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  • yourarmy 4h

    Our friends were having a discussion, one of us said I love the fragrance of jasmine. Others started saying rose, kerosene, burnt dia, mango etc. I joined saying I love the scent of rain. They all nodded heads as if it was one of their choices. It had been years that I am stuck in an 8-9 job. But whenever it rains I try to sit in an open place seeing it, inhaling the feel it carries. Wow, what magic it holds...!!

      It was 4 pm, suddenly it started raining, the scent entered my home had opened a box of memories forgotten I the corner of my heart. I remember why this smell always arouses my inner child. It triggers that day where I never bothered getting wet in rain, I never thought what dirty water is. I remember after getting home grabbing some hot crispy pakoras with those muddy hands. I love this smell. For some it smells muddy, for some disgusting, few find it odourless. But I find the fragrance of memories, lost emotions, the forgotten me.

    Remembering all the gold things I went near the cupboard grabbed some albums and sat in the entrance so that I can see it rain. I was deep into my good days. oh, yeah, how I can forget this? She was my first love. We played in rain, we sailed seconds lasting boats. We stood under the tree enjoying that scenery. It carries her scent too. While I was lost in thoughts A strong hug of air-popped on me, Ah, I got goosebumps. Hugging him I closed my eyes, I can smell him, he is pleasing, comforting. He is the replica of my good vibes.

      Closing my eyes he took me on a tour. I saw myself in my mom's arms, my dad is holding an umbrella protecting the three of us. Where we are going? See it is my mom, she is making me wear a sweater and cap, yeah, I look like a monkey. She is holding me in her arms dad came with two cups of chai and some snacks. They are talking to me. What are they saying? Oh look it's my tiger, we loved playing in rain. Mom scolded us many times. Not for getting wet in rain instead for spoiling the lawn in rain. So beautiful isn't it, we didn't have a helmet so dad brought us 2 polyethene covers. I was not ashamed of wearing it in public at that time. It was dark and raining outside, I am sleeping in between my parents, so warm and comfortable. I am hugging my mom and dad is hugging both of us.

      A thunderstruck loudly opened my eyes, my eyes are wet, I am smiling. I am sitting alone in the same place where we three used to sit, but now I am alone. Things moved, I too but they never left me. They are within me. Whenever I smell it, the scent helps me live the lost moments once more. If you ever feel you are alone, come out of your blankets, sit in a corner seeing rain, breathe her in. She will bring out the people that you love to stay with. This is how my rain smells. What is yours?


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    Scent of Rain


  • fz_fika 5h


    The blissful peace,
    when the skies open up.
    The silent alleys,
    Loudened by only the cries from the sky.
    The glistering roads,
    filled with the tears of the sky.
    The welcomed equanimity of my heart,
    when the rain knocks at my window.
    The booming silence of the house,
    with my contempted soul in a blanket of joy,
    And a cup of coffee drizzled with happiness.

    The peaceful rumbling of the skies,
    Which sends downpour of calmness,
    The serenity that comes with the pluvious days,
    The peace that showers from above,
    To wash away my solitude,
    To bring placidity to the roudy alleys.
    The prodigious petrichor,
    After the last mizzle of the day,
    The tranquility the rainy day brings,
    Just for a little while,
    oh! how much I love the Rain!.

  • toothpicksandjokes 7w

    I believe pain is a path to understanding.
    We can't escape it, we all will experience it.
    Some more than others.
    Some will give in, some will endure.

    #lifelessons #pain #rainydays #future #recoveryispossible

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    Pain washing over me like rain.
    Every drop that lands echoes in my mind just like ripples and they burn with such passion that the heat is freezing cold.
    I am numb to the idea yet I feel it all.
    I feel how it breaks me down, down to my core, just to reshape, rebuild.
    I am a product of my own pain.
    Every drop takes part in tearing down all that was to rebuild me for what is to come.
    Joy, happiness is fleeting.
    They come around just for a moment, a short visit to remind me why I endure.
    Death is the only thing we can truly rely on.
    We know it will come.
    So I endure, I endure because I want as many moments of happiness as I can before I move on.
    Pain is what shapes me, it makes me face my fears, my demons and my tears.
    It forces me to make choices, choices that will define who I become.
    The more I endure the easier it becomes to see beauty, to find happiness in the smallest things, to understand the struggle of a stranger.
    I am a product of my own pain.
    Let it rain.


  • llewravenpoetry 8w

    Relentless rainfall
    Scraps of summer shoved towards
    the estuary


  • khulikitaab 22w

    #बारिश #इश्क #rainydays

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    बारिश की बूंदों मे जो ठंडक हैं वो सुकून हो तुम ,गिली मिट्टी की खुशबू का ऐहसास हो तुम ,अपने इश्क में भिगोने वाला ऐसा मेरा प्यार हो तुम हा मेरे सबसे प्यारा मौसम बारिश की तरह हो तुम

  • notebook_ 24w

    Hey my rainbow..!

    Hey my rainbow!
    Today the sky is so misty;
    Though my mind are gloomy!
    Then after rain drops touch the earth,
    There you formed as a colourful arc.
    Hey my rainbow!
    You're here after so long!
    You're a symbol of light,
    Which can't get my sight!
    You're a colorful story,
    Formed by light and rain!
    Which will shine again.
    When I see you,
    My eyes rejoicing as new!

  • roel_gonz 25w

    On this
    rainy days
    I will bring
    you coffee,
    We make
    your day
    more likely
    sunny and
    funny day

  • cheerful_monk 26w

    MooN child

    She is so much amused by the Rainbow, so that the lit of her smile in the gloomy days works as Sunlight.


  • mystic_cinder13 27w

    Rainy Days

    Rainy Days , A cup of coffee and A good book are a perfect combination.


  • arctic_monkey93 30w

    Cloudy Happiness

    Ppl mop over dark skies and rainy days.
    The harder the better! For my request! Loud storms come to comfort me in a way. I love thunder , I love listening to Thor create thunder for us.
    In the lot with you Elle we don't fear rain drops. You told me to face water.
    Looks at you too.
    What? so you have an intense emotional reaction to rain and water?
    Chill and enjoy it cold or warm.
    Whatever we get.
    So I do.
    Thank you.

  • supratimd 31w

    Sending distress signals,
    My heart felt tampered with;
    It's doesn't rain without clouds,
    But the emptiness in my heart,
    Left the rains to pour on a bright sunny day.


  • shaakira_kaja 32w

    Right before ramadhan...🌙

    Amidst the heavy summers ALLAH brings the rain clouds to cool the earth down and He makes it easy for the believers to uphold their fast.


  • a_purple_butterfly 42w


    The Sky is getting Grey calling for A Rain,
    His Heart is feeling Heavier like He is in Pain.
    The Lonely Wind trembles His Empty Soul,
    Makes Him to miss His Love who has Gone.
    Those Sweet Memories of Her embracing His Mind,
    His Sad Heart is saying Could He had stopped that Time?
    The Seed of Love They sowed Together,
    Made Him wonder Why They can't be Forever?
    As the Raindrops, the Tears roll down from His Eyes,
    Making Him to believe this Fate thing is Lie.
    His Hands couldn't wipe His Tears
    Because His Hands once holded the Hands of His Dear.
    He miss Her Everyday,
    But He cry for Her on Rainy Days.

  • jack_ngugi 52w

    Street light trickles down
    Her chocolate white skin
    As dawn breaks with shimmering gold light
    Her lips look a little lonely
    And the scent of stardust
    Is faded from her skin
    Brown legs
    In black boots
    And a white dress
    Rainy days
    Look... look good on her


  • sunny_ 53w


    It's a rainy day
    My eyes decided to imitate the clouds today
    The tears are rolling down my face
    Like the raindrops that are rolling down the window
    I hope these tears will make my heart bloom and grow again
    Like the rain that brings life to the earth after it is dead

  • t_o_anonymous 59w


    It begins with light showers
    Then the rhythmic beat on the roof
    These prepares for the heavy downpour fast approaching or not.

    An ideal weather to crawl beneath the duvet
    With a romantic novel and a cup of hot chocolate handy
    Well, for the single birds .

    Cuddling and necking
    Forgetting about the duvet
    And getting warmth from each other
    With the rest of the world far behind them.

    Scary and nightmare worthy
    With the roars of thunder and chuckles of lightening
    Hiding beneath the duvet
    Not for warmth but to keep the demons away.

    Alas, the comfort vanishes
    The honeymoon runs out
    And the demons crawl back to their lairs.

    Everything becomes normal
    As the sun smiles upon all.

  • shaakira_kaja 61w

    That moment When
    the wind hit hard
    The thunder stung strong.

    I rush to my terrace,
    To see the drizzles and the drops,
    The wind hitting the crops.

    Listening to the
    clamour of the raindrops,
    Standing right there to see the rain pour.
    Indeed, the beauty of the rain is one that’s felt beyond words.

    And then, finally when the sunshine’s back again,
    There comes the RAINBOW
    The charmer of all.

    Indeed,it was a beautiful evening
    Calm and cold.


  • shivamgulyani 65w


    बारिश की बूंदों सा आस्मां को छूं कर आया हूं,
    बादलों के फर्श से टूट में कच्ची ज़मीन से टकराया हूं,
    ये तो सोच और समय का फर्क है साहब
    किसी के चेहरे पर हसीं तो किसी की आंखो
    में आंसू बन समाया मैं,मिट्टी से उठा और अब मिट्टी बनने ही आया हूं।।।


  • _she_vani_ 65w

    एक रोज़ बस की खिड़की के पास बैठे गुजरती नजारों को निहारते हुए कुछ यूं ही गुनगुना रही थी। कई ऊंचे ऊंचे पहाड़ पर मेरी नज़रे गिरी तो दिल यूहीं मचल गया। दिल किया ऊन गगन चुंबी पर्वतों पर कहीं खो जाऊं।
    अचानक से कहीं काले बादल आ गए। ऐसा लगा मानो मैने अपने प्रियतम को देख लिया हो। होठ ज़रा दांतो से दबा कर मै मंद मंद मुस्काती पिछले सीट पर बैठे उस जाने पहचाने चेहरे को निहारने लगी। लग रहा था जैसे बारिश की वही लड़ी फिर से लगने वाली हो। वो मुझे नजर भर के देखता तो मै शरम से नज़रे घुमा लेती। वहीं आसमान में घिरे काले बादलों को फिर से निहारती तो कभी उसे।

    कुछ ही देर में बारिश शुरू हो गई। कुछ बूंदे मेरे होठों को चूमती कुछ मेरी मांग भर जाती। मेरी नजर फिर से उसी चेहरे को ढूंढती। क्यूं ना ढूंढती। रहता ही कहां था वो किसी एक जगह टिक कर। फूलों से मधु चखती तितली की तरह ही तो था वो। कभी यहां तो कभी वहां।

    मूड के देखा तो वो मेरी बगल के सीट पर टिक गया था। मुझे निहारता।
    मैं शरमा दी दोबारा। इस बार पूछ ही लिया उसने। मुझे पहचान कर मेरा नाम अपने यादों के अल्मारी से टटोलता। कुछ गुनगुना कर अब वो भी उस खूबसूरत नज़ारे को मेरे साथ निहारने लगा।
    मैं फिर से अपने पुराने यादों में जाकर वहीं पन्ना उल्टती।
    वो कई रोज़ जब उसे देख कर पहली बार मेरा दिल धड़का था।
    कुछ बात करने के बाद वो मेरे थोड़े करीब आया। मेरी जुल्फों को मेरी गालों पर से हटाता। मेरी कानों की बलि छूं कर उसकी उंगलियां मेरी गाल से होकर कानों को धीरे से छूं कर मेरे पलकों तक आ गई। कोई जादू था जैसे उसकी छुअन में।
    कई अरसे बाद जैसे बारिश में भी पसीना टपक रहा था मेरे बदन से।
    मैं बैठी रही वैसे ही सुध बुध को के। उसी एहसास को अपने ज़हन मै बार बार दोहरा कर।

    #rainydays #memories #monsoon #love #traveldiaries

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  • abhishekkamble 66w

    Uneven puddle

    "More ripples will catch
    your attention
    if you keep looking
    at the puddle"