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  • lost_horcrux 18w

    Am I being forgotten

    Sitting in this old chair,
    Just makes me sleep for a moment,
    Pass the time only for ending the day,
    Which gives a lot of pains to be thought.

    I know that i am just alone now,
    No one can care myself like yesterday anymore,
    How i wonder i never be seen in this world anymore,
    'Cause i am too shy to express what i am sad for.
    A star from the midnight sky just stays above,
    Looking myself crying for uncertain wishes,
    Trying to make myself smile,
    Still so hard to believe it can.

    And the night already comes,
    A silent wind blows my hair smoothly,
    Trying to pacify myself not to be sad anymore,
    But it's too late to realize anymore.
    Maybe i am so easy to be forgotten,
    Maybe and i know it can be possible anytime,
    Just a question that i can keep it myself,
    'Am i being forgotten now? '

    How cruel this world leaves me like this,
    Never become one of them anymore,
    And i become estranged in front of people's eyes,
    Can't foresee what i had already planned anymore.

    #rant #forgotten #alone

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    And the night already comes,
    A silent wind blows my hair smoothly,
    Trying to pacify myself not to be sad anymore,
    But it's too late to realize anymore.
    Maybe i am so easy to be forgotten,
    Maybe and i know it can be possible anytime,
    Just a question that i can keep it myself,
    'Am i being forgotten now? '

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 18w

    #rant #dont comment #sleep is alien #all because of you
    Not meant to be clear, or to be read so skip. 2.45 am.
    Permanent Now !
    Thank you so much for EC ����

    Still Alive ~

    Dear Lord
    My lips are sewed
    But my wounds aren't
    My voice can't cry
    But my heart does
    My limbs can't hold
    But my tears can
    So they don't know
    So they can't find
    My heart's so broken
    Only you know why
    Please don't let me
    Drown in my own tears
    Such empty nights
    Are slicing my soul
    Neither can I sleep
    Nor weep for it
    I've lost the right to mourn
    When I've been denied twice
    I've lost the right to love
    When I've been betrayed twice
    I've lost the right to live
    When I've been stabbed twice
    I've lost the right to die
    When I've killed myself twice
    I've lost the right of rebirth
    When I've been cursed alive
    I know, you know it all
    You know what I feel
    What I suffer
    What I surrender
    Yet if you can't let me live
    Will you let me leave ?
    I've been sinning since the moment
    I've realized and repeated my mistakes
    You're the sole witness of all my crimes
    And that I've never blamed anyone else
    Not even you for the fate I'm destined with
    I'm scared of my own tolerance for pain
    What more do you want me to bear ?
    How much more do you want me to burn ?
    Perhaps I won't even leave any ashes behind
    For I'm going to fade away from this world
    Which never gave me what I wanted, needed
    Which I've nothing to do with anymore


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  • the_illumin_alby 19w

    Siamese cartwheel

    At the reapers diner
    You pay for death
    While others blow
    Paralyzed kisses
    In the


  • _himanshi__ 19w

    प्रेम का अर्थ यह नहीं है की मैं तुमसे हमेशा बात करूंगी या तुम हमेशा मुझसे इजहार करोगे , बस हम इंतज़ार करेंगे इस ब्रह्मांड का हमें एक करने का और एक दूसरे को समझने का तब तक प्रेम को जीवित रखना हमारा कर्तव्य होगा । सभी कहते हैं यह दुनिया गोल है फिर भी हम ढूंढ लेंगे विपरित दिशा में दो कोने । एक में तुम बैठ जाना , एक में मैं बैठ जाऊंगी । तब तक हम बैठे रहेंगे जब तक एक भूंकप इन दो कोनों को हिला ना दे और हमें नजदीक ना ला दे । तब तक तुम रोना मत , मैं भी खुद को संभाल लूंगी । तब तक तुम इस कोने से गिरना मत , मैं भी खुद का हाथ पकड़ कर खुद को बचा लूंगी । तब तक तुम मुझसे ज्यादा खुद से प्रेम करना , मेरे लिए ।


  • leena_afsha_ishrot 20w

    Sick after chasing what I wanted to be
    To speak aloud freely is dream
    There's an obligatory to choose professionals,too
    Something is stuck in my throat

  • zikra_ 20w

    And all these liners were the
    shattered emotions I collected here for you.

  • utkarsh_sinha 20w


    No one knows the intricate nature of my mind more than myself, thus making me a perfect victim and a perfect torturer.

    It is the most unsettling thing to comprehend that you are the one that can inflict the maximum amount of pain on yourself ,but it's the truth...

    I am amazed by the past , I can dig up the past and I can bury them just as easily...I deprive myself of love as punishment and isolation becomes my only prize. Pain rewards more pain.

    A unidirectional route to detoriation . I break down till all my pieces see the sun differently, til I lose almost everything I had when my mother brought me to this earth.
    I'm so sorry mother, I know you love me unconditionally, but I wish I was a better son for you to love.

  • pbwrites101 21w

    You begins without me, and I'm not there to see it and the sun will rise and discover my loved one eyes all loaded up with tears for me while thinking about the numerous things i didn't say. I realize the amount of care they do for me,furthermore it appeared to be practically unimaginable that I am leaving them.
    I thought about all the adoration we shared ,all the lovely moments we spent and all the great we had , try to understand that it was so easy i took my last breath peacefully and forgive me i will be not there from now onwards .They have to be used to it and don't believe we're far separated, for each time they remember me, kindly know I'm in their heart.

    #creativearena #covid #covidtimes #rant #times #contest #overthinker #peace #creativearena #writingcontest #mirakee
    @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Dear Tomorrow

    What if...

  • stella_611611 21w

    Sex with any part of clothes still on
    Has always disgusted me
    I want both partners to be naked,
    As the day they were born...
    Anything less is meaningless
    Lust, vulgarity
    Sex shouldn't be mechanical
    It is the most beautiful expression
    Of love
    Sex is a gift, cherish it completely...

  • zikra_ 21w

    And, I didn't know
    that the world of love
    had hidden maps
    of broken promises.

  • leena_afsha_ishrot 21w

    I wish I could tell you how much I miss you, but I chose to remain quiet like you do, I know you are perfect but bitter to hear we are a bit imperfect too, this imperfections leads to do crazy things, but I remain numb infront of you, I feel shy, I feel complete with you, will you give a share to be your caretaker?

  • leena_afsha_ishrot 21w

    #rant #leena_unsaidwords

    18-5-21 11:44 p.m.

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    It hurts me, whenever I see you online
    Because I know it will never turn into typing
    Maybe it's a rule of the universe
    That pulls down to you again and again
    You've texted in times of your need
    On the other way, you just replied
    When I cooked, burst out to you
    It feels depressing
    It hurts to be in the dark
    Everything is a lie
    I love you
    You pretend to do
    You keep on to ignore
    I am waiting behind the screen
    I forgive
    You flip over


  • _create_23 22w


    "I want to run away from all this!"

    If running away was a choice my life gave unreluctantly, I would stay in my unhesitant running shoes forever, not caring about who waits for me, who listens to me, who hates me and not even about who loves me.

    Hate is still okay at times but love, that makes you vulnerable. What is that stops you from leaving? The revenge you want to seek or the mother's lap you want to sleep in. It is indeed love, hence I call it scary.

    But this time, I am not talking about running because I am scared to love or be loved. I've moved on from those clichés, I am talking about running away out of fear, fear of "it" not coming to an end, fear of "it" kissing me to death, fear of "it" making me lose whatever I own. I don't know if you have heard of this "it" I am referring to but this "it" is contagious, spreads before you know, slips into your lungs, chokes your life and dumps you at the door of death.

    Yes. You got it.
    I am talking about that "it".

    Why am I talking about running anyway?
    Is it a choice I think of making at times, is it a sentence I crave speaking from time to time or is it a lie I say to myself to save my energy from drowning?
    Let me first make this thing clear. It is not the escape from place I am talking about, I am talking about the escape from time.
    This time, when toxicity is eating up from all corners, when dreaming feels scary, goals seem aimless and schedules seem pointless, here we stand the GEN Z striving to understand.

    No. It isn't easy.
    Parents are shutting us in a room asking us to study but wait? Study what? And for when? The insanity and the thrust on us to study has always been there but this time, it is different and difficult. I understand it is not their fault but- (neither is it ours)

    No. It isn't easy
    Hearing the noises on news, reading the complete mess on social media and listening to our friends cry because they lost someone and sometimes it is us, telling a story to someone in a different corner, sobbing. It isn't like death is new for us to hear and understand but watching it so closely is what we are witnessing for the first time and that too massively. It isn't like we are searching for the stuff which is making us unstable, it just pops up. How can one avoid it anyway?

    No it isn't easy.
    To take a load of the rants we hear from our adults. Yes, we understand. You are tired and frustated but we are too. We are breathing the same air, hearing the same cacophony, playing the same songs on loop, it has become monotonous for us too. But we know you can't help and we can neither. So, we are sitting closed in a room trying to figure out the storm within us but you just cannot stop knocking. Please stop. Wait, let us think first. Let us chain our words and then we'll let you know.

    But a question,
    We didn't make a choice to give birth to a population of nearly 7 billion, we didn't play politics for health, education and research, we weren't the part of the rallies you took out so why are our careers, life and mental peace on risk?

    The universe ain't fair and I can't ask for justice. I can just wait and wish to run away from time. Hibernate.
    But will I? What if I get up one day and I am told that my hibernation turned into death and I have set a foot in hell, earning nothing? Because this is the world we are living in right now, unpredictable.

    I think the time isn't far when people won't die because they are INFECTED by "it" but because they are SCARED of "it", like me.

    So, I have decided to not be scared anymore. To gain a little bit of courage, a tiny bit of hope and look at the faces of my friends and feel the pain with them because dard baatne se kam hota hai.
    So, GEN Z, share you pain, your worries, your questions, rant it out, look at the sky how it admires you even in the middle of this chaos, utter more than silence, scream however you desire, sing to the top of your voice, because YOU ARE NOT DEAD YET. You are alive! We are alive! We are here! We have a life to live and to celebrate��

    Put the fears aside for a moment and don't think of the future, just play the song you HAVEN'T heard ever which carries no feels for you (Because the songs on your playlist now carry gloominess you don't realise) specifically and dance like a maniac. You'll feel fine. Okay?


    PS : Share some new good songs in the comment section for me to form a new playlist. Others may refer to it as well.

    I cannot be the only one feeling it or am I?

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  • zikra_ 22w

    Let the mess look like a mess.


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    Now, I am out of tears
    To express the pain
    Dwelling inside

    Perforated lungs
    Are overflowing with
    Weed's smoke

    I'm staring at the ceiling
    Holding an empty
    box of cigarettes

    Folks are unaware
    of my presence so
    I too am complete with
    Incomplete relations.

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  • harsh77 23w

    Just me being me �� #rant tha ekdhum chalte chalte likha��
    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @writersbay

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  • leena_afsha_ishrot 23w

    6-5-21 8:00 p.m.

    #leena_unsaidwords #rant

    Mind stuff ��


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    You are an angel or most handsome guy
    No matter how much you try hard, you are a Maleficent witch in some story
    Too sweet or too bitter
    Either giving too much priority
    Or sitting with less priority

  • pillars_of_life_ 23w

    Is this universe worth believing in or is it just another delusion to feel better and escape?

  • miss_silentlyweird 30w

    Sorry for rant but it's my last post for today before sleeping. I'm lame trying hard writer but I still wanted to say thank you for all the co-writers I met here that gives appreciations for my works. Goodnight!

    Source ��: Universal Art

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    Sometimes I badly wanted to write. The urge to create something what's on my mind is so strong but when I starts to write it down, all thoughts suddenly hard to ink. The words seem lacking of emotion. The outcomes are so far from what I expected.

    In the end I decided to just slowly erase all the words I typed down..