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  • the_venom_rhymes 1w

    The Recipe of a Leader..

    Take a spoon of "Loving" and add it to a cup of "Cheerful"....

    Next , have 3 spoonfuls of "Sweetness" added with a constant stirring....

    For a bit of slight taste , add a pinch of "Funny" and a tinge of "Determined" for an enhanced aroma....

    Mix these well with enough "Cool" water to have a perfect syrup....

    Grate some pieces of "Enlightening" and add them well...

    Sprinkle some "Bright" coupled with a slight addition of "Vividness".....

    Add spoonful of "Confident" and a paste of "Energetic" , "Heavenly" , "Beautiful" and "Happy" with care.....

    In the end....
    A last pinch of "Organized" for the ultimate delicacy !

    Serve "Chilled" !

  • kasishakespeare 7w


    I woke up this morning craving a bowlful of words that would fill up my plate like scrummed eggs
    And that saltiness between lines that have a rhyme
    Will sure keep me coming for more
    It's imagery catches my eyes
    Making my taste buds to be awaked
    So I may eat poetry for breakfast
    The sweetness of those words that never gets old like wild honey
    keeps me licking on my fingers and turning on pages for some more
    Then when am done eating my breakfast
    I get in the day with my mood boasted
    And I perform greatly at work
    Without any risks of getting anxiety later in the day


  • kasishakespeare 7w

    Recipe of POETRY

    I woke up this morning
    Craving a bowlful of words that would fill up my plate like scrummed eggs and that saltiness in between lines that have a rhyme
    Will sure keep me coming for more
    It's imagery catches my eyes
    Making my taste buds to be awaked
    So I may eat poetry for breakfast
    The sweetness of those words
    That never gets old like wild honey
    keeps me licking on my fingers and
    Turning on pages for some more
    Then when am done eating my breakfast
    I get in the day with my mood boasted
    And I perform greatly at work
    Without any risks of getting anxiety
    Later in the day

  • kingdomdelight 7w

    #recipe #wod #Be you #Do not search the recipe in others # No book needed #You can do all things through Christ who strenghten you #Be a foutain of living water #inside you is a treasure book #God writes on the templetes of our heart #writersnetwork #mirakee #v_smita_v

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    The hidden ingredient

    When it comes to poetry
    No special recipe ur using a book
    I always break the rules when it comes to pure poetry
    Let it flow over your heart's brook

    Some will sit for days at the black cooking pot
    Who tries to brew words and makes_word_knots
    Reading ur coping other people's works
    For sure, won't bring a poetry jackpot!

    Some will tell: "not to many spice!"
    While other's might say: "Dish it up with more poetry rice!"
    Some even cry ..."There's no meat!"
    All want words for a poetry feast!

    My Dad was an artist, I still remember his words
    "Create out of nothing and you are a real artist!"
    Wow, that is just what God did using His amazing breath and living Words!
    The good news! We are created like Him! We are poetry artist!

    The hidden ingredient
    The one, who sits, on the poetry throne of the heart!
    Be the pen, of a ready writer, a salty ingredient !
    Use your pen, the words of the heart
    as a light, as the heavenly ingredient
    a pure heavenly poetry art

    No recipe, no book ... listen, while God writes on your heart
    His the only ingredient that makes a poetry dish truly alive!


  • nevaleepoetically 7w

    Stirring the Pot

    People, her one pot entree
    Her ingredients, what they say
    As she dices up their words
    And then begins to oscillate
    She folds, one into the other
    Mixing their words with deception
    Watches as they begin to boil
    With great anticipation
    With all ingredients all married
    She takes a hearty bite
    Tasting her bitter recipe
    She smiles with delight...
    Stirring the Pot


  • authortk 7w

    "Recipe of Poetry"

    Put a cup of sweetness
    And add a tablespoon of bitterness
    To feel the sadness and the art
    That comes from the cauldron which we called heart
    Mix theme together
    After you mixed theme, add some beautiful phrases
    To make your recipe top to our tastes
    Cook theme in full of bloom
    And after a minute, you will serve your poem
    In a right and exact form

  • fizahfiz_ 7w

    Recipe of Life

    How to live in its right taste?
    Is there a recipe, a secret?
    Life will not always be bitter,
    sometimes it will be sour,
    sometimes, it's sweet,
    and even tasteless.
    That's life.
    The secret to a great dish of life,
    None! No secret recipe,
    Savor every moment of life,
    with the accompanying taste.
    Live your life,
    Simply live just like every breath,
    Without hesitation,
    Follow your heart,
    Believe yourself,
    Life is not based on the recipe,
    Not by recipe,
    Life is yourself,


  • nocturnal_enigma 7w

    * 27.8.2021; 5.11 A.M (Malaysia)

    * 599th post; 79 posts till 678th (Target)

    * Pregnant: Full of meanings

    * Entry for #challenge by @Miraquill
    #Recipe for #poetry #wod #pod


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    A poetry... ~

    A poetry is a poet's magic...
    trick. It requires lots of logic.
    Add also element of tragic.
    Collabs of poets; Synergic.
    Plan the poem; Be strategic.
    Make anti-poets feel allergic.

    So, what exactly is a poetry?
    A way for a poet to tell a story.
    Secrets that hearts try to bury.
    Poet's mind is full of mystery.
    Words travel; World's history.
    Weirdos write with full of fury.

    Miraquill is a poets kingdom.
    It's a way to cure our boredom.
    Must write often, not seldom.
    Ideas that come are so random.
    Write freely; Speech's freedom!
    But, poets must be wise; Wisdom.

    Pinches of sadness; Poignant.
    Pieces of advice; It's pregnant.
    Punches of what are important.
    Perfectly alligned in lines; Brilliant!
    Poetry that made at an instant.
    Poet shall work hard like an ant.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • jubilaria 7w

    Recipe II

    I took a cup of hardwork which I added to my already chopped mixture of determination and perseverance in a big bowl of learning.
    I heated some electronic tools in a pan of needed materials, added my combo and a big spoon of time which was covered with a lid of patience. A recipe for a competitive palate!

  • dhanak_meena 7w


    Switched on the thoughts
    Looking at weather
    Took a pan of paper
    Started pouring words
    Added feelings
    Stirred the memories
    Took a cup of intellect
    Strained moments in it .
    Slowly started sipping
    Coffee of my life.


  • snehalv 7w

    My love date

    It was a date to remember
    He introduced himself with a zest
    As if he was a winner of Masterchef
    I cut him between like a piece of cake
    & swallowed his sweet lies
    He was a timepass like Kurkure
    & understood that he was in a soup by boasting himself .
    Then came his sugary praises for me which were sweet than Gulab Jamun
    My mind alerted me & said better be Sugar Free
    His chatterbox was on & I gobbled his words like a popcorns
    Decided to go for a spicy panner (tofu)date.


  • lalitha_l2 7w

    I'm not a perfect chef as you,
    I'm not a imperfect chef as you,
    To taste and make,
    The delicious dishes,
    The only my one and myself,
    Adjusted with imperfect completed plates.

  • solivagant_soul 7w

    ���������� ������������ ��(����)������������

    Fetch the delicate parchments with
    some nozzled piping cones,
    And stand by your logophile muse,
    to try your hands at
    this luscious Meraki.

    Without further ado
    let's dig into the art
    of baking P(oe)stries.

    �������� ��������~
    differs with the degree
    of zeal each mortal permeates

    Equivalent to the shedload
    of sugar crystals.


    • A sponge of soft brown hiraeth
    • Two cups of mawkish blue ballads( as required)
    • A cup full of pitted crimson Metaphors
    (for garnishing)
    • 2 teaspoons of Abstruce paroxysm.
    • ½ teaspoons of brumous Melancholia
    (as per taste)
    • Anagapesis syrup as required
    • 250gms of "rapid
    romanticised Kalopsia"(compulsory)


    > Heat an eunoia on the puissant flame
    > Spew the crimson metaphors and let the Anagapesis syrup cascade
    down shrouding it all

    > Then add the acerbic brumous
    Melancholia right away.
    > And bring the coalesced concoction to a gentle simmer and cook for 5 mins, till it embraces calescence.

    > Trim a thin layer from the crown of the sponzy soft Hiraeth, with a serrated metanoic knife and
    then cut into a rectangular silhouette.

    >Then slit it from the middle and halve it apart.
    Using a P(oe)stries brush, apply some
    rebellious Anagapesis on the base half
    of the hiraeth.

    >Pipe out Half cup of whip mawkish blue ballads on the edge. Place compote of metaphors in the middle

    > Place the top half of saccharine
    hiraeth on top press down gently.
    > And brush the top with the remaining Anagapesis, and frost the outside of the P(oe)stry with most of the remaining whipped blue ballads

    >Cover the sides and top the carved hiraeth
    with "rapid romanticised Kalopsia".
    > Pipe taffy pink rosettes with remaining whipped ballads and garnish with fresh metaphors.

    > Chill the P(oe)stries in a refrigerator.
    Cut into slices and serve with some
    brewed, hot oxymorons to enhance the taste.


    Thank you so much @miraquill and @writersnetwork for editor's choice. ♥️

    #recipe #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Black forest P(oe)stries

    Fetch the delicate parchments with
    some nozzled piping cones,
    And stand by your logophile muse,
    to try your hands at
    this luscious Meraki.

    Without further ado
    let's dig into the art
    of baking P(oe)stries.


  • aimansheikh 7w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #recipe #wod #miraquill

    Thankyou for the like @writersnetwork
    I am sorry I never appreciated your likes and reposts before since I felt it's normal, but is not.��❤️

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    Recipe of my poetry.

    I start my poetry with my favourite pen,
    And then take one page of my diary or sometimes may be two.

    Then I spill some ink on the paper and ask my heart,
    if it wants to contribute too?

    I keep my brain busy with the sweetness of the lines,
    Then I pour some imaginations and a pinch of reality too.

    Sometimes i add emotions for the flavour because my poetry is all about YOU.


  • a_franteen_writer 7w

    #recipe #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork #ceesreposts

    Okay so I'm late today. I'm sorry for that ( as if anyone wanted for me to write LMAO) anyways so a little bit trivia here.
    So one of my friend is also a pretty good writer and we often read each other's stuff. So the first paragraph is a reference to her because she had written about the saints in the honeycombs and how they sit inside it. And I was fascinated! And then I knew I had to use this strange idea with off course my own tinge *winks* and I did with all the due credit to her of course. So hehehe here you go.
    Anyways thank you and she inspired the Buddha part too :)

    That's it (•‿•)

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    The recipe for a poetry diary

    Dear reader,
    The recipes raining heavens over me,
    Shall present you with the divine recipe of shaded undertones and lovely mayhems that imprinted and formed a form on blank sheets.

    Hail to thee!
    I found them embedded all over me; a living diary.

    " The ingredients hold the ancient key in cooking all the poetries; that reek over us.

    Firstly I need a little honey from the catacombs of saints that sat in the eyes of the girl, who knew that Buddhas sat in the Iris of each and every eye.

    Catacombs become more free than ever.

    Secondly, the tea leaves from the isle of emptiness and emptiness itself. Where the beauty of beauty makes one forget things, basically forgetting to think over thinking and just be in the present of the present, so the leaves don't turn vile from the judgements of the oriental styles; a safeguard from butchering and tremendous torture.

    I need water from the fountain of funny sounds and symphonies that rose in the meek walls of time, shrouded to dust 'years' later where time got lost in its perennial flow, thus regaining the humane consciousness protected by the tough elms in between the jungle of nothingness.

    When sky is no longer the limit but the start, the procedure begins.

    Collect the ingredients and put them in the pot nestled on the untamed flames.

    I need the heat of love, hate, desires, spritualism, agony, pain, death, depression,happiness, grief, a few first and last loves, lost and found friendships, radicals, courage, patience and every damn emotion from these untamed fires to escape from the clutches of time into the liberty of words and feelings.

    Remember, that the fire you ignite is different and unique. Never in the history it will repeat.

    Last but not the least, I need the divine 'H' trinity -- head, heart and hand to give birth to a new dish, each and every single time it's cooked.

    1. The beverage now is ready to be drunk and preserved in every mortal cell that the poet shall come across."

    I found this written over me in the middle of the night, and then I realized where I was supposed to be,

    In my own heart and the heart of universe ; which was already mine.

  • infectiouswordspoetry 7w

    Set the pot on stove
    And let it embrace the warmth of fire
    Ensure, the surrounding is well aerated
    So that there’s no blockage in the process.

    Add the water of thoughts
    In the empty pot,
    Boil it to the level
    Where you won’t evaporate the thought entirely.

    Add two cups of happy sweet memories
    As a remnant of the craving for tea
    You usually don’t need the sweetness,
    The bitterness of reality and ache in heart
    Are enough to energize you.
    But today, you want to laze around with guests
    And pay attention to the world aside from the whirlpool inside you.

    But your water of thoughts,
    Is heating up and your time at solitude is shrinking
    So you add an abnormal spoon of bitter tea leaves
    And let it get drained in the water
    Swimming throughout the journey
    Embrace the sweetness and glorify of bitterness

    Strain the beverage in a cup.
    When your guests sip the beverage,
    They feel like it’s the for them,
    It tastes like their own
    The same drink which gives them solace in the midnights
    You name the beverage, poetry, with a smile.

    #recipe #pod #writersnetwork #writers #poets #musing #pod #passionbookworm #writerstolli #poetryisnotdead #writersunited @miraquill

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    Recipe of my poetry...

    You name the beverage,
    Poetry, with a smile.


  • yamini_sinha 7w

    #miraquill #writersnetwork #recipe
    Seriously speaking, this challenge was so interesting that I drafted the post hours ago but sorry for a late post

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    Cooking Poems

    Ingredients required

    1 a heart broken into pieces
    2.a spoonfull of unfulfilled promises
    3. a scoop of frozen memories
    4. a cup of tears
    5. a pinch of expectation
    6. heaps of hopes
    7. a small portion of pain
    8. a cup of words
    9. Strands of similes
    10. A mug of metaphors
    11 some punctuation marks
    12. A sky of imaginations
    13. A quill of love
    14. Ink of passion
    15. Loads of creativity
    Preparation Time . 10 to 15 minutes
    Procedure to cook

    Step 1 Take a bowl and add unfulfilled promises to a scoop of frozen memories , a cup of tears, a pinch of expectation, heap of hopes , some pain, a cup of words , similes and metaphors
    Step 2. Mix well and fill some punctuation marks to adjust the consistency of the mixture
    Step 3. Pour the mixture on the sky of imaginations and
    Step 4 Take a quill of love and fill it with the ink of passion
    Step 5. With loads of creativity , cook the mixture with the fuel of ink, adding different hues to the broth
    Step 6. Your poem is ready .


  • i_am_rita 7w

    The Lip—smacking Poetic Platter of (In)digestion

    Stress: 5 and 1/2 cup
    Frustration: 2 cups
    Anger: 7 cups
    Hope: a pinch
    Muse: 2 pinch
    (if you find it. Let me know the station.
    I'm in desperate need of it)

    Optional: Depression and mood swings.
    1 to 10 cups each

    Sterilize the screen beforehand
    Chop the veins of euphoria
    Releasing fresh pain and saline
    Marinate it with souvenirs from past
    Rest it for 2 to 3 minutes.

    Preheat the memory lane
    In the flames of suffering
    Add two cups of stress first
    Gradually increase the amount
    Along with metaphors and similes
    Add a dash of rhymes along

    Add all the pain and anger at once
    Boil the portion for 5minutes
    With the emerging green smoke
    Turn off the flames
    Prepare the dressing by rearrangement
    Use a wipped neat screen
    Stark contrast to the maggot memories
    Network that spoil appetite
    Resultant indigestion

    Arrange the dish as you wish
    With hope at the bottom
    Sensations of hurt and pain in the middle
    And heavy emotions at the top

    Garnish the plate with saline smile
    Hope it won't cause burns on the lips
    Of the sensory panelist

    Cross your fingers
    And enjoy the platter


  • anushka_misra 26w


    Hush, take a moment and spend it with me,
    I have some things to tell you while I brew you a tea.
    Sugar and water, they mix so well
    Reminds me of the time when we first met..
    I was the sweetness that suited your taste,
    Your eyes were the depths I had for an eternity, craved.

    Ginger and tea leaves, the aroma fills our senses,
    I look at you smiling, I thank the heavens
    For the sight and smell I sense right now
    It could calm me even during my worst breakdowns.

    Fidgeting carelessly, you tap your finger against the cold granite,
    It takes me back to the times we had all those messy fights.
    We walked right out, we came back strong,
    Guess,some wills don't bend in the thunderstorm.

    Pass the milk, while the contents simmer,
    We don't want the tea leaves to taste too bitter.
    Let it brew till the time it gets the perfect texture,
    You, me, tea.
    Tell me what's a greater treasure?

  • my_tiny_chapter 102w




    300g of room temperature lies
    2 tbsp of chopped-up dreams
    1/2 a bottle of vodka
    700ml of salted tears
    500g of burnt photographs
    13 drops of tainted blood

    She brewed it
    just at midnight,
    Where anthems of thunder rumble
    accompanied by bolts of lightning.
    And when rain-washed black branches
    blend with overcast gray,
    Fires burn and cauldrons bubble -
    For charm of powerful trouble, 
    whisper my wishes into shady ingredients.
    As I entered the realm of no escape,
    I watched the impossible
    start to take shape.
    Spells cast in hell's deep
    By a powerful hex
    Who stirred the cauldron.
    Tainted with revenge,
    I was awakened
    from the deep sleep,
    I rose to greet the dawn
    distracting my heart.
    I took a sip of dark roast
    and exhaled
    Ever since,
    I breathe in the aromas
    of a tenebrous, resinous malice.
    She sober the mixture
    with an extra salted tears,
    to make the potion
    more savoury for demons. 
    That day I was reborn, 
    I lived again
    With each pulse of the clock, 
    and each beat of my heart.  
    Far beyond conscience,
    hope and pain.
    Far beyond the normal
    far beyond sane.
    The blood within 
    is purged off that familiar poison ;
    Where the fire of the heart
    is not dampened by the rain.
    Silver puddles shimmer,
    my every stitch is healed,
    for no man
    has ever managed
    to burn the heart out
    of a witch.
    Oh, it's a frightening Halloween night,
    Where the seven tongues
    of the seven headed dragon
    flicker between the dawn and dusk,
    between mist and flames.
    And one's worst gruesome, macabre,
    spine-chilling nightmare comes true.
    No tricks!
    No treats!


    Image found in Google
    and credited to rightful owner / artist.

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    Seething Cauldron

    300g of room temperature lies
    2 tbsp of chopped-up dreams
    1/2 a bottle of vodka
    700ml of salted tears
    500g of burnt photographs
    13 drops of tainted blood