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  • hoorbanu98 17h

    Be aware♥

    Don't forget....
    Who you are?
    From were your are?
    No matter
    How much standard of level you reach?
    Don't forget....
    God is great
    HE can again recreates your standard anytime.


  • amtupu_ 18h

    Thank You @writersnetwork for ❤️ing [14]

    Maktub - it is written
    Ala rasi - anything for you
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    Fish and visitors stink
    After three days,
    Maktub of wise old.
    To happen was bold
    But is to live gold?

    Sweet serenade tint
    on dry bleak bays
    Sour lemonade.
    In mist days does
    Ala rasi life dish?

    Ancient writers' pen ink
    Precious and bold,
    Life like morning mist
    In fog May appears,
    In three seconds vanish


  • bishal_paul 18h

    oh sage! do you know who is the creator?
    what is untruth, who is a truthful orator?
    will ray of light end, where darkness begin?
    i seek answers, does god reside in questions we spin?


  • green_of_august 20h

    Not so much of a question but I tried
    @mirakee #questions #question #wod

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    Won't you look for me?

    It's funny, yet sad
    And the other way around
    What else can be bad?
    All I need is to be found
    Better if I only had
    Any noise or any sort of sound
    The silence drives me mad
    In this lonely place under the ground

  • laven_ 20h

    What makes you get up each morning?

    Its such a simple question, but there are times we struggle to find the answer. And that conflict is perfectly okay, because it reminds us that we are healthy and alive.

    #questions #wod

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    Blanket of Time

    What if tomorrow opens the door for today?
    What if today was a window into yesterday?
    What if yesterday wanted to stay away?
    What if nothing changed, would it be okay?

    What if tomorrow led the way?
    What if today was just another day?
    What if yesterday knew what to say?
    What if it all changed, would it be okay?

    What if tomorrow's sky turned gray?
    What if the clock ticked away
    as today would just lay
    under the covers,
    ...would that really be okay?

  • nainajani 1d

    Questions storm in a mind,
    Uncertainty surrounds life,
    Where is the happiness?
    My heart wonders while it cries.

    Take me to a place where the sun never sets,
    Where dreams find their light in the morning sky,
    Lets travel to a place where mysteries end,
    A place where questions help to erase doubts.

    For there are so many that speak,
    But there are only a few who share secrets,
    Or an information untold which can erase,
    The darkness of ignorance or the fear of being untold.

    How many faces are there in an individual's personality?
    Tell me which one is real and which one is fake?
    Why is truth often thrown out in the lake,
    When life slowly comes to a heart breaking stake.

    Why do some question remain unanswered forever,
    And here I stand and weep in the hope these questions will erase,
    But why not even a sea of salted tears,
    Can erase these questions which set my heart ablaze?

    Why are they building fear in me, silencing me away?
    Maybe you are not ready to let go of the facade
    Of making me believe everything is fine,
    Tell me how deep are your concealment?

    Where is the end of mysteries and secrets?
    When will my heart float in the air like a bubble freely?
    Where is the happiness? My heart still wonders and cries,
    As sometimes the pain doesn't end and neither my questions.



    #questions, #wod, @readwriteunite, @mirakee, @writersnetwork, @writerstolli,

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  • anas_husain 1d

    Grammar- The saviour

    What is darker than dark?


  • wordsofsh 1d

    What will you do?

    Life is hitting hard at you?
    Is it?
    Why do you think you must give up?
    Can you not face life's hicupps?
    Is holding on so difficult?
    So I ask you
    Will you fall down
    Or rise and stand tall
    For the ones u love?
    Will you let your fear win
    Or their expectations live up?
    Will you let things not affect you
    Or crash down like stardust??

  • romantica 1d


    Let me tell you something
    About his hards makes me shaking
    Before you ask me anything
    How he do it without even touching

    From thoughts to thoughts
    From eye to eye
    The best naked part
    Is doing what he like

    Why he thinks like that?
    Because he deserves some touch
    But I can't do it
    Because we are miles apart

    There are some questions
    Popping in your head
    And the answers of all
    Is he's doing his favorite scene like dead

    Watching me through the screen
    Doing his martial arts
    While shouting "Ha" "Yah" "Ehy"
    And finished everything while j***king

    Why he do that?
    What he is doing?
    How did he do it?
    When did he comes?

    just asked him
    he knows the answers
    from your questions
    that you wanted to know.

  • prived 1d

    Questions PRIVED

    .. Why did they not love me even after taking so much love from me?
    ..Why do people make their old parents homeless while living?
    ..Why do siblings get jealous?
    ..Why humans are bent on killing humans?
    Like alot of questions about human life

  • inspiring_soul 1d

    My mind is in a mess at the moment, I will edit this pain later.


    An old friend of mine told me once in the middle of a conversation about Palestinian issue :
    "You can't even think positively anymore. You believe in all myths which are not even in dreams possible" because I told her" Every human being deserves to be free"
    I wonder, what was the negative thing about the idea that every human being deserves freedom?  Can obedience to oppression and injustice be the only positive thing left for us in this unfair world?
    Which one to preach for a better world? Should we preach justice or love?
    She told me that" love is the only choice left for us to heal this world from hatred and antagonism. If we want our kids to have a bright future, we should teach them love and how to live in harmony with each other". I am sorry my friend. I couldn't understand you back then and perhaps, I will never be able to understand you because I can't accept a world where there is no justice. Just tell me one thing, how could we expect people to love and coexist peacefully with each other when there is no justice between them? will love ever be enough to heal this sick world?
    Can you accept being raped and instead of protecting your dignity, you choose to love the rapist and kiss them willingly? What a crazy world we are living in. New perceptions for everything. They took the same old terms, kept the same old letters but emptied them from their real essence. All what is left for us now are just mere empty structures. We were brainwashed and we are not supposed to ask for what's right in the world of wrong perceptions.
    Can we survive this modern semantic crazy maze? I hope so.
    Dear friend, I am telling you again that love grows only in justice's tree. It is the biological kid of justice and it can never be resulted from obedience to slavery and tyranny.
    We should always hold on to the right things because as Martin Luther king said " Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter". We don't have the right to decide for others. If someone says "I can't love my rapist" and asks for justice, then who are you to call them "terrorist"?
    If someone says "I can't fall in love with my enemy", then who are you to blame them?
    If someone says " I want my freedom and dignity back", then who are you to accuse them of being dreamers.
    The only way to maintain peace and harmony in this world is through justice alone. Do you think that you can really put out dignity's fire inside the human heart?

    Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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    Do you think that you can really put out dignity's fire inside the human heart?


  • chris_yash 1d

    Would it be okay if we pretend not to love each other?

    If we show the world our love.

    "What will happen if we stop acting."

    Piping in the morning due -

    With love we share.

    "will the aftermath be unsettled?"

    Or, will they sing along.

    If I am dying for you, will you live for me?

    Or would you hide behind that wall of, 

    "We were not meant to be."

    If I am leaving my life for you, will you live with me? Or.

    Would hide behind the wall of.

    "We cannot be a thing."

  • aphroditenow 1d

    Shrill of Whys

    When was the last time you smiled at a stranger thinking of me?
    When was the last time you tried to cook my favorite dish following my mother's recipe?
    When was the last time you laughed real hard not at my silly jokes but at how much silly I could really be and I thought I was just being too funny?
    When was the last time we went to theatre or dance to vinyl records at sunset hours?
    I promptly don't remember any of these.
    The day I crushed the dried flowers,
    All those that I had stored carefully pressed between the pages of my favourite novel,
    I thought I ripped you off me
    Much like the offshoot that is always ripped.
    Little did I know
    You would not melt away.
    Or why would you keep coming back
    Everytime when it rains
    Or when I try to fill my canvas with fresh paints?
    When was the last time you craved for my name?
    Do you remember I remained awake all night sitting by you when you were delirious, all spent struggling fever?
    I do remember few fragments reluctantly.
    I can't deny,
    I do feel an urge to know, at times, if you still think of me.
    I do write poems for you, at times,
    But leave them midway, unfinished.
    I really don't get it.
    Are you still left with me?

  • unstablesheis 1d

    which way to darkness
    from which only echoes and whispers linger
    heart hollow of lights that grows dimmer

    which way to sadness
    to running in a maze of endless nothing
    to falling in the dead sea, drowning

    which way to the end
    where we laugh and take our last breath
    intertwined, kissed a friend named death


  • shivtado 1d


    Will you risk it for love?
    What will be your answer
    than for society, for self?
    Whether you chose to be a
    lover in losers or
    A lonely in crowd?

  • miss_silentlyweird 1d

    So what If I'm bonker?
    And my changeable mood doesn't ponder?
    Will you tell me I need prescription?
    Base on your perspective description?

    Oh dear let me tell you my fear
    I fear to be normal cause it makes me tear
    I don't want to be a princess wearing dress
    Nor put a crown unto my head to make you impress

    My brain scattered
    Heart is battered
    The world continues to smother
    But I'm not bothered

    I am awry?
    You start to worry
    So let me peel the skin of my face
    Cut my smile and hand you my craziest trace

    Come on, don't be afraid!
    I don't want to play charade
    Show me your insanity leaves the masquerade
    Cause being sane is extremely jade


    #questions #inspoetry #mirakee #wod
    @mirakee @writersbay
    Source ��: Pinterest

    The inspiration behind this is song called “Mad hatter"by Melanie Martinez and “Is it just me" by Sasha Sloan. The song and my poem is about being okay with being who you are. I have many favorite songs with mix genre, it's quite difficult to choose so I posted this late btw hope it's not messy but if it turns out messy that's okay cause I'm a mess.

    Note: I try to be kind to myself so I'm kinda sound proud here lmao

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    Is it just me
    Who's crazy?
    But it's alright
    Cause all insane
    are the best one


  • alextheft 1d


    (This one shall fly past the worlds
    Into the lap of my one and only)

    So have I heard, that the gallant
    Most fiercest lovers climb mountains
    And map long distances, foolishly,
    If you my dear exist,
    Don't search for me, will you?
    This tiny world of mine needs me,
    Just like I needed you to exist,
    Nothing more for a mortal,
    As if hope, this world crumbles,
    And a knight was never born,
    So, I cut all ties with the other side
    One where you dwell, and
    From those strings I shape a sword,
    Your light is it's light, and so is it mine,
    I'll castle my world and be on guard,
    If you see this wall, don't take it for a door,
    There is no one who waits for you,
    I want you to know, and return to yours,
    If you exist, be hopeful, don't believe in any fate,
    As your fate is long slayed,
    Live free my lover, and when lost
    look at the silver on horizon,
    There'll be I, somewhere far,
    Looking back at you.


  • candid_over_coffee 1d

    What do you consider poetry to be?

    A lovely escape
    from the drab and dreary reality.
    The string of words behind the
    inexplicable contentment you feel
    on exploiting the power
    to present your emotions, whims and fantasies
    to the World, in a form they deem
    tangible, acceptable.

    Or a sinister abyss
    wherein you fall
    on slipping off the edge of sanity.
    The cold chain of words
    that grapple old wounds,
    tighter and tighter
    until you bleed to death,
    making a cold poetry out of yourself.


  • lovesunflower20 1d

    I guess all the things i did means nothing to them
    They leave me in the end
    If you knew this friendless...feeling
    But don't show any sign of hurting..cause I'm afraid they broke my heart again
    I wish i could stop remembering those irritating memories they gave me,
    All of this painful souvenirs break me like I'm burning in hell..,
    Sometime i think i overthink because of them...
    All i did was trusted them
    But in the end i guess i mean nothing to them
    That's why they break my heart without thinking again,
    I wished i could heated them but na it's hard..isn't it they are my so-called friends?
    They can't hear..sound of my poignancy
    Cause fake friends not my friends,
    And who should I blame?
    I'm the one who's been holding expectation
    Who should i blame now?
    It's all because of my fickle mindedness...
    I'm like a hopeless fool who couldn't make a precious decision,
    And thinks end up like this
    I heard if you have to see rainbow you have to left your head
    what if?
    All colors of rainbow are faded,
    Just because i love them doesn't mean I'll continue to love them,
    As time goes by
    I wonder what friendship is???
    They foget me just like, wind runs away to the water surface..
    The memories of us together it swayed and swayed in my mind
    Into the faint world my friends has forgotten everything
    Even though i saw them slowly walk away from me,
    For some reason I'm unable to say anything to them
    I try to hide my uncontrollable feelings...,
    Because i know I'm easy to forgettable
    Why it's only me whose so afraid to lose my friends one by one
    Why not they ever get scared of losing me
    Am I a bad parson who doesn't deserve friends?
    All of this unanswered questions crossed my mind millions of times..
    Then i realized i only existed when they needed something..,
    What are we ?
    f=forever don't last
    r=really rare
    i =impudieity
    e=everyone left
    n =narrow-minded


    P.S: I'm sorry if anyone feel bad while reading this..��‍♀️
    I know �� not everyone like this but this is something really personal to me:(

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  • thedudewithnoname 1d

    Will you thus believe me if I tell you that I heard the Magpie croon a summer song but I was too busy gazing at the Ravens the blues stole my heart away.
    See, living never was easy but neither was dying. It is the frost that accumulates and it takes a hundred lion heart to end it all. Why is existence so frightful?

    Will you then believe me if I tell you that I once supped on happiness served in a bowl of soup? But you see, I have heard someone say this before and it may sound cliche to you. Pardon me, but I speak the truth. And so my mother, ah! But she was sunshine, sang us a roundelay and the bells chimed and it was sunny and I was warm but later that evening she disappeared with the sunset leaving behind a trail of her smell which soon gathered dust. Why did the sun set on me?

    Will then you believe me if I said that ten years later I met her and this time in trepidation I managed to mumble "Why?" and to my Why, she could only collapse into my chest, a weak being ridden by guilt and forgiveness was on the tip of my tongue, it was. But you see, it is all very well to forgive. It is only the memories that burns and so I , a weak being as her, stumbled away farther from her, having swallowed my forgiveness and that was the last I saw of her for in her I saw my father, my father who broke his back and crawled and limped to take her place. Why are some Why's so heavy to carry?

    And now, these are the hard of times. Perhaps, all of what Charles Dickens suffered when he carried 'Hard Times' in his belly. And because these are the hard of times, I find there are some questions you can never run away from.
    For while some will discover themselves in the quiet solitude of their world, some will dissipate just as quickly as if they were never born. And I know, while they say the city never sleeps, the city now sleeps for she has been cursed by a witch who came wielding a sickness for a sword.

    And while the city sleeps and this man I know in all glory luxuriates on his fat divan, somewhere in a forgotten slum by a thatched hut, another man I know moans a silent cry, his eyes turned towards Heavens, his chapped lips forming into a prayer, a question he had been asking to a strange deity for long now - Why is surviving so hard?

    But they say God doesn't play dice. Does he?

    #questions #wod @writersnetwork

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