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  • rani_shri 2w


    It's 03:03 A.M. and I'm still awake
    As if I have to catch the sun and moon together.
    But like my own life,
    I couldn't do that too.

    I drank my love as liquor
    That you made for me.
    That night I was the one
    Who smelled like you even more than you.
    Your kiss was more in the nerves
    Than on my lips
    Those days were pink and nights were green.
    But time is unpredictable,
    It changed. So now,
    My days are grey and nights are black
    The melancholy in night is stuck between the giggles of two days.
    I keep the crescent on my face
    And full moon on my lap.
    My moon cries and showers his lights on me
    My zodiac tries to be better
    and want to change itself.

    The lines of my hands are nothing
    but just a rope of my neck.
    The beats in my heart are nothing
    but just a knife of my nerves.
    The blood of my veins is nothing
    but the ink of your pen
    that creates the verses of my death.
    I scratch my nail paint
    which took a part of my life to dry
    I kill the sunflowers which is kissed by sun.
    I hide myself behind the curtains but
    my life spies me to live till death.
    My dreams come in my dreams to tell me that
    'Dreams are to be built not to be broken and buried.'
    Spring falls on me like the autumn leaves.
    I ain't what I had chosen myself to be.

    I have so many glances of yours
    But I'm sticked with that favorite pic of yours
    I also have so many people to stick my heart with
    But I'm sticked to the favorite person of mine
    And that is you.
    My Darling,
    My soul sleeps inside you
    And wakes up inside me.
    Someday it will stay inside me but
    Will be buried inside you....

    ~Rani Shri

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    No one knows what's it all about..

  • thenomad 4w

    There's a transparent ocean inside your eyes

    There's a transparent ocean inside your eyes , endless , one that could drown me. But the stillness of the waves and the absence of life shows me the emptiness within . You are hollow , devoid of me. But I promise , there will come a time , when another will come , and fit into your void like the missing piece of the puzzle . You will again feel the happiness , the ecstasy, the care . All I ask of you is , don't forget about me , remember me , love me as you always did , and promised , and if possible , leave everything and come running back to me . Cause I'll be waiting for you .

  • thenomad 4w

    When you find someone who loves you , hold them close and never let them go!


  • _celena_ 6w

    Fair(y) or Fair(l)y world?

    Sleepless nights
    Overth-inking minds
    Fantasies wrapped
    A cold soul inside

    Jewels n emeralds
    Tulips n tiaras
    A prince and a princess
    Joy n happiness
    Its all a fair(l)y tale tells?

    Feelings turned into scribbles
    Moments into memories
    A prince full of warmth
    Yet felt so empty
    A princess brave enough
    Yet have scar(ed) heart
    It's a world we live in, isn't it?

    Sometimes we chose to stay in it
    Most of times we embraced
    the fair(l)y world to seek comfort
    From the lonely world...


  • rani_shri 7w

    Diminishing Verse

    Like the fire, my heart sparks
    Beneath the sky's infinite parks
    Having burnt ashes inside it's arks.

    I'm killed by my own strains
    Even in the running trains
    And drenched in the falling rains.

    With the melancholy my life is spending,
    The happiness is always pending,
    This is how my life is ending.

    I found the sky's stall
    Having feet very tall
    Capturing the all.

    Walking over the stair
    I found birds tair
    Flying in the air.

    I wasn't stable
    So I hold a table
    And made myself able.

    From you, I'm never apart.
    I'm your heart's lost part
    Which is the face of your art.

    You told, for love, my soul is shallow
    But I know that it is hallow
    So now will you allow?

    Can you help me please?
    To get my heart a beautiful lease
    So that I can rest in ease.

  • _celena_ 7w

    I chose to live in my dreams
    When I was swayed away by insecurities


  • moon_pearl 7w

    ��Pls skip this if you are sensitive to depressive poetries.

    #rant #sleeplessnight

    Ah, Its another night!

    Welcome demons to another nightmare,
    I beg can you please kill me?
    It sucks to get hurt over and over,
    like a wound rubbed with piercing blades.

    My soul is rotting,
    My life is decaying,
    My tears are crying,
    My heart is crawling.

    Oh yes.Why would you care?
    I'm just a emotional freak,
    wearing tears as my dress,
    with pathetic piles of poetries!

    Ahh...So shame!
    Its again.
    I'm listening that song...
    "Only You" from "13 reasons why!"
    Wondering if Hannah didn't commited suicide
    and Clay could stay forever with her.

    I don't know the rhymes of poetries,
    you snatched them away from me!
    I don't know what is this?
    I can't tell anyone,
    No one would believe me!

    I can't even die!
    What if my corpse couldn't forget you?
    What if ashes of my bones crave for you?
    What if I get reborn just to get hurt again?
    What if I get punished for sins of loving you?

    I'm screaming in my silence,
    Can you hear me?
    Do I not deserve life?
    Do I not deserve a hug?

    Do I just deserve noose?
    Do I just deserve coffine?
    Do I just deserve sad songs?
    Do I just deserve betrayals?

    Moon,can you please not shine today?
    The oozing blood of my scars
    glitters a lot underneath you moonbeams!
    I don't want anyone to see it or
    else they will mock me again!
    Just give me hug tonight under this
    eclipse of my life!

    Alas I will have to wake up tomorrow,
    Again with a dead part of me,
    I have forgotten how to sleep,
    Just graveyards offer me a bed with sleep?
    Should I go?

    Nobody would care,
    Nobody would like to raise a child like me,
    Nobody would like to have a partner like me.

    Again I'll beg you God for an answer!

    "Why this alive slaughter of me?"


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    Sigh!!!!...Another sleepless night,
    And now all hawling in my mind is-

    //All I needed was the love you gave,
    All I needed for another day!
    And All I ever knew!
    ONLY YOU//

    ~Selena Gomez

  • disisdiplim 8w

    #pod #quarantine
    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakeeworld



    I know it happens to a lot of us, it effects us and yet we choose to say nothing...
    It has hurt me so many times , people treating me like a prize and ignoring everything I want to say..
    I don't want to keep quiet about it anymore.


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    Dear stranger

    I saw you filling my social media DM
    You push so hard for one reply
    and it keeps me wondering why.
    And now that I am older, I know
    You are looking for an idea of a fantasy
    the projection of your mind.

    And when I reply
    You will seek something,
    I shall never agree to be
    a damsel in distress, an always happy face,
    Or a beautiful pious goddess, a submissive
    I am not meant to be.
    And you get frustrated all over again.

    Did my pictures portray me as naivé or maybe
    degraded me in some kind?
    Or is it my poems that makes you think
    I am meek to life's due course
    or passive that perfectly suits
    patriarchal stereotypes.

    Dear stranger, would you
    peek beyond the picture?
    I am a person with a sane mind.
    Not an object of satisfaction, neither I am
    meant to be your sensational infatuation.
    I won't be a casual swing , not a hook-up
    None , nothing of that kind.
    I bear stress and scars just as you, and life'
    brutality has also made me bruised.

    Dear stranger
    Talk to me when you can bear the mind
    which comes with this face.
    Other than that I believe I am not something
    that can be of your interest or fairy tale lies.
    I am not a princess bathing in pearls and walking
    Over roses.
    I am not seated in a tower high or taken by a dragon.

    At rejection you will treat me as a criminal
    Of some crime
    Your audacity to win my heart , it is bound by
    few month's time
    As if I am sort of trophy waiting to be claimed.

    Dear stranger
    Have the courage to accept me just as I am
    the courtesy of a gentleman to understand
    the non reciprocal feelings with a calm mind
    Or don't approach at all,
    expecting toxic take aways from
    rom-coms of a different time.


  • blooming_fossil 8w

    #rant #journal #3amc
    @writersnetwork ❤��thanks for the read!

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    When it is 3 am and you can't sleep
    our button-sized home is drenched by our sixth monsoon
    A huge monster in your dream wakes you up
    Your big black eyes gleam with tears
    You peep at Daddy, clutch his vest tightly, and go back to sleep, brushing the fear and tears
    because you believe the cleverest man who spelt BACTERIA correctly the other night could handle a behemoth with ease.

    When It is 3.10 am and you can't sleep
    Your best friend's larger home is swarmed with
    the fragrance of our twelfth Spring flowers
    This time, your equally scary Math teacher is in your dream to wake you up, asks what is A PLUS B WHOLE CUBE
    You squeal the answer in haste, your friend who's awake with your yelling says you were right and you go back to sleep with an irreplaceable smile.

    When It is 3.30 am and I can't sleep
    Our elegant villa shines with our nineteenth winter snow
    No monsters or Math teachers come to wake me up
    Because I don't sleep, I lie wallowing somewhere betwixt soaking loneliness and surging solitude
    I pursue pain in poetry and search for happiness in stories
    I still sigh and sing, but forget how to breath
    mellow dewdrops and sangfroid sunshine try to soothe me, but foams of anxiety choke me to the numbness
    Neither dear Daddy nor friends and family can help me.


  • kaiotyk 10w

    Things I learned the hard way.

    Cats will sit anywhere you ask them not to. Siblings are a blessing from the Divine, when you may have pissed them off a little. The loudest ‘I love you’s aren’t always the most true. Mornings are best served melancholy. Sometimes the sky just tastes faintly of sadness; accept these times as they are. Those who love you hold your heart with shaky hands. You did not deserve what happened to you. Not a living soul can kick the passion from your breath. Poetry is a language. Cries for help are always the strongest song. Nothing will change unless we do. Not every warm hand that reaches for you is looking for anything more than a piece to take home. You are your own shining achievement for making it to where you are. I already love the me I could be; I’m still bickering with the me I am.

  • blackwench 10w

    No claim!

    I collect.
    Yet I Iay no claim.

    It's not mine yet, neither is it anybody's.

    It's just a pound of flesh within my reach,
    a morsel I can pinch whenever my belly needs filling.


  • siva_aanandhi 11w

    You are your home, solace and happiness.

    #rant #loveyourself

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    Being there for your heart is the biggest flex.

  • the_illumin_alby 11w

    I met your father on Monterey Rd and he went by Molly

    The windmills
    On the side of
    Keeps the land


  • lost_horcrux 12w

    I am getting used to be alone
    But it weights heavy sometimes

  • _himanshi__ 13w


    तुम ही से खफा , तुम ही से मुकम्मल हर दुआ
    खुशी भी तुमसे , दर्द भी तुम ही से
    ना जाने कैसी उलझन में फंस गया ये रिश्ता
    ख्वाहिशें भी तुमसे , नाराज़गी भी तुम ही से ।

    याद है आपको बचपन में हर रोज़ ठीक 6 बजे आप घर आते थे और मैं ठीक 5 बजे ही तैयार हो कर बैठ जाती थी आपके इंतज़ार में । एक ग्लास नींबू पानी पीकर बिना आराम किए आप ले चलते मुझे पहले कंधे पर बैठा कर फिर जब बड़ी हुई तब उंगली पकड़ कर ।
    " आज कहां चलेंगे हम ?"
    " हर रोज़ पूछती है तू , पता है ना मैं नही बताऊंगा ।"

    आज भी हजारों सवाल है मेरे मन में और मैं जानती हूं आप अब भी जवाब नही दोगे । नही बताओगे इसलिए मैं पूछती भी नही , लेकिन ये ख़ामोशी तोड़ रही है मुझे । डरने लगी है आपकी बेटी अब हर मर्द से । अगर आप बदल सकते हो तो कोई भी बदल सकता है । आप को लगता है मैं आपसे नफरत करती हूं , नही कर पाती हूं । हर रोज़ कोशिश करती हूं लेकिन हार जाती हूं खुद को आपसे दूर करने में । हर रात जब कोई नही होता मेरे आंसू पोंछने के लिए और मेरी बातें सुनने के लिए बस यही सोचती हूं काश सब कुछ पहले जैसा हो जाए । एक बार आप खुद के लिए बदल गए थे , काश एक बार मेरे लिए बदल जाओ । काश मुझे वो पापा वापस मिल जाएं जो कुछ सालों पहले मुझसे दूर हो गए ।

    यह जो अनदेखा कर देते हो आप मुझे , बिना बात चिल्ला देते हो मुझ पर , हर बात का गुस्सा मुझ पर निकाल देते हो , हर रोज मुझसे नफरत करने की कोशिश करते हो , क्यों करते हो ऐसा ? मैं तो वही हूं ना जिसके लिए कभी आपने रातें बिना सोए काटी थी , जिसके लिए आप भूखे पेट रह लेते थे , जिसके मामूली सी बुखार होने पर आप का बीपी हाई हो जाता था , पापा आप इतनी आसानी से कैसी बदल गए ? इतना आसान कैसे हो सकता है अपने परिवार से प्रेम ना करना सिर्फ अपनी दो पल की खुशी के लिए ?

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    आप जानते हो मैं रो देती थी अगर आप मुझसे बात नही करते थे तो , आज सालों बीत गए हमारी बातें नही हुई , क्या आपको मालूम है मैं रात को सोती नही हूं । हां अब रोती नही , क्या है ना की आँखें बहुत मतलबी होती हैं सिर्फ तब तक रोती हैं जब तक रो पाती हैं लेकिन यह दिल बहुत वफादार है यह हर रोज रोता है । कभी तो आओ और इस दिल को संभालों , इसके आंसू पोंछ दो । उस दिन यह आंखें भी रोने लगेंगी फिर से ।

    आप जानते हो मैंने अपनी ऑलमोस्ट हर खुशी का कुर्बान कर दिया था सिर्फ आपकी वजह से । अब सिर्फ दो वजह हैं मेरे पास खुश होने की , सबसे पहली मां और दूसरा वो लड़का जो आपकी बेटी को बिल्कुल वैसे प्यार करता है जैसे आप करते थे कुछ सालों पहले । आप वापिस नही बदलोगे , आप वापिस अच्छे नहीं बनोगे यह कड़वा सच मैंने अपना लिया है लेकिन प्लीज मुझसे मेरी खुशी की यह दो वजह मत छीनो ।

    मैं जिंदगी भर के लिए आपकी नफ़रत में थोड़ा थोड़ा प्यार ढूंढ लूंगी लेकिन इन दो लोगों से सिर्फ प्यार चाहती हूं मैं । प्लीज इन्हे मुझसे प्यार करने दो ।

    और हां , आपकी खुशी के खिलाफ़ कभी कुछ नही किया मैंने और ना ही कभी करूंगी ।
    सभी कहते हैं मैं बिल्कुल आप जैसी हूं , शक्ल सूरत से भी और आदतों से भी पर मैं आप जैसी नही हूं पापा और इसी बात का गर्व है मुझे और विश्वास है खुद पर मैं कभी आप जैसी नही बनूंगी ।

    आपकी बेटी हर रोज़ आपका इंतजार करती है , कभी तो आप ऑफिस से लौटते हुए इस बैग के साथ खुद को भी वापस लाओगे । आओगे ना आप खुद को फिर से बदल कर ? मेरे लिए फिर से अच्छे बनोगे ना ?

  • zikra_ 13w

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    Stitching wounds you caused on heart again
    To remind it not to love you back.

  • _celena_ 13w


  • the_illumin_alby 13w

    Drywall lipstick

    Her dead eyes
    Cried the tears
    Of blood
    Of her victims
    A diet the grave
    Needed to rise


  • lost_horcrux 14w

    Birthday the worst day in my life
    Every year it's makes me feel how lonely I am.

  • a_gentilischi 12w

    Just a mindless rant that was gathering dust in drafts.


    There's this feeling
    Deep in my chest
    Beating all day and night

    I once thought
    That it was my own heart

    But now I know it isn't

    This is just longing
    A painful yearning
    So wide and deep
    That my rib cage creaks
    Barely containing it all

    One day
    Not today
    It will be too much
    And all of this
    Will break out of me

    Like a tide
    It will wash-
    -over me
    -under me
    -through me.

    You'll find my remains on the beach

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #miraquill #writersnetwork #writersbay
    #tides #beach #waves #rant #thoughts
    #heart #yearn #tide #time #within #limit

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