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  • ashamurali 3w

    Dear all,

    Best wishes for a happy new year! This is my entry for the interesting challenge to include the three words expedition, journey and peregrinate.

    While it is so easy to complain that others don't understand us, have we ever stopped to think do WE understand ourselves? I often feel strongly that we have to embark on this journey within, to discover new facets about ourselves. I am sure the expedition is worth it. Sometimes we get unnecessarily anxious and panicked and cause pain to ourselves and to others.

    My goal for the coming year to do a little work on myself and make course correction to my responses to situations and people.

    I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the past year and I wish that everyone is filled with joy and inner peace in the coming year.

    Asha Murali

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    The journey within

    The contract with our life here,
    With all our loved ones we hold dear
    stands renewed further, it may appear,
    as we are on the threshold of a new year!
    Never hold the idea that world is perfect,
    Never let circumstances affect,
    If peace and harmony is to permeate,
    never let doubt and anxiety perigrinate.
    Why not embark on a journey within?
    When did the inner turmoil begin?
    What were anger triggers and examine
    resentments seeping into the skin?
    It is a time for some introspection
    to have a genuine and truthful reflection,
    to proceed on own small  expedition,
    and to a take some corrective action.
    It is very easy to hate and hold a grudge,
    easier still, to have opinions and judge
    but the need of the hour is to look within
    that’s the spirit! for the new year to begin.

  • ashamurali 5w

    This is a spontaneous outburst when I came to know that an acquaintance has passed on due to the pandemic.

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    A silent tear

    Ours was a fleeting association,
    Just a brief communication,
    We didnt even stay that long,
    To form our bond strong!
    But it was a bolt from the blue
    And I had just no clue
    That your life was lost to pandemic
    Totally defying all logic
    Your voice was always full of cheer.
    Your family misses you, dear.
    shocking to know your sudden end
    Goodbye my dear friend!

  • ashamurali 6w

    This is a message from the girl's mother when her daughter is engaged to be married to a sweet young man. She is very excited and happy about her daughter's life with her fiance.

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    You make my daughter glow and gleam,
    Oh! you are the man of her dream!
    Look at the new member of our team,
    On the rooftop I want to scream,
    Here’s a warm welcome to our family,
    We give you all our love, unconditionally, 
    Moments with us can no doubt be crazy,
    we will always be happy, you just see.
    Life is not always fresh air and sunshine,
    Together we can face any pain,
    Clearly, we have the  grace of the  divine,
    May your love for my child forever sustain.
    When each of us play well,  our role,
    Our sincerity takes us to our goal!
    Our life is now complete and  whole,
    Surely this connection is that of our soul.
    We are bound by care and concern,
    Blessed with destiny's sweet turn,
    Absolutely delighted am I,  like a new mom
    Thank you so much for being born!

  • ashamurali 12w

    Hurrah! Its celebration time! The most favourite and popular poet in our midst is turning yet another year younger. Thank you for being born will suffice to say how much you are adored and respected. May you continue to brighten our minds with your wonderful writings.
    With best regards,
    Asha murali

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    Happy birthday Raghavendran sir

    Wish you many happy returns of the day

  • pj_animation 13w

    Human connection was lost long before the pandemic
    Humanity is dissolved and gone yet higly academic
    Our sweetness as honey only favours with money
    We are a crowd yet it is forever lonely

    A global network of communication
    Yet pure lack of understanding
    Advanced in technology
    Only weaponised to annihilate

    The pandemic shone light to who we are
    United in a disjointed form of un-oneness
    The distance made a yearn for connection
    That we had lost since the technological age

    We are robotised and evolve less human
    Glued to the screen of self-destruction
    Lost in a world that was long found
    Together yet very alone

    I yearn for understanding our race
    I yearn for the growth of culture
    I yearn for all positive vibes
    I yearn wishes were true

    I'm lost in a dream
    Where love is more than an emoji
    Im lost in a dream
    Where human connection is stronger than the internet
    I'm lost in a dream
    Where humamity is perfect in its own imperfections

    I'm lost in a dream which to wake from I want not
    For the real realm is bitter and broken
    Where the glass is always half empty
    And where darkness covers the broad daylight

    I hope humanity will save the humans
    For the humans to save the race
    A race with dignity
    Dignity with pure connection to humanity

    #humanity #love #soul #pj_illmind #readthisJ

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    I'm lost in a dream that I wnant to wakeup not
    And enjoy the peace of its lost calmness
    Living as a free spirit

  • ashamurali 14w

    Word of the day -CINNAMON

    Cinnamon is the spice that goes wonders to a dish. Despite having numerous health benefits most times it is used just for its flavour.
    Communication cannot be just a cinnamon in a relationship. It is the main ingredient. When one sees red flags in a relationship like one person feeling lonely or let down, immediate steps are to be taken to fix it.

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    Am I just the cinnamon?

    Between us, is there no connection?
    In your dish am I just the cinnamon?
    Why don't you ever pay attention?
    Why are you always in tension?

    Care and concern attribute
    in giving you my love absolute,
    to your happiness I contribute,
    Yet you treat me as a substitute.

    You have a life of your own,
    My role you totally disown,
    Most times I am all alone,
    Feeling so lost and let down.

    How can we be as parallel lines?
    How can love be in the sidelines?
    Communication is what defines,
    A relationship that shines.

    Let us take the right action,
    Let nothing be a distraction,
    Let us re-establish our connection.
    To ensure, I am not just cinnamon.


  • pj_animation 20w

    A little quiet
    In a lonely place
    Among the voices
    Completely soundless
    As if locked in sound proof
    Can you hear me?

    Quiet as a mime
    Silence in slime
    In volumes of dime
    In its own prime
    Noice is a crime
    Peace of its time
    Can you here the silence?

    Simple yet delicate
    Volumes of message not understood
    As served in golden plate
    Yet washed away in tones of flood
    Like a vampire date
    Feeding on the hosts' blood
    The silence
    You hear yet still cant?

    In a maze
    Of mimed walls
    Set a blaze
    In concrete stalls
    Here it comes


    Silence Can You Hear Me...?

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  • pj_animation 20w

    #contest_j #readthisJ

    It is a cruel world
    That listens to no word
    Coveted by our sin
    And cover up behind the scene
    With thoughts locked in a den
    And being afraid to hold a pen
    Morals lost in the society
    And dwelling in all insanity
    And while in this game
    Away goes the shame
    In a quench for a little peace
    We are still torn a piece

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    In a quench for a little peace
    We are still torn a piece

  • pj_animation 20w

    We are the walking dead
    To our final rest
    Its not a test
    But in the bullet nest
    For our blood they're pest
    As they quench their little fest
    Our lives a quest

    In a death row
    Anytime from now
    I'm gone I'm down
    Not sure of next dawn
    Not sure of next nor now
    I quench a freedom not free

    The bullets to keep me safe are now my death sentence
    The uniform to offer protection now hunts in a pro-fection
    And the kiiling spree in its festive of perfection
    I am afraid of a free life
    Behind bars feels safe than the streets
    The concrete jungle is a death sentence

    I need freedom
    But end with a free-ndom
    To escape the jaws of fear
    'coz the higher we go, the cooler it becomes...

  • pj_animation 31w

    Im afraid
    To venture into my mind
    And get lost
    Between entangled thoughts

    I'm afraid
    To take the step
    From the dark
    To face the spotlight

    I'm afraid
    Of the silence within
    As its noisy
    Yet with no sound

    I'm afraid
    To open up
    The doors
    Coz the window is broken

    I'm afraid
    Yes I am
    More of the known
    Than the unknown

    I'm afraid
    To love again
    Because of the pain
    And the hate that tags along

    I'm afraid
    To let the darkness
    That harness my demons
    Because they keep me safe

    I'm afraid
    Not with the feeling
    Of weakness or fear
    But of myslef if let out

    I'm afraid
    Yes I am
    But the darkness
    Keeps me safe
    So I embrace
    In its cafe
    On a tight lace

    #pjwild_mh #pj_illmind #readthisJ #miraquill #mentalhealth

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    I'm afraid
    Yes I am
    But the darkness
    Keeps me safe
    So I embrace
    In its cafe
    On a tight lace

  • pj_animation 31w

    Is it right
    How I connect with many souls
    Yet I feel the empty side of the glass
    Is it right
    Having lots of friends
    Yet be friend-less in a lifetime
    Is it right
    Finding love
    But it turns out a fantasy
    Is it right
    Staring at my image
    And right becomes left
    Is it right?¿

    Is it right
    When I was afraid of the dark
    And now I embrace its chills in thrills
    Is it right
    That I'm open
    Yet all seems locked inside
    Is it right
    That I live each day
    Yet seem to be the walking dead
    Is it right
    If I share my mental
    To heal the already fatal
    Is it right¿?

    Is it right
    That I'm present
    Yet as very absent
    Is it right
    Being free
    Yet no freedom
    Is it right
    To hold so tight
    Yet loose it so lightly
    Is it right
    To shine the light
    Yet embrace the dark
    Is it right?¿

    Is it right
    I wonder
    Is it right
    Beyond yonder
    Is it right
    I wonder
    So I take flight
    From the fright
    Is it right
    Beyond the yonder
    Is it right¿?

    #readthisJ #mentalhealth #pjwild_mh #pj_illmind #genuine_readers
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    iS iT...

    Being found yet as lost,
    Being lonely among lots,
    Being broken yet not crippled,
    What if following left is right,
    Is it....

  • oceansandgraveyards 31w

    16 June '21 #oceans #sunflowers #skies #graveyards #solitude #love #ol_bp #readthisJ #pod

    Posting this just because my Akka told me to write @thesunshineloves ����

    @writersnetwork thank you ��

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    I often fall in love with myself, skies, oceans, sunflowers and graveyards than falling for someone.

    ©orotund | Bhargavi aka Dolly

  • pj_animation 34w

    I joke
    I smile
    I laugh
    I share
    The little joys
    But dead inside

    I cover
    The scars
    With a shooting star
    I cover
    The hurt
    With a piece of art
    I cover
    The tears
    With a joyful cheer
    I cover
    The broken piece
    With beautiful lies

    I smile
    I laugh
    To cave the cries
    I laugh
    I joke
    With a dark humor
    I joke
    I play
    To create sudden joy

    I stay
    Silent in my cave
    I pray
    For the peace I crave
    I give
    A soundful joy to brave
    I share
    For a soul I could save

    I joke
    I smile
    I laugh
    I share
    What I can give
    To save the grieve

    #mentalhealth #readthisJ #mentalawareness

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    A sheep in wolves clothing.

  • oceansandgraveyards 35w

    Someone asked her, "Why do you only share your happiness with others but not your sadness?"

    "Happiness isn't something which will last long, but sadness is always there. So there's no point of talking about sadness. Although, I can hide sadness within me with a smile on my face, but one can't hide their happiness." She said with a smile on her face.

    ©orotund | Bhargavi aka Dolly

  • oceansandgraveyards 37w

    Dear Nanna,
    Wow, it's been almost 6 years since you left me and this universe. There are no words to describe my immense love for you. Every day without you has been hard, but on this day especially, I can't help but think how much I wish you were here with me.

    You were the glided light in my world full of darkness.
    In your presence, I was happy.
    I'm happy even in your absence but I'm no more that happy little kid who used to smile from bottom of her heart.
    Though I smile 24/7 for no reason, but no more from bottom of my heart.
    I'm tired and hurt,
    I cried, I cried until my tears stopped.
    I tried to kill myself not physically but mentally.
    I tried to forget you but unfortunately you become the one who's always on my mind.

    I think about you and miss you through each day that passes. Some days are really difficult and I'm overwhelmed with sadness. Other days are good, and I think about all of our beautiful memories.
    I miss going out with you.
    Just you and me, roaming here and there.
    I miss our fights, those funny fights and especially those pillow fights.
    I miss calling you by giving so-called funny nicknames.
    I miss making fun of mom with you.
    I miss teasing mom along with you.
    I miss going to temples with you.
    I miss those evenings I've spent with you on terrace. Just you and me.
    I miss doing yoga with you.
    I miss going to libraries with you.
    I miss falling asleep every night while listening to the stories you narrate.
    I miss telling stories to you, my imaginary stories.
    I miss making greetings on your birthday just to make you smile.
    I miss your smile, that million dollar smile.
    I miss your voice, your voice is the only one which can make me smile no matter in what mood I might be, your soothing voice make my heart skip a beat and whatnot it used to give me immense of happiness.
    If I keep writing the things I miss, then dad, I can write pages.
    I miss you and everything about you, Dad!

    Whenever I miss you and can't control myself anymore, I let it out.
    I cry.
    Icry until I've got no tears left to cry.
    But I cry, only when I'm alone.
    And I make sure that I don't cry infront of anyone, even if I can't hold back my tears.
    'Cause, no human can understand the pain I'm in.
    People tell me to move on, but if only it's that easy and if only they know what exactly it feels like.

    There are days when I ask myself that "How can I miss him when I didn't even forget him.
    Well, he's always with me though, isn't it?"

    "He has a special place in my heart, forever." - my heart says.

    I remember evey moment I spent with you.
    I might be a kid back then,
    But dad, you know what,
    I really got a good memory.
    I remember evey little thing from childhood as well, like almost everything.
    I remember when I was little kid
    I used to fall asleep on terrace while counting stars
    every night by having you beside me.
    I remember, those evenings, I used to go on terrace and I used to sing along with you.
    And sometimes, I used to secretly record while you sing.
    I still regret the day, when I formatted that SD card unknowingly back in between 2010-12, which contains all your voice notes and our photos.
    I really feel bad and sad for not having a proper picture with you together. I wish at least, I could've one picture is together in it, but sadly, I've got none.
    Moreover, I wish I could hug you.
    Maybe, one last time.
    Maybe, we could have a goodbye.
    Cause the fact that this unsaid goodbye hurts me even more than anything else.

    I'll never forget the day, when I was in 6th grade and I've left a 8 mark question unanswered in English exam even after knowing what to write and I got scolded by you. Though, it's really rare that you used to scold me but now I miss the way you scolded me. If I get a chance to get scoldings from you, then I'mma leave every question unanswered, so that I can get scolded by you. But I know that's never going to happen, and that kinda aches my heart to make myself understand that you really aren't here anymore with me and you really left.
    Every night, I never slept until you narrate a story and the struggles you had to stay awake, just to make me fall asleep.
    And now, I miss your stories and the way you used to narrate them.
    Moreover, you're the one who introduced me to novels, and now I can't stop myself from reading them and falling in love with books.
    You're the one who introduced me to sketching, whenever I feel low, I sketch and think about you and your artistic drawings.
    You're the one who introduced me to sports, now sports has become one of my dose of survival.
    You're the one who introduced me to writing, now I bleed my emotions and feelings on a paper and one day I'm going to make you feel proud, for sure!
    You're the one who taught me how to stay patience and calm even when I shouldn't.
    Was so lucky to have a multi talented person as my dad. Whenever I feel low and feel like giving up every damn thing, you and mom are the only people who comes in my mind and in the second thought I change my mind and tries my best.

    I wished for you to come back,
    I wished for love of my life to come back,
    Yes, it's you dad.
    You're the love of my life.
    Little did I knew,
    You're gone and you ain't coming back,
    That you're gone forever.

    Though I miss you but I'm not sad that you aren't here anymore.
    'Cause dad, in this world there are people who doesn't have parents and doesn't even know how dad's love is like. And there are people who doesn't know how mother's care is like. I'm so happy and lucky that I had you as father at least and I know what father's love is like and I'm glad to have mommy with me.
    I promise that, no matter what, will never give up!
    Also, I promise that I'll always try my best to keep mommy happy and safe.
    I might not be the best daughter, but I know, I'll always be your best one in your point of view.
    Wherever you are and from wherever you're watchin me, I will let the world know who's daughter I am, than letting them know just my name.
    I'll make you proud, one day, for sure!
    I used to make greetings for you on your birthdays before, but now I've decided to write letters to you.
    I love you and I miss you so much Nanna!

    Your daughter,
    Bhargavi aka Dolly!

    PS: I used to make greetings for my dad on his birthdays before, but now I've decided to write letters to him.
    And here is the letter, I've been writing little by little with each and every shed tears.
    Now I've finally decided to post it on his birthday, which is today, 11th of May.
    Happiest birthday, Nanna! ❤️

    Nanna means Dad in Telugu.

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    An open letter to my late father.

    There are days when I ask myself that "How can I miss him when I didn't even forget him.
    Well, he's always with me though, isn't it?"

    "He has a special place in my heart, forever." - my heart says.

    ©orotund | Bhargavi aka Dolly

  • ashamurali 37w

    My tribute to the woman whom we call mother. So often she goes about nonchalantly that she forgets to take care of herself. Should we wait for her to fall sick so we can express our love?

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    Mom - the woman

    The hidden emotions,
    The unfulfilled ambitions,
    The dried up tears,
    Her unexpressed fears!

    Her favourite colour or taste,
    Camouflaged in ours,
    Her own choice of perfume,
    Always dissolved in ours.

    The cloak of courage,
    She wore to dissolve fears within,
    The coat of discipline,
    enveloped her anxiety within.

    Mom, our family's common factor,
    she was a huge shock absorber,
    managing us was itself an adventure,
    about herself did she ever bother?

    She worked so hard,
    so that we have no tension,
    why did she have to fall sick,
    To finally get our attention?


  • oceansandgraveyards 37w

    You were the glided light in her world full of darkness.
    In your presence, she was happy.

    She is happy even in your absence but she's no more that happy little kid who used to smile from bottom of her heart.

    Though she smiles 24/7 but no more from bottom of her heart.

    She tried, she is hurt, she cried, she killed herself not physically but mentally.

    She tired to forget you but unfortunately you become the one who's always on her mind.

    She wished for you to come back,
    She wished for love her life to come back,
    Yes, it's you.
    You're the love of her life.
    Little did she knew,
    You're gone and you ain't coming back,
    That you're gone forever.

    ©orotund | Bhargavi aka Dolly

    #dad #lostlove #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #rwu #pod #mirakee #soulwriter #musingsofB #readthisJ

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    You're gone forever and the only thing left with me is your memories.

    ©orotund | Bhargavi aka Dolly

  • oceansandgraveyards 38w

    She used to start her day

    with tears in her eyes

    waking up to the harsh reality

    that you're no more in her life.

    But now she start her day with a smile

    'Cause darling,

    In life there's much more to go through.

    If she stuck there

    Then what about her future

    When you left,

    She learnt so much.

    She become mature and

    Now she knows that

    Nobody's going to stay forever.

    Not every person

    Hold your hands

    While crossing the road,

    Not every person was loved

    By their loved ones,

    Not every person got

    Someone to handle their

    Mood swings,

    Not every person can

    Move on easily.

    So darling,

    From waking up with tears

    To waking up with smile

    She finally moved on.

    ©orotund | Bhargavi aka Dolly

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    #movingon #love #lostsoul #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #readthisJ #musingsofB

    Ps: this is my old writing, just posting it again with some changes, cause why not?!

    @thelazymitochondrion here you go :')

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    Moving on

    So darling,
    From waking up with tears
    To waking up with smile
    She finally moved on.

    ©orotund | Bhargavi aka Dolly

  • oceansandgraveyards 39w

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    #mirakee #writerstolli #writersnetwork #rwu #empty #readthisJ #space #hollow

    Here you go @_the_nightmare :')

    Wrote it within a minute.

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    There are days when
    Nothing feels good and
    Nothing seems perfect.
    It's like something is
    Making her upset
    Yet she doesn't know what it is.
    It's like she just feels empty,
    And waiting for someone
    To fill that empty space.
    But deep down
    She knows that only
    She can fill that space.

    ©orotund | Bhargavi aka Dolly

  • pj_animation 40w

    My mind went blank
    The world turns black
    And it dims out dark
    In trauma I'm stuck
    A writers block

    Thoughts became dry
    A mind in its out cry
    It ran into a pry
    Like a clueless spy
    A writers block

    In a black box
    Like sickened fox
    Blank and unable to fix
    Dried out to the brim of its jinx
    A writers block

    Lost in thought
    Facing its drought
    As words ran out
    But blank to the dot
    A writers block

    A writers block
    Like an empty stock
    With the pen stuck
    Ink out of its luck
    A writers block

    The horror
    The nightmare
    The night glare
    A dimmed light
    Its stopping heart
    A writers block

    In a bottomless pit
    As the empty words spit
    And the damage gets to lit
    The words no longer do fit
    A writers block
    #readthisJ #mirakee #pod @writersnetwork #genuine_readers #blockedthoughts #darkthoughts #pj_illmind #pjwild_mh

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    I roam through my empty mind, and the darkness haunts my thoughts. Words are forgotten and I am finally lost...