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  • moody_scribbler 1w

    My posts are not getting enough likes lately..I'll like to get suggestions. ��
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    Yes my Love,
    The grass is really greener the other side.


  • dasu24 4w

    Born in the depths of the ocean,
    Deep is my nature.
    Not often can people reach me,
    For they cannot fathom the depth.
    Those few who do, are the ones who are intrigued.
    It took me a while to come out of my cocoon,
    But the darkness of the underwater gave me an appreciation for the light I was met with when I emerged,
    A beautiful expanse with the horizon in sight.
    Now I tread with baby steps towards it.

  • d33_with_f33lings 8w


    It is so much easier for motivational speakers to say don't depend on anyone for your happiness. I think it is a part of human nature at this point to depend on others for one's own happiness. I believe we needs others, the feelings they make us feel, the memories we create with them and the transformational journeys they take us on. I think while doing all this with them we attain happiness hence, without them we lose ourselves.

  • dasu24 8w


    A gem, by definition, is a precious or semi precious stone.
    You are also a gem.
    Nothing changes that.

  • dasu24 8w

    A heartfelt gesture and gratitude make a lot of difference.
    It may not solve your problems.
    But it touches someone's soul.


  • athulya_rajagopal__ 18w

    We all broken in someone story
    We all are beaten up in godes glory
    That's beating of hearty love realise me stand as you
    Not from someone....
    Everyone gives, happiness sometimes its may be sadness... But stand alone, bcoz godess love is pure its not be hurt you..

  • dasu24 24w

    The Light!

    It made me sing and dance with glee sometimes without, ever, really being mine.
    Sometimes, it shattered me to see him devoured by another.
    It made me wonder, why I could never have him?
    Why it never wanted to be with me forever?

    The light understood that I was a follower.
    It lingered beside me form time to time,
    Warming me from time to time, as if consoling me for not being able to give what I asked for,
    Yet, it filled me with warmth and the energy to continue down the path I was on.

    That momentary presence filled me with light inside, for me to find my way on my own for a while, when he was away pursuing his.
    Perhaps it wanted me to be a light too,
    To light up the path for others following me
    and be self-sufficient.

    Though being sufficiently distant,
    It is the light my heart wanted to follow.
    And I trudged along, aware of the consequences.
    The deeper I went, the more difficult it would be to reroute.
    Unless, I found a different light to show me the way.
    Unless, I became the light it wanted me to be for myself and for others following my way.

  • dasu24 24w

    Failing to see beyond the obvious of what the fact in front of your eyes tried to convey, is the sign of a closed mind.

  • bhargavi9 26w

    We should take our responsibility and share the part we live for humanity.

    #humanity #realizations #responsiblity #self-rightous

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    Usually we talk to ourselves,
    In the way we rationalize everything else in our lives.
    Even we try to reason the very wrongs we have done till now,
    How do you expect yourself to b right for any other person,
    Cause all you ever did was just reason for you.

    If you have once in your life actually took responsibility of your actions,
    You are more of a human than the person who blames others.

    ©bhargavi9 | Bhargavi Upadhye

  • lostsoul_tlas 32w

    Truth. May be!

    Beauty fades.
    Memories not.

  • yayinology 43w

    Sometimes, somebody's absence makes us a better person than their presence ever would.
    We need to step back in order to let our love live and get lost to find ourselves back.
    Being nothing and everything means the same.
    Dark alleys and deserted streets provide us
    comfort than being in parent's hands.
    The thing or person we wanted the most will be the ones that we never needed.
    We cry due to happiness,
    And smile just to hide the pain.
    The stranger we just met makes us feel at home.
    Being vulnerable makes us the strongest person.
    Sometimes, every stupid thing makes sense!!!

  • my_chaos_utters_ 45w

    It's a part of a letter that I wrote to my closest friend a few months ago.. where I let my thoughts flow. Basically it might seem the production of my overthinking skills. But again,we all overthink. Don't we?
    Sometimes overthinking is what makes us realize some important things.. about life.. about us.. :)

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    Strange. Isn't it?

    I mean,life. It just puts you on a rollercoaster and controls it quite weirdly. Like,it takes you up,higher and higher and then halts for a moment.. That moment is so short and also passes away like all other moments of joy or disgrace. But this halt,is a little different. In this case,the moment is short indeed but it feels like it's taking too long to pass away.. as if it's never really gonna end.. But it does. It eventually comes down with an even faster pace. Being kind enough to let you catch your breath. But you aren't supposed to get off the coaster. Cause that means,it's the end. The end of life..
    But that b*tch always goes on (life,I mean). The whole thing repeats again & again,without checking who got off & who held on.
    It's kinda sad,but true. And truths are mostly sad...


  • juhiyverma_ 46w

    But all along,
    were the mistake ,
    you were
    looking for,
    in others.

    ~ mistake


  • shamli_mali 48w

    एक माणूस येतो, समीकरण बनवतो, आणि स्वतःच बनवलेलं समीकरण चुकीचं दाखवून निघून जातो
    आणि मग सुरू होतो एक वेगळाच प्रवास, विश्वासाचा, अविश्वासाचा, भीतीचा आणि धडपड स्वतःपर्यंत पोहोचण्याची आणि अजून कोणाला पोहोचू न देण्याची
    बऱ्याच गोष्टी बुद्धी आणि मन दोघांना पटतात पण तरी कुठेतरी राहतं ना की आधी जे झालं ते परत व्हायला नको.
    कधी कधी वाटतं माझा अभिमन्यू झालाय, चक्रव्यूह भेदता येतं पण बाहेर पडता येत नाही!!


  • toomanypennames 54w


    There are times when i feel a lot of emotions. Suddenly, i feel terrible missing someone I haven't had contact for years. After a while, I realize that most of the time I don't feel anything at all. Maybe it was emptiness? Loneliness? I really have no idea. Then i began to think that maybe, just maybe these sudden train of emotions that visits me every now and then, reminds me...

    That im still human. That i still have feelings after all.

  • _i_n_t_r_o_v_e_r_t_ 63w


    May be, we failed
    Coz i never really chose you.
    Never really prioritized you
    Over anything.

    I believed you as a constant
    And trusted u will always be there.

    May be, i took you for granted.


  • lettersfromjuliet 66w

    God gives and takes away.
    God takes away and gives.
    - Job 1:21

    #realizations #gainsandlosses

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    Loss brings separation
    Loss brings families together

    Loss brings pain
    Loss brings joy

    Loss brings realizations
    Loss brings peace

    Loss brings back memories
    Loss brings appreciation

    Loss brings changes
    Loss brings faith

    You lose but you still give
    You lose but you gain something else


  • lettersfromjuliet 66w

    My thoughts 4 years ago while walking home after a long day at work.

    #realizations #HeisstillGOD #worthytobepraised

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    In a world full of change, one thing remains the same.

    No matter how hopeless a situation may be, God remains in control.

    You may have been through a bad day but it does not invalidate the fact that God is good.

    It may be a dead end for you now but God will always make a way. It may seem impossible but God remains omnipotent.

    You may be short or lacking in a lot of things but God remains the God who provides.

    You may have forgotten to thank Him but He continues to shower you with overflowing blessings.

    You may be facing a seemingly terminal illness, may it be physically or spiritually, but God remains the God who heals, The Great Physician.

    You may be feeling down and helpless but just call upon the Lord. He's still the God who hears and delivers, the strong tower and place of refuge.

    You may not be able to count how many times you've failed in your walk with God but He remains faithful and just to forgive.

    Whatever it is that you've been through or going through right now, it will never change the way God sees you. You are still precious in His sight. His love is never ending.

    Whatever happens, God remains GOD.
    He remains worthy of our praise and worship.
    The One who never changes deserves our unchanging faith.


  • m____f 66w

    For me,school friends are always special as they are not temporary and to whom I can lend my shoulders whenever in need.

    Maybe the bond before maturity is the reason.

  • indira_peesapati 68w


    Be it, things went as per your plan, or just didn't!
    Be it, things didn't happen the way you thought or wanted them to be,
    From the tiniest living creature to the deadliest of your living demons,
    Fine, let's consider nobody is even bothered about you, or nobody is even giving you a damn!
    You are given a deaf ear everywhere!

    Be it the grocery shop owner you get into an argument with, over that trivial change,
    Or the passer by who just crossed your vehicle at the wrong time.
    Be it that Maid who doesn't follow your orders,
    Or the boss whose orders you do not follow or adhere to.
    Be it arguing with your spouse for not liking a particular dish that she cooked,
    Or getting into an argument with your siblings.
    Be it that brown-eyed girl whom you hate talking to at school,
    Or that best friend of yours who didn't listen to your advice.

    Whatever, wherever and however, even to the slightest extent, if things go wrong,
    Why should the victim always be Mom..??!!

    Hate the sin, not the sinner, I was told by a noble man, My Dad.
    But why is that, these days,
    Even over the most insignificant issues, we often end up getting frustrated to peaks, and not only end up abusing each other, but also, the entire family!
    (Irrespective of the family, having a part in it or not..!!)

    Who is at fault ?
    The victim or the family !
    Who is to be blamed ?
    The victim or the blamer !

    Where are these chains of abuses, even leading to ?
    How many more people are being pulled into this, pathetically, unknowingly, and miserably!

    I know not its Fate, but I definitely want you to Contemplate !

    How are they even related to that incident that went wrong, in your life ??
    Sometimes I wonder, if the true victim is even aware of his/her mistake,
    We don't even give them enough time for Introspection or Realization.
    And we often end up abusing, their parents, grand parents, forefathers, and ancestors tooo...

    Why ??
    And no, that's not enough,
    Abuse their neighbors, friends, well wishers and what not ??!

    Can't we just live in this society with harmony ??

    If you don't like somebody, that's fine.
    That's your personal choice.
    You aren't born to like everyone!

    And even If you aren't liked by somebody,
    then again, that's fine and completely acceptable!
    'cuz you are not born to please everyone on this planet.
    The real one's will like you for who you are, "the real you !"

    Women stand as an epitome of strength, struggle, and sacrifice.
    Well, they deserve to be respected.
    If you don't, atleast do not abuse them in whatever possible language you can.
    That's an act of stupidity, embarrassment and humiliation, only reflecting YOU❗❗

    Few lessons are learnt simply by seeing, listening and doing.
    The untold and unheard lessons are learnt by enduring, experiencing and analysing.
    And going back to the basics, most of our life's lessons are learnt by mere reading!

    Hope, this read impacts you at least in the slightest way possible.
    'Cuz, better late than never
    NOW is the time,
    Let the the change begin❗❗