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  • silver_flakes 3w

    It's been long I bled
    Dark ink on thy bed
    Strokes and lines
    Dark n light entwined

  • abinabin2 18w


    Memory from school days,
    Pin drop silence, shouted teacher,
    Never understood the irony,
    Till I had to shout out to myself,

    Waking up, has become such a task,
    Knowing, silence would be broken,
    When I tap out of my sleep,
    Into an agonizing world of thoughts,
    Lost silence!

    Often, think of a place far far away,
    All that I would hear, gush of wind,
    Animals, birds and insects,
    Deep breath and heart beats,
    Worldly silence!

    Tapping into my soul, I seek out,
    Someone I had once known,
    Lost in time and space,
    Drowned in wordly affairs,
    Distorted silence!

    Times changed, we adapted,
    Bound within geometrized walls,
    A different wake, a different trial of thoughts,
    Harmonized though compromised,
    Tempered silence!

    To infinity and beyond,
    A proposal to myself,
    Of the sole comforter,
    In all its vernacular,

  • abinabin2 19w

    What's in a name

    Where are we in this relationship,
    I was once asked;
    We were once aquaintence,
    We were then friends,
    Endless worldly conversation
    Moved us together as close friends,
    Entangled in emotional cosmos,
    Elevated us as soul mates,
    For a life time.. for a life time indeed.

    Funny thing about people,
    We certainly cross path with interesting people,
    A new acquaintance, joined our journey,
    The cycle of relationship churned it's gears,
    Yet again, but in two different directions,
    One moving soul mates for a life time,
    To mere acquaintance,
    While the other from acquaintance,
    To a soul mate for a life time.

  • abinabin2 20w

    Travel diaries

    What a beautiful stretch of road,.
    Laced either side by rich lush green trees,
    Adding another darker shade to the road,
    Stretched itself to the horizon.

    The child in me, could not resist,
    Seeing the trees that welcomed,
    Accompany it at the tip of the crown,
    Knowing very well, I am not a climber.

    There is a child in all of us, is so true,
    The thought added more around the tree,
    Some slow, some fast, none unwilling to let go,
    In time, perched on branches, we laughed.

    Blocks of fields and garden, soothing sight
    Crops ready for harvest, garden in full bloom,
    Below a clear light blue sky, stretched to meet at the horizon,
    Both the adult and child, found their moment.

    Biding our byes, it was time to descend,
    The worst fear, caught up in no time,
    Stuck between branches, unable to move,
    A fall anticipated, laughs so uncontrollable.

    Longer than the climb, safely I descended,
    Looking up at the tree, smiled with a sigh of relief,
    A memory that we garnered, looking ahead,
    What a beautiful stretch of road.

  • abinabin2 20w

    Action with inaction

    There is always an expectation,
    For everything in our daily life,
    Why have we complicated it,
    We wonder, we always wonder.

    Can't we not make life simpler,
    Allow it to find it's meaning,
    Allow it to find it's course,
    We hope, we always hope.

    Seldom, we work towards a change,
    It's the right path, consciously aware
    Yet fail to yield, in the fear
    We dwell, we always dwell.

    Tao, philosophies from yesteryears,
    Let life be like the waters,
    Discovering it's course,
    We seek, we always seek.

    Let's restrict those added frictions,
    Those that build the added expectation,
    Freeing ourselves, for a new us,
    Let's believe, let's believe in us.

  • abinabin2 21w

    Where are we with evolution

    Evolution is an extremely slow process,
    We have grown out of microorganisms,
    To a self sustainable organism,
    Embodied in us, DNA packed with history,
    Consistently, we are evolving.

    Community life, key to survival,
    The natural disasters, the predators,
    The catastrophes, the plagues,
    They fought and survived,
    Unknowing, they are still evolving

    Pictures on walls narrated stories, strategies and emotions,
    Narratives that evolved, with sound, signs and languages,
    Witnessed rise and fall of civilization, revolutions that followed,
    New communities and communication mediums discovered,
    Reminding us, we are still evolving.

    Where are we in the cycle of evolution,
    I am ask myself, thinking of the decades,
    I walked the earth, knowing I am a mere mirco fraction of a dot,
    On time scale spread between the Beginning and now,
    Reminiscing, the evolution while we still evolve.

  • abinabin2 22w


    One can always only learn from the Nature,
    How it's habitants are cared and protected,
    Enduring their cruelty and selfish acts,
    Bearing the grunt, both from within
    And the ones sharing it's space,
    A tussle that aggrevates from time to time,
    Causing unavoidable severe damage.

    Sometimes our personalities are addressed as 'good-natured',
    Comparing ourselves to the qualities of Nature,
    While under the shield of being good-natured,
    Do we really learn to forgo, mistakes and wrong doings,
    Knowing we are equally wrong,
    Would we ever be apologetic for our own mistakes and wrong doings,
    To truly embrace qualities of the Nature.

  • ketkii19 33w

    “Things aren’t easy until you want them to be”

  • deactivate_user 35w

    Sun Is
    Caressing The Ripening

    Immortality Gold
    Earned From The

    Smooth Foggy
    Veil, The Moon In
    Her Wedding Dress.

    Cry Of
    A Soul, Suffering
    In Shyness.


  • deactivate_user 35w

    This is for young ladies who tend to keep awake around evening time tuning in to music that helps them to remember their present circumstance.
    Who conceal their feelings of trepidation, hurt, agony and tears under the grins, chuckles and snickers consistently. The young ladies who expose heart and soul to all onlookers.
    The young ladies who implore that things will turn out to be simply once and they'll be fulfilled.
    The young ladies who sceam and cry to their cushions since every other person neglects to tune in.
    The young ladies who have such a large number of insider facts however wont tell a spirit.
    The young ladies who have missteps and second thoughts as an every day moral.
    The young ladies that always lose.
    The young ladies that stay up the entire evening considering that one kid and trusting that he'll see her one day.
    The young ladies who accept life as it comes, to the young ladies who are trusting that it'll show signs of improvement some place not far off.
    For the young ladies who love with their entire existence despite the fact that it generally gets broken.
    To young ladies who thoroughly consider it's.
    To genuine young ladies, to all young ladies: You're lovely


  • deactivate_user 35w

    I write to discover quality.
    I write to turn into the individual that covers up inside me.
    I write to light the route through the haziness for other people.
    I write to be seen and heard.
    I write to be close to those I love.
    I compose unintentionally, promptings, intentionally and anyplace there is paper.
    I compose in light of the fact that my heart communicates in an alternate language that somebody needs to hear.
    I compose past the shame of presentation.
    I compose in light of the fact that pietism needn't bother with answers, rather it needs inquiries to mend.
    I work myself out of bad dreams.
    I compose on the grounds that I am nostalgic, sentimental and request cheerful endings.
    I write to recall.
    I compose realizing discussions don't generally happen.
    I compose in light of the fact that talking can't be rehash.
    I keep in touch with sooth a psyche that races.
    I compose in light of the fact that you can play on the page like a kid took off alone in the sand.
    I compose on the grounds that my feelings have a place with the moon; elevated tide, low tide.
    I compose realizing I will fall on my words, yet nobody will say it was for long.
    I compose in light of the fact that I need to paint the world the manner in which I see love ought to be.
    I write to give a heritage.
    I write to bode well out of foolishness.
    I compose realizing I will be slaughtered by my own words, wounded by pundits, killed by both misconstruing and comprehension.
    I compose for the haters, the darlings, the forlorn, the beaten down and the visionaries.
    I compose in light of the fact that one day somebody will disclose to me that my feelings were not an exercise in futility.
    I compose on the grounds that God cherishes stories.
    I compose in light of the fact that one day I will be gone, however what I accepted and felt will live on.


  • deactivate_user 35w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readandwriteunite #brokenheart #cheating #simo #quote #fakelove

    Glossary :
    Aggravated :problem /injury
    Mortified : someone to feel ashamed or embarrassed
    Enamored :feel with love

    You can relate this with me.

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    What aggravated me most
    In that whole circumstance
    Was the way that I wasn't feeling mortified,
    Or irritated, or even tricked.
    Double-crossing was what I felt,
    My heart broken not simply by
    A person I was enamored with,
    However likewise by,
    As I once accepted,
    A genuine companion.


  • deactivate_user 35w

    I needn't bother with a legend.
    I was honored with a lot of presence of mind, which is of unendingly more use than a man.


  • ketkii19 38w

    “It’s better to leave things tangled to sort them out”

  • deactivate_user 38w

    Dedicated to My Love @sakshi_cherry ❤���� �� #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee #readandwriteunite
    I recall how we initially met
    I recall how we won our adoration
    I recall how we love one another
    I recall the sweet encounters

    How you put me in rapture of adoration
    How you controlled my raucous feelings
    How you give me restless night
    Whenever I neglect to have your sight

    I recall your easygoing visits
    The organization you give me
    The stunning face I see on observing you
    Your charming grin

    (I can't recall seeing you furious)
    I miss your charming face
    Your smooth dimples
    The dimples when you grin

    Your sweet lips
    Your enchanting eye
    Your other-worldly eyeballs
    Your rich hair

    Your strutting height
    Your caring look
    Your glow nearness
    Your flawless quality

    Also, your relentless excellence
    Regular my dread increments
    For everything I do my weakness never diminishes
    I am overwhelmed consistently in dread

    Whenever I have this idea following internal tears
    I feel hurt at whatever point the idea of losing you comes
    It frequents me to envision the idea
    Of losing you

    I trust it'd never be
    I supplicate my heart won't be broken
    I accept we will be unfaltering
    Regardless of the obstacle we pass

    I have never been into this
    Presently I know how it feels
    To be enamored
    To cherish one without ills

    They say,'love is visually impaired'.
    Be that as it may, I least anticipated this sort
    To give somebody the ownership of my heart
    Something I thought was unthinkable

    Is currently transpiring
    I can feel the passionate wistfulness
    Kindly don't allow me to fall
    Hold me tight my affection

    Never state never
    Never incredible
    On my own part
    I will consistently be there for you

    Whenever regardless of where
    No requirement for us to part
    You are ever extraordinary to me
    I vow not to baffle

    I guarantee to accommodate your missing joint
    Never to place you in passionate need
    Or on the other hand without warmth
    To be all you need

    Till you have no need
    Nothing more to state exceptional ones
    Kindly don't let all to be gone

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    Please Don't Leave

    Listen O' Queen
    I'm your Prince
    As I hold you in my arms,
    I make a guarantee to you
    Hello Dear You Are My Wish
    I swear it on you, my adoration
    Significantly after I may pass on,
    I will keep on cherishing you
    In all the seven lifetimes you get,
    I will be with you, my adoration
    You don't understand the amount I love you
    you'll go insane with the adoration I give you
    May we never isolate from one another.
    May it not break, the relationship that we have forged.


  • ketkii19 39w

    “Give opportunities to others if you want them for yourself”

  • hilla254 43w

    Life is a choice
    None of us ever had
    Life is a meaningless gift
    Meant to be given a meaning
    With a valuable purpose.

    It's sad most of us
    Won't be happy at the end
    For can you say
    You lived the life you imagined
    While Someone said you were inferior
    And weirdly you believed

    All we did, was let
    Other people standards
    Define Who we are!
    You lost your path
    And hope to find yourself
    In someone else's ways
    We gave up our dreams
    And lived to be nightmares

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    For can you say
    You lived the life you imagined
    While Someone said you were inferior
    And weirdly you believed

    You lost your path
    And hope to find yourself
    In someone else's ways
    We gave up our dreams
    And lived to be nightmares

  • hilla254 44w


    I'm not perfect
    And I know
    I'll never be.

    My heart harbor's
    Erratic notions
    That poison my sanity.

    I'm not the greatest
    And I Know
    But I'll always try
    To be the best

  • hilla254 44w


    A unread book
    Lying helpless on the shelf
    Is like a new universe
    Waiting to be explored

    A unread book
    Is like a friendly stranger
    With a name
    Waiting to be friends

    A unread book
    Is like a starship
    Made up of word's
    For a journey
    To the core of imagination

    A unread book
    Holds a written
    Chapter for your life.

    #rf_lang_ch #art #heartart #writersnetwork #writersunite #mirakee #writereadunite #ceesreposts #writersbureau #readandwriteunite #pod #mirakee #muskanwrites

    I let my imagination go wild,, i hope it's sensible

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    A unread book lies
    Helpless on the shelf
    Dusty and crumpy.
    Owner hoped for
    A new chapter
    To start, again
    So he bought
    A new book
    And this too
    He didn't read
    Yet again
    Silence and emptiness


  • hilla254 44w

    I hope this finds, a way to get to you
    Wherever you are,
    It pains my heart To write this
    For it feels like a goodbye
    My hands shake, For the fear
    You maybe gone Forever,
    star child.

    I don't want
    To say Goodbye
    But I have to
    I'd never want
    To let you go
    But it's you or my sanity.
    Some nights I hear
    You whisper in my ears
    Other nights I feel
    Your presence
    But my eyes can't see you.

    I always knew
    your place belongs
    Among the Stars
    I'll always find a way
    To get to you
    And If in any way
    This finds you,
    Know you were loved
    Know somewhere
    Somehow, you were adored

    I know they say
    I can't see you again
    But may we meet again.
    #ceesreposts #writersbureau #readandwriteunite #pod #mirakee #muskanwrites

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    Star Dust

    I hope this finds, a way to get to you
    Wherever you are,
    It pains my heart To write this
    For it feels like a goodbye
    My hands shake, For the fear
    You maybe gone Forever

    I always knew
    your place belongs
    Among the Stars
    Can you feel
    What I'm feeling?

    I know they say
    I can't see you again
    But may we meet again.