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  • theycallmetreacle 163w

    are there musketeers that guard the heart?

    I've not finished breaking yet, not far to go
    Before I start mending here's what you should know
    I loved you the moment my eyes met your face
    Your beauty made it such a wonderful place

    Beautiful fingers and beautiful toes
    Beautiful eyes and a beautiful nose

    I've never been able to miss you for long
    I miss you forever now, everything's wrong
    Nothing feels right now we're so far apart
    This is why I can't function; I don't have my heart

    I'll love you forever and always will be
    So sorry for breaking and not being me

    When we used to sing and to dance on the table
    And laugh and be crazy each time we were able
    Your smile is the sunshine and all of the stars
    Your life is my blessing; so perfect you are

    So be all the things that you think you can be
    Be the change in the world everybody should see

    Make the most of this world; see the magic around you
    Use your voice and your mind; they're the things it comes down to
    Show the world who you are and they'll fall at your feet
    You're perfection my darling; you made me complete


  • theycallmetreacle 164w

    requital not required

    I’ve got lots of secrets I’d love you to know
    I wonder what you’d have to say
    I’d tell you them all and you’d tell me yours too
    If you ever looked over this way

    You don’t know who I am but I love you despite that
    As I keep you like this in my mind
    Whilst you’re perfect like this you are all that I need
    We can keep it this way that’s just fine

    You smiled at me once you know, ages ago
    What a beautiful thing to behold
    I bathed in that moment and you’ll never know
    How the magic you weave took a hold

    When I see you the Jazz Divas sing in my head
    They croon at the beauty of you
    They sing things to me you’d have certainly said
    If this thing I pretend at was true

    But you’ll never know, I won’t make that mistake
    I will love you this way, just for me
    I’m a smart girl you see so my heart will not break
    I can love you forever, pain free

  • theycallmetreacle 164w

    in that wakeful daze

    If I stand on my tiptoes I can see a good night’s sleep
    I can’t quite reach it but I’m sure I might before the morning creeps
    It hides from me as if I’m counting from behind a tree
    I can’t get it to understand I want it to find me

    It’s like I’m skating constantly between awake and dreaming
    Exhaustion takes its toll on me my sanity is screaming
    It blows its fuse and finds its calm and bliss finds me instead
    My brain shuts down and hears no sound but thoughts in my own head

    But still no rest I try to dream but constantly I’m thinking
    And that just makes it hard; I close my eyes and end up blinking
    I try new ways to mute my mind but options limit me
    This over thinking pit I’m in is causing sleepless misery

    I need to shut the world out temporarily to mend
    I need this sleep to find me and to love me, be my friend
    I wish it wouldn’t run away I’m longing for its care
    I hope one day it just stays still so I can meet it there

    I’m sure they say that hurt or loss is something you should sleep through
    Supposedly it benefits to do the things that heal you
    So I’ll keep chasing and keep hoping, I won’t give up trying
    Until I’m sleeping through this pain and dreaming that I’m flying

  • theycallmetreacle 164w

    keyboard battalion

    I’m not sure if you’re just stupid or evading what the truth is but whatever your excuse is you’re exhausting and abusive crack a book you’ll find some use with, see that facts aren’t all exclusive it’s a shame you think your thoughts are much more worth repeating by far than an educated answer you must be a necromancer to know how you should react without the need to be exact your keyboards must cost you a fortune but you’ll probably get bored soon hopefully before I choke you Super Saiyan style like Goku.

  • theycallmetreacle 164w

    do dream

    Daydreams and sunbeams are fine for some time
    But reality gleans more than that from your mind
    Hideous beauty around every corner
    And beautiful monsters and chaos with order
    Kaleidoscope glasses and rose tinted eyes
    See revulsion in truth and decorum in lies
    Mountains of wrong besides oceans of right
    Filled with crowds of the lonely with nothing to fight
    But…there’s rainbows and rain and the sun and the stars
    And the daydreams that make us forget who we are


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  • theycallmetreacle 164w


    I write down my pain like there’s someone to read it
    My pen burns on the page in a rush like I need it
    I’ve got nothing to say on the days where there’s someone
    All alone it’s all there I don’t know where it comes from
    It’s just pages of woe and of love and regret
    They’re just scrawls that don’t rhyme I’ve not finished one yet
    I’m in love with the pain and in pain from the love
    There’s just nothing to gain from not feeling enough
    So I feel and I feel and it hurts and feels good
    And I write that shit down like it’s something I should.


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