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    It's 7:26 now and it's been what.. 31 minutes since I've been having extra beats in my heart. Am I stupid? I'm standing here in a white t-shirt under a hoodie cause I spilt orange juice on my shirt like 3 minutes ago. Damn! I was supposed to do this yesterday cause the gift didn't arrive as planned. As an apology they gave me a gift wrap for free though. Ughhh!! Why are there no stars in the sky tonight!! It's dull. Should I delay? Nah.. Not again! Anyways.. Breathhhhh.. And there she was.. 'Hey' she says..Oh God♥️

    I check my hoodie pocket immediately and damn! The fancy chocolate melted ages ago! Keep it cool.. it's ok! We'll get something at the cafe. 'After You' I said. 'Um.. Where to?' She replies. Dammit!! 'My bad!' and we walk to the cafe nearby. My jokes half hit and half miss on the way and when we reach.. Surprise the cafe is closed. F**k I said out loud in my head and as if someone heard the curses in my head it starts to rain. Ofcourse a stray banner comes flying and sticks to my face. And there we were. Infront of a closed cafe waiting for it stop.. the rains.

    'I got ya something' and I get the lil wrapped box.. a lil soggy from the rain. She opens it up and I face palmed myself. It's the wrong book!! Another copy of the one she already owns! Oh why!? She laughs and dig into my pockets for redemption. It's a kinder joy. 'Also this?' accompanied by the most awkward smile ever. And as it drizzles on it's the 3 of us then. A lil elephant she immediately names counts as a person now.

    'Let's go out sometime? Like go out go out?' says me, at the end of my patience before I get struck by lightning next.
    'It's what.. your 3rd attempt now' she giggles and hands over the half the kinder joy left.
    'Yeah.. I don't count now'

    And then we laughed.. All 3 of us.. as the skies above clear over.. not noticing the rainbow above.. Cause ain't that the best? And that's how it should be and is gonna to be.. where everything is wrong but that's just right.. A blurry line that we'll walk forever.. You & me as ice bear watches over...



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    Dedicated to my love❤

    "Meri khwaishe bhi tujhme hai,
    Jo tu Mange Wahi mang lu,
    Bas Itni si khwaish ab sirf meri hai".
    - ©abhishekkamble

    Her sunflower vase

    Her wardrobe painted a blue of his denims, while she sat in her purple gown appealing to the iron board, the steam of his t shirts, it made her realize the iron swaying over the roughs when she breathed all the air in, she pinched her thoughts when she sensed her fingers shallowed over her dimple cheeks, the redness her cheeks had was the paint of red roses he once blushed with, she said to herself, "oh it's almost time", she glanced over the window pane as curtains blew the wheezing wind, "mumma! Oh mumma!" She heard a little shout, that crawled in to peep his mumma through the creaking doorway, she gasped a sigh and bent over to be his embrace.
    "Mumma papa!", The child blabbered as she looked into his tiny eyes that saw her first, she told him, "hey kid, daddy will be coming home, he works hard no, he goes office, he bring fruits, he bring toys, he loves mumma and you", the child whispered a chuckle and pointed his finger at mumma's nose as she kissed his forehead with all her affectionated motherhood, she tucked his head on her bosom, while he hung around her neck with his loosening hold, before she could sing a twinkle twinkle her son already snored a sleep. She then sat on the couch watching the munchkin and pondered how her son will be pulling his bag strap cause it might be too heavy to hung on his delicate shoulder, unaware that they are the bones least bothered about themselves and as she was grabbing her cellphone, he rang the doorbell ! She got up gradually and tip toed her slippers and opened the safety door, looking at her man she couldn't be more impatient than this, to tightly wrap her warmth around his perfumed white collared formals, he always stared at her with the face he looked at her, the eyebrows bowed upon the forehead and the lips longing to curve a bit more and the 'honey please open the door' had her sleepless afternoons evanesce in front of her sight.
    He told her, "ah it was another busy day but hey there's something I have, I have been waiting to give you this", happy at his curious girl, he asked her, "but no cheating you gotta close your eyes first", just to ensure a fair play he blindfolded her "ever waiting" questions, held her hands and asked her to keep them still, he then opened her blindfold and she got her brand new dress that she reluctantly added in her 'wishlist' cart, she jumped and clinged to him, he caressed her sweated and tensed head and rubbed her back which was tired of standing a day long with her multi-tasking, He said, "I knew girl, you waited for my paycheck but how could I wait to see you being this kid again, now you will get a day off and I will do the dishes", she slapped his cheek teasingly and said to herself, " I had never seen a skyline so starry but you gave me a different frame"
    Suddenly he banged his head on his study table, "oh when I fell asleep thinking what all I could do for you", and he sighed, there's still time we marry and he snapped back to the glass window, where he stuck his 'to do' list. He said in his thoughts, "girl thodasa wait, I am getting ready my suite!".

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    If our love was a colour
    It would be the colour gray
    So that we can start a painting of our own
    Turn our sadness into flowers
    Because you and I aren't rainbows
    We are the shadow of everything beautiful


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    What is the colour of hope?
    Let me tell you, it would've been colourful...

    If Only...
    A prayer was held in our nation,
    Beauty was seen in more ways than one,
    Children who are lost could find their salvation,
    Death was slain and torture was done.

    If Only...
    Earth was awakened after years of endurance,
    Forgotten feelings were rekindled anew,
    God was man's only path and assurance,
    Hope was the foundation of the world we knew.

    If Only...
    I knew more stories than those that were told,
    Joy was a plague, and peace a disease,
    Knowledge was worth more than silver and gold,
    Love was sacred and endless as the seas.

    If Only...
    Miracles were seen more than daylight,
    Never was replaced with forever,
    Our eyes could see through the dark of the night,
    Passion lived in us more than ever.

    If Only...
    Questions were answered, and answers were questioned,
    Roses were pure and without thorns,
    Sadness received only love and affection,
    The empty knew why it was they were born.

    If Only...
    Us as a nation would join hands in song,
    Victory was a gift to the humble,
    When tears were shed, the earth felt strong,
    Exalted men would fall and crumble.

    If Only...
    You and I would last forever.
    Then only the colours of hope would have like rainbows.

    - julie.

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    Set A- night
    Set B- what is the colour of hope?

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    A blank parchment is lifeless
    Until a pen creates a melody.
    A song is revered ageless
    Because of a sweet harmony.


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    Rainbows abrupt a dreadful evening.

    I remember on a dark cloudy day,
    Over a church where people come to pray,
    I was depressed and suicidal, just wanted the end,
    Then, God sent you to make a bend.

    An angel, my light, my queen, my sky.
    All these months, all I have done was cry.
    The clouds parted from sea to sea,
    A descending rainbow, suddenly shined down on me.

    With glistening colors, a beautiful Unicorn came.
    Without notice, there was no more pain, nor rain.
    There you were, my home, my heart.
    The comfortable feeling of have never have been apart.

    During our time, my pain was gone for a moment longer.
    Only sadness and tears lingering thereafter.
    I lie and wait for you to choose, on which path not to lose.
    The echoes of you, tattooed and glued, remain to give me the blues.

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    We were on a vessel sailing to our dreams
    I, a man, his wife and their five-year-old daughter
    And suddenly all I could hear were screams
    As the storms raged, leading us to our slaughter

    I feared for my life and also for theirs
    As thunders struck and tides rose
    And the vessel split in three tiers
    Just then I felt a calm stronger than the artic flows

    The ship stopped sinking in my mind
    We were back to our seats and on our way
    Amidst raging waters and stormy winds. Hope did I find
    And she told me we would be okay

    I had felt it before I saw
    I had known it before I knew
    Instantaneously, as if heaven abruptly shut its door
    The clingystorms let go of both captain and crew

    After today, I hope we can all know
    That hope is a rainbow


    #Rainbows #wod #pod


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    "Hope is a rainbow"

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    I write many things that come across my eyes, many stories that I hear, many tears that I drink myself. There comes this breakpoint, where a series of abysmal palindromic conspiracies paid tribute to unknown powers hidden in me.
    While sipping the coffee, my time was, 73:67, not knowing am/pm, I still write about the telepathic love strings pulled in me from afar parallel world.
    My illness written on a paper stuck on the wall, meant "never woken from sleep since _____", written by me, as I recognized my house began to turn upside down, the clock still showing numbers that I don't understand. Is it today? Has it been 3 days? Or months? None had to be important, while I stepped into my anonymous dream painted on the basis of 'ephemeral anemonia', plot being 'the paracosmic storyteller'.

    Have I been thorough with my academics to get out of this dreamland, my false awakening strikes as I see people die. Angel numbers long forgotten, tarots left in space, fortune tellers ranaway. Only aurora seemed to be left.


    / ....../

    "Have you ever yearned for someone you loved?"

    "Yes. I've also seen, someone from very close, yearning for their loved one."

    "What was similar?"

    "Both of their yearnings were never heard, by their beloved."


    Have I written this to send this through teleportation to my beloved, but seems to be this time, I'm walking on the rope tied about 10,000ft above the stars. Wishing to not fall, I sleep again.


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    Chasing Rainbows
    a Haiku

    Beautiful, sunlit
    i'm always chasing rainbows
    in many colors

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    After the disastrous failure at life,
    She saw rainbows in poetry...✍❤


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    Holding hands was fun
    Talking was fun
    Sharing was fun
    Life was bright and colorful ✨
    Promises were deeply rooted

    And then one day a strom erupted
    Holding hands became a nightmare
    Talkings ender
    Life became all dark and gloomy (like the darl clouds)
    Eyes became drops and made the ⛅fall away

    And once again though with lot of fear in the eyes and the soul she believed in love
    And once again she made the beautiful rainbow glow ✨

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    I can't believe myself
    but we lived once
    we were in a journey of love
    to fulfilled colours of a life
    like rainbows paint the sky

  • bemyheartless_love 20w

    Don't leave a hope
    we can decorate our world
    again within a forever love
    Where the sky fulfills own
    dreams within rainbows


  • chris_yash 25w

    What is a Rainbow

    They say Rainbow are;
    A promise of happiness
    A promise of goodness prevails. 
    A ray of light.

    Maybe they are right
    Maybe they are wrong.
    Maybe rainbow is just an illusion
    Of happiness.

    Maybe a rainbow is a glint of grief
    In another realm.
    Maybe it is promised that not all
    Our days will be sunny or rainy.

    As sad as it may be or sound
    I don't know the factual
    Meaning of rainbow.

    I can only assume and listen 
    To what others assume.

    But what I can say 
    Are that the colors, seem promising 
    Like a glimmer of hope.


  • starry_advi 25w

    Rainbows form after heavy rain,
    When sunlight appears,
    And make the most beautiful tint of colors.

    Just like that,
    Even we need to go through times filled with pain,
    Like the sky which sheds tears through the rain,
    But not for long,
    Since sunlight emerges like a sweet song,
    And soon one can experience,
    The most beautiful hue in existence.

    Rainbows don't actually exist,
    They are just an optical phenomenon,
    Something which is not constant,
    And the beauty differs,
    depending on the eye of the beholder,
    Just like that,
    Even your rainbow might not seem like one at first,
    look closely,
    there is no set number of colors in a rainbow,
    Each hue blends into the next without a hard boundary,
    leaving the interpretation open.

    Rainbows don't have an end,
    They are infinite,
    So even though there might be more times,
    Where you might feel that all hope is lost,
    the sunlight will come flooding thought your window,
    And form rainbows forevermore.

    Each raindrop is described as a tiny imperfect mirror,
    When you see your reflection in them,
    You'll understand,
    That the amalgamation of pain and happiness,
    Made you absolutely beautiful,
    Like a rainbow in daylight.


    #rainbows #mirakee #writersnetwork #wod

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    Just like that,
    Even we need to go through times filled with pain,
    Like the sky which sheds tears through the rain,
    But not for long,
    Since sunlight emerges like a sweet song,
    And soon one can experience,
    The most beautiful hue in existence.

  • travellers_nirvana 25w

    There's a rainbow within us

    Ah ! That stroke of brilliance by mother nature
    Filling the azure with soothing vibgyor
    The amiable rain walks away promising to come another day
    With the restive cloud that hurriedly disperse away
    Finally the amber hued sun appears with all its grandeur
    Radiating constant streams of pristine white
    Filling our soul with warmth of the eternal light
    And then it breaks into myriad hues
    Lilac, beige, olive, amber and blues
    For in our heart lies a prism to life
    With varying wavelengths that keep our soul vibrant and alive
    There's an opalescent rainbow within all of us
    Just like the magnificent one painted by the nature high up in the sky


  • bemyheartless_love 31w

    My sky isn't only blue
    It's colourful as your smile as rainbows


  • tracey8737 31w

    My Love Hidden In Plain Sight

    May I create heaven and elevate love?
    Tell rainbows under candy covered offerings
    how much I love you?

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    Each one of us has stories. The stories about the moments where we glided on rainbows and tried to hold the stars in our hands. And the stories about the moments where we fell into the dark abyss and looked up towards the sky for a long time, while the darkness surrounded us and we ourselves couldn't hear our voices, just seeking a hand that could pull up from there. It's always easy to hear about the first one. But to hear the latter, and to understand it. One must look into the eyes of the person who tells the story, and one must have been in that abyss at least once.

    - Akshay Vasu