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    is better without ??

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    Unsaid - The #art of being a good observant, and turning every coming negative tide into positive energy will present you life- long lessons and will enrich your growth.

    Bg- Depth explains everything. Sometimes a single word is sufficient to every query, sometimes numerous explanations won't suffice.

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    Life , A quiz


    Kabi mudda't se pade har sawal ka jawab ,
    Ek Lafz hota hai.

    Kabi ek sawal ka jawab,
    Zindagi bhar ni milta.


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    Adding on questions,
    Will result in conflict...
    "She sounds good....
    But missed something"
    I missed only you in my life ...
    I won't let you win the battle
    That easily....
    Fight it me once again....
    Fight my fears away...
    That I let my answers out....

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    G.K In English

    Russia has the highest number of nuclear bombs at 7000 as compared to any other country.

    After this, the number of :-

    America (6800),
    France (300),
    China (260),
    England (215),
    Pakistan (120-130),
    India (110-120),
    Israel (80)


    North Korea (less than 10). Comes.


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    Stop Scrolling and Answer This...

    You're Alive Because ________


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    Quiz Time 3

    Rohan is the only child in his family.
    Rahul is the father of geeta and grandson of Mr. Kumar . Geeta is the mother of rohan and wife of kartik . Then who is kartik to Mr. Kumar ?

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    Please solve it



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    : The peacock mantis shrimp lives in the crevices of coral and rocks on the ocean floor.
    :This ferocious shrimp has club-like appendages that fold beneath its body, resembling a praying mantis.
    :The acceleration is similar to that in a . 22 caliber handgun (accelerations of over 100,000 metres per second squared (330,000 ft/s2) and speeds of over 20 metres per second (66 ft/s)), with 340 pounds-force (1,500 N) per strike.

    #Quiz Time
    1)What is the full form of PDF.
    2)All evolutions of Catapee.

    #Anwser in comment#pod#quiz#

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    Alola guys!
    Some facts about Marine Shrimp

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    Be true. No Google search allowed.
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    Guess this famous poet.

    उन के देखे से जो आ जाती है मुँह पर रौनक़
    वो समझते हैं कि बीमार का हाल अच्छा है

    ~ ?

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    Designed By The Rohit Sharma


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    Believe in the Curious Dreamers Chapter 11:

    The Next Day

    Mr. Perry: What does a dream within a dream mean? Anyone?

    Class: Silence.

    Mr. Perry: Come on guys, this class is really getting dryer than my ex-wife.

    Class (laughing):

    Mr. Perry (putting both hands out): Where is Shonte? She usually answers all of my questions. 

    Jesus: Ain’t it’s like when…

    (A knock on door)

    Mr. Perry (pointing his finger): Hold that thought, Jesus.  

    Mr. Perry: Hi, can I help you, ma’am?

    Yes, I’m looking for my daughter Kiara Davis, did she come to school today?

    Mr. Perry: No ma’am, we have not seen Kiara in class today, since yesterday Mrs. Davis.

    Mrs. Davis: Oh Jesus.

    Mr. Perry: What happened ma’am?

    Mrs. Davis: I went into her room this morning to ask her did she want any breakfast, I didn’t see her, and I got worried, I looked all around the house for her, I was starting to think to myself that I shouldn't worry, she probably stepped out somewhere, or went to the store, I know my daughter, this is not like her to just leave the house without checking with me first, that’s why I came here to see if she’s here.

    Mr. Perry: I am sorry ma’am, she is not here.

    Mrs. Davis: This is not like Kiara to miss school, she loves school, she’s a smart girl.

    Mr. Perry: I know Mrs. Davis, she is a smart girl, and she has not missed any days in my class until now, I was thinking she had gotten sick.

    Mrs. Davis: No, Kiara hasn’t gotten sick for a while. 

    Mr. Perry (touches his forehead): Okay, aw geez, this makes sense.

    Mrs. Davis (leans her head forward): What makes sense?

    Mr. Perry: How odd and coincidental.

    Mrs. Davis: What’s odd and coincidental? Tell me? that’s my daughter.

    Mr. Perry: You have not been the only parent that is standing here asking me have I seen your child.

    Mrs. Davis: What?

    Mr. Perry: There was another parent here two days ago telling me that her son Quetip had gone missing, the story sounds a lot like your story.

    Mrs. Davis (face down with sadness in her eyes): Oh my God.

    Mr. Perry: These two stories could not be related, but I am just saying they sound a lot familiar, and the student’s mom said she have not seen him that morning two ago either, and she was just as frantic as you are.

    Mrs. Davis (eyes watering with tears, putting her hand on her chest): Oh God, where could my baby be?

    Mr. Perry: I do not know ma’am, I am so sorry ma’am everything is going to be fine, but I informed the student’s mother that if I see her son, I will let her know, I will do the best I can, and I will do the same thing for you, ma’am.

    Mrs. Davis: Thank you.

    Mr. Perry: You're welcome, I told his mother to wait 24 hours to contact the police department that day, the police should be on the search by now, and you can call to Mrs. Davis.

    Mrs. Davis: Okay, Oh my God, Jesus, my baby.

    Mr. Perry: Everything is going to be fine ma’am.  

    Mrs. Davis (frowns with tears): No, everything is not fine, that is my daughter out there and someone else's child out there too missing. 

    Mr. Perry: I know ma’am, but...

    Jesus: What’s going on out there? Who is that lady hollering at Mr. Perry?

    Cheetoe: That’s Shonte's mama.

    Jesus: I wonder what she doing here?

    Cheetoe (shaking his head with his hand on his beard): I don’t know. 

    Mr. Perry (hands upward): Class listen up, it appears to seem like Shonte has gone missing as well as Quetip.

    Class: What? 

    Mr. Perry (bobbing his hand): Hold on guys, do not get worried about this coincidence of them going missing.

    Cheetoe (rubs his face with his hands): Aw man. 

    Jesus: What you think what happened to em?

    Mr. Perry: I don’t know, the police are out there searching for the both of them, do not stress yourself out guys, for the time being, I still want you all to focus on your education.


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    Believe in the Curious Dreamers: Continue reading previous chapter

    (Cheetoe walking out of the school and dials Mrs. Johansin)

    Mrs. Johansin: Hello?

    Cheetoe: Mrs. Johansin?

    Mrs. Johansin: Oh hey Cheetoe, I did call you earlier, but I knew you were in class, so I just came up to the school and talked to your teacher.

    Cheetoe: Yeah I know, nobody saw Quetip around. 


    Mrs. Johansin: Okay, cause I haven’t seen my baby since last night, Mr. Perry told me to give it 24 hours for him to show up.

    Cheetoe: Yeah I know, he told us everything you said.

    Mrs. Johansin: Okay, that’s good, I contacted a couple of his friends, they said they haven't seen em either, I haven't got to his other friends yet, Mario and Derek and them, can you try contacting them?

    Cheetoe: Sure Mrs. Johansin, I will do the best I can to find Quetip, cause that's my boy.

    Mrs. Johansin: I know y'all always been best friends since ya’ll were in 8th grade.

    Cheetoe: Yeah, we have been boys for a while, I always had his back on everything, I even had to beat up some niggas that had beef with em.  

    Mrs. Johansin: I know Cheetoe baby, you always been on his side for anything he asked for,  thank the Lord he has a friend like you Cheetoe, when I always needed you for anything, I always had Quetip to ask you for things, like I asked you did you know how to put a TV set up? And you put it up for us.

    Cheetoe: Yeah I did.

     Mrs. Johansin: And that other time when I had asked you things about my car that went wrong, and my car needed fixing, and you fixed it.

    Cheetoe: Yeah you know Mrs. Johansin, you can count on me for anything, I'm always there, you know.

    Mrs. Johansin: I know baby, thank the Lord for someone like you, I hope wherever Quetip is, God is watching him and keeping his body and soul protected, Lord hamersey, God protect my baby.

    Cheetoe: Everything's gonna be okay Mrs. Johansin, imma find my boy, you can count on me, imma do everything to find my boy.

    Mrs. Johansin: I know baby.

    Cheetoe: Imma bout to hit up Mario and Derek and the others to see if they heard from em.

    Mrs. Johansin: Okay baby, please do that, and please let me know if any of them heard from him.

    Cheetoe: I will Mrs. Johansin.

    Mrs. Johansin: Okay.

    (Cheetoe dials Mario)

    Mario: Hello?

    Cheetoe: This Mario?

    Mario: Yeah, who this, Cheetoe?

    Cheetoe: Yeah man, what up.

    Mario: What’s up Cheetoe.

    Cheetoe: What’s up bro, I'm checkin to see if you heard from Quetip recently?

    Mario: Naw bro, I haven't heard from him since bout a couple weeks ago.

    Cheetoe: Man.

    Mario: What's goin on with em? He into some shit?

    Cheetoe: Naw, but his og called me tellin me she hasn't seen em since yesterday, and she showed up at the school today thinkin he's missin, and…

    Mario: Missing?

    Cheetoe: Yeah, and nobody in my class nowhere he is.

    Mario: Have they called the law yet?

    Cheetoe: Naw, they said to wait 24 hours. 

    Mario: I don't think he missin yo, he'll show up, Quetip will show up, I know him.

    Cheetoe: I know em too, and I hope so bro, cause that's my boy, I don’t won’t nothin happenin to em.

    Mario: I know, y'all always been tight, but y'all shouldn't worry yo, we know Quetip, he probably out at some hoe’s house eatin her pussy out or some shit, you know him.

    Cheetoe: Ha, yeah man, that's him, he loves the hoes.

    Mario: Yeah, that freak nigga, and you know he probably had beef with some niggas cause of his roasting mouth.

    Cheetoe: If he was into some shit with some niggas, he would have hit me up by now, askin me to have his back, and that's not like him to do yo, I know Quetip.

    Mario: But you know when Quetip is roasting people, he can get offensive though, and that's why his ass be into shit. 

    Cheetoe: Yeah, but if he was into with someone, or at some chick's house, don't you think he would have showed his ass up by nah? 

    Mario: Yeah, that all do makes sense, but let's just hope that nigga somewhere ight.

    Cheetoe: Yeah bro, I hope so man, that's my homey yo, I hope that nigga safe somewhere.

    Mario: I know bro, no matter how goofy that nigga is, he is still my homey too.

    Cheetoe: On the real, yo.

    Mario: Tell his og to don’t worry, hea show up.

    Cheetoe: Ight man.

    Mario: If you hear from em doe, till em to hit me up, or you can hit me up to make sure he ight.

    Cheetoe: Ight bro, I do that for you.

    Mario: Ight man.

    Cheetoe: Imma try hittin up some of his other friends right now.

    Mario: Ight bro.

    Cheeto: Ight.

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    Believe in the Curious Dreamers Chapter 8:

    The Next Day

    Mr. Perry: Okay class, are you guys ready for your quiz.


    Class: Yeah.

    Mr. Perry (smiles): Man, that sounded awfully dry there. 

    Class (laughing):


    Mr. Perry: But okay, here is your quizzes. 

    (Cheetoe’s phone rings)

    Mr. Perry: No phones out.

    Cheetoe: Mr. Perry I have to take this.

    Mr. Perry: No phones while taking the quiz. 

    Cheetoe: Ight.

    20 minutes later.

    Mr. Perry: Okay, hand me your quizzes if you are done. Okay so you…

    (A knock on Mr. Perry’s door)

    Mr. Perry: Hold on class.

    Mr. Perry: Yes?


    Mr. Perry: Hello.

    I’m Quetip’s mother, Mrs. Johansin, did Quetip come to class today?

    Mr. Perry: No, Mrs. Johansin, I did not see him in class today, is he in some kind of trouble?

    Mrs. Johansin (gestures her hands upward): I don’t know, I didn’t see him in his room this morning, he usually lets me know when he is about to go to school, that’s unlike him to leave and not telling me goodbye, I called some of his friends, they said they haven’t seen him either. 

    Mr. Perry: Wow, uhm... I’m sorry Mrs. Johansin, I will ask the students have they seen Quetip around, you do not think he has gone missing, do you?

    Mrs. Johansin (putting her hand on her forehead with her face downward): I’m starting to think that, Oh God.

    Mr. Perry: How long has he been missing?

    Mrs. Johansin: Since last night, this is not like him to just leave without me knowing.

    Mr. Perry: Well, give him 24 hours to show up, if he does not show up after 24 hours, check in with the police department. 

    Mrs. Johansin: Thank you, Mr. Perry.

    Mr. Perry: No problem, that is so unlike Quetip to not show up for class, he is always here joking with the class, he is the class clown.

    Mrs. Johansin (smiles sadly): Yeah that’s Quetip for yah.

    Mr. Perry: Yeah, but other than that, he is a driven student that listens, I have not had any problems with him, it is just that he could get a bit carried away with his jokes that I have to stop him sometimes.

    Mrs. Johansin: Yeah that’s him, the joker, that can’t shut up.

    Mr. Perry: Yeah, but I will let the students know Mrs. Johansin. 

    Mrs. Johansin: Okay.

    Mr. Perry: I will do what I can.

    Mrs. Johansin: Thank you, Mr. Perry, Quetip told me how good of a teacher you are.

    Mr. Perry: Really?

    Mrs. Johansin: Yeah, he said you are teaching them some interesting stuff.

    Mr. Perry: Yeah, I try to arouse my students.

    Mrs. Johansin: Okay.

    Mr. Perry: Well, Mrs. Johansin, you take my advice on waiting and than contacting the police.

    Mrs. Johansin: Okay.

    Mr. Perry: Sorry class, that I kept you all waiting long. I was talking with Quetip’s mother outside and she said she did not see him this morning, she assumed that he has gone missing.

    Class: What?

    Cheetoe: What happened?

    Mr. Perry: She says that she has not seen Quetip since last night and he does not normally leaves without letting her know. Have any of you guys seen Quetip around?

    Class: No.

    Cheetoe: That was her calling me before she came.

    Mr. Perry: Oh that was her? well, you can call her back after class, it is about to end in a few. 

    (Cheetoe walking out of the school and dials Mrs. Johansin)


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    What is seen in the middle of March and April that can’t be seen at the
    beginning or end
    of either month?

    What I Am...?

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    Question #1

    What is love to you?

    LOVE is a principle that one must live by.
    LOVE is the opposite of self/ selfishness.

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    Batao Batao its Quiz Time ! Lets check your IQ Level. This question was asked in a Interview of Entrance Exam. Use your sense of Humour. TOP 3 Contestants Name will be uploaded on my profile. DON'T ONLY LIKE, COMMENT ALSO. #Quiz #IQ #Test #Mirakee #Mirakeelove #writerstolli #Writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    Name A City that does not have The letter 'A' In it ?!


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    "She is an unraveled puzzle that cannot be unriddled so easily"

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    Quizá deba comenzar a dejarte ir,
    dejarte volar sin arruinar tus alas.
    Ambos soñamos con un futuro muy incierto,
    quisimos escribir nuestro propio cuento con un final feliz,
    forjamos las cosas hasta que nos pudrimos.
    La vida real no es así, la vida real nos consume,
    nos vuelve presos de la soledad.
    Juntos no podemos volar, no podemos florecer.
    Por eso, mi pequeño, ve a buscar otros horizontes,
    ve y busca tus colores que yo me robé...


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    Question 2

    Mention your favourite line from any classic work?
    'Villain I have done thy mother!' I just love Shakespeare for this line. Lol

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    Question 1

    What inspires you to write?
    I usually get inspired by my friends and acquaintances and their experiences.