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  • vickysardar243 1w

    If life is a simulation then disturb it by doing random unpredictable things.
    It will require time to adapt and meanwhile you can reap the benefits out of it.
    Try new things each day. That way moments will be adventurous, thrilling, exciting and worth LIVING.
    Don't be a Variable. Lead the variables.

  • beingapoet 24w

    What lives inside a Teen Kid ?

    It's stupid to even ask
    It shameful to bring up
    There are too many things opposing it
    That's why it is not bad.

    I am @beingapoet
    Like I mentioned, I'm a Teen
    Forgetting about what others think
    I am randomly writing.

    Let's see what lives inside me
    Let's see how far can I go
    Let me not give myself time to embarrass
    Let's put up a good show.

    I like loneliness. But not like what you think.
    I like books. I like to read connecting strings.
    I am into anime. But not like an otaku.
    An average boy with average lifestyle.
    That much should do.

    I won't give in any personal informations
    I am not that stupid, you know.
    But it's my character I am showing in my poem.
    I want to know, who should I show ?

    I want a girlfriend and like to go out with her.
    I feel like it's wrong to write that previous sentence.
    But let's go randomly, let's tell myself the truth.
    Even if it's me wandering, it's still youth.

    Don't get me wrong, don't make me regret.
    That's the talk I do, to myself in my nest.
    I talk to myself in another language
    It make sense that way.
    I don't like to look at others eyes, I am afraid.

    I have friends,
    But don't think they see me that way
    That's why I never had that much fun.
    Because nobody feels the same way....

    So, What lives inside a Teen Kid
    Is what they call the term uniqueness.
    Everybody just live the way you want
    It's not anyone's weakness!!!

  • thedeadink 26w

    Is it just a magnified perspective, or do you have an answer? I would love to hear your ideas about, order in randomness!
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #randomness #order

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    Is it even possible to cast your shadow on a pedestal when you are lurking in a mirage, submerging in dry air, breathing nitrogen, establishing a premature definition which makes no sense? Is it even possible to still have an order, when you know you are drowning in a pool filled with just randomness!

  • vijaylaxmimohata 39w


    Kaan mey padti ek hansi ne chaunka diya,
    Toh apni soch se upar nazrein uthaakar dekha,
    Woh saamne ladies seat par baithi ek ladki,
    Metro rail mey udaaseen chehron ke beech,
    Uski hansi kamal ki tarah lag rahi hai na,
    Shaayad apne premi se baat kar rahi hai,
    Prem kitna paagal hota hai na,
    Aas paas duniya ki hakikat nahi dekhta,
    Hakikat kitni berang hoti hai na,
    Mera mann usi hansi par atka hai,
    Ek aasha ki kiran jaisa hai na.


  • sha_yad 42w


    The splendid stillness of our dynamic world
    and the utter chaos in this still universe
    makes me wonder how meticulously we fit
    in this entire randomness while being so insignificant.
    Ever heard the silence of the night,
    how it howls and reverberates in darkness,
    ever observed the beautiful luminance of the day's light,
    how it scatters to fill the sky,
    ever seen the romance of dragonflies,
    how they love to live and live to die.
    Ever wondered how we keep existing
    despite our insignificance,
    with the same randomness that created us
    and this perfect world.


  • quarantinistani 50w

    At 12:13
    is it 14 o'clock?



  • lucent_muse 59w

    Click click click
    Another day is about to end
    Slick slick slick
    Don't go falling
    On this wet night
    When the moon comes out to play
    And the stars display themselves
    Yolo Yolo Yolo
    Remember this
    No matter how today ends
    You are the master of your day
    You can end it on a good note
    Or bring up all the negativity
    of the day
    Feeding on it
    You are what you think you are.

  • dark_chocolate_and_cranberries 64w


    Have you ever noticed people's eyes, when they speak about their passion?
    That shine comes from within and it hits different!

  • thefool_thehermit 65w


    कुछ सफर बहुत खूबसूरत होते हैं,
    जिनकी मंज़िल नहीं होती,
    जहां रास्ते की फ़िक्र नहीं होती,
    ऐसे ही सफरनामे में,
    कुछ हसीन मुलाकाते होती हैं।

  • stella_writes 66w

    I don't think I can fall in love with anyone anymore,
    I know nobody is perfect, nobody can be perfect really,
    But when you truly share something with someone and they don't reciprocate or just vanish you should just stop,
    Take a moment for yourself and breathe in and out,
    Let your head clear for a lil while,
    See everything that happened in between the days you've spent with them and the day they vanished,
    You'll realise that there were moments you enjoyed and you'll cherish but that's just it,
    That is all that's gonna happen nothing more because regardless of what happened between you and the other person it just doesn't exist anymore so you make up your mind to get on with life and there it is you realise that this keeps happening again and again,
    So that's what happened with me,
    I get attached and am vulnerable and when I finally like someone or idk anything to do about that department it just fucks up without anything to do about it....
    I think my heart got bruised again and now it hurts but like always I'll get over it and even though it wasn't me who did this I feel like am not gonna hate that

  • theoffendedteddy 75w

    When I love, 
    You don't love me back,
    Why does that not hurt me?

    When I love,
    And you don't love me back?
    Why does that not stop me?

    Why do I accept it?
    Like it's my test of trueness?
    Why do I try so hard?
    To change the things that might never be?

    Why can I not move on?
    Not look back at every step?
    And be drowned in sadness
    That I brought upon myself?

    You did not hurt me
    You never led me on
    I fell in love with your existence
    Why was I damned?

    It was not a choice or a decision
    It was a feeling I felt
    Only around you.

    What is the big deal now?
    Why do I hold on to that feeling still?
    Like it might never return
    Like it might never exist for me.

    Why do I subject myself to this trauma?
    This hurt
    This pain
    These tossing nights.

    Why do I know all of this?
    Know nothing at all.
    Nothing about myself.

    Why is it
    That we met
    You left
    I remained stuck in that moment.


    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pain #writerspost #randomness

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    Why is it
    That we met
    You left
    I remained stuck in that moment.


  • hopless_anonymous_writer 76w

    More to come but for later I guess

    #randomness #pain

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    Untitled -

    From her footfalls I heard what a sweet melody is,
    From her emanating aura I learnt what soul is.

    Each and every step I took towards what I believed destiny is,
    She moved a step back, it wasn't what she held as destiny I guess,

  • the_spilledemotions 77w


    You called me yours
    But didnt let me free
    Made me what you want
    I am not what i used to be

    I had feelings for you
    So i did every thing
    In return there was nothing
    Let you have control of me
    As always I fell into it blindly
    I Left everything for you
    But you came out as an escapee

    The things are getting worse
    And I can't find you here
    My importance in your life is so unclear
    Now i know
    What I was fixing together
    Which never was meant to last forever

    It's not your fault
    I ignored all the signs
    Your arrogance
    Your ignorance
    Your emotional abuse
    And every stupid excuse
    The list is long
    so just let it be
    You know what
    it was just not mean to be

    I neither want you nor your stuff
    Goodbye to you and your bluff

  • kalaivani_umapathy 78w

    Never have I ever

    Never have I ever,
    Thought myself fought,
    In my own kin,
    With a myth.

  • manisha_agrawal 81w

    Each and every time,
    Life n situations give us clues and evidences,

    That love is not for all..
    That excess of everything is bad.
    That promises are fake and meant to be broken.

    That everyone in your life is for a timespan.
    That you are a fool if you repeat the same mistake again n again.

    That you should keep your emotions in your own control.
    That your weakness should be confined only within you.

    That you are the only reason for your own
    happiness and sorrow.
    That this is how 'Life' is and which goes on..
    #random#randomness#broken#betrayal#life #lesson#lifelesson#promise#happiness#sorrow #emotions#weakness#repeat#fake#excess#love
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words @readwriteunite @repost

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    Life Lessons


  • theweirdgenie 82w


    My mind is aligning itself from a huge complex brainstorm to a monotonous gale.
    I can't help myself but gaze at with pity, because the world has just learnt to fail.
    A global pandemic has taught, the secret of life to the flamboyance;
    Now is it that they've embraced, the Bohemians and their little nuance.
    In the sunken valleys of my memory lane, there lie ahead emerald gardens
    Waiting to fill itself with nostalgia, anxious and gets sharpened.
    There is little sense among the words the wounds speak,
    But what they relive is the truth, no matter how bleak.
    Stay home, stay safe, people in the quarantine; you perhaps may realise, your hidden valentine!

  • hopless_anonymous_writer 84w

    Randomness 2

    And in the blissful nights I wander of into the infinite abyss.
    Thoughts rampant and heart balant and in a state of remiss.

    Vaguely I see a silhouette of a familiar soul,
    Entangled deep in the eternal world she strolls.

    For she's a memory,
    A dark past memory.


  • its_vulnerability 84w

    Hum Dil mei baste hai,
    Dimag wale humpe haste hai.
    Hum uparwale ka woh keemti nagina hai,
    Jise paane ko Shahenshaa bhi taraste hai.
    Dil se chahne walo pe hum haste haste mar mit te hai

  • blue_veins 87w


    by fraction
    it's been made
    that's able to
    each other

    an arm for a gesture
    while these legs
    carry the upper

    a genius machine
    that's capable of
    for an ever


  • abdool 91w


    Astute, calm and concise
    I'm clear, scaled up and above
    I won't settle for second best
    I'm not fairly used
    Dont judge from my casing
    No, don't believe every word
    And spread so fast
    Illness, mistakes and God knows what
    Stay Astute, calm and concise