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  • dosbambi 14h

    Still on my quest to let in the world on the effect of rape on victims, especially girls...

    With so much having done concerning the right of the female gender, it's so unfortunate to know that, rape cases are still a thing around us, today.

    So, this is my contribution to the fight against rape. Writing in the third person to show the pain these victims have to suffer because one male human put his pleasure over the pain and person of another female human.

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #rape #rapevictim #rapeculture #nigerianpoet #nigerianwriter #africanpoet

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    Tolani, the damsel every eye wanted to keep in sight,
    every hand longed to feel and hug tight,
    with the skin the sun never set eyes on,
    beauty with good brains, everyone
    followed her to have a pick on.
    Calm like the dove, humble like the lamp
    everyone's favourite, with smile that's heavenly.
    ...until she was robbed of her innocence,
    dragged out of her heaven into misery
    by a boy who refused to beckon on discipline
    to help him put his manhood under the hood,
    and teach him to put his ego in check.
    Her big NO was a slap on his handsome face,
    and all his empty head could come up with, to keep face
    was to force himself on her and put her in a phase.
    A phase that forced her into the family way,
    the way she diligently refused to tour.
    Each night, sadness beats her heart to tears,
    the stars cry every night seeing her this way,
    in the day, her broken spirit continues to grieve,
    misery has come to dine with her, promising not to leave...
    Oh! Sweet Tolani! I curse the day that boy crossed her path,
    boy who took away her colour, and left her on a colourless path.

  • dosbambi 3w

    Women face all manner of daily, things that are very ridiculous. The world has successfully set all kinds of bars for the female gender, all is an attempt to keep women in the back seat.

    So, when rape happens to the female gender, it goes a lot more deeper than for the male gender.

    We really need to protect the female gender, and allow them enjoy the same opportunities males have.

    More than that, the issue of rape must by all means be tackled in all its forms and way. Sexual abuse must be stopped.

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #rape #rapevictim #femaleempowerment #protectthefemalegender #nigerianpoet #nigerianwriter

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    Already, the world was against her,
    she had to deal with plenty of don'ts,
    don't dream too high, you will be under a man,
    don't put on that kind of clothes, you will make a man fall,
    don't look too beautiful, only whores look too beautiful,
    don't have options, a girl is created to please her husband,
    don't be too strong, strength looks bad on you,
    don't be too bold, boldness isn't feminine,
    don't patronise your happiness, it will scare away men,
    don't don't don't, all kinds of rules she had to obey
    like a military personnel.
    Felt like her life was for others to live, while she spectate.
    So, when he pounced on her like she was his horse,
    took over her body like it belonged to him,
    dug her private parts vigorously like an animal,
    refused to pay attention to her crying pains,
    and chose his pleasure over her tears,
    all her pleadings fell on deaf ears.
    She lost it, and couldn't move past this one,
    this very one took what's left of her,
    and turned her into a puzzle she can't solve.
    ...now she's asking; "who am I, what am I, whose am I?"

  • broken_poet04 9w


    She lays broken in her bed
    Bleeding in a natural way
    Crying over the unnatural pain he brought her
    Wondering why she became paralyzed under him
    Wondering why she didn't think to fight
    Or scream or shout or cry or even argue
    Instead she lay limp and took it
    And now she's on her bed paralyzed
    By the weight of her shame
    And haunted by
    the ghost of her memory

  • dosbambi 10w

    Rape cases often leave victims in a state that is cumbersome to comprehend and explain.

    Most victims never really get over the event, especially those whose family and friends didn't help them heal, they grow up to become a shadow of who they should have been. They go around with all kinds of issue, plus they most time, find it extremely difficult to build a good loving relationship.

    By all means, plz say NO! to rape!!!

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #rape #rapevictim #rapestory #nigerianpoet #nigerianwriter #lifeissues #saynotorape #notorape #stoprape

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    Like a log of wood, she lay there on the floor,
    unable to fathom what just happened to her,
    she couldn't believe it happened to her,
    felt like a nightmare, she woke up from.
    She was there, in the company of silence
    gazing into everything, but nothing,
    totally lost in her thoughts...
    Too many questions flooding her head,
    begging for answers, answers she knew not where to find.
    ...his sense was right where it should be,
    yet, he took over her body for his rapture,
    like a white master abusing a black slave for pleasure,
    her pleas, her hot tears, all fell on deaf ears,
    he went on and on, until he was full and couldn't go on,
    it was the end of a rush of adrenaline for him.
    But the beginning of an inexplicable trauma to her!
    ...when she managed to sit, she laid her head on her knees
    and kept asking, "who am I, what am I...?".

  • dikshita_77 25w

    Silent screams!

    His eyes seem disastrous equipped to shatter my soul ,
    Yet my lips felt numb and my mind dazed ,
    His smile seem cold,his touch foreign;
    Shielding myself from the monster hiding behind the angel face.

    Was it the sedative that numb the ache?
    But the agony my heart felt was mightier then your smack .
    I was drowning, drowning in tears for you to recognise,
    But the unbuckling of your belt spoke otherwise.

    I screamed, weeped with muffled voice ;
    But you seemed amused ripping my soul ,more than the tattered clothes which lay aside.
    I lost , lost the battle of virtue and evil ;
    Forever haunted by the silence that the night beholds!

  • adsila03 29w

    The sun sets and the moon rises
    Another day goes by not knowing
    Why I didn’t say no out loud
    Our bodies shed the past away
    Maybe his touch went with it
    Thoughts bursting the door
    Into my mind
    Until the moon gets exhausted
    and the sun wakes
    from a restful sleep


  • writers_calligraphy 32w

    Is kadar hawas se dekhte ho,
    Ye mera jism hai, koi Gosht toh nahi...,

    Itni hairat se dekhte ho,
    Me insaan hu, koi ajooba toh nahi...


  • khwahishaan 44w

    स्याही सूख नही पाती है अखबारों की
    नई खबर आ जाती है बलात्कारों की

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  • darshankumar_ 45w

    " Woh WOMEN nhi hai
    WO-MEN hai &
    WO(nderful) (hu)Man hai "



  • anuradhasharma 45w

    क्या मां के आंचल के दरमियान इस जहान में ?

    कफ़न ही महफूज़ है , लड़कियों के ज़िंदगी-ए-सफ़र में ।


  • sanju13 56w

    A little girl asked the god
    I want to live in a world where people won't rape anyone.
    God replied okay I will change just for 12 hrs.

    The little girl has seen the men and woman are behaving like brothers and sisters as we pledge every day in the school all people are my brother and sisters.

    Where lovers, married couples have started loving each other by heart rather than for bedtime.
    Same-gender people are having sex without hesitation.
    Girls are happily roaming in shorts even at night time.
    No one is giving weird looks or slut stares for the girls or girls body.

    No one is objectifying anyone, for others personality.
    Everything seems like half the problem in this world has just vanished.

    And she was seeing this from heaven.
    God told 12 hrs are over.
    She asked why can't you make it forever.
    I don't want anyone to get raped & die like me.

    @nyxwrites @mirakee
    #rape #rap #rapeculture #rapevictim #ayahuasca #metoo #xamanismo #feminism #sexualassault #rapesurvivor #india #women #womenempowerment #haux #abuse #kuripe #feminist #hauxhaux #justice #sexualabuse #domesticviolence #survivor #medicinadafloresta #o #consent #sexualviolence #love #tepi #stoprape #bhfyp #love

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    A world without rape cases


  • lost_illusion_26 67w

    Samaaj lga rha humpar hi ilzaam hai,
    Dimaag inka jese bazaar me nilaam hai,
    School me bhi diya ja rha yahi to gyaan hai,
    Balatkaar ka kaha koi Samadhaan hai.

    Agar aakarshit hona uska swabhav hai,
    Uska parinaam kese kisi ke shareer ke ghaav hai?
    Ghar se nikalna uske sanskaar par sawaal hai,
    Chote kapde? Ya choti soch ne macha rkha bawaal hai.

    Jism ki bhoonkh ka bna rkha khel hai,
    Bin marzi kesa zabardasti ye mel hai,
    'TAALI EK HAATH SE NHI BAJTI' ek naya bahana hai,
    Anpad logo se desh ki beti ko bchana hai.

    Insaaf ke naam par bna rhe ladki ko gunhegaar hai,
    Faansi ke fando se haiwaan faraar hai,
    Nyayadheesh pel rahe berozgaari ka gyaan hai,
    Bahane hi bahane, saza ka kaha farmaan hai.

    Aasmaan chuh rhi betiyon par desh ko abhimaan hai,
    Duniya me kamaya jinhone samaan hai,
    Khud ki azaadi ki ladai aaj bhi barkaraar hai,
    Suraksha ke bharose ka zaruri karaar hai.

    Pidit ke insaaf me khade bhut samajhdaar hai,
    Kuch ki tipani bardaasht ke bahar hai,
    Galti kisi ki, koi or badnaam hai,
    Kon sahi? Kon galat?
    Duniya aaj bhi lga rhi bs anumaan hai.

    #rape #rapecases #hathrascase #rapevictim #society #balatkaar #rapist #rapefreeIndia #safetyforgirls #uneducatedpeople #daminicase #rapeculture

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  • sensitive_observer 67w

    Rape is ‘forced sex’. There are two words. First consider ‘sex’. It happens due to arousal. A myth regarding this is that short or tight attire of girls arouses men.

    Stop selling that bullshit!

    To all experienced men, admit how many times porn turned you on vs you watched porn because you were aroused? So it's just a lame blame.

    Moving on, one more blame that girls give signals that they are interested. Ok if it is so, and if you can read her signals and sense that she is interested, why can't you hear her screaming and sense her resistance, you asshole?

    I'm ashamed. I'm ashamed that there are some rascals roaming on streets which belongs to the same gender, same race as I do. I get ashamed when some nights while returning home, a random girl walking ahead of me suddenly starts moving in pace. I'm ashamed of her doubt. I can't explain her so I slow down. If I can why can't they?

    Getting aroused is very normal and yes sex is our need. And you know what it is the need of animals too. But what differentiates us from them is the ability to control it. Our ethics.

    At last, as I always ask, why isn't any fear established in every male's mind? Why isn't any harsh punishment exists or getting conducted that can shake the very first thought of committing? Does first class security belongs to only celebrities? Or only those who disrespect some great leader deserves punishment? We need as frightful consequences as the torment caused. WE NEED ACTIONS!


    #rapes #stoprape #rapistscauserape #hathras #hathrasgangrape #rapevictim #hangrapists #womensafety #uprapecase

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  • pathak01 67w

    Shame on Up Police

    ताल्लुक है मेरा उस संस्कृति से जिसकी बेटी..

    अगर गुडिया भी खरीदे तो दुपट्टा साथ लेती है...!!!

  • shreyakheal 67w


    As I walk passed
    Through every path
    I fear
    That those monstrous shadows
    Might come on my way
    Out of the blue.

    I speak through words
    I am the voice of that young girl
    Who's tongue was cut
    By the monsters
    Who raped her, stabbed her
    She was screaming for mercy
    But they shut her up.

    Her body was burnt
    Without her family's consent
    Her life is like a lie
    For those monsters and creep
    As for them
    She was just a cake
    And they took every piece..

    I have lost hope
    As these candles
    Awaits for the other cases
    Because these monsters
    Are still roaming in large masses.

    I am not gonna say
    That all men are bad
    Because a man can never do
    What those sinners did.
    These are done by the monsters
    Who are hidden among us
    Like an imposter
    Waiting for the right time
    To have a taste
    Of every part.
    Shamelessly scratching
    Every skin as they get pleasure
    When the women screams.

    It's true that
    Not all men are bad,
    But it's also not a lie
    That every female is unsafe.
    I chose to use female
    Because from a toddler to
    A teenage girl to an adult and
    To an old
    We have heard the news
    That each one of them
    Have been raped before.

    SKIRT asked those monsters
    Why are you staring at me
    That monster replied
    'Wear a SAREE
    We'll stare again
    Or wear a BURKA
    But we'll stare again.
    If we didn't showed mercy
    On that diapered toddler
    Then how can you think
    That we are gonna let you go
    In anyway.

    And that skirted girl
    Was raped that night
    And those monsters
    Treated her like a feast
    And when nothing was left
    They left her dying.

    People proposed a candle march
    The other day
    And then after two days
    Everyone went silent again.

  • 1allaboutlife 68w


    I think if god had any idea
    that his creation is gonna be
    crushed and brutally treated
    he would not have created the
    ..BEAUTIFUL............. CREATION..
    ...A WOMAN .

    ©Kailash.V. Patel

  • anu420 68w

    खुद से धोखा ।

    पर देखो भगवान हमको क्या बनाना चाहता था और हम क्या बन गए ,रावण सिर्फ एक था पर हमने फिर भी आज के समय में हजार बना कर दिखा दिए ।
    अब इसको हम अपनी खुशकिस्मती कहे या पछतावा , जो जैसा था ही नहीं उसको अपनी गलतियों का आधार बना कर बैठ गए ।
    फिर किसी की चीख किसी की पुकार को हम अपनी मुट्ठी में बंद करते चले गए , कौन क्या कहता है उसको छोड़ अपने कानों को बंद करते चले गए ।
    कानून से ऊपर हम हैं यह सब को बताते चले गए , खुद की चिता को छोड़ औरो की चिता को जलाते चले गए ।
    खुद के मां-बाप को शर्मसार करके , खुद की मर्दानगी दिखाते चले गए ।

    किताबें हमने बहुत पढ़ ली पर किताबों का ज्ञान हमें बिल्कुल नहीं मिला , उस रावण को तो राम ने मारा था ।
    अब हम को कौन मारेगा , अब कौन हमारी गलती का खुद हमें एहसास कराएगा ।
    मां बाप की दी हुई शिक्षा को हम यूं बाजार में उछाल रहे , फिर कौन किस जात का है हम यूं लोगों को पाठ पढ़ा रहे ।
    अब तो इन सब का अंत करो , खुले विचारों की नींव रखो ।
    तुम इंसान हो जानवर नहीं इसका परिचय सबको दो , खुद को खुद पर गर्व करने का एक मौका तो दो ।

  • aashish_bathri 68w

    Justice for manisha valmiki

    अब और ना चाहिए जगमगाती सड़को का मायाजाल.
    बेटियां जिसपर बिफ़क्र चल सके, बस एक गली ऐसी बनवा दो।

  • k_virtualworld 68w

    2018 justice for asifa

    bhagwan se bekhabhar apni hewaniyat ko dete anzaam..
    shayad wo bhul gaye the ki kar rhe hai wo dharm apna badnaam..
    baat choro dharm ki ye baat hui aam
    unme se ek kanoon ka rakh wala kar raha tha apni hawas puri sar-e-aam ..
    hum to naa rok sake to kya rok pata wo bhagwan
    ye kehte huye mujhe sharam aati hai
    kanoon par bharosa naa rha insaaf ka to kese hoga jug kalyaan..
    kisi ghar ki behan beti kab tak yuhi lootati rhegi sare-e-aam
    wo hewaan abhi bhi jinda hai bs bejaan hui wo nanhi jaan..
    justice for asifa..
    asifa hum sharminda hai tere kaatil abhi jinda hai..

    my draft post asifa (victim child)...late to poste here

    check on INSTA


  • misssrivastava 68w


    आज फिर एक लड़की ने एक दरिंदे पर एहसान किया है,
    चुप रहकर अपनी इज्जत को कुर्बान किया है...