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  • bibliophile3 4w


    There was a zephyr when the celestial sphere sobbed,
    The downfall splashed through the gale,
    To reach the mollusk,
    It entered,
    The mollusk toiled all its life to embrace the beautiful pearl,
    Which he handed out to her before she said yes…

  • star_angel 15w

    Want happy life..follow this

    Just as the Sun rises after the Rain... In the same way there comes Happiness in life after Sorrow..!!

  • dais_yblossom 22w

    " बादल "

    किसी रोज़
    तेरी गलियों में
    बादल सा बरस जाऊंगा
    झूमती जाना ।।


  • parthwani 123w

    #save environment ��

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    Where's that rain?

    I can feel the rain,
    Cool and refreshing,
    Creating moments cherishable and mesmerizing.

    Yeah, I can feel the rain,
    Intoxicating, land and water,
    More dead and less laughter.

    I can feel the rain,
    Smoothly caressing - Dusty winds,
    Blowing all over the ends.

    Uh, I can feel the rain,
    Being impure again and more,
    It's just nothing like before...


  • all_about_being_you 126w

    Nothing can touch me as modestly as the drops of rain do️


  • twilightrayne 146w

    You come to me like the rain
    All pale in grey
    Drenched in tears
    For no longer able to withstand your pain
    You try to fade cause People hate
    But dont worry,
    you can come to me
    For I'm your pluviophile


  • firefly93 156w

    Cypress Road

    In between here
    And nowhere
    Riding shotgun
    In your roadster
    As the miles go by

    It's been a journey
    Like no other
    In the headlights
    I see my future
    Feels like we could fly

    The rain is falling
    Do you hear it patter
    We have a roof
    So it doesn't matter
    No need for you to cry


  • the_travellers_notebook 169w

    The pluviophile in me ☔

    Since childhood I have seen bollywood stars romancing in rain. Back then I was unable to understand the thrill behind the popular song “Tip Tip barsa pani”. My little mind used to wonder what joy people find in rain. But as I grew up I discovered that there is something about rain which is very alluring.

    Now, being a 24 year old I finally understand everything behind that song. As I grew up I discovered I have a thing for raindrops. The little droplets in the window pane of a bus attracts me every time I travel.

    And I never miss any opportunity to capture those moments. The idea of romance also developed a lot while growing up.

    Romance isn’t just about dancing together in rain. It is about holding hands together and watching the downpour quietly. When you know silence is comfortable between you and your partner, you know you are in a perfect relationship. The essence of sitting in a balcony holding a teacup in hand and watching rain together is something that I always longed for.

    Finally every thing I watched in movies makes sense now. The only difference is in real life everything is not as beautiful as shown in movies. We are born with the ability to make life beautiful and we should utilise it.

    Love makes more sense with the rain drops. I know I am a pluviophile and being a pluviophile makes me happy. For other’s rain might seem a natural and geographical phenomenon but for me I can live for rain.

    It is so soothing and peaceful. Sometimes take a walk along the empty rain soaked streets and admire the beauty of nature. It will feel so peaceful. The smell of rain soaked earth is worth dying for.

    To all the non pluviophile’s out there sometimes find some quality time from your busy schedule and take a bus alone to nowhere during monsoon. Observe the falling droplets peacefully from inside the bus with earphones on. Play your favourite song and watch the rain.

    That feeling is heavenly. Who doesn’t love peace. This is the easiest harmless way to peace. Try it sometime.

    It’s not going to bring a major change in your life but will surely have an impact on you if you quietly go through the process.

    Rain is beautiful.

  • chauhan_sheetal16 178w

    "World of dreams"

    Walking together hand in hand
    Trying to figure where do we stand
    Laughing and giggling all through the street
    Here I'm writing all dat u said last week
    Talks about sharing playlist
    Praising although extended in twists
    That murkiness in the sky
    Calmness in the wilderness of nature
    We in search of way like crow thirsty for water
    Diffidence yet sometimes bold
    Wholly dislikes,who lies he told
    Choice of colour is the replica of sky
    Meets with the room even & roof so high
    For u my innocent smile bring about the best curve
    Ofcourse this made me know u even more wid urge
    The taste of dark choclates &late night maggiee
    Come...lets sense the aroma of green coffee
    Dat silent walk in the rainy mood we like
    Makes us jolly with super delight
    Calm whisper of wind from behind
    Made me stroll with emotions so far lined
    Scared of water , with goosebumps on skin
    Eyeball full of tears with the shivering chin
    Then comes the hope to meet in the world of dreams
    Here destiny had mystifying way of reunions it seems
    If only dose stars of fate were kind to our story
    This world of dreams would have been filled with glory

  • username1 227w


    I stay awake
    To listen to the Song
    Drenched in Rain
    And Darkness