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    Image credit - instagram page ©jonihobiholiday
    Words in the image belongs to me!

    To my love,

    "If sky was a sea, we would have swam more dreams than we see the clouds". I had never doubted the sky even after listening to 'the sky is falling' but maybe I ironically existed to only day dream about 'thousand reasons why would it be' and if I had to convince the sky, I would say, "you don't have to drown me in, I am already a cloud floating, but I hope to capsize soon into your blues" so I keep finding shapes in them like a toddler and finding meanings like an adult. But that evening, a little in me changed, that was the first time, I stared the life into a falling raindrop, slipping miserably from my palms and I looked above the black and gray clouds to only find a sky that was so clear, the winds breezing through the jacket, stopped in the slits and pockets where I always covered the cold fingers.
    Every morning sky, where the wrinkled bed sheets, where the half filled jug, where the repeated songs, dominated me, she opened the door to the green grasses that waited for my barefooted walk, where the dew drops waited to heal the cracked feet, where her bangles rung the alarm and where the sun rose in my bedroom upon my eyelid, She changed 'the arm chair sleep' into sound snores and 'afternoon unbearable sky' into her shadows that played in me, every afternoon where my unread book was left opened, where the lunch never filled the stomach, where the TV turned blank, she always found an excuse to search the 'me'. She never hesitated to hold the story book for me to find a child in me, she knew the dusk's purple and reddish sky had him color blinded but she knows how to let him see the colors, she knows the biggest fear in me was when the sky turned black again, he will shiver for all the grays. So she never stopped me talking to the walls, instead she let me count the stars where I was left behind holding someone's finger who taught me how to walk and I would today say, 'you changed the skies I had once seen'.

    'Now I only the see the fluffy clouds,
    Romanticizing the shapes we see together'

    The boy whom you taught the colors


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  • bemyheartless_love 19w

    I wrote a poetry
    that meant to be like
    how autumn leaves
    felt like after heavy rains

  • bemyheartless_love 20w

    Ever you felt fire melting through lips
    Just stay on her lips like rains
    fulfilled earth's desires

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 20w


    O tiny drops of rain! are you the empyreal kiss of propinquity, to the budding saplings?
    Or the tears of clouds who burst out fearing the thunder and silver linings?
    Are you the pearly drops sprinkled from the hair, after the heavenly bath, of a fairy?
    Or the watery seeds of love sown in the womb of Earth giving birth to greenery?

    Thy amalgamation with the dried granules of longing earth,
    Scents the air, no cologne would ever be able to spread such magic,
    Curse of fiery weather becomes fortune with thy divine birth,
    Parched eyes look up to the skies in gratitude, miserable atmosphere turns ecstatic.

    The green velour you bring along to doll up the dulled mother nature,
    No bride as gorgeous as her will ever be born, appears to be Almighty's signature,
    You content the thirst of arid forests and deserts, rejuvenating the wild caves,
    Enlivens with your arrival, the aquatic flora & fauna, corals sing in chorus, echo the flowing waves.

    The blue bells you tie on the feet of the earth, ponds and lakes, dance in mirth,
    Enjoying the euphoric melody you create while each drop of thine hits the earth,
    Break open the chest of stubborn rocks, flow like milky foams from great heights,
    Waterfalls cleansing the dusty face of mountains, is a heavenly scene catching sights.

    You caress and cradle our childhood, give us memories for lifetime to preserve,
    Naughty droplets of thine when tickle our souls, fuel the tranquil flames of intimacy and love,
    Romantic aquamarine hues you spread all around, to paint the nest of Earthlings,
    Is what that makes you the most awaited, you secure a place in the prayers of living beings.

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    Image credit to me

    Dedicated to someone special❤

    (Him,he = I )

    A rainy wall!
    She worn the summer as her eyes flew the airplanes she drew, they never flee but fell with their tips dampened upon the rainy condensed walls that moistened her fingers where she touched him when she longed for herself, where her braid opened the wet hair she showered with insecurities, where she danced the red nose away as he swayed her sneezes on his chest and where she smelled his t shirt's presence on herself, her silhouette struck her eyes and she felt her palm on the wall in anguish and bent over to lean on in distress, to only hammer the fist that once knew how to hide a little toffee, she heard how the thunderstorm snapped the pictures that midnight and how the metal sheds on terrace rusted one more year, she then sat down and rested her aches on the window sill as the umbrella out drew her name.
    He rubbed the window pane slid across the curtains that always played peekaboo, today with her sighs! The drizzles that lashed his face had her eyes looking frail, he was looking through her yet afar, she thought is he seeing those same needles falling down that loosened the stitches he had woven and that the thread from the woollen ball is worn out from the piece of cloth he wore but he knew she would never let the umbrella be thrown away, he knew the walls she had torn apart to believe the faith in him and she knew he will not keep the slate blank, but he didn't stop pondering over her blank stare, he knew he was a tear in her eyes, he couldn't fall into deep slumber unless he will dwell a 'hot tea with her curious talks' in her dreams.

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  • thefiercesage 21w


    What is that sound?
    Like a toddler taking baby steps.
    My eyes casts a fishnet
    to catch the rainbow
    I like it's hues. And the seven Svaras.
    Someone is ringing the doorbell.

    I feel cold.No not the lonely kind of cold.
    Inside an ice cave, in the Himalayas.
    The stalactites of my life so far.
    The moment I touch them,
    They melts in my hands.
    How did the butter melt inside the fridge?

    This is coral blue, or turquoise green?
    How many feets deep am I in the ocean?
    Poetries, paint brush, fountain ink pot.
    Some collectibles of my youth.
    The sandy floor, requiem of my dreams.
    The dream catcher just fell off the hook.

    A rusty summer day at its last leg
    Chips and cakes, smell of brewing coffee.
    An old friend, a kite and conversations,
    Lost inside the laptop and paycheques.
    The recliner is as useless as nostalgia.
    Let's Sell it.

    The leaf flutters from the weight
    Of the rain drops.
    I smear my hands with earthy smell
    The soil. Just another rainy day.
    The green shots will tear through the cement.
    Somehow. Somehow.


  • ayushi_m_writes 22w

    Do the rains remind you of me just how it reminds me of you?


  • skyenet 22w


    It starts with a breeze,
    Like soothing hand on a fevered brow,
    It picks up the crescendo,
    Like brilliant throes of an operatic alto,
    It lights up the skies,
    Like a magician's flash before the big reveal,
    And then come the rains!
    The aroma of the pregnant soils,
    Like an eluding tease,
    Escape before you savor it,
    Like lands finally let out a sigh.
    The sounds of a deafening orchestra,
    Only the gods would read it's pages,
    As it drowns the voices,
    Of us mere mortals.
    Heads tilt heavenwards,
    Marveling at the grand scheme of things,
    Carved one drop at a time!


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  • travellers_nirvana 24w

    There's a rainbow within us

    Ah ! That stroke of brilliance by mother nature
    Filling the azure with soothing vibgyor
    The amiable rain walks away promising to come another day
    With the restive cloud that hurriedly disperse away
    Finally the amber hued sun appears with all its grandeur
    Radiating constant streams of pristine white
    Filling our soul with warmth of the eternal light
    And then it breaks into myriad hues
    Lilac, beige, olive, amber and blues
    For in our heart lies a prism to life
    With varying wavelengths that keep our soul vibrant and alive
    There's an opalescent rainbow within all of us
    Just like the magnificent one painted by the nature high up in the sky


  • thefiercesage 24w


    At the end of last year's summer,
    I promised the rains,
    I won't dance with you again.
    I had strings in my heart,
    I wasn't looking for a drummer
    Yet my heart beat at each pain
    (You gave.)

    Now One year has passed,
    the day you left me aghast,
    Memories as unkind as truth.
    The rain drops on palette,
    My brush painstakingly rush
    To paint but your Silhouette!

    Now the thunder tears the sky,
    The way your words did mine
    Heart, burnt to death.
    Yet I want to dance in rain,
    In the rhythm of the pain.
    What's this passion I feel,
    Hang my head in defeat,
    For am alive only in death.


  • charithaburri 25w


    Rains.....! Never in my life I have thought that, I would love or wait for rains to this extent..... There are so many things magical in this universe, some are which I am already in love with and some I should learn to love......

  • ksherpa 25w

    The dark clouds of past events still thunders and rains on my perfect sunny day.


  • untamed_writer 26w

    A person who didn't quite enjoy heavy rains, now awaits June (✿^‿^)
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    I'm awaiting Rains

    I miss rains for some reason
    Will it change anything?
    Probably not
    I'm still hoping that I'll find a moment of peace and sometime for myself...

    I miss sipping hot coffee in the cold climate
    Not that I want the clouds to drizzle,
    But to pour as heavy as they can
    To relieve themselves of the worldwide misery
    Just like yesterday, where the clouds were my eyes

    And maybe this time I don't have to throw a facade...
    And maybe this time I'd get sometime to be "me"
    May this time the rains come soon...
    Here's me awaiting June :")


  • royalqueen 27w

    Fell in love, fell in love,
    Drenching in April rains,
    I fell in love.
    Blurry moon rising above,
    I fell in love.
    Dew drops on a spider web,
    I fell in love.
    First kiss with fresh air,
    I fell in love.
    Waving trees bending to propose,
    I fell in love.
    Waiting by the window,
    I fell in love.
    Touching a touch me not,
    I fell in love.
    Dancing in the street,
    I fell in love.
    Intoxicated with music,
    I fell in love.
    Probing words of an odd poet,
    I fell in love.
    Recalling old memories,
    I fell in love.
    Dreamt of a beautiful man,
    I fell in love.
    Broke the self from shackles,
    I fell in love.
    Noise in a celebration,
    I fell in love.
    Silence in a dark room,
    I fell in love.
    Blissfulness has no reason,
    I discovered love.
    He may or may not come,
    Still, I'm in love...

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #love #rains #silence #bliss

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  • charithaburri 27w


    Bas thoda andhera hai, thodi khamoshi hai, thodi si hawa hai, thoda sa baarish hai, aur bahot sara ham hai, kuch es tarah yek kahani ham pe hi shuru aur ham pe hi khatm hua hai....

  • hiral_here_14 28w


    I have set you free,
    Got no boundaries to love,
    Got no resistance to fight,
    This had to happened,
    Because when rain comes
    The clouds get heavier too
    Just like roads.

  • jan_balan 32w

    Those nights

    Fought through darkest night
    To find the rainbow.
    I'm yours
    As rivers are for sea,
    Tears for eyes,
    Rains for clouds
    Fruits for plants

  • tamanna3 32w

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    Scribble that was similar.

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    I exist in shades,
    Hundreds or just enough.
    Today I stitched another layer,
    Of skin and two colored strands
    That make a person just like me.

    Little by little I've differed,
    From the naked work I was born as,
    The rains pour on my skinned hands,
    Caressing the remnant cells holding,
    Still on the hope of not letting go.

    Today I read headlines of last year's tragedy,
    Smiled my seventieth smile at the neighbour,
    Tried living a new day for my diary,
    Felt ridiculed too by the same thought,
    Everything's new until you know it's a renewal.

    I packed my skins unlike the crawling reptile,
    Kept them in my overflowing green pockets,
    Ignored paper planes at the bottom creased,
    Hesitantly folded themselves once again,
    To add to another claim of layers of mine.

    Rainbow love cried in black and white papers,
    My shades looked back at themselves,
    Rechecking their total counts of siblings,
    I wished for an eighth color today,
    Just to pack within a smile for another day.

  • roel_gonz 32w

    My soul dance in the rhythm of the falling rain
    And the wind whipped, the sound of thunder
    Swiftly blown the tempo of the dripping tears of the sky
    And tasted only a drop of pain in the engulfing storm of emotions