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  • veronica_06 8w

    Poetry Receipe

    1. Chop out your best words with a pen.
    2. Add it into a clean paper bowl.
    3. Marinate it with some spices of pain.
    4. Add ample spoons of honeyed ecstasy.
    5. Add salts of metaphors and similes as per your wish.
    6. Add thick slices of your spirit's flavor.
    7. Add some secret milk of your life.
    7. Mix it fully and leave it aside to evolve.
    8.Then, gently align them sensibly in any shape.
    9. Heat a paper pan and add nature's oil.
    10. Shallow fry it in a medium heat of rhymes.
    11. Fry until it turns colorfull.
    12. When you sense an aroma of perfection, it means that it's ready to serve.
    13. Plate it on a white paper plate.
    14. Garnish it with Love and Hope.
    15. Squeeze some zest of guts.
    16. Now, your poetry is ready to serve. It can be served with chilled zeal sauce.

  • ghayal_shayar 8w


    जब भी ख़त लिखता हूँ तुमको
    अक्सर दर्द खूबसूरत लिखता हूँ तुमको

  • jan_balan 41w

    Each look at things in different ways. Something has to be done to have a fantastic life. Right???

    In that case "what can be done?" Is the huge question.

    Emotions can be infused in our day-to-day to life. They create a fantastic life. But how to mix all the emotions to have a flavoursome life. The recipe is always self- prepared. There is no link for that in our YouTube search column. So, My recipe is bit simple.

    Create joy by infusing new habits, that will gain Happiness. Add a glimpse, a little amount of sadness when we fail to practice those habits in our day-to-day life. If missing because our new habit, get angry on ourselves/yourselves. Be jealous of the that old person who picked up the new habit to grow in life. Be jealous on yourself/ourselves to enrich ourselves/yourselves. That's the simple recipe for our fantastic life.

    Certain things can be avoided in our day-to-day life.

    Unrelenting expectations,
    Weaved up emotions,
    Dodges the day,
    Gangles the night,
    Submerge from darkness
    Revive the moment
    To taste the life.

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    #joy #colour #sadness #life #receipe

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    Recipe for life

    "Colours of Joy
    Sweetness of Happiness
    Glimpse of Sadness
    Pinch of Anger
    Tinch of Jealousy
    Infuse together is Life."

    - Recipe for life


  • dbelles_writes 121w


    Hunger is not starving,
    it's knowing what to cook
    when all you have
    is a recipe book.