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  • elf_babalola 16w

    A fear

    So I thought I cried my last drop if tears
    I thought no one will ever care
    When I walk around I see people just stare
    I look at my feet and see they are just bare
    Am so weak but I feel i have the strength of a wounded bear
    This new founded knowledge I feel I should share
    But should I do that as fast as a hare
    I feel I should remain calm to share it was not a dare
    I will later share it because keeping it won't be fair
    And it won't also get me my transport fare
    I must not wait until I see grey on my hair
    I feel the knowledge should be held till I am my love become a pair
    The knowledge I have is that we are all made of substances which are rare

  • pratik_r 163w


    रिश्तों में आयी उलझने भी सुलझ जाती काश आपने वक़्त पर दूरियाँ कम करने की ज़रा भी कोशिश की होती।

  • falakjoshipura7 182w

    Like torn lips that hurts your smile or a
    dilapidated lung that aches when you laugh like a tonsil throat that make it hard to speak that you feel.

    will you lie beside him holding him close and doing nothing else for days and weeks for as long as she takes.

    Ain't it worth his sleepless nights and terror stuck days.
    Will you stretch your hands towards him even if it mends your ways or pains your vein.
    Ain't it worth the cuts in him.

    Will you put that much effort to know him whole that peculiar thoughts and the hushed ones to understand.
    Why he loves meshed potatoes and hates the messed up people that much.

    Will you love him enough to be the mason to your grace?