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  • no_mask_on 11w


    Moving towards the clouds.
    Moving towards the wind.
    Moving towards the every force you feel.

    Doesn't it disappoint you most of the time.
    Try to be your own saviour against all those forces and feel that strength.


  • benhurbedford 20w

    The Death of a Poet

    I witnessed a speck of light below.
    Underneath the shadow of tombs and stone.
    The life thirsted its way through hands,
    that were peeled and dry and had demands.

    Dried leaves on top of my blue shed,
    never knew the king too was dead.
    He whispered at sleep and dreamt away.
    of vain imaginings that kept him sane.

    "What is it that life has offered?
    my worn out dice and luck is baffled.
    The sky that remains grey and bitter.
    God has made me deeply withered"

    He did not know to claim ,
    he remained confined in this material plane.
    He reached the horizon with life in his hands.
    But the sun ran away like the merriest man.

  • propheticsinner 24w


    Find your ESCAPE

  • goofygirl 40w

    Chasing unrealistic goals


  • pranalishah 41w

    - Monotony -

    Humans running into the entangling chase,
    The race that has no starting point to begin with,
    And nowhere to end in,
    Only faces running wild through the chase,
    That’s how it’s meant to be, as believed by billions...

    But then why the monotony?
    When nothing is clear as crystals
    and everything is like a dusky dawn...


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  • sreeramvan 57w

    Rat Race

    Sitting here,
    Looking outside,
    I see the world move around,
    A fast pace,
    Hard to catch up,
    What can be done,
    What is there to do,
    A plan,
    For the future,
    Is all we think about,
    We forget to live now,
    Around the globe,
    Life goes on,
    A pace of their own,
    In hurry,
    To win the race,
    We miss,
    What is here now...

  • entanglednerves 73w

    "It isn't complicated"

    'Don't take it lightly!', always, I hear em say
    Be it any aspect of life, the words echo all the way
    Humans running the 'rat race' while the rats live in peace
    Life - "It isn't complicated" - O man! Wake up, please!

    - Shivin

  • themonologist 89w

    Travel is the best Therapy for Human Beings. It detaches us from the hectic, fast world and cuts off from the rat race. It slows down our mind and brings a positive and fresh energy. Travelling heals our scars, our negative thoughts.

    #travel #therapy #human #ratrace #positivity #energy #fastworld #slow #healing #negativethoughts #thinking #mind #calm

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    Chal Kahi Ghum Lete Hai...

    Chal Kahi Khud se Khud Ko Mil Lete Hai
    Chal Kahi Ghum Lete Hai...

    Barf Ki Chadar Odhe Us Himalay ko Jee Bhar K Dekh Lete Hai
    Ghar Se Dur... Bhot Dur... Us Alag se Sukoon Ko Jee Lete Hai..

    Parvat ki us uunchi choti ko chhu lete h
    Man me kuch hai... to use vaha se bol dete h
    Sabko sunaai de gaya to thik...
    varna hum hi khud ko sun lete h

    Chal Kahi Khud se Khud Ko Mil Lete Hai
    Chal Kahi Ghum Lete Hai...

    Plastic ki bottle ko chhod, Apni hatheliyo se pyala bana lete hai
    Kisi behti hui nadi k paas ruk kar, uska pani chakh lete hai

    Paas hi me jo gaav hai vaha ki muthi bhar mitti apne jeb me bhar lete hai
    Gaav ki us khushbu ko apne zehen me bhar lete hai

    Shehro se dur, pedo k bich behne wali us saaf... thandi hava ko mehsus kr lete hai...
    Jo oxygen mask lagaye yaha din bhar bhagte h
    Vaha khul k saas le lete hai

    Chal Kahi Khud se Khud Ko Mil Lete Hai
    Chalna.... Kahi Ghum Lete Hai...

    - Madhur Shrivastava

  • israelmgonzalez 97w

    Rat Racing

    The rats do run in an endless loop
    It's spin and spin for you and me
    Run and run for she and he
    Rats racing by group by group

    They hustle and bustle hoping for freedom
    An illusory life forty years in the making
    But all that exists is their hermit kingdom
    A far flung corner in an office of cubicles
    Monday comes so fast and Friday comes so slow
    And you spend your days feeling low
    All that study and all that work
    Did you really do it all for a routine?

    You look left and right and there's no way out
    So you get all mad and pout
    Hope's a word you find offensive
    That's cuz life's got you on the defensive
    You'd love nothing more than to do what you love
    But bills gotta be paid and you ain't got nothing saved
    So misery fits you like a glove
    Instead of being able to sleep you've ranted and raved

    The world's falling apart for you
    You've realized you're rat racing
    And you can't see a way out
    Leaving you wishing for the end to come
    You just hate your life that much
    Cuz you're going in circles you don't see an off-ramp

    Every email in your inbox is an act of terror
    Every second the noose gets tighter
    And no matter what the load feels no lighter
    Shivering in terror you make the fatal error
    You take whatever feels good to numb the pain
    Whatever will make the sun come out
    In this mad world of eternal rain
    You tune right in and you drop right out

    You miserable devil you
    You thought you would live the dream
    But here in the nightmare are you
    Rats racing to and fro as you hopelessly scream

    And then it's over
    Either the trap door finally opened
    Or you expired from racing
    What is this pain you're facing
    The aches and pains from years of racing
    Rat racing to Armageddon

  • conscience_ 101w

    An experience to be reminded

    Today, I have experienced a very minute, again a very true fact. Two kids in my neighborhood got their results today. They lives just beside my house. On their arrival from school, they were too silent. I went to their home and what I saw , has made me write this. The kids are twin and also excellent in studies. But the little one is much more brilliant. So, I saw the little girl , sitting in a corner and crying like anything. I asked ,"why are you crying?" She replied," I have not got a rank in my class. Mom has scolded me for not becoming first". I was shocked. I took her in my lap,wiped her tears and consoled her by saying that you are excellent my child, becoming first is just a matter , I am sure you will do better next time. eventually she stopped crying. I said to her mother not to discourage her but to encourage her as much as she could. The kid is just 8 years old and studies in class 2 only. This incident shows that the rat race has gone very deep inside . Parents want their children to come first. But how can all the students in same class come first? Actually , the parents are imposing their immature thoughts on their children. What extra will these kids get by becoming first??? Everyone can not be doctor or engineer or scientist or artist or whatever. So why are we chasing an infinite dream?? The parents reading this, I can urge them not to commercialize their children to feel proud . Please don't teach them to become a computer but to become a good human being. Do remember that win and loss is a part of life. Every time one can not win or can not loss.

  • steffy2110 106w

    (from "Gully Boy" soundtrack)

    #ratrace #mundane # lifeexperiences #travel #love #life #inspiration #poetry #thoughts

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    "Ek Hee Raasta"

    Ek hi rasta jispe chup chap sar ko jhukaye huye
    Band aankhein kiye log chalte hai saare janam
    Jaante bhi nahi, sochte bhi nahi, puchte bhi nahi
    Unko ye rasta lekar kahin jayega?
    Ya kahin bhi nahi?

    Chalte chalte kahin ek mod aata hai
    Sidhe raste se bilkul alag
    Koi deewana hi hota hai jo ki udhar jata hai
    Warna baaki toh sab sidhe raste pe hi
    Apne saare janam chalte hai
    Sar jhukaye huye band aankhein kiye aur yeh dukh liye
    Mod jo dekha tha uspe mudd jaate hum
    Toh najaane kahan tak pahunch paate hum

  • 21gramz 113w


    Pockets Empty for Empty Home.
    Home Empty for Empty Pockets.

  • prodyumno 114w

    There was a young ambitious girl
    Who had a lot of plans & dreams
    Kept hopping around 2 tier cities
    Due to her father's national duties✈️

    She had a different set of friends each time
    Made through the rigours whole time
    Tried to be friends with different kinds of herd
    Unknowingly she became quite a unique nerd

    She was often misunderstood by many
    Has a heart of gold hardly known to any
    She excelled at everything effortlessly
    No wonder many were dying of jealousy

    Her trio of friends is legendary
    Some humble and some too airy
    Her group consists of many dudes
    Precariously named as "alsi yedes"‍❤️‍

    A bad relationship tore her apart
    Tumour tried to alter her career path
    Never drank milk to save some money
    She foolishly considered herself unlucky
    Abuses were hurled from different parts
    Still these things couldn't break her apart

    Though we live in a so called modern society
    Judged her weight & colour which was petty
    Compared her skin colour to a 'kaam vali bai'
    With sexy dusky skin was then off to Dubai

    She is amazing yet sometimes difficult
    She is selfish and bitchy, kind of a cult
    Creates a set of unique problems sometime
    Always equipped to solve those anytime

    Long time ago, atmospheric science mattered
    Now , entire digital campaign on her platter
    She struggled a bit but was never a quitter
    Always inspires others, she's a true winner

    Sometimes feel hugging you tight
    I hope things are working out alright
    Her name slowly goes on the wall
    Rather I am still stuck asking "ki haal"?

    This poem was written very casually
    Just because I miss you so badly
    I do crave for her attention weekly
    Fail to get any traction obviously


  • prodyumno 114w

    Wake up in the morning
    And off to work we go
    We might not be home
    In time for dinner
    As work is all we know

    CTCs are always inflated on the go
    Salaries seem on a all time low
    Hike is a grand myth as you grow
    Carrying resignation like an arrow

    Labelled inefficient & hopeless is our plight
    We seldom get chance to prove our might
    No wonder the economy is in such blight
    Is there no salary increase in sight?

  • practicallytheoretical 120w

    Bitter Ironies~

    How demanding is this oh-so-beautiful Society,
    You might win here if you do as expected,
    Yet You will be told to see the mirror, what a duality!
    Society may get tired but you can't feel neglected!


  • geniusjenny 122w


    Now i know what they meant ,
    when they said heaven/ hell is upto you
    as you went,
    If you leave all temptations here,
    And stop thinking what's about next year,
    The same peace makes your soul a heaven,
    Do try
    But if you loose yourself finding treasures high
    You will crave for it even after death
    And will never qualify !

  • gitumani 128w

    Sleep a while..

    Sleep a while..
    O soul you are tired.
    With so much chaos and judgements around.

    You can't think
    You can't feel..

    For people here know
    You don't deserve.

    When was the time ?
    You slept for a while..
    With comfort and confidence by your side.

    The rat race and life .
    Play hide and seek..
    People are there..
    To question your will.

    Sleep a while..
    You are a life.
    You as your friend..
    Can reach the sky.

    Never believe what people say.
    You got two ears, let them take.

    Sleep a while
    Sleep Tonight

    You are a soul..
    Feel free to fly..

  • kmvasa 129w


    He turned back and saw under his expensive overcoat the old homeless couple, cuddled.

    He realized how poor he is.

  • keshav_034 130w

    Indian Education (RAT RACE):-

    An intrigue child opens his eyes for the first time,
    He just likes to make some words rhyme,
    But the so-called society see it as a crime,
    Then the elders come to give him advice,
    Just give up the rhyme and get into the "RAT RACE" for his lifetime,
    Now he understands that the world is a lie,
    So he take his pen and started to write,
    Take my advice be that child and once you opened your blind eyes,
    Thenonly you realise that you were someone else for the entire time