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  • inc_thoughts 15w

    entomb me in flames
    and in rage
    i'll rise from my ashes

  • outofleague 38w

    #dwale #dwalec : a soporific drink formerly made from deadly nightshade or belladonna.
    #polaroid #polaroidc : relating to or denoting a type of camera with internal processing that produces a finished print rapidly after each exposure.
    #facade #facadec : a deceptive outward appearance.
    #mirror #mirrorc #daydream #daydreamc #rage #ragec #drowning #drowningc #weep #weepc #truth #truthc #remains #remainsc #fate #fatec #lunatic #lunaticc
    #sprinkled #mercy

    Picture Credits: Boris Stefanik / Unsplash

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  • wilmaneels1 39w

    What you said in that moment of rage
    Cannot be unsaid
    What you did while being angry
    Cannot be undone

    It has consequences
    I hope you get to see them again
    Even if it's just to apologize

    You garner fear wherever you go
    And that my friend
    Is far removed from respect and trust

  • bonitasarahbabu 39w

    There is an emotion within me,
    Occasionally, I'm not too fond of it.
    It builds up my passion,
    And I'm ready to stand my ground.
    It brings out the jerk in me,
    It's called rage.
    When my choices are taken away from me,
    And my voice is not heard,
    I'm enraged and my demeanor flips
    My decorum I lose,
    And my words and my voice are harsh.
    I control it to the best of my ability,
    But it is the rage that causes my voice to be heard.

  • sproutedseeds 39w


    This lockdown has knock down
    our activities with a fear unknown.
    No walking in the park
    Just staying home in the dark.
    Seeing the same faces the whole day
    getting frustrated wild with RAGE
    locked inside home like in a cage.
    Cold or cough search for the virus
    through tests and scan regardless
    of the price charged seems helpless.

    The silence of the environment
    is broken with the siren of the
    Ambulance which is rushing
    with patients struggling to breathe.

    This pandemic has shrunk the world.


  • miss_silentlyweird 39w

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    It's all started with eighteen,
    Everyone calls me an adult—no longer teen?
    They say it's the beginning,
    Hold up, I'm not ready for this new setting,

    However alarm clocks ring,
    My innocence left in my series of passing,
    Responsibility increasing,
    Friends decreasing,

    Since when I wake up, no longer dreaming?
    Scared into the new world so now I'm missing,
    Where's my laughter?
    Emotions scattered should I bother?

    Oh no I surrounded by insecurity,
    Hating myself falling in gravity,
    So I look into the stars lightning in obscurity,
    It took me back learning self-believability,

    Then here I'm drowning with tears,
    I suffocate in a pier
    The lightning of laments
    The storms of disappointments,

    Stab by someone in heart,
    It's really hurt,
    Where should I start?
    To paint an art?

    Art of healing; growing,
    Forgetting and forgiving,
    When in fact I'm just in point of stroking,
    To face all the challenges raging,
    In this life I am still learning,


    #ragec #lessons #wod #pod
    #mirakee @mirakee @writersbay
    Source ��: Canva
    —I'm not functioning well/Lame asf :((

    Ps: In this life I'm raging mad to all the bad things happened and about to happen but I will try my best to find what's lesson it brings.

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    I have unloaded gun in my heart, at some point it's loaded up with bullets of rage— it's shot, it kills something and someone with a sound of hurtful words with loud scream.

  • thoughtsprocess 39w

    If they are tolerant
    It doesn't mean
    that you can take
    them for granted
    Please don't
    try their patience
    Because the rage of
    a silent river is
    more dangerous
    than the fire

  • bellemoon99 39w


    Kept inside all the bitterness of life,
    they twisted the body already hit by age.
    Sorrow once cut like a merciless knife,
    Now all that's left is tired explosive rage.

  • antarraal 39w

    My silent eyes
    hide the rage
    brewing in my heart.
    Because one corner
    of my core still believes
    that all will be well.


  • manasaa 39w

    Life is a train, people. The mistake we do is we crave to pull the chain of life when darkness engulfs us. But even at the darkest of times, we need to rely on the firefly called hope��

    Edit: The best decision one can ever make is to choose facing difficulties of life rather than ending it. #decisionmaking
    #wod #lessons #ragec @writersnetwork

    Thank you for EC. First time��

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    I've boarded this train called life.
    Co-passengers travel along.
    Some smile at me, some scorn at me
    and others just look away.
    My train halts at few stations.
    People depart; some permanently & others
    leave behind their luggages of memories.
    People boards; some knew their destiny
    while others don't.

    Hither I sit, waiting for my destination.
    The window is my mind.
    At times,
    I see rays of sun enter & my eyes glint;
    I see lilacs bloom with vibrant tint;
    I see feuillemort fields resemble my fears;
    Roaring rage of hurricane echo in my ears;
    Downpour from clouds & lashes co-exist;
    Blow of icy cold zephyr numb my chest.

    Now my train passes through a suffocating tunnel.
    Fumes of fearsome darkness fill the sight.
    Everywhere around, not a ray of light.
    I can no longer endure this pain.
    I wanted to pull the chain & stop the train.
    But then I espy a firefly of hope fluttering in dark.
    I watch the firefly & let the darkness embrace me.
    Everything which has an entry, has an exit.
    And this tunnel too.
    I will soon feel sunshine, chirping birds
    and scent of primroses.
    Afterall, I boarded this train to reach
    my destination.
    To relish what's awaiting me over there!

  • pallavi4 39w


    I conceal a bad temperament
    And angst that slowly turns into anger
    Along with the simmering bubbles of tension
    That push one over the level of danger

    An incensed infuriation inwardly resides
    Below the peaceful, placid facade I hide
    The fury and incessant irritation
    I constantly feel inside

    Tranquil and quiet, outwardly serene
    I supposedly never see red
    People don’t ever get to witness
    The raging tempest in my head

    The innate irate temper
    That defines who I really am
    Gets perceived as subdued submission,
    Rationality and pacific calm

    The incandescent , seething frenzy
    Turns into vexed, exasperated indignation
    The fuming ranting and raving
    Changes into resentment on provocation

    There is a monster inside my head
    That changes the course of my normality
    Within the confines of the dungeon inside me
    Rarely reflecting externally the reality of my personality


    28th of April, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner, “Small deep red, orange, black and grey squared abstract“ by Jean Soyer

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  • squared 39w

    Look at the stars
    I wish to be that one
    Who cuts the edge of my rage
    and shapes me into
    a shell of peace.

    Amongst the starry skies
    it is a sprinkler of fair elegance
    and glamour of my lucid dawns
    Who staples my uncertainty
    with its coldness
    and burns my grief like
    the satellite sun.

    It freezes my harmony
    like the moon’s presence
    in the forever sky,
    behind the bushes of
    the misty meadow clouds.

    It brings the despise of myself
    into the knees and claps upon my
    courageous soul who rhythms
    sonnet of “overcome darkness”
    upon her chest.

    It gifts me
    the essence of poesy
    and spreads my gloom over night
    for I should not see them again
    tomorrow in the daylight.

    When I was breathing
    the mournful minutes
    and those doleful dismal days,
    I vented my verses and
    poems under that one star.

    That star wasn’t a star
    but a gleam paving from my
    cracked window into my home
    giving me a ray of hope to live again.

    It taught me the potential
    of loneliness and polished
    my acne with its shine.
    For the darkness can’t
    make you die but can make
    you rise by the one peak of spark.

    It taught me the power of darkness
    more than the power of light,
    for stars are still the stars
    even if few shine a little less.


    #lessons #ragec
    On Editor’s Choice Squared.🦦/

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    You are my mentor.

    Sending virtual hugs to all the writers here,who gave their precious time on me.
    Thankyou so much for gifting me your kind wishes and comments.❤️

    Getting POD under 5 months is a blissful blessing.

    28th April’ 2021
    9:24 PM

    I admire you squared🤍

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  • maanvi_bhagat 39w

    Rage, a monster
    Not ready to stay calm
    Soothing words
    Still infuriate him
    Curses make it
    Lose control
    Words uttered in
    Times of despair
    Are a strong weapon
    For the monster
    So beware, never
    Let it wake up

  • paradoxicalpenman 39w

    A trivial banter

    You are in rage but do you ever regret,
    That pretence when you play hard to get,
    Sometimes but how do you guys handle rejection,
    Psychopaths may obsess and unrequited love drives you towards depression,
    For most guys it's simple just move on to the next.

  • bubbly_bluebells 39w

    I don't fear from dreams,i fear from the rage of damaging them within bones.I want to live!

  • emptypen 39w

    A hole of emptiness,
    Absorbs all the rage, love, hatred,
    Motivation to try all the lessons,
    To fill it up,
    Willingness to talk to people,
    To live, To die.

  • absynth 39w

    less of the lesson

    Let me give you a lesson
    Without making it sound like one.
    If that is possible.
    If not then I better keep my mouth shut
    I still butt in
    To alleviate the suffering
    A little bit
    Or maybe make it worse
    For the one who reads me.

    I will start with Love
    Because it's the staple diet
    That one can never have enough of.
    Swallow your self respect first
    Before you take a bite,
    An appetizer is recommended
    Just before the delectable delight is served
    For your mouth isn't big enough
    To swallow someone's lips and lies together.

    Then comes Curiosity,
    Keeps you open to possibility
    Like a romantic long drive
    With the auto drive mode on.
    Lets you enjoy the landscapes passing by
    And hold hands to test their might
    Against the speed breakers and road rage.
    Lets you brush away the stray curls from someone's face,
    Feel their fingers in your hair
    As the breeze of a new beginning
    Tries to sneak in
    Through the rolled up windows.

    Lastly Hope-
    The rope that keeps us
    Tied down to the earth
    But is a gift nonetheless
    Bestowed on us by birth.
    Well, what to say of it
    Except that it resides in our lungs
    And rises to our throats as phlegm
    Whenever we cough too hard.
    Then we spit it out
    And breathe easier
    Then carry on
    After wiping our tears.


  • shruti_25904 39w


    Rage is that fire, which can totally change u, extinguish ur sense of humanity, break relationships and leave you all alone with ur soul.

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 39w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #lessons #wod #pod #life #ragec @writersbay #ak_wn_repost

    All written rights reserved
    28 April 2021 11. 42 am

    Thank you so much for repost ❤️ @writersnetwork ��️

    Lessons I Learned

    1.Tryst with Trust
    Blind trust is a blindfold to reality
    It would shatter your mirror of fantasy
    Million eyes from broken pieces would
    Stare back at you at accusation
    Wishing you had a third eye beforehand
    Never reveal your tryst with trust

    2. Tango with Truth
    Lie is a song of siren
    Deceit is a striptease
    Betrayal is seduction of mind
    Evil trinity plays hard
    Never let it win your card
    Find your rhythm to tango with truth

    3.Ballet with Belief
    Fearful mind is bleak
    Doubtful is being weak
    Mark your beliefs in precise steps
    Gracefully sway to that tune
    Let your gestures shine in every twirl
    Set your mind pointed at that belief

    4. Hip-hop with Hope
    Hopelessness wreaks any ship
    While hope let's it afloat
    Let hope bloom in consciousness
    An essential of style and all stages
    Attitude be sharp, crystal clear rapport
    Delight in daydreams as hope glows you up

    5. Swing with Solitude
    Isolation is no burden
    But a blessing in disguise
    Steer clear of distractions
    Tune into the melodious rhythm
    Let flaws sway and get back to flight
    Let prayers swing smooth to praises

    6. Folklore with Fortune
    All life is not a wish well
    Will-o'-wisps or fountain of wishes
    Fate plays harsh, hard and strange
    Ornamentation of fortune is complex
    Effort embellished the treasure
    Whereas idle longing is a far cry

    7. Hide-n-seek with Hard work
    Hide your efforts
    Seek your purpose
    Let the results shine on effort
    It's a hide-n-seek, mostly unseen
    Yet delay not, relay on hard work
    Deserving fruits will manifest for sure

    8. Karaoke of Kindness
    Rage is a fast-paced wildfire
    Demolishing the essence of life
    Only a rich mind could stay being kind
    Kindness is a music within
    Song along even if situations stray
    Ensures a blissful encore in life

    9. Labyrinth of Love
    When love is a maze
    Life is lost in chase
    Lost pathways lead to abyss
    Let your heart be your compass
    All forms of love are tributaries
    Wise heart never runs dry, an ocean of love

    10. Balladry of Balance
    Life is equal parts pleasure and pain
    If not would you realize what you gain
    Inevitable sufferings enhance endurance
    One hand gives while the other takes
    scenarios are stanzas short as ballads
    Enriching the scenery of life

    // Life is a palette of extreme hues
    Blissful pinks and woeful blues //


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  • sarcasticbong 74w

    Image credit ©sarcasticbong
    #chasec #ragec @writersbay
    Byronic - characteristic of Lord Byron or his poetry.
    (of a man) alluringly dark, mysterious, and moody.

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    C H A S E

    Writing dark verse
    I have touched few
    On a no moon night
    With a clown crew
    Did you get the clue?

    Chase was just a phase
    I grew out without a rage
    Tripping in the pool of blood
    I called myself vengeance
    Like a byronic being
    Its a darker thing
    Did you find that bling?