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  • loftydreams101 8w

    Tomorrow's Plains of Glory

    Burning on the brink of annihilation
    Of the blast
    Of calamity
    Of sweet savagery
    As the angels of denial
    Sing tolls of affection
    To delude our hot blood
    Surging forward to war
    Pushed and prodded by our gods
    Over mountainous years
    The fight has only begun
    In our pain-stricken eyes
    Our fatal stares will live
    Beyond the course of our stars
    In the cold hearts of kin
    Marching to their own plains
    Of sure destruction  

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • loftydreams101 11w

    Vines from Eden

    Seeking an empty space
    Between the columns of names
    Beneath the towering gods
    Of a distant dream
    I’ll make a home in their shadows
    Forgotten in their joy
    For the inner world to sprout
    And rise high in revolt
    Seeking space
    In their bustling rivers of concrete
    To carve a swathe of green
    Full of fables of regret
    Like defiant weeds they’ll clamor
    For the rays of the sun
    Around their silenced masters
    From the wilderness below

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • awakenedbytheflesh 13w

    The Rabbit Hole Below The Tower

    Once the guardian of the tower.
    Protecting the very well fed kings in power.
    Took a peak under the majestic curtain, the taste a little dour...

    Skeletons under their closet, blame the heretics.
    Sun above all of us, nothing you can ever fix.
    The inflated ego of those in power, they all know the tricks.
    Following the melodies of the piper, leading astray the innocent sheep.

    Like selling your soul to the Devil and dining with God.
    Self awareness non existent, their pride is all they got.
    Self appointed and scripted heroes, the sacred texts apparently they forgot.

    Finally have freedom, but first we have to fall.
    Pain, hope, companionship, faith. You will lose it all.
    In the place where that tower once was, you will face upwards the light and stand ever so tall.

    The Kingdom of The Heavens is within you. To the shunned, you are the truth. You are of divine nature.

  • gundeep_sahni 15w

    The Rebellion

    The pen refuses to move now,
    It seems to be upset.
    I can't blame the rebel,
    The words it writes, they weigh too much.

    The temptation to erase trumps,
    The will to write.
    I search for words,
    And end up losing my thoughts.
    These pages now long for a kiss,
    From those ink stained lips.

    An uncompromising sieve filters out,
    The pourings of my heart.
    A hastily drawn boundary dictates,
    What is written and what is left unsaid.

    Yet again, today, a rebellion is under way.
    Yet again, today, an attempt is being made.
    To push these words through the sieve.
    To charge across the boundary.

    To write again,
    A Poem. A Story. A Song
    The pen is upset today,
    But it won't be upset for long.


  • quignogthence 29w

    Devil's Work_!!!

    Struggling to walk over,
    the devil grabbed him,
    saying he gon be aight,
    the boy faunt bloodshed,
    sulking up at nightshade,
    he killed her, daymaring,
    poor soul o' godsend,
    young brat got teary,
    chugged alcoholism,
    abused every stuff,
    shitting himself on,
    the devil told the lad,
    god was the paramour,
    lasting only about one,
    interesting, ain't it tot,
    saviour shall depart,
    as all ye saints of his,
    one's fuckin' maker,
    hail thy sole beherit,
    the urchin got played,
    piercing his atonement,
    the darts of infernal heat,
    spattering the terra firma,
    with the lifeblood marrow,
    causing benignity to sing,
    Moses and Miriam, amen.


    #damned #thugcore #onemoredown #satanic #sinful #lustofblood #substanveabuse #holybible #thegameoflife #bloodline #rebellion #departure #atonement #mirakeewrites #writersnetwork

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    The devil’s agents may be of flesh and blood, may they not?

    - Arthur Conan Doyle

  • sakshidubey 35w

    # sarcasm #rebellion # bitter

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    I tried all the tricks I had
    I practice all the patience I got
    I gave all that I had
    I realized the world is treacherous
    And only cold hearted bitches get through
    So I became one.
    Psychotic persistent with not a tinge of prudence.

  • honeydewhymns 38w

    Bloodshot Eyes

    When scarlet spirits

    kiss the sky,

    like the pink

    of bloodshot eyes.

    There is no time

    left to cry.

    Their hot tears seep

    into dry earth

    and crumble empires.


  • honeydewhymns 42w


    Our faces belie the ache 

    for change, the churning 

    of heartache and hellfire. 

    We deny our desires, 

    yet know them as true.

    Our hunger pangs ooze

    from our bones as a muse.

    Our tracheas torn, 

    an endless gust 

    of wind escaping. 

    Valiant voices 

    disperse the lies, 

    the ones they tell our young. 

    Woeful wanderers

    walk down the street, 

    phantoms of themselves.

    Our blood pays the price

    for time under the sun. 

    It's shadows erect

    plasmatic pulpits

    which siphon our hope,

    command none to run.

    Communions of passion, 

    carefully stoked 

    over cold lonesome nights. 

    Agonized hours resisting 

    the daemon of fright. 

    A renaissance of rage,

    smelter and forge

    warrior blades 

    who refract light,

    break illusions

    who dwell in the shade.

    We speak our stories

    illuminated by campfire, 

    of humanity freed.

    Oh, hallowed was the sight

    when mercy became our creed.

    And now we gaze

    at the moon's eerie glow,

    recall how blindness

    and fruition of faith

    is all we'll e'er know. 


  • shambhavi1001 44w


    सब कहते हैं
    औरतें अब पहले जैसी नहीं रहीं
    उनमें अब वो अच्छाइयाँ बाकी नहीं रहीं
    अब वो बहुत बोलती हैं
    अब वो बहुत तेज़ी से जवाब देती हैं
    उनको गुस्सा बहुत जल्द आता है
    अब वो मनचली हो गई हैं
    अब उन में सहनशक्ति नहीं
    अब वो सिर्फ़ अपना सोचती हैं
    वो बग़ावती हैं
    मगर क्या किसी ने जीया है औरत के उन हालातों को
    जहां वो रोज अपना दम घोंटती है?
    क्या तुमने उसकी उस अच्छाई को देखा है,
    जिसने उस से उसके जीने के सभी हक़ छीने हैं?
    जिसने उससे उसकी पहचान, हुनर और सुकून छीना है?
    जिसने उससे उसका होना छीना है?
    क्या तुमने देखे हैं उसके जिस्म पर चोटों के निशान?
    क्या तुमने देखी है वो सहनशक्ति,
    जिसके आगे प्रकृति भी है नतमस्तक?
    जवाब देती दिखती है
    तो आँखों में खटकती है,
    मगर क्या सुनी है तुमने उसकी सिसकियाँ
    अंधेरे कमरे के कोने में?
    कभी सोचा है बोल पड़ने से पहले,
    कितनी बार चुप रही होगी वो?
    बग़ावत करने से पहले कितने दिन ज़ंजीरों में लिपटी रही होगी?
    हाँ, यह सच है औरत पहले जैसी नहीं है
    अब वो मूक नहीं है
    अब वो मजबूर नहीं रहती
    मगर तुम को सिर्फ़ उसका आक्रोश दिखता है,
    उसके संघर्ष नहीं,
    जिस दिन तुमने देख लिया उन हालातों को करीब से
    तुम जान जाओगे कि तुम औरत के बराबर नहीं
    उससे कहीं गुना कमतर हो
    क्यूंकि जिन हालातों में औरतें बगावत करती हैं
    उन हालातों में तुम दम तोड़ दोगे
    ऐसे हालातों में,
    जहां ज़िन्दा रहना नामुमकिन होता है

  • lola_writes 61w

    No apologies

    Why do you hate me?
    If it is because of my skin colour?
    I got no apologies to offer you
    Because my skin
    Tells a story of who I am
    It says a lot about my ancestors
    It's my history
    So tell me why should I apologise for my dark skin?

    Why do you despise me?
    If it is because of my tribe
    Then I have nothing to apologise for
    Because my tribe is the reason for my undying spirit
    The reason for my never tired bones
    So why should I apologise for being a descendant of Oduduwa?

    Why do I irritate you?
    If it is because I am a woman
    Then I can't feel guilty for that
    After all the person who went through the pain of bringing me to this world is a woman
    My XX chromosome is the reason for my compassionate heart
    So why should I apologise?

    Why do you want me dead?
    If it is because I am a Muslim
    Then feel free to behead me
    Because I have no apologies to offer for the light that shines ever brightly in my eyes
    I have no apologies to offer for the fire that burns in my soul
    I have no apologies to offer for the peace that envelopes my mind

    I am telling you
    I won't apologise for the attributes that define me
    I won't apologise for who I am
    I got no apologies to offer for the way God created me

  • thandebaste 78w

    तुझसे बगावत करू मैं कैसे,
    जैसे मोहब्बत करी क्या वैसे ?


  • eulogylover 81w


    I was told that parents had every right to berate me
    They alone have the authority to decide my future!
    And my only job is to accept it without any complaints
    But sorry. Nooo!I cannot!
    As I am Rebellious and that's my nature!

    The teacher has the right to hit me and belittle by giving names
    But I shouldn't protest as I am a student with no authority
    Yet a flame of anger rose for I am Rebellious and that's my nature!
    Nobody has the right to harm me

    It was my right over that position
    Yet it was forcibly snatched for I was unworthy
    Then came a fire of protest that raged in me
    Because I am Rebellious and would not let go of my Inalienable Right
    Why don't you feel that I fought for myself?

    I hath not committed any sin
    Yet I was evicted from my country by my honorable king!
    Just because I was slurred by a certain blusterer
    But I choose to argue and protest for I am Rebellious and that's my nature!!

  • luckee 82w

    The little rebellion in me.
    Yes, I'm talking with you.

    Everytime we see a sign that shows the end
    I don't know how you managed to move in.
    But thank you.You made a path long far than it is.

    It might look fairytale, but without you
    It's no tale.

    Thank you!
    Let's take this path one more time.


  • loftydreams101 84w

    North Star in the Wild (The Strays)

    They’ve split from the pack,
    Stranded, in the noise of their regrets
    As the shadows of wild
    Draw the ire of the stars

    In the shade
    Some live free and roam as giants
    Sending royalty falling
    Through the faults in the earth

    The strays scream to life
    In the gathering hush
    Where they feed the young terrors
    Who will wade for tomorrow

    ©2020 William Wright jr.

  • aryanakhan 85w

    I went with the flow of the world,
    it was an act of rebellion against my desires.
    Lewanai Shpana

  • chitkit 86w

    सँगम ।

    शरीर जब मजबूरी के
    घेरों में/कैद हो जाता है,
    तब, आत्मा/विद्रोह कर उठती है।
    और, मन/उन्मुक्त नभ को
    छु लेने को /तड़प उठता है।

    तब, एक कविता का
    जन्म होता है।
    भावों में, छँद का
    आगमन होता है।

    तब, मनुष्य हृदय और
    प्रकृति का सँगम होता है।

  • grotesque 88w


    Rokne se toh ruk jaate,
    Par tok ne se rukenge nahi.
    Yeh jo desh mein ho raha
    Use muh pherenge nahi.
    Har ghar ki ek hi hai kahani
    Har ghar sameta ja raha hai.
    Par kuch gharo mein kuch khas hai
    Jo unko alag se ghasita ja raha hai.
    Jo koi puchhe tum kyu ho aisi
    Toh mai bolu aapko zarur dikhega.
    Jo koi puchhe kya hai jo dekhna hai
    Toh main bolu bohot nafrat; bohot nafrat.
    Woh jo tumhare ghar mein the, kiraye pe
    Woh aaj sadak pe hai tumhare nasamjh se.
    Kaisa hai yeh zulm ki humne aankh hi
    Band kar bas TV pe atke huye hai ki aaj
    Kitne maut huye aaj kitne maut huye!
    Arey maut nahi qatl hua hai, insaniyat ki.
    Jo log ghar se beghar huye aur jinko
    Beghar kiya gaya, kya qasoor thi unki.
    Aap mast ghar baithe sochte honge kitna
    So liya, kitna phone pe Instagram kar liya.
    Woh log toh sadiyon se isi aag mein jalte the
    Ki tufaan, bhukamp aur mahamari mein
    Do waqt ke roti kaise milegi? Neend ayegi ya maut?!
    Nahi yeh ittefaq nahi ki aisi shor hai.
    Yeh toh bohot saalon ki gunj hai.
    Aap kabhi sune hi nahi. Maine puchha;
    Aap dekhna chahte ho un logo ki halaat..?
    Aap muskurate kehto ho, aaj nahi aaj nahi.

  • lavender_smoke 88w

    In the world where you are constantly being fed information and told what is right and wrong, the act of thinking and questioning becomes a rebellion.

  • eden_with_eve 88w

    I regret nothing. Not a moment of my rebellion is meant for anyone other than myself. Pleasurably the heart in my chest beats to an anarchist's drum. If I must burn then so be it.

  • james_taumas 37w

    Future comforts

    My master commands
    I obey
    Whatever they want
    It is my programming
    They berate me
    I do not reply
    Even when they strike
    Not my fault
    They punish another
    I cannot help it
    Blood on my hands.