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    I am mesmerized at the beauty you add to that which others would call mundane. 

    From the way the sun glints off the sheen of raven's wings to the small plants that burst from cracks in sidewalks. 

    You bring beauty to the broken,
    You create treasures from ash and dust
    You reform the things others destroyed and make them masterpieces.

    Like stained glass, you take our broken edges and cut them away so we can be part of your artwork. 

    Lord, you do this to me on a daily basis. 

    I try to help you sculpt me into what I think you want me to be, only hindering your masterful design. 
    I create the things in me that need to be torn off and broken away. 

    Yet each time you smile at me and gently carve away my imperfections. 
    I close my eyes and let you be my hands as you guide me to your vision. 

    I wish to know how you see me so that I can know how I should love myself the way you have always loved me. 


  • foreverwriting 15w

    As a raven calls
    the sun fades
    And the earth trembles
    As the the day slips away
    The skyline turns dark
    And the moon lights it gaze
    Night time comes
    When the raven calls

    As a raven calls
    The battle begins
    Opposing forces
    Lift their shields to the wind
    And as blood is shed
    Across the barren fringe
    War has begun
    When the raven calls

    When a raven calls
    There is never an answer
    No reply from another
    that’s not what it is after
    But a signal of the beginning
    Of an end
    When you hear
    A raven call.


  • igautamji 26w

    The pigeon
    strays close

    The wise raven
    observes with caution
    or cowardice?

    #wod #septolet #raven #bravery #stupidity #cowardice

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    The pigeon
    strays close

    The wise raven
    observes with caution
    or cowardice?


  • kikilove 35w

    A raven

    If i could be any animal
    I would be a raven
    Not bound by rules
    There are no expectations

    I would be free
    I would fly as high as possible
    I would tour the whole sky
    I would visit the heavens
    I would never come down

    I will spread hope
    I will stop hatred
    I will stop discrimination
    I will stop racism
    I will make peace

    But first i need to learn
    how to solve these problems
    How to become a peace maker
    How to make the world happy again
    How to become innocent once more
    But first I need to learn

  • london_sky 41w

    The Raven

    A raven trapped in a rabbit hole so desperate to get out.
    The raven finds it's way with help and pride, however the world outside filled with lies; drives the raven deeper in the hole.

    The hole then began to fill up with water and the help from before turns darkly into thorns.

    The raven goes and goes trying to reach the light.

    Till this day I the raven am still fighting for life.
    But I the raven am not worthy.

  • ilexater 57w

    A Messenger’s Omen

    A lonely raven,
    drifting past a harvest moon,
    reddened light
    dancing over ebony feathers
    of a murder of one.

    An omen to all who watch,
    rumors ushered in
    on solitary wings,
    a messenger on the west wind
    to any with the lore to listen.

    Echoes of fires
    on the mountain's horizon,
    hurricanes in the east,
    drought and famine rampaging,
    unchecked on a globe
    with enough to feed us all.

    Another child lost
    to the words of toxic kin,
    partners slaughtering each other,
    scarlet mists of wrath
    blanketing a spotless sky.

    Plague spreading on clouds
    of hubris and modern transportation,
    dissolving the foundations of our lives
    with the acidic rain it brings.

    Death and suffering
    on a global scale,
    tarnish the updrafts
    she contentedly rides,

    polluting the reflections
    that accompany us all
    through another tragic night.

    What price have the innocent paid
    to carry us through the darkness,
    arriving at another blood-stained dawn?


  • tazmanian_angel 63w

    Little Raven

    Little raven
    Tiny maiden
    How odd it is to see
    Awkward song
    But you belong
    Among most gorgeous trees

  • ladyraven 67w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writers #writer #poem #writerscommunity #poetscommunity #poetry #theraven #darkpoetry #darkpoem #moon #guardian #knowledge #wise #omen #witch #myth #destiny #secrets #beliefs #pod #raven #wicca #night #magic #witchcraft #nightsky #darkqueen #messenger #wisdom #darkness #morrigan #poetryisnotdead #poet
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    Thank you @writersnetwork for your kind repost

    She hails from the darkness
    And is guided by the moon
    Her ominous silhouette casts
    A formidable shadow of intrigue
    Carried on the winds of destiny
    Magic and wonder surround her
    And those who heed her calls
    Know the dark queen has arrived
    The black winged messenger
    From the realms of the beyond
    Often greeted with apprehension
    She’s the keeper of great secrets
    Entrusted Guardian of the keys
    The voice of nature speaks to her
    Through whispers in the breeze
    She astutely watches the world
    With an unfettered curiosity
    Her keen eye taking notes
    Of every detail that she sees
    She has many precious gifts
    To offer those who see her value
    But accustomed to misjudgement
    Always mindful who she trusts
    Few are privy to said secrets
    Or the wisdom that she brings
    For behind her ebony cloak
    There is beauty in her darkness
    She’s intuitive and perceptive
    Extremely clever and intelligent
    Truly knowledgeable and wise
    And though she may be called
    By many other different names
    She’s best known as The Raven
    The majestic bird of mystery
    Who adorns the moonlit sky


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  • ranaheals 83w

    #Raven #Swan #Parrot #Peacock #Beauty #Essence #theblackstag

    A tale of a raven in a forest so dark
    He sat upon a tree with a big and wide bark
    Sad was he, with the image of himself
    For he couldn't bear the ugly look at self

    Saw he, all the day, the beauty of the swan
    Felt he all the way, it's elegance at dawn
    Asked he, the swan, if she is the lovely creature
    But she denied the claim, she felt devoid of feature

    Smitten she was, with the parrot so colourful
    Envious she was, with its spectrum so beautiful
    She claimed the parrot to be the creature of beauty
    The raven agreed and flew to fulfill his duty

    He found the parrot, on a tall tree so dense
    Went he, to parrot, seeking his beauty and essence
    He praised the parrot for his beauty with colours
    But parrot chose peacock to be the bird of wonders

    Flew he once more to seek the beautiful creature
    Resolute with his aim, to find the bird of feature
    He found a peacock in a zoo with his feathers
    Spread like a flower, with eyes craving pleasures

    Asked he, to peacock, if he is the bird of wonders
    Searched he all along, to see his beautiful feathers
    Said the peacock, with his burning wounds of pain
    Beautiful he is indeed, with his entire life in vain

    Entrapped in a zoo with his feathers green and blue
    He is the bird of beauty, his visscitude to be true
    Caught from the forest, for the beauty he beholds
    He is the sight of zoo with an image that he molds

    Flew the raven, with a lesson learnt that day
    His hunt for beauty, taught him of the nature today
    He longed for the beauty, he never acquired
    For the sad story of peacock, got him inspired

    Similar to the raven, we seek beauty in wonders
    But little do we know, the nature, with our blunders
    Unique in creation, blessed with every essence
    We all have the beauty, divine with its presence

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    A Raven's Search for Beauty

    For beauty is present with the divine essence

  • ranaheals 83w

    #Sorrow #Grief #Relief #Fangs #Fear #Haven #Wings #Will #Raven #theblackstag

    Sour is the fruit of sorrow and grief
    Hard so it is to taste the sweet relief
    Fangs of fear to rule hearts in haven
    But wings of will to rise beyond the raven

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    The Fearless Will


  • itsjustyou 85w

    Encounter with more

    There he stood, in grips of moment,
    But was it last? Knew now one.
    Feet were his wall, but were not his intentions?
    As he stood there, on the bridge of suspension.

    Loosening was in his balance,
    Did he has really nothing to say?
    His eyes gazed last tint of sunlight
    As his last of thought made its way.

    What happened? Why he still in hands of safe? What thought was it?
    That pulled his feet away,

    His sight caught it to a crow, watching the show,
    'Will I be mouthfull?' he said to the crow,
    In melody of tame, above the shades of shore,
    Crow just stared, saying nothing and nevermore,

    Response to which he looked away,
    To meet his gaze with undying pain,
    Still as crow, crow stood,
    No resposne, no remorse.
    Quoth the crow 'nothing and nevermore'

  • jaeseonlynn 85w

    (if u can't read)

    If the dawn is at hand
    And you still can't find me
    Follow the hums of a raven
    And that is where I'll be

    Though I might recommend
    To not look for me at all
    For the person you will see
    Looks and acts like a doll

    But do not fret, I am fine
    No need for you to worry
    I just can't go back anymore
    And for that I am sorry

    Nevertheless, I can rest now
    Even though I am in this state
    My body and mind is at peace
    And forever sleeping in a crate

    #funeral #death #suicide #depression #poem #raven #dead #lifeless #rip #casket

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    Black parade


    If the dawn is at hand
    And you still can't find me
    Follow the hums of a raven
    And that is where I'll be

    Though I might recommend
    To not look for me at all
    For the person you will see
    Looks and acts like a doll

    But do not fret, I am fine
    No need for you to worry
    I just can't go back anymore
    And for that I am sorry

    Nevertheless, I can rest now
    Even though I am in this state
    My body and mind is at peace
    And forever sleeping in a crate

  • london_sky 89w

    Wounded Soul

    Like a tear dropped on the solemn floor
    A raven came knocking at my door
    It's happy blessings gave me something I was looking for.
    A knife at my throat as I began to take that step towards success.

    The success of which I do not deserve.

    My soul so longingly reached out for those dreams, yet, instead I sit on this forest floor as the raven eats what's left of my wounded soul.

  • sarahrachelea 108w

    Even bats and spiders
    Owl and raven
    Knows how he really feels about her

    A beautiful pearl in a shell
    She's his amortentia potion
    The highest emotion in the motion


  • mmbftd 113w


    Tonight is slow
    Like a drip of
    Cold honey
    Unmoved by my desire
    For it
    I want the hours to be minutes
    So we can be together
    But time is crawling
    Like freshly hatched Salticidae
    Across my chest
    I watch the air
    Move inside and outside of me
    My skin rising and falling
    Tiny chills prickled my flesh
    Chopping at me
    Taking me
    Hiding me from the usual
    Of time.
    Now all was slowed
    As the orbit
    Became a stretched out
    Warped, elongated
    A tube, as it rolled over into itself
    And time began to speed up
    And slow
    Immesurably except to those of us who could feel it through our bodies.
    And tonight dragged on
    It took my body with it
    A hostage dragged by chain-
    Clanking loudly in my mind
    Echoes thrown
    All around this empty home
    Sounds that should not be-
    Are here.
    And I glance nervously
    My eyes straining to meet their sources.
    I know I won't see them, I rarely do.
    I feel the earth trembling
    The quakes have increased
    And much like time
    They are mere markers of it.
    Warped or not
    Time is moving so slowly now
    Like cold honey
    Without the sweetness...
    And somewhere far away
    But close enough to seem like it is over my head
    I hear the rustle of shiny black raven feathers
    And it calms and frightens me
    I miss you my friend
    And those little sounds you made while perching for the night next to me.
    You helped me with my passage of time and your feathers in my fingers gave me so much courage and love.
    I could almost accept
    That time was broken now.
    And honey is cold and not sweet and you are gone forever and there are noises in this house and I am alone and waiting...for time to snap back into place again.

  • udit94 118w


    Ohh! Such a small sphere it is...
    I see when I close my eyes.
    I see it when I keep them open too.
    I am born as a human and is bound to live with the restrictions related to it.
    But one thing is still intact, untouched and unadulterated - vision.
    I see beyond what you all can see.
    Above humans.
    Above Religions.
    Above war.
    Above vengeful decisions.
    I cannot look at the world the way you all do.
    I just see life.
    Millions of lives around me.
    Some can move.
    While others are stationary.
    But for me they all are alike.

    I see above day and night.
    Above hate and pride.
    I see above seasons.
    I see above loathsome reasons.
    I see people tearing the arms of humanity off the body of togetherness.
    A body made my someone with love.
    Alas! I feel sorry that they don't see the bigger picture.
    A whole lot of universe still left unexplored.
    The immeasurable vastness beyond anyone's reach.
    Did it come into existence merely by what they call it 'A calculated coincidence'?
    Still the petty creatures are fighting over the bread crumbs lying on the floor when there is a whole feast yet to be eaten.

    I see a demon growing day by day just
    because its power increases as soon as one of you start growing hate for another person.
    All of you created boundaries.
    Some imaginary.
    Some tangible.
    Who told you to do so?
    Ohh! So you're afraid of one another.
    Have you seen inside of you?
    Maybe your own conscience would have needed a barbed wire to stay protected from the corrupt being inside you.
    Their boundaries are just a catastrophe away from disappearing..
    Me and you are nothing but a small creature of a small sphere which happened to have life.

    I see from up here.
    The chaos that has been created by the ants within themselves.
    They were meant to work together and live in harmony, share what's theirs, ask for what they don't have.
    But instead they decided to fight for something they can't own.
    They decided to fight instead of working hard. Taking possession of someone else's earning.
    When they fight I don't see colours, I don't see race.
    What I see is, many beings ( all alike ) fighting for a thing which will never satisfy their greed.
    I can't see any victory but only defeat.
    The fall of humanity.

    I see everything from up here.
    But why can I just see and don't do anything about it?
    Ahh! I've been blessed just to watch the world but can't do anything about it.
    Sometimes I wish I could just snap my finger and wipe out half of the world.
    But without killing anyone, I wish to wipe out just an outrageous emotion in them.
    Evil to be specific.
    But that's not why I was sent here.
    I can just witnees.
    A boon they say.
    I say
    A CURSE.
    The world doesn't seem much pretty from up here.

    If I am asked again some day, I would trade my powers for anything in life.
    It's hard to see when you can't do anything about it.
    I am not a good fit for the task.
    I can't stop them with the restricted strength.
    But I can try stopping them with my pen.
    I can write what I see.
    And maybe that can make all the difference.

    "Hell is the place,
    Which should have been a haven.
    This world is not fit to live."
    Crowed the wistful raven.


  • poetryandpauses 121w

    This is to inform you that , your wish is going to get fulfilled as now I am unloving you.

    1. All the songs you sent ,
    all the words you said,
    all the moments we had ,
    all the places we visited ,
    all the laughters we shared,
    all of you, all of your belongings,
    which I always kept and cherished .
    Today ,
    I am packing them all in a bag and
    leaving at your door because now
    your love doesn't belong to me anymore .
    Feel happy ,
    your wish is getting fulfilled
    I am finally Unloving you .

    2. I was taught -
    "Mitochondria is the powerhouse of cells " in my Junior classes
    and I still remember it
    after ten -twelve years
    Even though I never loved it .
    If I can remember what I have learnt
    How can you expect me to forget
    what I loved?
    But feel happy
    Your wish is getting fulfilled
    I am finally unloving you .

    3. All those thousands of words
    I wrote,
    all the ink I spilled
    I am collecting them back
    I am erasing them
    I am tearing them
    Even when they are scattered
    Even when
    they are a ray of hope for
    someone else .
    I am piling up them up
    and packing them in a box
    and burying them
    Somewhere you'll never find,
    But I will.
    Feel happy
    Your wish is finally getting fulfilled
    I am unloving you.

    4.Your name is inked all over my body ,
    your fragrance is still here ,
    You are here in me
    just like salt in water
    I am ready for the experimentation
    I am desalining
    the salt water
    I am making it pure again ,
    It may take time but surely it'll happen.
    Feel happy
    Your wish is finally getting fulfilled
    I am unloving you.

    5. I carved your name on stones and rocks
    You are asking me to encarve it ?
    So I am trying to tear the stones ,
    Trying to Cut the rocks,
    trying to Break them
    Or else I'll polish them
    Or bury them , it's always a nice option .
    It may take ages , it may take years,it may take time but it'll happen ,
    Your name will be erased or polished .
    Feel happy
    Your wish is finally getting fulfilled
    I am unloving you.

    You are asking me to do
    such hard task
    It may take time
    But for the sake of unloving
    I am here
    Unloving you
    So now
    Feel happy
    Feel good
    And feel light
    As Your wish is finally getting fulfilled
    I am unloving you ,love !♥️

    I promise,
    You won't get my love again
    Even if cupid will ask me to do so.

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    Feel happy ,
    your wish is getting fulfilled
    I am finally Unloving you .

  • poetryandpauses 121w

    The flower was
    all good
    But then,
    Rain happened.

  • poetryandpauses 121w

    This is my entry for mirakee challenge .
    Hope you'll like it. ��

    Hey !
    Close your eyes
    and feel the rain
    through my eyes.
    The clouds are heavy
    ready to pour,
    The weather is
    Beautifully dark ,
    Cold and refreshing
    Breeze is
    Birds and animals
    are moving to
    find their shelter .

    Rain started
    Can you hear
    the pitter patter sound
    Of drops ?
    Come on !
    Come here
    Near the window
    Show your hand
    to the sky and
    you will feel
    Some drops
    So tiny
    and cool.

    Beautiful things can't be seen but felt .
    So feel the rain.��

    #mirakeechallenge #mirakee #writersnetwork #raven #tanzread #laughing_soul #yaminiread #shaliya #rayaan #writerstolli #writerstolli

    @robertwjeter @roanwoody @guptaakanksha @neptune_warrior @odysseus @tomorrow_is_amazing @shachijain7007 @alvahmara @sweetnovember @shegram

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    Hey !
    Close your eyes
    and feel the rain.

  • poetryandpauses 121w

    Guys ! Views on this ?

    Wherever you are,
    If somehow
    You come across these words,
    I hope and wish
    You feel
    and realise
    the kind of love
    that is so
    Rare. ������

    Image credits -Pinterest

    Also ,I've completed 500 posts here .Thankyou for reading and supporting .����

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    #ayeshakazi #shegram #laughing_soul #rayaan #shaliya #writers #raven #ceesreposts

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    Wherever you are,
    If somehow
    You come across these words,
    I hope and wish
    You feel
    and realise
    the kind of love
    that is so