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    For my fellow pastas I mean ladies: you can hate me or love me but you can't ignore me, that's bullshit!
    Instead you can love me or ignore me but don't hate me. For neither I'm more than you nor you are less than me, we are the pasta made out of the same ingredients in the pink sauce of feminine. So if I give you a genuine smile return it with a genuine one not a sarcastic one. Women supporting women would surely result in empowerment.
    Me introducing myself as a chef hope you enjoy the cuisine.
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    Pink sauce pasta

    The waiter came to me asking for my order.
    In the menu I was looking for my favourite.
    "What would you like to have ma'am?"
    Pink sauce pasta is what I wished to have.
    Let me introduce you to my cookery!
    For my fellow ladies we are the pasta
    And I'm gonna drizzle it with the pink sauce.
    This pink sauce made out of empowerment
    is the secret ingredient to make it delicious.
    With a tablespoon of gentleness for each other,
    To be like Emily to the Desdemonas.
    2 teaspoons of geniune compliments,
    To be like Nerissa to the Portias.
    A bit of support according to the taste,
    To be like Rosalind to Celias.
    Pinch of goofiness to add up spice
    Play the roles vice versa for each other,
    And replace the pride and prejudice
    With the flame of sense and sensibility.
    Wait for the pasta to get cooked,
    then let the hatred drained out from
    it through the drainer of love.
    Of the same ingredients we are made,
    Drizzled in the femininity of pink sauce.
    Mix up the drained pasta with the pink sauce,
    And believe me you will never see anything
    More amazing than this pink sauce pasta.

  • sweedle 93w

    When I say I love you, it means I am cooking a recipe of all the wrong emotions I feel inside the moment your eyes meet mine. I have no idea what this concoction would do but I believe it will bring you more closer to me.


  • the_speccy_outsider 93w

    It only takes a moonlit night, a soft zephyr, a secluded hill, utmost tranquility, topped with scintillating hues of the night sky. And at last, garnished with the company of your loved one. Makes a perfect recipe of cosiness.

    Cradling our dusty memories of proximity, whilst the stars twinkle with shimmering audacity. Reminding us of the times betwixt darkness, we held each other, protecting our light of everlasting love.

    Nights are enchanting, if one knows how to make the most out of them. The divinely mystical clouds encompassing us, obliterating malice of bad memories. The translucent fog crawling besides us, eradicating the feeling of being forlorn. Nature helping us rekindle our reveries.

    Happiness is nothing but seeing your beloved. The heartbeats creating a cacophony of comfort. Crowning each other as the ruler of this orchestrated music of hearts. Being the reason of existence of this everlasting love.

    //The thing I never said, is that I am because you are. This bond of ours is for eternity. Never let any perpetrators pollute it. For it is a war, against the enemies of love.

    The ones who despise this pure feeling. Labelling it with names, preposterous as they might be. None bestowed them the power to decide. It is a free world with a free will handed out to all.

    Choice is a question of the individual and not for the society to decide. Let the season of love be celebrated as it should be.

    With Red being the colour of Rose and not of Blood//


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    Amidst the garden
    Flowers of love do entice
    Loathed, are rusty thorns

  • fleeing_fossil 94w

    #epochc #felicityc #emberc #recipec @writersbay #pod

    Not at all times would life meet our expectations. We enter an epoch where we inhale and exhale very naturally and sense awful asphyxiation. The heart thumps against the chest and we believe it's the most oppressive labor to do. There are days when life brings you to your knees and you reckon everything is over and get depressed over that fallacy.

    //Yes, the problems might be hefty and heavy. But, wouldn't you carry them infinitely if they were light and delicate?

    Yes, failures are so difficult and brutal, and wouldn't you get used to them if they were easy and peaceful?

    Yes, the sweat and tears are too salty, and would you ever get over them if they were sweet?

    Did any candle spread light without disarming its silhouette?

    Could you ever sniff the piquant petrichor if clouds won't burst into tears?

    Did any vegetable make it to a recipe without being simmered in flames and spices?

    Could any pristine paper render poetry without getting soaked in stygian ink?//

    In life's game, you are threatened to fall but again it does give you a chance to raise and succeed. It has a habit is to offer you both felicity and despair. Sufferings aren't foreign to us as we were used to wails the moment we took birth. The valiant ones get a larger share of despair. You are the valiant one so the embers arrived at your door. This is the moment you get to show your mettle. Reach out and embrace whatever life has in store for you.
    Endure it. Traverse it. Learn from it.

    #hopenotes is this considered one? @saya__

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  • eurusgrey 94w

    Because I could not stop for Death,
    He kindly stopped for me;
    The carriage held but just ourselves
    And Immortality.
    - Emily Dickinson.

    I breathe in pain and exhale gratitude, and people scream harshly in my face, calling me a callow fool. Aren't they synonyms? Anyways, better a self aware fool than a gullible prudent sapien.
    The opinions of others never mattered to me as long as they were whispered behind my back, the stabs weren't so deep, but still they hurt. I've always preached the quote, "Ignorance is a bliss." But never learned how to live by it. And so I apply a facade of saccharine charades and people buy it without a question, it's amusing.

    Tired and broken, I tried to find the recipe for holding onto hope, it was quite easy, given you have enough patience.
    1. Take an earthen pot, one made with delicate efforts such that the creased handprints still linger somewhere in the finer details, so that you still remember your roots, your home, be it to keep you warm or to keep the fire within you from dousing.
    2. Add two cups of water taken from the river of miseries just a few miles yonder the fall of insecurities.
    3. Build a fire in the hearth using wood made of confidence and self assurance, it's more durable.
    4. Carefully place the pot and let it burn till the flames turn it a shade darker so that the self doubt evaporates as the water starts boiling.
    5. Add two and a half tablespoons of faith and one of endurance, stir it till your hands shake and beads of diligence cover your head.
    6. In the end, add a pinch of happiness and carefree smiles. And it's done. Sounds simple, maybe it is, maybe it is not. How will you know till you don't give it a try?

    It's important not to give up at step 5, it might turn into recipe for death.
    Death and hope tread on a thin line, how to set them apart is really upto you.

    Why give up? You've come so far, might stay and see what happens next, there's no harm in that right?
    You are enough, that is something you'll never believe, but someone else saying it does sound good.
    And so I'll say it again, you are strong and you are enough.


    @sangfroid_soul your recipe yesterday inspired me. ♡
    @raika @shashagilbert_ @eclipsed_sun

    pc: pinterest

    #recipec #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    //And so I'll say it again, you are strong and you are enough.//

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    blazing heat of the sun
    could not shake my stand
    to have a glimpse of your smile
    as you stopped to buy balloons
    for your brothers this festive season!


  • maanvi_bhagat 94w

    A little bit of happiness
    A little bit of love
    Family around you and
    You smile purely like a dove

  • mirakeewrites_ 94w

    A recipe of happiness....

    Happiness for everyone means something, some are happy beacuse of a loved one,
    some just get happy basking in the sun.
    for some their dogs make then smile,
    some are happy with nature, they go out once in a while.

    But happiness for me,
    is too simple you see?
    It does not contains much,
    some usual ingredients are not even required as such .

    For my kind of happiness take a pen and a paper in hand,
    how just let your imagination fly , there's no need to land.
    Mix a little words and phrases using the pen,
    now let it flow, keep going. when to stop? will let you know when.

    Now the next step is easy, add some metaphors in between,
    It will now look lovely when seen.
    Add some similies, a little personification and a little magic with a perfect rhyme scheme,
    You can also garnish it with a beautiful theme.

    Now your happiness is ready between those pages,
    once written it will keep you smiling for ages and ages.
    Oops!! are your words still flowing, when to stop did I forget to tell you ever?
    Oh I did it on purpose because my answer to this is never....


    (PS- Keep inking, let the words flow, and your imagination take you to places you've never been..Just a random thought. Don't know if its even worth reading��. You can skip if you find it too lame )


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    Now your happiness is ready between those pages,
    once written it will keep you smiling for ages and ages.

  • discoveringself 94w

    Hiraeth served fresh!

    Breathe in the fragrance
    of fresh coffee brewing!
    Pick up the choicest memories,
    from the garden of souvenirs!
    Lay down the wok of
    Azure and pink skies;
    And saute the
    recollections until well fried!
    Add a dash of seasoning
    From the archaic photo gallery!
    Add dollops of fondness;
    Don't stress on the calories!

    Take in the aroma,
    just breathe in light!
    If it causes some fluttering,
    Its cooked just right!
    Perhaps, yearning is intense,
    If the heart is found sinking!
    Balance it out, with a spoonful
    of wishful thinking!

    Have a taste of the concoction,
    with life's twists and turnings;
    If anything found amiss,
    adjust, with a count of blessings!
    Best accompanied with a
    side dish of emotions and feelings!
    and there you are, your favourite
    "Hiraeth" in the serving!


  • ashamurali 94w

    To write a recipe for an unusual thing.


    1. Stand in front of the mirror.
    2. Lovingly admire yourself and your hair.
    3. Remember the moments of joy and happiness that each year of your life has brought.
    4. Understand that covering the grey would mean denying the memories.
    5. Embrace your age and the grey hair.
    6. Take the box-dye and give a long look at it.
    7. Recall the ordeals of applying the colour on your hair..
    8. Mentally count the money spent on colouring.
    9. Make a note of the itching and burning of scalp and irritation of the eyes.
    10. Recall the moments you feel fake when the hair goes black and the agony when the grey peeps through it.
    11. Breathe deeply, give it a loving kiss and feel the emotions.
    12. Now smile wide and toss it in the dustbin.
    13. Come back to looking at yourself in the mirror.
    14. Open your hair and let the grey hair flow.
    15. Proudly celebrate your new freedom.

    -Asha murali.

    @writersnetwork thank you. I am glad you liked it.
    @writersbay thank you for your like and comment.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #readthisj #daadigotyourback @writersbay @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Celebrating my silvers
    Flaunting the joys
    Every year acquires


  • waitaminute 94w

    Recipie of unusual things,
    Okay, so it's not an ordinary recipie, even masterchefs don't know it, well to be honest I searched what does unusual means? Shit it was easy, it means behaving odd, weird or something that doesn't happen normally. Alright, so here are some steps,

    1 go to your store room, search your dusty stuff , try to find a computer there which wasn't present earlier.

    2 if you find it then you are obviously weird and now you have to just play with keys,

    3 playing with keys, are you a kiddo? I know everyone here is adult still playing with keyboard, so weird of you.

    4 okay, now it depends on your luck, if you have divine powers, and you are not normal, someone supernatural,only then it gonna work.

    5 so you are still playing with keys, okay now I hope you are lucky enough like rohit mehra, now send signals to aliens .

    6 now don't do anything , stay there, aliens are coming and they are about to land and they will search for you.

    7 aliens will come take you because you play with keyboard, so weird of you, behave mature like you always do. If you have gone to store, you must clean it why are you playing there.

    So, unusual is not aliens coming to earth, weird thing is you are playing with keys, you love its music and you want to relive that kid, there is nothing weird in being weird , Ain't you tired with books all the time, tired of acting like normal, trying to be always mature, trying to please everyone, trying to hide inside you lot of things.you all know that reciepe, sometimes find normalcy in being abnormal, do play like kids, laugh when you slip on road, have messy hair, love you comfortable pujamas more than tight jeans, love your pimples too, and love your weirdness because not acting like yourself and trying to behave like some one else is 'unusual'. Say hi to aeroplane whenever you see up, do weird things when world is sleeping, talk to strangers, and why the hell you post that heart broken quotes, bro life is one , okay don't ruin it because I care about myself and when I see your broken quotes I get depressed even when I am single. Okay I know it's weird. And do watch shinchan, you all should take lessons from him.

    Weird and crazy,
    Eat and be lazy.

    Meri post hai copyright hai, ab m itna bi khas nhi.


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  • bhawna__ 94w

    Just playing the piano for the sake of nothing..

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    #humblebee #pandapages
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Open your eyes and see the fog,
    If you can see something that is not visible,
    That is reality.

    Open your palm and let me touch your destiny lines,
    If you can feel my hand through the lines without a rough fear,
    That is real ecstacy.

    Open your arms and embrace the air that is heavy to breathe,
    If you can have a slumbering hug with the weather to feel numb for a while,
    That is the presence of sharpness being mirrorless.

    Open your hearts and if you don't die of infections,
    that is the real world of angels that you bleed like the tasteless water,
    that is the season of painless vibes.

    If you know the story of reality and I'm not the education to read between the lines,
    That is the real me without editing for a life.

    and I can't be funnier when I write..
    for the lame jokes I do..
    I ask for the realities for more than once and time goes by side,
    that is the real fight I change my path to walk alone and say,
    Open your mouth Hahahaaa...


  • pallavi4 94w

    Recipe for getting through a panic attack

    One, 1 tbsp of a day where everything seems fine
    Two, 5 tbsp of the perception of a threat or stress
    Three, 2 tbsp of a racing brain
    Four, 7 tsp of the anticipation of exposure to certain situations again
    Five, 3 tsp of the situations becoming cues or triggers

    After Simmering for 5 mins on low heat, add

    Five, 2 tbsp of a feeling of intense fear and anxiety
    Six, 1 tbsp of discomfort and chest pains
    Seven, 1 tbsp of feeling unsteady, lightheaded and faint
    Eight, 1 tsp of the feeling of unreality and detachment from self
    Nine, 1 tsp of numbness, palpitations and pounding heart
    Ten, 2 tbsp of feeling a shortness of breath and smothering
    Eleven, 1 tbsp of trembling, shaking and sweating
    Twelve, 1 tbsp of choking and fear of losing control
    Thirteen, 1 tbsp of severe nausea
    Fourteen, 1 tbsp of feeling like dying and going crazy
    Fifteen, 1 tsp of everything going hazy

    During these 10-20 mins try adding the below given list for improving the recipe .....

    Sixteen, 5tbsp of deep and mindful breathing
    Seventeen, 2 tbsp of becoming aware of your body
    Eighteen, 2 tbsp of progressive muscle relaxation
    Nineteen, 2 tbsp of thinking calming thoughts/ visualisation
    Twenty, 1 tsp of anti depressant/ anti anxiety medication

    Stir and remove from stressful situation
    Once simmering ends, serve immediately
    (Avoid further stress triggers and anxiety)


    24th of October, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- No 69 by amoc777 on deviant art

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    into the abyss of your smiles
    I shall delve,
    allowing poets to compose epic
    on my love...
    'the recipe of mad love'


  • the_moustached_poet 94w

    what can be more satisfying
    than your smiles
    wrapped up in foils of warm love,
    ready to be served
    at the festival of my dreams
    like a recipe, unusually sweet!


  • the_moustached_poet 94w

    afternoon insecure
    of losing the skies
    to the confident evening
    was greeted by a recipe
    of red sunset like a smile


  • love_whispererr 94w


    DEATH becomes a HISTORY when Alexander the great dies at the age of thirty two. And the litters of death fly from Babylon to the world and intermingle with the zephyr of history books. "We shall meet in Babylon" never pierces your linen shrouds. You never think that as the holocaust. Do you ?

    DEATH is a MYSTERY for the twenty nine year old prostitute and those policemen find her body near the river bank but noone cries for her. Some bloodstains on her body try to hold her bones but they can't. Her body rots away in an unknown morgue but noone cares. You never weep for her. Do you ?

    DEATH becomes a constant NIGHTMARE for that parent whose fourteen year old son dies suddenly with multiorgan failure and their afternoon scribbles a suicidal note to the night constantly and the sunshine never brings smile on those lips.

    DEATH can't be so BARBAROUS or sadistic when the ninety seven year old woman leaves the world after fighting with the life for eleven years. At last, the death cuddles her with her favourite pot marigolds and white jasmines. Her last breath leads the way for her redolent smile from the heaven.

    DEATH becomes your HAPPINESS when you strangulate that black mosquito between your two palms and one or two drops of blood abut your tip of the finger but your heart jumps in happiness (I guess). It never becomes a mishap or ruination for you. Does it ? I don't think so.

    DEATH becomes another DEATH when the single mother of a nine year old girl dies in a road accident and her relatives send her to the orphanage. She dies every moment of her life beneath the silver linings of white clouds. The stars and the moon hold her tears at those cold-blooded nights.

    DEATH for me ; a relief from this brutal world and from these cruel humans . But never be a separation "Don't worry darling. I'll never leave you. We'll meet in heaven someday and I'll croon those poetries for you that day. Wait for me, I'll be there with you."

    ~a tipsy (poe/ghos)t || bidya

  • _mathematics 94w

    recipe: the silent heart

    once upon a time, I entered the realm with unknown countenances encountering me every day/hour/minute/ second. Isn't that suspicious? Inhaling hefty breath and anxiety causing a shiver to the body in the season already waned to minus Celsius, so welcome its winter and my favorite too. Shiver caused through the anxiety not discerning strange countenances but missing the family, I never had left before in my life. Applause, it's the independent phase, they say and on the other side ( murmuring inside own self, I wanna go back home), it's a
    Foreign land, I say( still shivering).

    So, the first walk for the above-concocted recipe, take you to the period where you start realizing the need (absence of someone or some).

    And suddenly, the wind strikes the windows, all dusty and harsh blinding the sights, halting the smooth moments. Lighting and thundering sometimes shook the bench and bed( the niche, I envy when the past time goes tough on me during the routine stuff) leaving my heart pumping hastily( as I fear the lightening wails during the heavy storms or weather) cause childhood times the fear was lessened through mom's talks reaching ears as a magical whisper soothing the little soul.

    Now, wrote it down because the second phase involves the eclectic and multiple reasons for the above recipe and is the most important facet that is the past will not leave the present doesn't matter what its character good or bad because the fear never fades away rather it has to be ignored or has to be confronted once or maybe twice.

    The relief came and nurtured my strength to be confident in odd times when the emotions were numb and heart went silent cause the most subtle phase, not the last but can be for some as this recipe can only be concocted if one had withstood the fear, anxiety, depression, sorrow, and absence, failure, parted ways, and many more on this never-ending list.

    I too had gone through this subtle phase and do every day/hour/minute/seconds dawdling in the presence of someone I cannot forget even If I want to. There is a lot for me still your absences seeks answers to uncountable qualms, raised in front of me. The only recipe that has been arranged till now over my dining table to serve is the silence settled inside the heart.

    Also, the unheard ELIXIR served always with the dish because without a drink it's incomplete, anywhere you have been served. It's essential too even during cessation when the soul leaves the body through the way went from a drop of water been poured over the mouth of a human intend to proclaim peace after so much good and harsh times of life. And I too, intend it when my soul, envy the presence of you girl, didn't leave me still not with me.

    I have it ever sometimes intentionally and times when the pain seems more delicious to blood than a warm hug of yours calming my all shivers and anxieties. I can find many Yet I wanna have you with every wound on me and without any harm to you.

    #elixirc #pastpearlsc #recipec

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    unheard ELIXIR, once
    gulped through the dry throat
    overlooked all woe's

  • writersbay 94w

    Today's prompt :

    Recipe of unusual things.

    i.e a smile.

    Tag and share with #recipec

    One of the participants for this challenge will be allowed to co-host a challenge in future. If you're interested, leave a �� in comments.

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  • eurusgrey 115w

    I was searching for the recipe of happiness, when sorrow was the only thing in my stacked in my cabinet. So I went to the store for the crucial elements, only to realise they were not so rare.
    While looking through the ingredients I discovered something, happiness was not the end product of my mess but the process that seemed useless, that many people realise a little too late.

    Waiting for a rainbow when people call you colourblind because they refuse to see things in a different light, is one simple step that is too tedious and easily given up on, so remember to be a little patient and persistent.

    Hope. Isn't it a strong emotion?
    Just like salt is it's significance, too little will result in dullness and too much will destroy all your taste buds. So be careful, a fine amount will suffice and give you great joy.

    The moments that evanesce like a dream, capture them and adorn them in your memory lane so when you need a reminder that things do turn out right even when there's no light they'll be there waiting for you, to add to your recipe anew.

    And the pebbles of rock bottom, they'll serve as a bittersweet nostalgia that gives you strength when you need the most, and make you smile looking back at the hard times.

    Polaroids and poetries, let them be forever imprinted in your mind, so they'll lull you to sleep when nightmares find their way around and the night seems to be an infinty of darkness.

    There are many other items that you'll discover on your own which will be unique for your recipe, don't fret or rush, they'll come along the way.

    pc: pinterest

    @writersnetwork #writersnetwork
    @mirakee #mirakee #pod #recipec

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    //Waiting for a rainbow when people call you colourblind because they refuse to see things in a different light.//