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  • rakriz 4w

    A paperboat sank
    Far off the shore
    An ant it ferried
    Just went with the wind


  • rakriz 4w

    Red skies, scorched earth
    Foliage turned to fossils
    Storms, waves, hails
    All raiding. All raging
    Normality was an anomaly
    All life forms were lost
    All life forms except humans
    Who are now survivors
    Deep down in the underground
    Fighting great subterranean wars
    Wars for water, wars for wheat


  • lovethatneverfades 5w

    How did you die?

    Did your shoulders fail to hold the sky?
    Or the weight of your caliginous dreams were too high?
    Was it lack of daily hunt
    Or the tired heart brunt?

    What made you die? How did you die?

    Media reported of cold weather
    Was it the heart that turned cold seeing your starved kids eye
    Or was it after your dying wife?
    Or was it the cold feet that turned down the rope thinking about the possible bright sky?

    The endless battles you fought
    For a piece of bread,
    The battles you fought
    To keep the head high in the room of men
    The battles you fought
    With an uncomplaining heart

    The battles you fought waiting for
    A Lily to bloom in a sticky mud bath

    Until the trees turn leafless
    And hearts turn bare
    Until the art stiffened
    Until you were dead!

    Yet, the question remains
    how did you die, oh poor man?

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    Edit - Thank you so much @writersnetwork ❤️. Much grateful team

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    Uneven lines,
    Victim of misfortune
    Tattered hopes
    Monotonic morns
    A pale horse hauls


  • anshuman_sant 8w

    The Child Within

    He lay there worn down, lost in numbing bliss of alcohol. The cigarette hung precariously from his lips, slightest shake could send the small cylinder across the floor. Not that he cared. Not anymore.

    The end. He longed for it. Craved it, even.It was too much, the darkness. Besides, did it even matter anymore?

    "It does matter", the voice startled him. He looked up, saw the child standing there. It was a face he knew well, as he'd worn that same face as a child.

    "I'm done" He said, " Nothing left to give. No one left to care. I'm tired of fighting. Can't take anymore. Besides, you're just a figment in my head."

    "No", replied the child.

    A sudden fury came over him. "You're the reason I'm here, like this. I hate you. I killed you. Just. Go. Away." The last bit came as a plea

    "You finished?" asked the child, frighteningly calm.

    Cutting him off, the child went on, " Yes I have been the cause of many of your failures, many of your regrets. But there's more too. How do you think you could smile while you were going through hell? That simple pleasure of feeling the sunshine on your face, how did you think you could enjoy that, if not for me? Truth is, you could never kill me. I'll always be part of you. Now stop being a bitch about it and get the fuck back up. You have a war to fight."

    Still he asked," Yeah? And what if I fail again this time? What if I fail and find myself here again like this?"

    "Maybe this time it'll be different." Came the reply,
    "And even if you do fail and come to be here, I'll be there, waiting for you to take my hand."

    He sighed, taking the offered hand. "Once more unto the breach?"

    "Now that's more like it." The child smiled for the first time.


  • anshuman_sant 19w

    The thing about isolation is that, you evolve different. Like a separate ecosystem, with it's own habitat. Parallel with others, but never intersecting.


  • sanjusuren_ 20w


    With an unstoppable heaving of miseries racking my brain, I shut it off completely and decided to breathe!
    I took a simple walk, across the deepest trenches of my mind,
    There was mess, all around.
    I got myself through all that entangled chaos
    and was taken aback to find every wish of mine, glowing like a gem, vivid and beautiful.
    It was in the purest form, just that it had been clouded by the chaos.

  • sanjusuren_ 27w


    Sculpting myself with a chisel so hard left me with scars,
    Every scar, the provenance of all the beauty and meaning I crave for!

  • sou_scribbles_ 27w

    Not very active nowadays, and probably a bit late in posting yesterday's two beautiful challenges #lineinpic by @writersbay and #paradox by @miraquill . Don't know if atall this makes sense, but I totally enjoyed writing this one❤
    @writersnetwork a read please???
    #poetry #love #randommusings

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    To be haunted by Love....

    And how odd it is,
    To be haunted by someone who is still alive.
    By those dark eyes, shining brighter than the sun..
    By that beautifully dangerous smile,
    Stirring up the most serene storm within the heart.
    That voice, sweeter than the deadliest poison,
    Rumbling like a wise ocean, amidst the ever thirsty desert sands....
    Stealing away all her sleep, to let her rest in utter peace.
    That calloused touch of the scarred hands,
    Softer than the purest of silk
    Cruising like needles within the veins
    To take away all the wounds of being broken...
    How mesmerising it is, to be haunted by a pain
    That is sweeter than salvation.
    How heavenly it is, to be haunted by a Love
    That is kinder than the daggers...
    Messier than perfection...
    And yet, complete, like an unfinished work of art.......

  • sanjusuren_ 28w


    Glancing at all the bits and pieces of my whole life, riven asunder by you,
    I still find you gleaming in each and every one of them.

  • sou_scribbles_ 30w


    The shallow mountain stream happily danced over her colourful pebble strewn bed, the sunlight glistening over her clear, carefree water to create the perfect ripples......little fishes playing with all ecstasy within her, little nameless flowers adorning her banks with their pretty smiles.

    The deep dark sombre ocean growled in rage, threatening to destroy the scared little grains of sands of his shore, as the winds blew over him, trying to unravel the secrets that he had hidden within his unfathomed depths, where even the sun dared not peek....the part of him that he had always kept undiscovered.
    Somewhere, from behind those cumulus clouds in the azure autumn sky, cupid let out a mischievious smile, as, aided by destiny, the two of them merged into each other to create their own little story.....

  • __vishal__ 31w

    Some flaws can be beautiful, isn't it ? Well that's the flaw I have ! What are your flaws? Comment below��
    ऐब : Flaws
    #randommusings #pod #mirakee #crush
    @hindiwriters @writersnetwork @inutansharma

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    कुछ ऐब है मुझमे,
    जिनका मैं अक्सर मलाल करता हूं ।
    आ जाता है जो शख्स पसंद हमें,
    उनके पसंद नापसंद का अक्सर खयाल रखता हूं ।


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  • sou_scribbles_ 33w

    #love #oneliner #nature #randommusings
    Image credit goes to the rightful owner.

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    But my Love, I can give up being a celestial star lighting up the Heaven, just to be a little firefly on your finger tip, lighting up your smile....

  • __vishal__ 34w

    आपका इंतेज़ार रहेगा ��
    #randommusings #pod #mirakee #crush
    @hindiwriters @writersnetwork @inutansharma

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    खता एक हसीन वो बार बार करती है ।
    मोहब्बत का इल्म होते हुए भी,
    बड़े नज़ाकत से इंकार करती है ।

    ना जाने वो दिल मे क्या छुपाये बैठी है,
    बेफिक्रे से उन आँखों मे ख़्वाब सजाये बैठी है ।

    काश वो दिन आए जब हो सके हम आपसे रूबरू,
    फिर पास बैठकर होगी अपनी गुफ़्तगू ।

    आपकी ये हसीन सादगी का मुझपे उधार रहेगा,
    जल्दी मिलिये जनाब आपका इंतेज़ार रहेगा ।


  • anshuman_sant 38w

    Listening to the same song, at a different age. This time the lyrics stay, with a new meaning.

    Taking you through uncharted waters, and down the memory lane.


  • moonmoon 38w


    The other day, I stumbled onto 'Love',
    It looked me in the eye,
    With its eyes so deep, dark ,mysterious;
    Swooning me , hypnotizing me , captivating me.
    I evidently gazed back.
    As love slowly crawled into me,
    Piercing my chest,
    Running through my vessels,
    corroding and eroding every barrier ;
    Making its way to my entire entity,
    Benumbing my wits,
    And then carefully ripping my heart in bits.
    All through this I kept staring with adulation.

    In a trice,
    Blood started gushing out, my breath had started fading,
    Aah the pain!
    Aah the pleasure!
    It was then that I grasped,
    ' Love' had me trapped.
    Too late, I smiled feebly;
    Dazed but transfixed, slowly gave out a sigh
    and looked on with my half open eyes
    As it steadily devoured me.

    I could never shift my gaze.


  • dard_ae_rabta 47w

    The wanderer #1

    My soul reeks in pain. Shouting, crawling under my eyes are the broken shards of an image that i created and aspired to achieve.
    With each passing day my voice breaks off only to lie in a corner, living in the grief of burial. The burial of all which matters as the day goes on. The burial of thoughts among queer minded. The burial of voice amongst the valiant. The burial of truth among the mongrels who terrorise.
    With each passing day i stay aloof.
    Thinking about why i do what i do. How is it not peaceful when everything is morally right.
    What is and what could be are the two things that matter in the end. Or do they?
    A hundred thousand thoughts grow like roots among the millions of firing neurons which make me stay awake.

    My soul shouts to anyone and everyone hearing this that there is no way to come out of it that i can find. That I don't need your pity nor your prayers to find the shining sunlight on this gloomy night. As i walk past the forest of untold mysteries i find myself stuck. Only to find that i am chained again. Riveting my thoughts on the goal i wander again. I don't know what i seek.
    But i do know that i will find it.


  • sou_scribbles_ 51w

    The enchantress

    The dewdrops of her tiara sparkled with ecstasy.
    The flowers of her bouquet bloomed,
    Spilling their fragrance into the serenity.
    Her veil of fog tried in vain,
    To hide her bridal glow
    That seeped its way into the distant horizons.
    Simple, yet elegant
    Mysterious and magical
    Her beauty overflowed,
    As she tiptoed into the sombre northern winds
    Unnoticed and unannounced,
    Greeted by the musical cacophony of the birds.
    And just as the stars returned back to their homes
    After lighting up the Universe, in the dark,
    And the moon dozed off to sleep
    In her lonely wait for her beloved,
    The long winter night
    Witnessed the birth of a new dawn.

  • simplysplendidstories 56w

    I'd rather

    I could exploit your desire,
    I could bolster your vanity,
    I could abuse your cynicism,
    I could misuse your greed.

    I'd rather rekindle the love that's dying within.


  • anshuman_sant 57w

    We are all like stars in a way. Some of us go supernova, burn the brightest, like the sun. Then there are some, who implode, sucking all light, becoming singularities and blackholes.


  • random_nandy 62w

    I write when I'm supposed to be reading my subjects and read fiction, when I'm supposed to be working on my assignments.