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  • rupestral_flower 20w

    When we start respecting,utilizing,scraping ours each thought poetries become long,cooking on the flames of catastrophe, imaginations are waves of roaring forties geography.

  • hanshu 21w

    Dish as life

    Cooking a dish with the perfect ingredients..,
    It like making a life with the perfect deeds..,
    When we do a mistake in making food..,
    It's being tasteless or sometimes none bearable.,

    But when we do mistakes in life..,
    It's doesn't just make our life tasteless..,
    But it also makes it miserable..,
    We always wish for a perfect life..,

    But every time our dish is also not being perfect..,
    We made mistakes as a beginner,
    We made mistakes because we never do perfectly in life..,
    We don't get any recipes to make a perfect life as dishes.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 21w


    I proudly say about my favourite food,
    Is the only one since my childhood,
    I have been to so many places,
    All having unique flavoured traces.

    Let me make your mouth water,
    While each stanza you carefully decipher,
    The aroma of pure ghee on low flame,
    And juicy tomatoes that commence the game.

    Tangy smell of the tender red beauties,
    Calls in the spices to perform their duties,
    Ginger, garlic and onion, all as a paste,
    Make their entry escalating the taste.

    Roast the spices until the aroma diffuses,
    Grind them fine, until no lump surfaces,
    Dives in the greens, fried onions & yohgurt,
    Spicy aroma arouses your taste bud.

    Sour-spicy mixture makes you salivate,
    The taste of the grub is worth the wait,
    Almond and raisins to give a royal feel,
    Too tempting the food appears to deal.

    Now goes in the heart of the dish,
    Veggies or non-veg, as per your wish,
    Cover the lid ,let it cook until done,
    Smoke of the coal, is then to be given.

    You are ready with a delicious spread,
    Waiting for the Basmati rice to be laid,
    Again the lid goes on, for a final stroke,
    To cover the rice, in the spicy smoke.

    At last you sprinkle some edible colour,
    Drizzle a spoonful of clarified butter,
    Lay some coriander leaves to garnish,
    And Fried onions to complete the dish.

    Serve it hot with love and care,
    It tastes even better, if you share,
    Biryani is my favourite, my poem's gist,
    Has always ruled my favourite food list.


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  • ayesha_thoughts 74w

    #recipie #miraqee #cookies n cream mug cake

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    Cookies n cream mug cake!!

    To make a cookies n cream mug cake you have to put Oreos in a cup but u may put them in halves it'll be more easy for you ok then pour in milk quantity it's you choice and then microwave it for 1:00min and if it's not completely ready then do again at 30 secs
    Do try it!!

  • sripad 132w


    Beginning the day with a smile
    Cooks delicious recipies for others
    To lead the day in a tasty way

  • ahleqalam 144w

    To do:

    1) Add those "Good adjectives" with a relevant thematic context that everyone is bragging about.

    2) Make sure you said it differently. Otherwise, what's the point of it.

    3 Water Mark, it godamn it, watermark it!

    4) Make it damn right meaningful, talk about overcoming failures, things take time blah blah blah.

    5) Find that perfect background, the perfect font, the perfect everything.

    6) Check the grammar, hell they'll judge you, the half of them are related to Wren&Martin.

    7) Don't make it too obvious but familiar.

    8) Make it personal, talk about the demons bruh, inner demons duh.

    9) If you gonna make it cringy, be damn right confident about it.

    10) Use trendy hashtags, make them your new BFF, the more you know them, the better you'll run in the business.

    P.S: If you want to sound meaningful, then avoid this disastrous recipe. Just write with your heart, rest will follow up.


    #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #recipie #disaster #thegoodquote #rhyme

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    The recipe of a perfect quote

    Good adjectives, enhanced vocabulary, cringy background that hits the soul of a millennial to the core, and make sure you post it during peak hours.

    Otherwise you won't get those likes you expect this recipe will bring you.

  • creschke 160w


    I have the recipies
    Handed from greatness
    How I wish I knew
    Her secret recipie,
    A love that cannot
    Be duplicated.