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  • pandichitra_r 2d

    Day 7: After a storm comes a beautiful rainbow!

    Spreading positive vibes ✨��;;
    To be continued in further posts...


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    Let it break you,for you will kvell over one day to be sunshine and rainbow

  • deep13gk 2d

    I borrowed a handful of blue sky from my last lover and take it with me to fill colours in my colourless world.
    Sitting in sand
    Filling the Little
    Blue colour
    In the sea
    Cause Of blue
    Colour in sea
    All sea colourless
    Animals become

    Took some colour(blue)
    Rub with yellow sun
    And fill the colour
    In grass and
    It become full of
    Green Colour

    Took some Colour (blue)
    And mix with red
    Flower to fill the
    Colours in butterfly

    Took some Colour (blue)
    And mix with orange colour
    Of orange to fill the colour
    In the wood of house

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    Colour of sea

    I borrowed a handful of blue sky from my last lover and take it with me to fill colours in my colourless world.
    Sitting in sand
    Filling the Little
    Blue colour
    In the sea

  • anaquapearl_under_the_blue_sea 4d

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    Amalgamating- combining
    Acrimonious- bitter
    Abhor- hate
    Brandishing- Flourishing
    Brawny- strong
    Onus- burden

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    Rainfalls recreate recollections,
    Amalgamating acrimonious abhor and
    Intense indulgence illustrating
    Numerous nostalgic narrative novels
    Brandishing brawny brochure
    Oscillating optimism and onus,
    Weaving worn wrinkled wounds.

  • sankalpjha 1w


    I never knew love was so blissful until you came in my life,

    Neither knew it was so painful until you went away....


  • _scribbler 1w

    Saw a colourful arch in the sky
    Feels like it's calling me to slide..
    Teaching me to stand alone
    With all the integrity and pride!!


  • tryambak 1w

    In the end.....

    Loving her was a beautiful journey,it felt like my life is filled with the rainbow colours , being apart was like a water cycle that never ends. Her memory was like oxygen which was needed to be alive.


  • shubhammm_says 1w


    I wish you could see you with my eyes in a way
    like the world sees the sunlight through rain,
    a rainbow of emotions, filled with shiny dreams
    unfeared by the hassles and rising up again.


  • thetalespalette 1w

    Moon And It's Crescent Colours

    Dark black the sky bare without its jwell,
    I sat on the banyan tree,
    Spreading my imperial wings around.
    With tons of thoughts in my mind,
    The empty sky filled up those thoughts,
    With shining star creativity.

    Some impressions formed a bubble,
    Some made up an air palace,
    They made my tiny mind a lost fairy.
    In that dark glamourous enhanced night,
    I saw my vivid dreamy illusions,
    It was as if the sky did divine spells.

    The clear sky's sudden fil with its jwell was fascinating,
    It was not alone but with a unicorn arc,
    The moon layed beside the crescent colours
    with a one-horned marvellous beast.
    A blink broke down my dream and turned the sky clear,
    I can't yet form out if it was a daydream for my gleaming wings,
    Or a nightmare for my glittering eyes,

  • my_heart_listens 1w

    Skies are bright Blue.
    Roses bloom with splender.
    Rainbows during the premonsoon.

    #mirakee #writersbay @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #rainbow #summer

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    Day 1

    These posts may not be in order but who cares.
    BTW have you ever tried fitting everything into one compressed thing? I do.
    |14th June 2021|

  • ranjimamohan 1w

    The door to acceptance and freedom
    Locked since ages for us
    Iam in a pursuit,chasing the rainbow
    To find its key, to open and fly

    For a day,LGBT community is no more suffocated ...stop stone pelting at them


  • lilco444 1w


    I touched it, longingly,
    As it slipped through my fingers,
    Whispers of joy glittering on my hands.

    Tirelessly and eagerly, I gave chase,
    Witnessing rainbow light on each face.

    Assailing lovers and friends,
    I demanded just a piece,
    No matter how I wrung them dry,
    They had none, and neither did I.

    Trying even harder,
    Sure to find my slice,
    Thought I saw it in a bottle,
    A lost man's paradise.

    It wasn't there, nor were they,
    Lost men, ever lost, realising too late,
    The clear, harmless bottle,
    A looking-glass into a torrid fate.

    Tired, I tried to find it in every single taste,
    My heaving, hindering weight,
    Betrayed me,
    Another sign of too little, too late.

    Lovers gone,
    Friends abandoned,
    Children in my hands,
    Lamenting my fate.

    I sat one day,
    Laying down my weary quest,
    Knowing what I wanted,
    Was 'ever far away.

    Watching my children play,
    A smile tugged at my lips,
    A whisper tickled my ear,
    A gentle urging of something near.

    I closed my eyes, Sun on my face,
    Their laughter high on wind,
    Desperation gone in haste,
    A rainbow, like a butterfly, landed in its place.


  • punsnroses 1w

    Chasing Rainbows

    I've always
    Chased after
    It's not that I could see
    The rainbow
    Because my life was mostly just storms.
    But sometimes,
    Just sometimes,
    I got a break
    From the endless rain
    And was given a chance
    To see colors
    Other than grey.
    On occasion
    I think
    That I'm blind to
    Blind to all
    The promises it brings,
    Blind to all
    The possible futures.
    In reality
    It's not that
    I am blind
    But rather
    That I am
    And living
    Is the hardest thing
    Anyone ever does
    Or will do.
    Living life
    Without breaking
    Is impossible.
    It's not about the storms
    You go through.
    Living is about
    The rainbows
    You find
    And the rainbows
    You allow yourself
    To live in.
    Even if
    It only lasts
    For a moment.
    Because a single moment
    Can determine
    The world
    You choose to live in.
    After all,
    Storms happen to everyone,
    But rainbows
    Only happen
    Because of them.

  • _astitva_ 1w

    When the rain of regrets halts in the hiatus of hope, the reflection of reminiscences hues the hazy horizon with ink of introversion.


  • mrsalikattyoung 1w

    That last time
    I saw a rainbow
    was when I thought of you
    you bring all the colors out
    you light up my world
    & show me what the beauty
    truly is

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 1w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork
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    All written rights reserved
    15 June 2021 5.10 am

    / Cinquain 24682 - In Seasons
    5 Cinquain & an Inverted Acrostic /

    Sun ~

    Sun shine
    Resplendent rays
    Illuminating days
    Serene scintilla of splendour
    Gold mine


    Leaves ~

    Dead leaves
    Auburn Autumn
    Shedding dried confetti
    Awaiting angelic apron
    Mend hopes


    Snow ~

    Snow flakes
    Frozen florets
    Crystalline silvery
    Velvet veil all over, melting
    Heart beats


    Posy ~

    Sweet Spring
    Beauty blossoms
    Cuddling shrubs and cwtching seeds
    Adorning uni-verse bloom words
    Scent cling


    Rain ~

    Pours down
    Dulcet drizzle
    Melancholic musings
    Cathartic tears of tragedy
    Pains drown


    Rainbow ~

    Wondrous wall of the high empyrean aplomb
    Opens up afront in awe inspiring holistic hues
    Benevolently bewitching and breaching bleakness
    Nullifying negligence and nourishing nuances vital
    Iris awakens to iridescent imagines to inspire
    Abyss of artistry, avid spirits with Vibgyor ventures
    Rustic runes engraved renaissance to resplendent
    r a i n b o w s


    2 #ak_v_rainbow #ak_wov

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  • bellemoon99 1w


    I was chasing rainbows and evading storms.
    Little did I know, without a storm? There won't be a bright rainbow.

  • srinka_ghosh 1w

    A spectrum of seven colors,
    Reflected from a bleaking heart.
    That bursted into sweet drops a while ago,
    As sorrows started to depart.

    (Scandinavians believe that rainbow is refracted from God's heart)

    Was that a holy serpent?
    Painted by angels on Florescent skies.
    Or a divine path made by iris..
    For souls to escape Earth and immerse in heavenly dyes.

    (Rainbow is considered as serpent in Australian aboriginal art.
    Greco-roman mythology defines it as divine path)

    It looks like an incomplete septolet,
    Whose other half lies below the horizon.
    And could not be seen by human eyes,
    Unless the world is free of all sin.

    (Some African tribes believe in this myth)

    Like a flock of hope it blooms after a storm,
    Fabricating the archer's divine bow.
    That would slay the demons of partiality,
    Cocooning the prideful vows.

    ( Hindu mythology interprets it as bow and it signifies the pride flag as well)

    A promise to save the humanity it holds,
    Etched on the sheets of Bible rightly,
    Its a blend of Elysian emotions,
    Amalgated by mystical hands of Almighty.

    (According to Bible, its a sign of promise made by god to protect the humanity from flood)

    An attempt to blend all the mythological significance of rainbow.. Hope it comes out well.. ��
    #rainbow #wod

    @miraquill @writersnetwork ��

    Picture credits to the rightful owner ��

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  • slc8716 1w

    Thoughts of Rainbows

    I have always been told that rainbows are a gift, a promise that there would be no more floods.
    Yet, when the skies cry we still have them and sometimes it takes blood.
    Maybe, it could've meant that the whole earth wouldn't be washed away again.
    But, that's not what was written then.
    Maybe, everyone had thought the same thing and then convinced themself and us that at the end of rainbows lies treasure, a pot of gold.
    The stories we've all been told.
    There's even rainbows on cereal and candy which takes all the meanings away.
    Rainbows are used for everything now days.
    Now, when I see them I no longer know what to say.
    But, I know they are beautiful when seen.
    They even appear in oils that are on the watery concrete.

  • sumana_chakraborty 1w

    If it's not love let it not
    be hate; as rainbow hue tilt
    a bit to ensnare
    With limitless vow and tryst
    Rain that falls isn't it for all?

  • virahela 4d


    Your love is so colourful
    Painting my world like a rainbow
    Red velvet so tender
    Fondling my soul
    Shining so bright in light yellow
    Illuminating my path towards destiny
    Fiery passionate tangerine
    The flames liquifying my soul fibres
    Like the soft breeze
    It mints green giving me air to breathe
    And like an ocean blue clear water
    Releasing my dehydration
    From the thirst for true love.