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  • rebeljones777 56w

    Seahorse to Scorpion

    I'm as different as they come,
    and I keep changing day to day
    like moon is to sun,
    I'm currently
    cloud watching
    and interpreting
    what it is
    that I am seeing...

    A seahorse morphs
    into a scorpion
    there must be
    a reason for this,
    A message to capture,

    or perhaps...

    I'm in a state of
    temporary insanity,
    and now the system has candidly branded me unstable mentally
    Sickened by the state
    this world is in,
    I'm aching for a moment
    of silence and tranquility...

    Attempting to keep my
    life in perspective
    respectively and positively,
    which seems impossible
    in a world filled with
    hate, division, and negativity...

    But thinking on your own,
    you know,
    saying no to conformity,
    having your own
    ideas and thoughts
    seems to be looked down upon
    when your thoughts
    and perspectives don't stand
    on popular ground...

    But for me,
    at least I can be myself,
    even if that's something that
    they don't understand.
    And that's something,
    you know to be
    your own woman or man
    granted a grand and
    unique design
    that in a world of
    conformity will
    hate you for having...

    A ringing in my head,
    a pounding in my chest,
    My words keep circling
    round and round and
    I just can't let them go,
    for in my mind
    these words are stabbing
    and stabbing back at me
    for a verbal release...

    Feast your eyes on the
    signs of the times where
    People with wide eyes
    still walk this rock blind
    to the ideas they chose
    to stand behind
    yet they choose to
    criticize mine???

    I feel it coming,
    a hurricane of emotion
    The written word is
    my healing potion,
    often reflected by
    my thought process
    or perception selected,
    Ya'll might be wondering
    what my motive is for the showmanship,
    I guess I've been blessed with
    a gift I'm supposed to motivate and entertain those of you that are interested in thinking differently so I'm given the gift of raw emotion when presenting you with this...

    I really just present you with what ever the little voice in my head wishes to descriptively give me to print.

    The voice in your head should not be suppressed, for the messages of the mind are infinite and available to revisit for eternity.

  • davidm 71w

    Think to think, and think to live

    You can prove that brain exist, but how do you prove that thoughts exist? But both brain and thoughts work together, isn't it?
    Thus all things are not provable by material world or concrete objects alone. Abstract things are as much as real just the concrete things are. We just have to go by faith, We have to believe. All things cannot be perceived by reasoning alone. Therefore we come to GOD by faith alone.


  • __9priyal__ 86w

    Kabhi apne liye bhi chocolate na kharidi usne, jo tere liye apni pocket-money bacha kar chocolate lati thi...

  • niharikasharma04 94w

    He laughed when her eyelids fluttered
    as if he had dreamt her dream and
    nothing else mattered.


  • wanowak 109w

    Person You Pretended To Be

    I fell in love with the
    person you pretended
    to be.

    I believed your words
    to be true.
    Every one of them.

    But instead of being real,
    you were cowardly and meek.
    Betraying me with others,
    just like those who
    conspired to take Ceasar's seat.

    My heart now cut open.
    Pain everywhere
    in sight.
    Darkness surrounds me,
    worse than the coldest
    winter's night.

    So I sit in this pain.
    Numb, in this old
    Vermont town.
    Shocked and overwhelmed
    by your lies.
    Questioning my own judgment.
    Feeling like I am going

    Truth has come to light.
    The worst way possible.
    Finding it by chance.
    Despite your excuses
    and claims of never to
    act in the same way
    as those you despise,
    and who selfishly created
    your current plight.

    I am just numb.
    Unable to breathe.
    Once believing all
    was possible.
    Now shattered.
    Because I believed;
    never choosing
    to run.

    From the person you
    pretended to be...

  • suraj_rana05 123w

    My Rules

    I prefer Dancing
    By my own,
    Rather than Dancing
    As a puppet by being
    Controlled by someone else.


  • blocked_soul 134w


    Part 4 |>>>>>

    Teri hotthon ki Namee, Palkon ki Chhaya,
    Jisme mai samaaya,,,
    Teri aahosh mein dub bhi,
    Mai bhig na Paaya....


  • aveehang 137w


    Barren hills
    And a wildfire burnt heart,
    Ignites continuously.
    Burnt are his beliefs from his heart,
    Burnt are his faith from his body,
    Igniting continuously,
    Burning everything.


  • myappy8 137w

    Our souls are old friends....
    Our hearts are old lovers...
    You and I will always be forever one of a kind...
    One thing I ask is never forget the love I once showered you with...as now I know I will never love like this again...


  • lace_and_tac 168w

    But everything you said,
    Every word lay a thing inside.
    Something tender but hard to ignore,
    Aphrodite this once gave an awe.
    You gave the basic for it all
    Life,life and a reason to stand tall.
    You completed my symphony.
    With a charm brought all harmony.
    An anchor that doesn't sink me,
    Keeping me steady in whatever wave be.
    I admit I've been astonished by martyrs
    Dying for their religion, yet no loss;
    But not anymore, love is my religion
    I can die for you babe,my obsession.
    I'll take every shot for you:
    I'll stay stay along, when our time's due,
    And at last we are ghosts
    I promise nothing like love will be lost,
    Least of all our love


  • khanshahidsalam 175w

    Zindagi Jo Guzarjati Hai

    Na phelay, na baad mai; bas us pal mai.
    Na subah, na shaam mai, bas har lamhe mai.
    Kat-ti hai Jo, araam say, takleef Mai, Zindagi; Jo Guzarjatii hai.

    Kabhi seedhay rastay chalti, kabhi dar-badar gumati hai, sab kuch bas sikhanay mai.
    Kabhi marnay Kay liye, kabhi jeenay Kay liye, Zindagi; Jo Guzarjatii hai.

    Khaylo ki gherayi mai, uljae huwe sawalo mai.
    Dil ki dhadkano mai, kadamo Kay thirknay mai.
    Kabhi pooja karati, kabhi namaz padhati hai, Zindagi; Jo Guzarjati hai.

    Kabhi logo Kay samundar mai, kabhi tanha chod jati hai.
    Kabhi afsana likhwati, toh kabhi gana gawati hai.
    Logo Mai tanha karti, tanhayi mai yaad dilati, Zindagi; Jo Guzarjati hai.

    Unchay say mehlo mai, chotay say jhumpday mai, sab ko basati hai.
    Naye naye libaas mai, kabhi jism ki talaash Mai.
    Ameero kay garoor mai, gareebo kay sh'ur mai, Zindagi; Jo Guzarjati hai.

    Dil say door, jism kay nazdeek, idhar udhar pis jati hai.
    Kisi ki hassi, kisi ki ankh ki nami ban jata hai.
    Khan kay likhnay mai, Dihahs kay likhwanay mai, Zindagi; Jo Guzarjati hai.


  • alizayflow 186w

    I have written this poem and shared it first in my blog today. I have started blogging because there is so much to say and not much space here. So i would really love if you guys take out some time and check out my blog. I am posting the link to my latest article which ends with this poem. This is my 3rd article ‘why need approval ‘ on my blog.
    Link to this poem and my 3rd article ??


    And my blog url is??


    Yes Shamin is my real name. And Alizay Blue is my alias or alter ego.

    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee #mirakee #poetry #alizayblue #readwriteunite #longpoems #realpoetry #potd

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    Running away from whom,
    Running for what!
    Hiding under masks of attributes, attitudes and rectitudes even,
    Faking it,
    Covering up,
    For own faults, sometimes others
    Suffocating in guilt, that doesn’t matter.
    Sacrificing for the ones that don’t care.
    Drowning in insecurities of own,
    So imitating others, even burning in desire
    Desires not of own but others!
    Dreaming and just dreaming,
    With no real guts of following,
    Passion is just an escape from the mundane,
    To cover up the damn reality,
    Why Conceal the scars with layers of shit
    When just a drop of tear or blood or sweat
    Is enough to remove all of it!
    Better to refrain,
    From such public scarring and bruising and drama,
    Because who the fuck cares!
    Not the ones we are running after
    Not the stuff we are hiding from
    Or sacrificing for
    Or guilty of!
    Its just you darling,
    And to yourself, you owe that much
    Bare it all, to yourself at least!


  • theheathenpoet 200w

    Love isn't everything.

    I dialled her number twice
    and each time I hung up at the first ring
    suddenly dreading her call back
    the small talk before the big fight
    abuse and hurt going around in circles
    the despair at a broken bond
    often depriving us of words
    and of things that could possibly
    be said to each other
    for the two people who once promised each other love
    know that there is more
    to be done, and to be had
    and in that light
    failure is all the more traumatic
    the comforts of someone's arms
    when lost abruptly
    fester a wound so profoundly absurd
    that we fight to make sense of the world
    the world that is now strange to us
    for we lent our familiarity
    to another, and for a long time too
    I will keep dialling until she calls back.


  • simplyme 205w

    Thinking Of Me

    It's getting harder & harder
    to keep my eyes open
    As time passes by
    alone with my thoughts

    My thoughts
    Circle around the idea of being happy
    Around & around it goes
    Watching my soul grow

    Seeing myself for the first time
    Seeing myself happy & free
    Seeing myself enjoying everything
    Seeing myself letting you go
    Seeing myself actually grow
    Into the woman
    That I've always wanted to be

    Believing in me
    Having so much love for me
    Planning out the road of success
    Realizing that life can be a test
    Understanding the stress

    That will make me
    Stronger & Smarter everyday
    Tonight ends the old me
    Morning begins the new

    Closing my eyes now , it's dark
    Letting peace fulfill my heart
    As time continues to go by
    Goodnight I say resting in my bed
    Only praying to see me
    Doing what I think about in my head


  • sankalp03 249w

    People always wants you to change according to their perspective.They must realize and accept the way you are. #hindipoetry#realpoetry@mirakee@mirakeeapp@Hindiwriters

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    Tu jaisa hai waisa hin thik hai
    Main jaisa hoon waisa hin thik hoon
    Jamaane ki to aadat hai tumse,humse shikayat karna
    Tu din ,to din hin thik hai
    Main raat , to raat hin thik hoon...


  • kavernous 270w

    Diamonds in my drink

    Chose a new home
    Where my mind can be free
    Death an I have been listening
    Sitting on a throne
    Colder then gold teeth
    Diamonds in my drink to feel the pain
    Inside & out we are not the same
    Listen you should all stop bitchin
    Cause dying is my mold
    Casted from the gods and brilliant ones
    Names you can't speak of
    History is a tale you haven't earned
    Taught all the wrong words
    Give you a lesson in bleeding faith
    God has no say in what I do
    So hold your tongue
    Dug enough graves to bury everyone
    Get it through your heads
    This is not where I come from
    Driving cars you haven't even heard of
    No ones special under my moon and sun
    People think their crazy
    I'm the guy that they speak of
    Tried taking my heart
    Without a lie I know their full of shit
    I'll never say till death do us apart
    Too much wit in my mits
    We all have our poison
    Try my best to stay lit
    They killed the horizon
    So vertical is it
    Beauty follows me
    But so does death
    Hoping we find an unusual grave
    Alive when I've got death wishes
    From where I stand it's unpaved
    Power is what they'll see
    An as they pray to a God
    They should remember me
    This is very different
    Way above you all
    When this is all gone
    There's only one being that won't fall.