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  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 1d

    Lost in the dub one

    Trust no one

    But the lone gun

    In the dark

    Ur find my heart

    Feeling so Numb

    As I roll one

    In the dark

    I saw a spark

    And I just put my shades on

    And let it grow some

    Thought like a road run

    Ner in a blurr like a eye on this hot sun

    I knock one

    Down then chug  another for some more fun

    Thinking what's meaning to be but to be and if ur not doing that u become the roadkill instead of that road run


    Sure it's the catch me if you can like the gingerbread man

    With these sins in my hands

    Call it catching me red handed

    Cause I just can't seem to get this blood to rinse off my hands

    With my witts I withstand

    Their sick lil plan

    To put me under this land

    Thinking if God grants him knowledge first thing to do is to humble that man

    So he can rumble young man

    rumble young man


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 1d

    I see a mystery

    A scorpion kissing me

    Then putting a pistol at me

    A Babylon


    For this sabotage

    A rabbit on

    Getting his ravage on

    A malice song

    Living lavish on
    many bones

    Without any homes

    I saw a Orphanage in this lonely heart I saw Annie home

    I saw hope and dreams of just wanting take a Grammy home

    And the industry smoking on Him like this the type of gram we on

    Saying picture me rolling gone and get ur camera phone

    Cause this the type of gram we on


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 1w

    #rap Gnarly Brown

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    The meaning of life is to be, to exist nothing more nothing less


  • fannalot 1w

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    New Audio!

    Listen to Freestyle by Fannalot on #SoundCloud
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  • nocturnal_enigma 3w

    * 3.9.2021; 8.25 P.M (Malaysia)

    * Recording uploaded at my Instagram: nuems_poems

    * 3rd in #NuEmRaps #Rapper

    #rap #Eminem
    #poem #stem #them #gem #problem #REM
    #like #grow #sleepy

    * 'Them' refer to other poets.

    * I didn't chose the background. It automatically there. So, I just use it.

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    -em ~

    Yo! I am NuEm.
    Grow like a stem.
    This is my poem.
    I like Eminem.
    Is this piece, a gem?
    Like poems by them?
    Well. No problem.
    Sleepy; Come REM!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • myasir99 4w

    Mo Maya

    Sab nazro ka dhoka hai Kismat ka kheal hai lafzoo ki maya hai batoon ka phare hai

  • nocturnal_enigma 4w

    * 27.8.2021; 4.51 A.M (Malaysia)

    * 598th post; 80 posts till 678th (Target)

    * 2nd in #NuEmRaps (Take a look the 1st one. It's longer)

    #Raps #Rap #Naps #Slaps #Run #laps #claps

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    -aps ~

    This is one of my raps.
    Like cats, I get naps.
    I give myself face-slaps. ‍♀️
    I run.‍♀️ How many laps?
    Give me some claps!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • jpbaldwin 6w

    Rap Battle

    He wanted a rap battle so I would adapt to Act
    Moving so quick like the fastest rap
    Putting hands together like you had to clap
    Hitting so hard that it slapped you back
    Like that's a fact, so get back on track
    Like a locomotive, with no impact with motion
    Rhymes so fine that it's smooth as lotion
    I'm not boasting, I'm not bragging
    Let's do a battle and see what happens
    I'm the captain your the Seaman
    I keep rapping while you keep dreaming
    I believe it but it's you that needs it
    My raps stick out like a pair of cleavage
    Embarrassed easy cause your hair greasy
    No doubt your a mouse plus you're stale & cheesy
    Don't care if you need me, I'm aware I'm teasin'
    Dropped you on the corner, how dare I'm leaving
    You're a flaring heathen who barley breathing
    I'm rapping demon with lair that's deepening
    Close your eyes no surprise you're glare & peeping
    You slowly cry then you're there just weeping
    I'm saying all these words without repeating
    I'm beating your verses with a lot meaning
    They lock me up  because I'm talking freely
    This rap battle is over you gotta believe me


  • sheikh_huzaifa 8w

    Zamanay ko hum dekha daingay
    Tera sath hum nibaatay rahaingay
    Jo sath raha tu
    Bolti saab ki baand kara k dekhayain gay
    Nibaatay rahaingay sath tera
    Zamanay ko hum dekha daingay.....
    #love #rap #generation #life #special #loving #caring #best #ever #World #people #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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  • rodney 9w

    27th July, 2021.
    10:04 a.m.

    #rap #christianrap

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    What I could leave.

    Feeling so good,

    I've always been misread and

    Tooth fairy to the tales I've buried underneath my demeanor and depth.

    People like to pretend,
    Adding character to their bravado of disrespect.

    I rather keep it all real and say it to your face.

    The grace from heaven,
    Made me a better being of the race.

    I don't like the talks about my life,

    I keep it all inside,
    Stick it like sticky notes ripped off the notepads

    My rhymes are slim,
    My first name isn't slim.
    I never liked people who grin,
    I'm a sinner, whose life has always been about how to conquer one's besieging sin.

    You don't even want to see me—
    I prefer a blip on the screen,
    Blipping letters, words that always has some things it had to say.

    Don't ween over wasted days,
    Spread across your wisdom,
    And learn to play with your worthy stay.

    Dust in the wind,
    Bob knew it when he wrote the song.

    I like folk rock,
    They're truths summarised what's happening today.

    Cohen and his life,

    The ups and the downs,
    His confessions in the rhymes,

    I like people who speak up their minds.

    From the same university,
    That makes poor scholars feel insecure in their skin—

    Let me tell you,
    You don't really know how to live a life.

    Thrice of what never made it to the next.

    I kept quiet,
    While I contemplated death.

    Since my junior college made me as strong as I am today.

    I feel so generously forgiving - everyday.

    People live to please their own damn-worthy selves.

    What am I,
    A dust in the wind,

    Who's worth was justified by the blood that flowed from the skies.

    My sin is constantly piling,
    I'm like any of youse,
    And, like anybody else.

    But I have Jesus in my life,

    That makes it all easier to live.

    Breath of life is the same air God breathes.

    For words are the most powerful,
    Let me say that again.
    Words are the most powerful,
    Use it to win a soul, and not a Grammy again.

    I felt it like, I've been working too hard to win a shiny prize.

    Let everything, everyone go.

    Hold onto the narrow path.

    All the facts and figures,
    Extended days of quarter,

    Doesn't add up to 29th February.

    Research on the religion,
    Whose core is at the center of three oldest religions of the world.

    There's more proof for the gospels in history, archaeology, astronomy and astrophysics and all forms of science.

    Than I could leave of my life.

    So, I beg you to consider what I've said and open the Bible that saved my life.
    And, continues save a million more,
    Day after day.


  • rodney 9w

    21st July, 2021.
    10:27 a.m.


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    Bolt of lightning.

    Out of context,
    But not out of life.

    You speak to flex,
    My flow of rap is a reflex.

    Don't read the text,
    Wait till I give my best.

    Wolves aren't foxes,
    You don't need Google to help you understand.

    I hear you stand by,
    And, dress like you own a bank.

    That's chic,
    Was it all your ancestors’ debts?

    I mean not to bring you back to life,
    I only put the key in to see if it unlocks your eyes.

    Clothes that wrinkles,
    Shoes that stains,
    And, all of my poems—

    I know it'll hit its grave in its time.

    But when the chime rings,
    And the day begins let's not waste time.

    Too long hiding in,
    Felt my chest pacing to grin.

    Pain is not what claims everything.
    Pain is what sacrifices it's beginning.

    Poetry is artistic,
    Rap is cultural,
    Music ties it to endurance,

    And, makes it all sound euphoric.

    Some treat lies like a jolt of lightning,

    Zeus never thought he'd be carrying his weapon to seem majestic.

    War of mythological characters,
    Hesiod and Homer.

    In poems,
    Where myths originate.

    I found my name,
    I found it where most drag their feet to isolate.

    I don't always interrogate,
    I mostly listen to what you misinterpret.

    Time is the key to unlock life.

    If life found a way to transcend beyond the body's life,

    And, science to bend the law—already concocted;

    I presume,
    I'll be resurrected.


  • sheikh_huzaifa 9w

    Zamanay say thokar kha k mai nikla hu
    Dekh tere gali mai ab mera hi shoor hai
    Bachu k bachpan say nikla nahi tha
    Awaaz ab dil ki hai shoor machay ga
    Shoor machay ga!
    Nafraat dekhayi toh tunai hai
    Lay ab pyar ka toofaa
    Jooth say tu kitnu ko fuslayai ga
    Aik din tere bi sachayi aani hai
    Tu aaya hai toh jana b zaroor hai
    Kitnu k dilu k sath tu khelay ga
    Koyi toh shoor machaya ga
    Shoor machaya ga!
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  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 11w

    Heart of a hustler mind of a g

    Running round with his thoughts full of some nines to bring peace

    Seeing his life spin in a revolver

    And that teen spirit hover

    Above his once love soul

    The wide eye get lower

    With the world on his shoulders

    And hit from that dogia

    Killing his braincells tryba escape the prison of the mind

    Head in the clouds got him hitting till he dives

    In a sea of o.e

    Swimmg in the O he

    Sinning with the rose she

    Said was corny

    Putting his foot in the pedal taking a ride where everything is rosey

    Away from this world where nobody knows me

    In the throne with a crown of thorns

    And grapes fed by the lost angels

    Down this long rainbow

    Made by the bars that shine light thru his prism (prison)

    Reminiscing on ignorance and I how I miss him

    Following the traditions

    Of pimping the pen and

    Sipping the tippin

    Putting his ink in

    A sheet that is burning like a song from teddy swims

    With a y and a t rotating around his head like the tornado wind

    Seeing that y is just a unfinished x that u have to stab a i to

    See that to find the answers to u gotta exit

    The I u Hold tight to


  • sheikh_huzaifa 11w

    Likh sakhay jo na hum kalam say
    Wo likh diya humnai aapnai dil say
    Likhtay jo thay kitaabu k panay mai
    Likhtay thay, Mitta tay thay
    Koyi dekh na lay daar tha
    Ab aaisay likhtay hai ki
    Humai khud na pata hota hum kya likhtay
    Dil say niklay huway alfaaz
    Aur haatu ki taaiz raftaar
    Kaam aaisay aati hai ki
    Hum haathu say nahi dil say likh padtay hai
    Na janay kahan say aatay hai
    Dil mai aaisay alfaaz
    Kuch ka toh matlab b humai maloom na hota
    Humaray haath likh rahay hotay hai
    Par aaisa lagta hai ki khud hi likha ja raha hai
    Bina sonchay samjay likh padtay hai kuch b
    Phir ghoor say paad k khamiyu ko theek kartay hai
    Aur ho jata hai kaam
    Likh sakhay jo na hum kalam say
    Wo likh diya humnai aapnai dil say
    Likhtay jo thay kitaabu k panay mai
    Likhtay thay, Mitta tay thay.....
    #cannot #write #those #things #with #pen #on #notebook #fear #afraid #now #I #wrote #here #without #any #fear #thanks #rap #words #from #heart #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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  • rodney 12w

    4th July, 2021.
    10:36 a.m.


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    People like to comment,
    Criticize things they don't understand.

    I feel like I'm always at the forefront of everything
    I stand for,

    When people live to please ears,
    And not the Creator Himself.

    When the realest people I've met,
    Came from the gutter,
    And are still loyal to their graves.

    I feel misunderstood even before I say anything,
    People misinterpret the silence in my eyes.

    They seek happiness,
    But the only happiness that's true, is its nonexistence.

    Corporate office and the interviews with the corporate employees;

    They ask the question, “What's the difference between empathy and sympathy?”
    I answered, “Empathy is the feelings that you feel of the person you empathize with...
    And, sympathy is the concern you show towards a person facing adversities.”

    Then he frames his own understanding based on the data of customers he has received,

    I say, what he said is not the definition found in the dictionary.
    For that he replies he's not a ‘bookworm’ to agree with what I had to say?

    Man, what are you doing asking for meaning of words when you don't even know what it means?

    Real life scenarios, real life talks.

    Mentally strong and physically challenged walks.

    Sped up calls and customer service with marks.

    The liars on dial with their phony accents trying to figure out your relief.

    Cutting the grass,
    In the name of maintenance.

    Unsure of the past,
    They are here in pretence.

    Grammar and English,
    I've been told that I have to agree with everyone and everything during an interview.
    What am I doing here - selling my soul?

    In the name of humbleness, they stab and leave you bleeding.

    What's worth what?
    If job has its own cause,

    Strip your own heart for what it was?

    Mentally needy for the life you want to live,
    But the facts and figures dropping out of shiny new university standards;

    Some claim that the ruthless of MC's have figured out their way around the meanest of insults to throw a shade.

    But the greatest of MC's talk in silence,
    And bleed in music.

    What I see everyday, nobody sees,
    When I come up with life,
    In rhymes of threes,
    I gather more information than the news channels here.

    I rather stay free,
    I rather work my way up in what I believe.

    Some might say,
    I'm a lazy lad,
    Who doesn't work to pay for his needs.

    Yes, I've heard it.

    I'll let silence do the needful,
    And, let it all go through my music.


  • kevinosullivan 12w


    Awoken bright glass, molten and formed
    Bespoken white trash, pimping be scorned
    Seeker of deep learning neural networks
    Topological layers of intelligent meshworks
    Expunger of futures while locked in the past
    Gravitating towards lava while turning to ash
    Rapping on parchment without singing a hook
    Such doggerel is amateur, not read in a book

  • rodney 13w

    26th June, 2021.
    6:24 p.m.


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    I feel my worth slide out,
    As the mercury in a thermometer.

    I feel the urge to talk like a sloth,

    Hence, I keep quiet.

    All the things that's actual worth some birth,
    I kill them with the instincts of centuries heard.

    I can't really show myself to everyone that's nice,

    For my heart has bled enough to make me think thrice,
    Before I let you in, to cut my throat with knives of lies and vice.

    Sour as I am to be,
    Spices and herbs, feed on what I see.

    I walk ten miles to learn about you,
    But you don't even remember my name?

    Tough life, swift price,
    I paid them,
    Once, and ten times again.

    I don't like people,
    I like not the speeches that they memorize on their way.

    I'm slim with my life,
    Stiff with my family beside.

    I don't need anyone to point out errors,
    When I criticize my own mind,
    More than you think about what I've said.

    Can't really treat myself great,
    When I know that I don't know if I'll live the next day.

    So, I keep quiet with the notes on my hand,

    A phone with its keypad,

    I've started to type right,

    More than I blink twice.

    I'm not striving to be relatable or be someone nice,

    I'm here to honour my heart,
    For it's sinful as any other person with unending sighs.

    I try to kill my old soul with music and art,
    That divides.

    I try to stab myself in the heart,
    So nobody will have to pick up my fate.

    I try, try and fail over again.

    Veneer as the registered time.

    I give up one day,

    And once I wake up the next day,
    I'm trying again, against the man in the reflection,
    Who tried hard to butcher my fate with what I had on my plate.


  • nuances_in_life 13w

    Others think
    'Awe ' your life is full

    Mind voice
    Yes it's awful.

  • soliquince 13w

    Old Crow

    How come with cigs I could see you,
    but when I drank there was always two?
    Can't hurt what's invincible
    when you can't tell you're miserable.
    Common sense saved and damned,
    cause when I wanted to spaz,
    it said "you can't.
    Look to the future."
    I am, you're cruel.
    I see nothing in your plans.
    Maybe I'm just a small minded man,
    maybe I'm selfish too.
    Maybe I don't want to think things through.
    Maybe it's too many maybes cause I'm scared to lose.
    "What, what can you prove?
    you're a stooped bitch,
    built stupid.
    Might as well have been born with two lips,
    shit that means two things, don't it?
    Well never mind, my heart has that bulletproof vest.
    Life is what tests but I failed so many times, is my IQ lower than...Nah, I'm supposedly "gifted," right?
    Is it possible you could've proof read
    my script into a shit song?
    I write all night long, means nothing,
    words are an extension of me bluffing.
    To my new cousin
    we were talking relationships.
    A womans breakup is a sad song for a few hours then she's fine.
    had to sit back, not say a word for a while.
    Is that all it takes...time?
    What it takes to kill feelings,
    (I know some better methods,
    follow me down, let's test it.)
    so for more than a few years my fears were wrong?
    Should it be that easy to move on,
    and am I what's wrong?
    Lies covering questions
    posing as lessons,
    I reckon that's the story I'll preach before my pension
    if it ever comes.
    The world ain't sunshine and rainbows, but it can be moonshine and chainsmokes.
    it can be love and you can be enough, if you're too far gone to give a fuck.
    So long as the pain goes,
    even if it lays low.
    Even if it's the same slow
    burn that keeps my brain cold.
    So long as it plays gold
    over and over, days old.
    Keep the train's flow
    smoother with that Old Crow.

  • nuances_in_life 14w

    I'm beautiful than you
    I'm smarter than you
    I'm kinder than you
    But you're you, always;
    That hits me hard