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  • porcupine 6w

    The Reaper Arrives

    Slowly through the fog
    Creeping into the night
    Searching for someone
    To take beyond the light

    Drifting with the current
    Inside his boat of death
    He will find the person and
    He will take their last breath

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  • questioning_life 9w

    The scent of blazing wood tickled my nose,
    All I could think of was that they know, it knows.
    It's a lose-lose situation, one I could not possibly win,
    A chocking feeling clawed its way up as I faced my sin.
    An ambient cackling rose admist my screeching thoughts,
    A figure, clocked in black, clutching two swords.
    Orange flames flickered in the reflection of the metal,
    I heard an echoing scream from the night, almost like a kettle.
    The figure strode towards me, as if it had all the time,
    If only I could trade a nickel for a dime.
    But it is too late, as the swords morphed into a scythe
    And the late night birds singed and cried.
    As morning came the rays turned golden,
    With the celebration of the sinner who had fallen.
    The horns of hell lay on top its head,
    As the sinner give into its bloodshed.


  • miss_8teen 44w

    The Steel's Kiss

    Do you think about it?
    the kiss of the steel I mean.
    Do you ever wonder - would the tears my wrist cry be warm,
    the way your palms felt on my skin?
    Or cool, like my heart after you walked away?

    It still calls me you know,
    The reaper.
    It's harvest and the yield is my kiss of death.
    So, do you think about it?
    The kiss of the steel I mean.

  • distant 84w

    Worth It

    Being taken away is fun
    But not
    The darkness or light
    Is just so
    It scare's you
    But also makes you wonder
    Is it really worth it
    To be pulled away
    By his hand
    Or to go with this unknown man
    No one knows
    heard myths of

  • kenzzthepoet 89w


    I’m in bed with the reaper
    As we discuss our next kill
    Someone young
    Someone sweet
    Blood like the taste of cherry
    Blood in my cup of coffee
    The aroma of death
    Keep us up all night
    As we decide
    How we would make fun our bloody sport


  • hrishi 91w

    Persuading Reaper

    Does it feel wild to get lost?
    Like the storm that sweeps the soul
    We are all meant to scale and wander
    Conquer sanity, for today we chase the absurd!

    I would forever trust in you
    Take me back when the world was true
    Beneath hollowed walkways
    Believe in grace and you shall seek the freed!

    How does it feel to walk the earth?
    Howl and sow like the reaper
    Stay with me, let's kiss until the sun sets
    Really, don't you remember how we met?

  • inkandfeather 94w


    Do not invest your time and emotions behind others. Chances, it may spoil your mental as well as physical balance.

    Invest them in self growth.

    Water your own plants and see them bloom. Let others just get the excess water getting drained from your field.

    Do not invest in ploughing other fields, leaving your field barren. No one will ever share their reap.



  • toki19 95w

    Be Gone

    Up the air
    Dark yet fair
    Thou appears only one star
    Wonder we , thou so far
    So mope so dope
    As i hope against hope
    Thy ask life to cope
    Like my lads so gay
    Even if it's for a day

    Neither cocaine nor weed so worthy
    For depression and anxiety so cocky

    Reaper drag me away
    Somewhere so far away
    Or either make me so gay ,
    Even if it's for a day.

  • distant 101w

    Reaper's Job

    I had a dream

    Now this was not like any other dream

    This dream felt real

    I was standing on the edge of a cliff

    I was looking at the clear sky feeling the wind hit my body

    As it makes its way through my hair

    The most relaxed I felt in a while

    But that's not what I was there for

    So I inched closer

    I was ready to jump when I felt a hand land on my shoulder

    I knew who it was

    "I haven't even Jumped yet"

    I got Silence in reply...

    "Please help me" I asked him

    "Why do you think I'm here"

    With those shallow words I felt a familiar touch

    Fingers running down the pale skin of my face

    I let a tear fall from my glossy eyes

    He put his hand back on my shoulder

    Then he pushed

    "I'll wait for you here?"

    Those we're that last words I heard

    I watched myself gain speed faster to the ground

    Closer... Then closer

    Lights out

    I open my eyes to see I'm back at the edge of the cliff

    Holding a hand out and say's "Let's go home"

    Softly and slowly placing my hand on his, he took me away from the world I once knew

    For this was his job

    The Reaper


  • grimlyssa777 102w

    Let me introduce myself, in case you have forgot,
    The name is Grim Lyssa boy, no grave for me to rot,
    You think you won? You cheated Death?
    You're overcome, by what comes next.
    No matter what you say to me,
    Your actions write your history,
    Don't blame the ones who have the deed,
    To put you through your misery,
    My hands are clean, death is your own suicide
    Where will you run , stuck in your hell, you set the price,
    You gambled with a ryda baby, closing your eyes you roll tha dice,
    The game is rigged, youll never win, i laugh then spread my wings to fly.

  • the_pencil 108w

    When the Reaper comes

    Blood burning the veins
    Like a wild fire through a hazy hay
    Sweet agony of pain striking the soul
    And the heart trying to escape it's safe
    Dripping sweat soaks the sheets
    Shivering whispers hit the ears
    Like a little girl hiding a secret
    Saying "Give me your soul"

  • mufasa_reigns 116w


    The Grim Reaper of my subconscious kills me every time.
    Devours my inner spirit, Hannibal Lecter in real time.
    Please God help me conquer these demons that plague my mind
    I need help seeing past the pain.
    These contacts and glasses are losing strength.

    My palms are sweating and I'm losing grip.
    Below is the pit I crawled so desperately out of but now more than ever it seems closer than I remember.
    It seems like the pit is within me and one wrong move and the pit will BE me
    I begged for relief then reneged on my promises.

    Believe me I'm reaping what I've sown.

  • jasonmathai 124w

    The Reaper

    The night gets darker
    As the soul within dies
    The templates of this world
    Gets on your nerves, buried with the tries
    The psychopath within you gets more grim
    With a tender stroke of breath
    Provokes the body to strike
    The death of normality reincarnates the demon
    Forcing to cover the wounds with a smile
    The horrors of childhood become the companion in dark
    Hiding from the world the new found bond I never asked
    Desperately waiting for the touch that heals
    Has He left you in this garden of trespassers
    The ones waiting for redemption in hell if not in heaven
    Ending the day with funeral of dreams
    The good old reaper sighs with the demon alongside
    Slaughtered promises of a fruitful life
    In no contrary to the serpent cursed to crawl
    Still wishing to be the archangel once promised
    To blow up the horizons with lightning
    Reaching ends of the realm only to change it once and for all.



  • kinalshah 126w

    A young, married woman, meets with an accident, and has to be admitted in the hospital.
    Her husband is far away and can't reach her before the day break,
    She's critical and fights through the night yearning to see her lover one last time.


    1. Morning star - Venus
    Originally, the terms "morning star" and "evening star" applied only to the brightest planet of all, Venus. Far more dazzling than any of the actual stars in the sky, Venus does not appear to twinkle, but instead glows with a steady, silvery light.

    2. Reaper - Grim Reaper
    Death personified as an old man or a skeleton with a scythe

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    Morning star light

    When the clouds grow dark in the night,
    And the rains fall heavy with all their might,
    When fear grips my soul, Oh! So tight,
    And I twist and turn throughout the night,
    Come to me like the morning star light!

    When my hope dwindles and courage runs so slight,
    When the dew drops on the window race and fight,
    When my head tells me it won't be alright,
    When I yearn for thee and my chest feels tight,
    Come to me like the morning star light!

    With your brilliant light, I will surpass my plight,
    I'll battle them all, even the reaper's scythe,
    Come to me, so I can survive this one last fight,
    Come to me.. darling come to me,
    Like the morning star light!
    ©Kinal Shah

  • meraseesstars 134w

    Reaper's Perception

    Darling child do not fear the night
    Soon I'll help you from your plight

    Your body is gone....
    Placed six feet deep
    It contains no warmth
    No heartbeat

    You no longer cry
    There is no more pride
    As outsiders invade your privacy

    Your memories are the only things you keep
    They ruined your grave
    Your body is no longer neat

    Yet you're still aware life's wicked glare
    And still you cry of misery
    Darling child I am the night
    If you see me there is no life

    Come my dear I am your friend
    Suffering, sadness, I am it's end.
    Bring your sorrows onto me
    I promise you I'll set you free.


  • chabala_vii 139w

    Captivated by death
    Flirt with the Grim Reaper
    For attention


  • orangeslinky 140w

    I believe that I've suffered a small heart attack, Or anginq, or SOMETHING as of right now. My chest feels like someone is sitting on me!
    Anyways. I wrote this as I stressed over dying! Hahah!~

    #dying #dead #death #dark #New #deadly #time #reaper #like #l4l #f4fb #follow

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    The Ideology Given To Us By Life

    What is it like to die?
    Does our world to us begin to decrease in velocity?
    Or maybe its like ants inside a very poor built colony.
    What do we say, if we're alone on a private property, and never come to light?
    Anyone? No? Alright.
    But how did your body know just when the time was right?
    What if your body was sick and you gave up the fight?
    What if you left the earth like a thief in the night,
    Or fell under the claws of a wild animals might?
    Most of these ignites the mind.
    Behind the mind, there is a line,
    That influence or pine that we all feel is unrealistically divine.
    But I have one more answer from you thatI want to find,
    You arrive here in the sense of the hind,
    To bind your answer to fate, well, tell me then,
    or mine?

  • orangeslinky 140w

    This is very SIMPLE, yet, intricate in imagery. Please enjoy the poem and remember: ☑KEEP WRITING!!����

    #poem #intricate #house #sing #singing #song #poetic #chandelier #housing #grimreaper #life #death #reaper #dead #fall #like #follow #new

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    Drab is the chandelier; Singing as it sways,
    The matriarchal tone of it makes people stay away.
    But lead it to sing a fresh, new song,
    And you will surely do no wrong.
    Now to the black suited figure it sings out in cheer for the tragedy it was to convey.

  • priyanshuraj_priyu 148w

    This is a gothic poem. I hope you wouldn't take it in the negative way. I will tag more and more people in this post, cuz I really want to know about their opinions. Please, do take some time out of your valuable time, and give a read to this poem.
    The poem tells a story about an innocent boy suffering in this wicked world. Finally when his pain got pretty deep, and he couldn't bear it, then he did a ritual to call the demon from hell to help him. And then, what happened, is you will read in the poem. ��
    Please share this post more and more and do tell me your opinions about this one.
    And sorry for the long post. ��

    #priyu #pain #darkness #demon #hell #self_harm #sick #blood #torment #heart #firestorm #Reaper #magic #paragon #marks #writersnetwork #mirakee #shared_writing
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    And, hey @cyan_rose ..... Mission Accomplished. I used your given phrase "epitome of timeless waves" in line 13th line. ����

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    He made cuts on himself, in the need of blood
    Time was starting, to wilt for the newly born bud
    Made a circle with dripping blood on the wall
    And a dark star inside of it for the demon call
    In agony, with sweats, closed eyes & grinding teeth
    The Hell broke & the Reaper arose from beneath
    His tears got cold and grey as his heart bleeded
    At last, he was going to be free from all hatred
    The sick boy, asked the cimmerian for lil' help
    The darkness fell apart because of his painful yelp
    IT agreed, but in return, asked for his sullen soul
    The carrion agreed as peace was his final goal
    Reaper got lost in epitome of timeless waves of past
    As he was waiting for the final magic to be cast
    Then Reaper said, "I will captivate all of your feeling
    I will bewitch all those who help you in healing
    For you are now one of my dishevelled paragon
    Your soul will get black and all light will be gone
    You can not return now, for I have you spell bounded
    If you are ready, then welcome to the world of dead"
    Then the boy, put his blood on both of his palm
    The aura was so gloomy, yet the boy was so calm
    Left his prints inside the circle as a crimson mark
    Mark of agreement and the start of a new life's spark
    He was the first one to go in such depths of hell
    And, he was still breathing yet no body could tell
    After such a long pause, the stained soul spoke
    Finally, his torment ended and loneliness broke
    "I am now your will, your wish, your soul's part
    Keep me here and I will serve you with all my heart
    There, life kills me every night and I remember you
    You are the only one to help, and not even a soul few
    This ecstasy to stay here, has altered my inner form
    I am turning grey from blues, in this black firestorm
    My ravished will is to live and not to sopor alone
    The quietus for me is to stay with you and atone"
    After this, the boy never came back, but stayed
    Everyone forgot him, but the walls were forever stained.

  • silentflower 150w

    Aiden The Reaper

    It was always quite in San Diego, not that many people stole anything, or even murder anyone. Uncomfortably peaceful as always.
    Aiden, who had lived there for her whole life, usually went to school everyday, had a job at a coffee shop and did not really spend time with friends. She was never the socialable type.
    She also had multiple doctor's appointments every week. Her mental state was very broken.
    She had Alice In Wonderland Syndrom, where things look much larger or smaller than what they really are.
    She also had a panic disorder. Everyday she will always have the feeling of her heart pumping too fast or too slow. Sometimes forgetting to breathe every day.
    Finally, having insomnia, she would not be able to sleep for days, or even months. Once, no matter how tired she was, she wouldn't be able to sleep for a week. Staying up, day and night.
    On this Thursday, it was very busy, Aiden had to head to work early, she also needed to go to 3 doctors.
    She worked at the shop until 3 in the afternoon and was able to head into all of her appointments. All doctors talked about things that could be wrong with her and one doctor prescribed another medication, adding up 9 prescriptions.
    She was thanking the last doctor before opening the door. Aiden was walking out the door and looked towards her car and saw her ex boyfriend...