleverly described by the ethnicity of the colour and design of the clothes. The European frida is the modern one whereas the traditional frida is core believer of her traditions.

    3. The sadness in her eyes and the hands holding onto each other has a profound meaning. It loudly speaks that 'you are your own companion'.

    4. The one in which she is cutting her veins through the scissor shows her lack of hope, no more willingness for her survival, and that she's not afraid of death.


    She was the woman who broke all the female stereotypical barriors about art. I love her with all of my heart.


    �� : Perhaps i might have missed two or more details.


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    In the hours of turbulence, only we understand the true nature of our strength. Trapped in our own sorrows, the bravest will keep on finding ways to redeem oneself.

  • wind_in_the_hairs 26w

    You go, girl! (Suit your genders)

    #rage #rising #power #strength #redemption #belief #hope #conviction #resurrection

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    Reclaim your power back.

    Channel that rage.

    Show them, what you're made of!


  • kee_een 27w


    Over and over again I try to dissect the reason
    Why I stayed faithful while unconsciously cheating
    This is the moment where I lost you
    It wasn't worth the hurt and pain that I cost you
    Not taking in consideration everything you fought through
    Disappointed by all the broken promises I brought you
    Hiding behind my insecurities while making excuses
    Pretended to have self-control while not knowing what my next move is
    Looking back why would I do this
    Convinced myself I'm living in the moment
    Hoping with time I'll get pass the denial and regrets I'm holding in
    I could blame life experiences and refrain from being a better man
    How this was the cards I was dealt and not being able to play a better hand
    There is alot of truth behind what I've told you then
    I've realized I was a rolling stone not knowing where my home has been
    All I want to do is right my wrongs
    Thought I was trapped in the dark but all this time my light was on
    My mom always told me to seek beauty within and embrace it in the brightest form...

  • kshana 27w

    Thoughts after watching 'The Originals', a heartbreaking saga of Mikaelson family. There are many things to like about this show, but the life of Niklaus remains the most memorable. From gruesome monster to loving father - Klaus Mikaelson, You will be missed. Always and forever. ❤️
    #mirakee #originals #theoriginals #klaus #niklaus #mikaelsons #klausmikaelson #redemption #writing #thoughts #family #alwaysandforever

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    The Mad King

    For a thousand years, he ran from his father. He kept his family going with a vow to togetherness. Severed countless heads, plucked out hearts, got his heart broken, made enemies in every corner, never found happiness. He ran and ran without knowing what he was running towards. From time to time, he reinvented himself. Sometimes he was an artist, some days he played music. He was a wolf under the full moon and a vampire on other bloody nights. They called him an Original, a name to be feared of, a legacy to be honoured. But his everlasting run made him only the Mad King. Mad he was, King he was too. He had run long enough now to reach his princess. Everything had led him to his redemption, his sacrifice, his Hope. Even the fate failed to handle the end of this journey. Klaus Mikaelson - once the most frightful beast, now a frightened father longing for his daughter. So it ends, the tale of mad king - broken yet not fallen, tortured yet redeemed.


  • manuhere 29w

    हम खुद से भागकर अब कहाँ जाएंगे
    बमुश्किल एकसार हैं, दूर तलक बिखर जाएंगे
    बडी मुश्किल है एक एक दिन की किश्त यहाँ
    एक सांस भी चूककर पछताएंगे।

    मनु मिश्रा।

  • aimer06 33w

    Path of Redemption

    Grateful I am to my Love,
    Bringeth the past; in present,
    Dark clouds has no power,
    Cometh and surrounds only,
    Never touch the high sky,
    Pain flows in each cell,
    Rainfalls in the end,
    Darkness vanishes away,
    Sunshines in atmosphere say.

  • chandhini_p_s 92w

    Somewhere between those chaos of life,
    we lost our present and past,
    in a cat and mouse chase of a future.. of which no surety exists..
    This moment is real..this is all we have..
    The very next one is quite unsure of.
    This could be the last ticking of one's clock.
    Realise this and live in this moment while it simply lasts...