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  • abhibd 1w

    Storm and the Quite!!

    So much going on inside ,
    Yet not a whisper of it outside.

    A storm ravaging beneath the surface,
    And not a sign of it on the face .

    Wanting to shout out like a wounded beast,
    Instead keeping calm in a feast.

    Falling apart in the mind ,
    Standing tall and high outwind.

  • inkandfable670 1w

    Pain shattering heart like mirror,it's broken pieces piercing my soul, making me scream in my silent groan.

  • _farhat_iqbal_ 1w

    Veils of Whirlpool

    In High tides of voices
    My flow was unacceptable
    Whirlpool of fear had several veils
    Opening in prison of thoughts
    In every prison I was
    And my intoxicated state
    With low tides of breaths
    Some cups filled with ego
    Some filled with love
    When did I captivate myself in voice?
    Searching love dissolved in waves
    And in wandering waves lost myself
    Love is substance, unlike abstract
    But estcased souls have own townlet
    Beyond ecstasies of imaginations is an island
    Towards which life's joys,
    Despondency and silence swim
    In its empire of deserted ports
    Dreams are unloaded at wharf
    From the unseen cargo
    In little chamber of cargo tanks
    Love resides in dark corners
    With no window ,no light
    Deep darkness is guarding
    On pathways of thoughts
    Through love's unprofitable voyage
    Seventh veil is shrouded
    In which an ocean
    of overflowing silence resides
    Ocean is quite and calm
    Waves are embraced by chests
    In pauses of those moments
    Love becomes shoreless ocean
    A vast scattered eternal ocean
    In which wails become chants
    Madness becomes quite..

    #quite @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Veils of Whirlpool


  • blue_nib 1w


    The crust was smooth !!!
    Seemingly clam and quite...
    But, beneath boiled the lava...
    In the core, everything was unsettled...
    The undercurrent were hidden...
    By that slim blue film of water...
    Yet preparing for tsunami eruption...
    Thee was judged by his face...
    Irrelevant, every second he fought...
    A war within...
    To prove to the world that...
    He is quite and clam ...
    As he knew the eruptions...
    Will melt the cacophony voices...
    Judging him every second...
    Instead he choose to remain quite¡¡¡


  • hoorbanu98 1w

    You are born to cry♥

    You shouldn't be an inner stressed
    If you feel to cry
    Then openly and loudly you can cry
    Because no open can replace your own pain
    Then better don't think of why you shouldn't cry!

    《 23-11-2021 》

  • rehnumai 1w

    Some lips were hushed, saying that it was not just, and what happened is past, don't get vexed, just maintain your sangfroid. The ones who tussled, and screamed their torment, were labelled as blatant. But the images kept on, surrounding her mind and her quite shrieks accompanied her to the graveyard of cessation.

  • lucifer_morningstar666 1w

    Nothing will do good if you consume/take more than your limite not even 'Love'...


  • rahmahdi 1w

    My quite

    I don't shout my scream not because of fear
    Not because of loneliness
    I don't shout my scream
    Cause i know all scream just will end up as echo
    Never important and change nothing
    I keep my quite and silence
    Because i know my quite and silence are my blanket
    A blanket that protects me from all monster under my bed

  • likwidsay10 1w


    You put me down
    I was your clown
    I was the joke
    That you had broke
    I'm just like you
    My bloods red too
    You beat me down
    Into the ground
    Day after day
    What did you say?
    That I'm worthless
    That I'm useless
    Like a bad dream
    It's a silent scream

    What did you find?
    You'd think I'd mind?
    The confinement
    Of derangement
    An' enslavement
    Your punishment
    The pain you sent
    Vicious intent
    Was my torment
    You're no different
    Just ignorant
    Without a soul
    Callous an' cold
    Playing a game
    You'd place the blame
    It was my fault
    For the assault
    I couldn't cope
    Without no hope
    You're hurting me
    Abusing me
    On purposely
    I can't fight back
    I can't attack
    Like a bad dream
    It's a silent scream


  • strangestranger 1w

    She always keeps quite ,
    and never drops that smile ,
    attached to her face with super glue ,
    But her eyes keeps shouting,
    all day long .
    Her eyes ,
    Pleading to be saved ,
    Asking for help,
    with crimson lines of misery ,
    making them more ornamental ,
    more miserable !



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  • jagruti_patil30 1w

    Sometimes keeping quite doesn't always means pain..��

    #quite #word

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    "After all these years why do you still get silent? Whenever he calls you.!" Her friend asked

    "Because I still skip my heartbeat whenever he calls" she thought smiling quietly..


  • likwidsay10 1w

    A Quite Place

    I often felt like singing my heart out
    But often let silence fill the air instead
    Of my voice. I always fear someone will hear me singing too loud in the apartment. I fear my nieghbors will hear and make fun of my voice. Saying, "Do you hear that poor animal howl in pain? Sounds like thier dying." My voice shrivels up to just whispers that are insync with the musics lyrics. Even then I'm told to shut up. There was a time I didn't care who heard me. I was confident enough to sing just about anything. I'd yell and holler with soul. I use to hear the neighbors give me applause outside my window after a vigorous concert. Though I don't think I'm any good. People have told me I had a good voice. I can mimic who ever I put my vocals to. Songs that I like to sing play on the radio and I just want to belt it out but others opinions have silenced me. Although I'm sure it surprises people to hear me sing. In this quite place, I imagine my voice loud, as I silently word the lyrics with my mouth and feel the notes rise and fall in my head and throat. How the artist emphasized certain words. I memorized so many lyrics. At least nine hundred songs. A little bit of everything. I want to sing out loud but find I'm silenced. Even when I'm utterly alone I find my vocal cords have been sniped by me for the reason someone might hear me and shush me. When singing was a way for me to relieve stress and it brought me joy. I feel somehow diminished.


  • pink_berry 1w

    ~silence is my secret weapon to win a losing battle. And my words are my armour , to save me from ruining myself~

    #quite #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #aalowrites @inquisitor

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    Quiet screams

    Late in the night at 3:00 am
    My mind goes wandering here and there .
    My eyes are bloodshot.
    My heart could barely bear.

    Everyone's sleeping and then there me ,
    Fighting battles with my thoughts
    Struggling to close eyes and sleep.

    I turn from left to right and right to left.
    I crumble my blanket and throw it away.
    Then I feel frightened, and then I wrap myself under my blanket.

    I feel like screaming out loud.
    Yelling at everything that makes me angry.
    Crying to the core and not whimpering silently.

    But all I do is stay quite.
    Keep all my emotions inside.
    They run a cyclone waiting to get of my soul.
    But I hold it back.

    I hate expressing myself.
    Neither to the close ones nor to strangers.
    I talk a lot . But I'm equally quite.

    I can bring a flood of words ,
    I can bring a tsunami of tears.
    I can be as silent as a grave.
    And I can be as quite as a forest.

    ~ And honey, my silence doesn't stand for my weakness. It's just that I'm being kind towards you , by not uttering your reality ~

  • love__writer___08 1w

    -sanskriti verma
    #quite #wod

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    I tried to scream my thoughts so loud,
    But in the end no-one was left around.


  • karasi_0v0a0r0g 1w

    The nicest and meanest person one can meet is thyself.

    Heart beating on my ears
    Mind abandoned, eyes dropping tears.
    Staggering question Why am I here?

    To run was weak
    Yet, staying was like a dog with a muzzle
    Can Bark; Can't bite.

    Within my tormented mind
    Havoc I speak within to me
    I can barely recover,
    Guess owe it all to past that still haunts me

    A monster that haunts itself.
    I can do me, barely.

    A paradoxical chant:
    You're not me.


  • infectiouswordspoetry 1w

    I'm the phases of moon,
    Changing in tranquility,
    Transforming the scriptures of silence
    that screams loudest fading the voice of own.

  • lazy_writer02 1w

    As she want to listen me i choose to stay quiet

    I want to know

    Can you understand my silence

  • melcus86 1w

    Say Less

    I can Barely withstand
    the awkwardness of silence
    awaiting Anxiously
    For you to say anything
    Something to escape the quiet
    Cut to me carrying every conversation
    From becoming
    The ever so toxic atrocity
    Who Talks Gossip on anyone who's anybody

  • strangestranger 4w

    She always keeps quite ,
    and never drops that smile ,
    attached to her face with super glue ,
    But her eyes keeps shouting,
    all day long .
    Her eyes ,
    Pleading to be saved ,
    Asking for help,
    with crimson lines of misery ,
    making them more ornamental ,
    more miserable !




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  • kajalpawar2911 7w

    "The ragged doll seemed to be moving on its on. But when I glanced at it, she stopped as if I was telling a mischievous child to keep quiet."