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  • paarvathi 2w


    After losing everything then, I realised I'm having myself!

  • johnettan 3w

    about the
    of the
    REAL life makes the
    RELATION stronger .

  • marlven 4w


    A wonderful experience,
    Going to share here,

    After knowing about BTS I started listening them and I started interpreting their songs,
    I got one beautiful messages from song "Epiphany" by Kim SeokJin and that is " I am the one I should love in this world"
    I learn to forgive myself, I learn to never give up, I learn to being kind with myself first and like this too many self motivating messages...

    Now I am not being too much harsh on myself, I am giving time to myself, I am not afraid of struggle in my life, I am overcoming my fears, and most precious thing is I am enjoying time with myself...

    I realised that I can keep myself happy ��
    I can have my own company when I can't find anyone's company....

    By loving myself I am having this feeling for all my near, dear and closest ones....
    Being kind with myself and others I am having taste of peace ✌

    I started to love myself but this doesn't mean that I am going far from everyone or being selfish...Because as BTS said yesterday's me is still me.....

    I don't have words to describe how I feel when I am in love with myself and everyone....

    In short I love Myself and Love to all my near dear and closest one...

    And yes I heartily Thanks to BTS for giving me all good things...
    7 boys are now my affection...
    I love them from bottom of my heart ...
    I am proud to be army of purple world...��

    Love to all....����

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    Self Love


  • unheard_voices 4w

    Here for a reason

    We are here in this world for a reason, but we land up pursuing something else, and end up having something completely different, which we never intended to start with

  • madmans_diary 7w

    The day she left

    I discovered ,

    there is much more music left

    outside my playlist

  • nemesis_here 8w

    It struck me all of a sudden
    that I never did that so you'd like me
    I always did those things so I could help you
    For whenever you were in trouble
    I wanted to be your safe house
    'Cause I loved that reaction on your face
    And my reward was that beautiful smile you gave

  • nemesis_here 8w

    And then I realised...
    I can't talk myself out of it.

  • the_ignited 10w

    We all start seeking happiness everywhere but ourselves.
    And along the way, we lose most of ourselves. But then again, we do many other things just to get back the old us


  • maknhr 10w

    Sometimes busy bee doesn't always get all

  • a_rijit 10w

    That fall..

    That quick run on a clear evening...
    I felt the arrival of chilly winters,
    The bracing cool autumn breeze against my motion.
    I saw the twirling leaves, silhouetted against the crisp blue sky,
    Its hurrying rustle, as a gust of wind passed by,
    The contrast of those flawlessly shaded leaves, against my white canvas,
    Only then to realize, as I watched the leaves turn and fall,
    That my run finally came down to a brisk walk.
    I felt the transitioning autumn’s melodious harmony,
    Overpowering my melancholy.
    Realizing that even nature, in the end,
    Accepts the bold act of letting go...
    And that, how beautiful this relinquishment can be,
    In order to cherish once again and grow.
    I finally sat down on my windowsill, with a stirring gaze at the soaring birds,
    Contented with my scribbling and a garden of words.


  • benhurbedford 11w

    The Death of a Poet

    I witnessed a speck of light below.
    Underneath the shadow of tombs and stone.
    The life thirsted its way through hands,
    that were peeled and dry and had demands.

    Dried leaves on top of my blue shed,
    never knew the king too was dead.
    He whispered at sleep and dreamt away.
    of vain imaginings that kept him sane.

    "What is it that life has offered?
    my worn out dice and luck is baffled.
    The sky that remains grey and bitter.
    God has made me deeply withered"

    He did not know to claim ,
    he remained confined in this material plane.
    He reached the horizon with life in his hands.
    But the sun ran away like the merriest man.

  • miss_anonymus 13w

    Some body told me

    In search of gold I lost diamonds...
    I feel that, It's a bloody stupid thing...
    Cause if the diamonds make man happy then why he go for gold..
    It means after searching gold u realise that u were lost diamonds..?

  • ashishtattu 13w

    We waste time complaining that things don't happen. But read this: the weight I had gained in 10 years was pulled down by me in just 6 months. This is what consistency can result in. We never realise that it's that easy, do we?


  • shivangij 13w

    Handful of sky

    "I borrowed a handful of blue sky from my last lover and I realised it's not worth to be taken. From the shackles of oasis of love which played a part in my life earlier. I borrowed the same from my first lover but alas! it is not worth it. From the first one, I borrowed to take my suffering.

    Now, this could not lighten the burden I had which I realised later on. It's the complexities making noise in my mind which needs to be calm down by myself cause no external help would do that. From my last lover, I borrowed to flow with the life but I couldn't cause I was running away from problems instead of facing it. Now, I realise that go with flow but solve the problems of my life by myself enjoying every moment.

    Now, I can only say things borrowed were a handful of sky cause I have to built sky of my own in my life to live on peacefully."

  • prateek_raj 14w

    Time vs Realisation

    The battle between
    realisation and time is the oldest one...
    Most of the time
    people realise their mistakes after committing them,
    but once you start thinking before doing,
    then you can be what you dreamt to be.

  • ayanat 14w

    There're innumerable phases in lives that constantly keep pulling us backwards. This is for everyone. So basically, it's all about a track, where you're fully guarded, riding your bicycle while the wind chooses the direction of friction. Consider a river, where you're swimming opposing the stream motion. You know, you'll definitely reach the bank but not that fixed spot. You must know how to swim back to your corner. Mind you, you've another option as well, to turn your location into the destination. It's all on you. Easy to say, difficult to sort out. But after all, it's about you, so who's to decide. There's always something horrible involving all of us. When we say move on, by default, we've considered that it means to forget. But, NO. It's humane that what we badly want to erase, is engraved even deeper. So, when you tell yourself to move on, it's a gradual process of hurting that thought's ego. As in, you need to not let the thought of your darkest hours haunt you in broad daylight. You can never completely wipe out something unless you've got Amnesia and stuff. So what you need to learn is to make everything a part of you. Don't chase life. Chase yourself. Never be a control freak when it's about your life. Tighten the reigns when it's you but loosen your grip if it's life. Be all ears to what people have to say about you. But shut the doors on their face when they try to break you apart. Value relations but never the ones which are venomous. Be a selflessly selfish soul. Try to nurture confidence. That can only happen when you realise you're not in the least confident and that might push you to toil day and night. Tell yourself, "You're good. You're strong. Keep it up."

  • stellaire_mystique 15w

    Nobody is going to "Heaven" or "Hell"
    Everything will be "Realised" & "Sacrificed" here itself...while "Whining" about the stuffs in this "Nutshell"

  • amoleundertheye 15w

    Maybe if we spoke, and we heard.

    I realised today that sometimes we get so engrossed into how we are doing in life and how everything feels so heavy and confusing..that we take it out on others unintentionally sometimes.

    We forget we are not the only ones here.
    All humans suffer, We are not the only ones.

    I think it'd help if we looked outside sometimes, we would realise how each one of us is struggling with some or the other thing. Each one of us has struggles we don't talk about. We smile through the pain and nobody sees how hurt we are.

    If we really looked within, we'd realise, humans aren't too different afterall..if we looked within ourselves and looked outside sometimes, we would see how we are all just trying to live and feel whole in the end regardless of what we have and where we are in life. It's pretty simple but we keep making it difficult by not talking, by not being kind. Maybe if we spoke, and we heard, it wouldn't be so terrible. Maybe we would we kinder if we could see one another in our most vulnerable spaces. Let's talk and let's listen.

    P.s. Love yourself. Choose yourself. Spread love.
    Take care and stay safe people!


  • unblossomedyet 16w

    Pleasure vs Pain

    Pleasure is momentary that fades into oblivion
    Nothing to decrypt for future.
    Gratification serves the rest.
    Pain is permanent that seals in remembrance
    It slays you like a butcher.
    Nothing seems to ease it off..
    Lifelong like a heavy boulder
    It's fixed to your bleeding chest.

    Yet LIFE goes on without a word spoken!!!


  • scopdev_09 17w

    You don't realise how much you love and care for someone untill you explain that to someone else ❤️