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  • mistyeyes 2w

    Favours of the cut sleeve are generous.
    Love of the half eaten peach never dies.
    - Liu Zun

    #LGBTQ #love, #queer, #writersnetwork, #miraquill

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    Sodom stained with lust
    Stonewall screamed love
    But they took love for lust and said it was sin with beams in their eyes.
    Don't know whether the first to cast the stone has sinned or not.
    But no sin seemed horrible other than being in love then.

    Has it always been like this?
    Controlling the emotions for the cover
    Should I not hold their hands.
    How I cannot hug their waist.
    Hold them close.
    Watch the eyes Sparkle, light up the face.
    Feel the smile against my kiss.

    Do tell me, the world of my creators,
    Should I be happily sinned
    Or lament my virtue.

  • agjproverbs 4w

    The Race We Run

    Queer by design.
    My resume is full of trans experience
    I've been described as coloring outside the lines.
    But why would I stay in your lanes when GOD gave me the whole book to use?
    So I dig my well deep, and keep drawing...I see my using my own water as necessary. You perceive it as a threat to you.
    In your traumatizing fear you paralyze my truth to a caricature on a stage. But I get up from the crippling, with sage for my age.
    Not shade to anyone, but my light is not a drag...I don't "dress up" for your enjoyment there is no song and dance to be had.
    I refuse to play your Medea just because your grandma's love failed you. And as I write this your "tips" are being refunded, because you cannot buy this freedom beau.
    But I do pray someday you find it, and your place in the sun. Because
    Leaping over stigmatized walls and powering through oppressive stereotypes is a race we're both called to run.

  • mirakat2pt0 7w

    2 AM


    It’s 2AM, I’m too sober for thinkin’
    Now I don’t wanna fuck wit ya feelins
    I just wanna show you my mind, show you how I’m dealin
    Got a lotta demons in my past shit
    I’m still healing
    Need your patience and your presence more than
    Repeated confusion…

    (Verse 1)

    It’s 2 am
    This shit too real my headspace raw and love can
    Be fuckin chillin
    Don’t wanna be that bitch that’s always bustin balls
    Running through your halls whining about my confusion
    What did you say!!?!
    I could be hearin wrong
    Wondering if it’s what you did say
    Or maybe I’m trippin
    Perhaps it’s what
    You didn’t


    It’s 2AM, I’m too sober for thinkin’
    Now I don’t wanna fuck wit ya feelins
    I just wanna show you my mind, show you how I’m dealin
    Got a lotta demons in my past shit
    I’m still healing
    Need your patience and your presence more than
    Repeated confusion…

    (Verse 2)

    It’s 2 AM and I’m in my feelings
    You calculating our conversations
    Sorting through and
    Separating the good from the bad
    Is this bond worthy of
    Another debate to be had
    or maybe you got
    A lot more on your verbal
    Now we talking sh*ts cool then,
    Where did that came from?!
    No really where did that come from its 2am
    Now I’m confused
    I thought
    We was chillin
    You say I cause you PTSD
    I relate, brings back bad memories
    The way you don’t like well that’s-the
    Same way I feel about you


    It’s 2AM, I’m too sober for thinkin’
    Now I don’t wanna fuck wit ya feelins
    I just wanna show you my mind, show you how I’m dealin
    Got a lotta demons in my past shit
    I’m still healing
    Need your patience and your presence more than
    Repeated confusion…

    (Verse 3)

    It’s 2 am was I just dreaming?
    If I’m sleeping this a fever dream
    Audio and visual are my 2 clues
    Yet I’ve always had the vivid
    Ones that scare you so
    Bad they make you
    Fuckin mad
    Is this all in our heads or
    Are we toxic too?
    Got us resorting to bad habits, fear
    Negative reaction
    This is far from what I imagined
    How could I let this happen,
    I’m too raw for all this
    Sad shit at 2 am


    Let the music play
    While I gotta pray for patience
    And guidance and direction, for hope and a strong connection
    Cuz I see something special and I don’t wanna wreck it
    Before it grows into heaven
    I’d hate for this shit to sever
    Before it ever gets better
    It’s 2 am so Baby don’t hurt me. Never.

    Chorus 2:

    It’s 2AM, I’m too sober for thinkin’
    Now I don’t wanna fuck wit ya feelins
    I just wanna show you my mind, show you how I’m dealin
    Got a lotta demons in my past shit
    I’m still healing
    Need your patience and your presence more than
    Repeated confusion…


    ©️Katherine Miller 8/11/21

  • sp00ky_rain 11w

    Someday I wanna be a boy
    Other days I wanna be girl
    Somedays I don't know what I am

  • suurinlex 13w


    I hope you embrace every facet of your person.
    I hope you shine brilliantly in the face of opposition.
    I hope you love yourself to the brim and beyond.
    I hope your wings reach greater heights as you learn to love each piece of your identity.
    I hope you realize that your identity is special and personal.
    I hope you acknowledge the importance of your existence.
    And most of all, I hope you don't give up.

    We exist
    We are loved
    We matter

  • queerchildzw 14w

    Writing prompt: I am tired of being strong.

    I do not belong yet I am one of them.
    All my life I've had to struggle.
    Struggle to fit in.
    Struggle to understand myself.
    I've had to fight for my right to exist.
    Each day has been a constant battle for my life.
    I've had to justify myself.
    Serve my life up for scrutiny to gain acceptance.
    I've had to build and create space. Burn bridges to be free.
    For all this I've had to be strong. I've had to be fearless like a lion. I've been hunted like prey. Forced to hide in the closet to stay alive and be treated as an equal. To be normal.
    For all this I've had to be strong. They say we are a resilient community because of it.
    I'm tired of being strong.
    Tired of living a half-life. Tired of lying. Tired of negotiating. When is it my turn to be free?
    I'm tired of being strong just so I can walk out the door.

  • queerchildzw 14w

    Writing prompt: Rainbow milk

    Many ask how we came to be this way. Some assume we made a choice. For most of us the response is always the same, we have always been this way as far back as we can remember. Even when we were fighting against our true nature or hiding from it we have always known we were different. We gave a whole new meaning to tasting the rainbow. Did our mothers know when they first laid eyes on us that we would live outside the boxes and become outcasts and labelled criminals and sinners? Was it something in the milk? A rainbow milk of sorts that gave us more than the nutrients we needed. I wonder....

  • grotesque 16w


    Brand me with hate.
    I will paint you with love!

  • rinzingongmu_ 21w

    Her Rainbow

    Her red lips, her blue eyes.
    Her brown skin, the nerves green running within. Golden hair with lightning.
    Oh tell me if she isn't magnificent.
    If you never wished you were her.
    Fierce & strong her wildness casts along.
    Oh tell me, if she isn't the Rainbow we long for. 🌈 ❤️

  • jyo_71 23w

    #mirakee writers #Queer thoughts

    On the beach, beside a rock
    She lay on the sand
    Lost in her thoughts
    Her face showed range of weird emotions
    Undoubtedly, her mind was in imprisonment of queer thoughts.

    She kept turning and twisting
    As her mind was restless
    Deep thinking about something painful
    Indeed she was about to wail.

    But she controlled her weeping
    And sat on the rock
    Her queer thoughts were still
    Haunting her vigorously
    Thus making her
    Reach to the height of vulnerability.

    Finally, after hours passed
    She stood and headed towards the sea
    The waves were at their peak
    She moved towards them
    Trying to kill herself
    And ending the catalogue of
    Her queer thoughts at last.

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    Queer Thoughts


  • agjproverbs 27w

    Addressing me by my deadname is like mailing an invite to my old address. I don't live there anymore.

  • queerqueenathena 27w


    Girl I know this is new to you
    Got you in a complete spiritual dilemma
    But when the heart finally finds
    That which it did not even think it needed
    How pleasurable it can be
    To throw caution to the wind!
    For love can only be too pure
    A feeling this good
    Could never be wrong.
    It is but a natural feeling
    And how mean can you be
    To deny yourself the pleasure
    Of a holy sensation!
    What harm can possibly be done
    By two girls loving without fear
    Immaculate is all it is
    So do not despair my dear
    For what you feel
    Is only as natural as the universe can be.

  • lemon_eyes 28w

    Empty Poet

    I'm sad
    Do I find that bad

    No but I'm not glad either
    Maybe I could have tried harder

    To be happy in my place
    To have a real smile on my face

    Its not like I don't try

    But I feel like I don't try hard enough
    I mean was I made to not be tough

    You know what I mean, if you don't it's not your fault
    Maybe you do maybe you do not

    I think you forgot that life takes a different toll
    On every clueless wondering soul

    Um what's it like to be happy
    To live life all silly and sappy

    Do you know or is that just what life is like in a fairy tale
    I wanna live in a fairy tale where I can fly where I do not wale

    I cry myself to sleep
    But my life isn't really that deep

    I'm just a sad teenager
    That gives into the anger

    That's fed to them on a daily
    But to the adults that seems to silly

    They call us lazy and selfish
    They treat us like we aren't a lost fish

    They think we left the group of fishes by being devlish
    When they kicked us out ha isn't that rich

    All my life I've been called names or been kicked under the bus
    And they think that's no reason to make such a fuss

    I'm sad but you know that
    You won't do anything till I'm gone but you don't know that

    Because you won't realize that I'm actually sad till I'm actually gone
    And you think your so strong

    You think we're impressed by your muscles naw
    You honestly look as dumb as straw

    So when I die my my own hand
    On who will the damn blame land

    Me? My parents? The bully's? The adults?
    Is anyone actually at fault?

    Sure all the mean names and comments did their painful share
    But there is no true reason as to why I'm in such pain and that isn't rare

    To be sad with no reason to stare at
    So when my life crashes with a splat

    Don't you dare blame anyone
    Not me not your daughter your child or son

    I will die, no stopping that
    But if I die by suicide that's not something you can spit at

    You've been spitting on my my entire life leaving me on the concrete floor
    So why would you stop then when I'm gone when I am no more

    Because regret is greater then gratitude
    When Anne Frank wrote that she had the right attitude

    Sometimes I want to kill myself and scream "goodbye I hate you all' or say at least something

    But other times I want to wither away in silence letting the eerie air drag my apologies into nothing.

  • queerqueenathena 28w


    The hardest and saddest part about being queer is having to pretend that you are fine
    Even when you are at the verge of a mental breakdown
    Because unlike most people
    We don't have the privilege of freely opening up to the people closest to us
    We let the fear of judgement hinder us from seeking help
    Even when we badly need it.

  • samtheowl 28w

    Words slither through,
    My mind.
    Leaving the blood,
    Of my insides,
    Behind them.

    Of a girl now...
    The time is now.

    ...no rest for the,

  • mwaniyaa 29w

    First love

    We sank and hit bottom
    But I will continue to follow
    Your heart until I swallow
    The pain that made you sorrow
    Friends before you leave me
    Blind until your beauty
    Came calling
    Assure me I'll see you in palezo
    That match with your eyes of hazel

  • queerqueenathena 30w


    She looked this way and I think she blushed
    Butterflies feeding on my sanity
    All I can do is stare
    Mesmerized by her glare
    How her beauty strikes me to the core!

    I thought I had been in love before
    But quite honestly never felt like this
    Unwitting devotion
    Got my senses in total commotion
    What can I do with all these emotions?

    I felt her body
    Clinging onto mine at my utmost vulnerable hour
    Then she said she loved me
    Amidst wildly placed kisses
    Sweeter than life itself
    That's the moment I surrendered
    Because she undoubtedly took control of my entire system.

  • bunnyfromjupityr 31w

    Elegy For Broken Windows

    I’ve never ever felt more lost and alone than living in my childhood home. 
    Severing myself away: I stay bawling in a ball on wood tiled floors. Or roaming
    frosted neighborhood nights until single file porch lights turned off. Stones 
    taking flight at bright burning bulbs. Looking back I gotta ask would you have known
    where the wild things went? We went gently in flattened insomniac styrofoam snow:
    deep mint boot prints pack tracks. Roots wilt from flinging blizzard piles that sew
    sluice in somatic soil; maybe I’m Diogenes deracinating ecclestial seams. Tones 
    of a new melody, unlearning what you taught me. Defenestrating screams thrown
    through the window. Flakes twirl all spinally. I don’t come back until dawn grows 
    across the sky. Whiskey whisks with nicotine warmth numbing shivers in chrome 
    silver lined streets. It took so long but I’m finally bomb blasting psalm scripture in poem
    stanzas. Cause I can’t stand the fragmental calm stricturing structures my bones
    build. Your ranting mentally mames me: ripping same scar tissue till xylophone 
    ribs show. Palms zipper, letting go; punches puncture plaster walls. Glowing 
    sun pools in the closet door crack: locked under coat racks. Cold clocking slow,
    yet nonstopping fists gunshot at terminal velocity. Any propinquity has grown
    Into repulsion. Left with perpetual escaping propulsions. Compulsively combing
    thin salamander skin, licking nonexistent burn wounds clean I still see thick rows
    of duct tape twisting my body like kelp pulling into the sea. Asphyxiation goes
    away easily. One day I’ll be torn free no matter if I use my fucking teeth. Yo, do you respect me? Wait, for once I don’t care; for once please shut up. Although, I still fear what you think of me, winding rhymes mean jack shit in this cataclysmic biome y’all call a home. Lastly: fuck you for making that house so haunted by revolting childhood memories, mismatched splotches of paint kaleidoscope my vulnerabilities and now I even flinch at the wrong kind of breathing. I’m just left all goddamn messy.

  • bunnyfromjupityr 31w

    This is about my best friend who took their life on Halloween 2020 #poetry
    #death #imissyou #queer

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    eulogy for hurricane mykal

    Your funeral was last week: unspeaking, half delusional, sleepless and weak after that October morning the call woke me. Bawling bloated tears broke me, soaking my bones. I’m mourning, waiting for you at home. Beer cans in piles, nonstop laughter, we spoke plastered as the sunrise spun into a peach powder horizon. I still cry “why you are gone?” Goya spice on beans and rice, you always left during night. Air shaft lungs lit cigarette cinders even in zephyrs; fall leaves light our frayed twin flames. I miss how you slept till noon. On the way to the wake. I’m shaken. The car window draft makes me quake in amassed cloaks of mist over the silent I-90 interstate. I closed my eyes crying to the most beautiful song: it’s immense immutable quiet. A year crafted in fucking hell. I listened to muted mouthfuls of music ripple along walls as I got high. Scarred memories blister acute childhoods. We came out scorched, right? Your graft against host throat choked you the same, huh? Murder of crows grin that was applied post mortem thin. Snipe smoke slurred out roasted lung too August autumn fire hot.I don’t blame you for wanting the internal burning to stop. Cauterized words sing “I’m fine.” Grief gashes gild with time. The Kintsugi of the self, molten gold grows, clotting jagged cracks. Do you miss me? You taught me carrying charred crucible cups by yourself only ever overflow. Your comforting chaos will never be lost. I was caught by it too. You didn’t ask about the rouge red bloody bathroom sink, how hard I cried, the severed skin, or the empty bottle of rosé. You know how much I love you, a lot. Draping drunk, skating, scraped road rash knees, smashed knuckles bleed all wry together. Impossible flips on our ground floor apartment porch. It’s implausible, not any nouns, aphrodisiacs or euphemisms can’t make your absence go down. Trying to find the crown of the queen that “saved you.” And what’s lost can’t be found.
    I got a bandana at your funeral and the knot slips. Could you twist it tighter round my wrist?

  • bunnyfromjupityr 31w

    I wrote this for my fiancé

    #love #soulmates #intensity #queer

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    El Mar De Mariposa Que Tu Me Das

    Hey I love you, our hands fit like boxing gloves or worn softball mitts: the kind with a little bit of give to em’ ya’ know? Catching momentum, singing spanish, the sun vanishes through Galletine mountains. Locked
    phalanges freeze bright, tightening around pale thighs. Stiff as klondyked icicle spikes against moonlight molding together. Riding down I-90: a city unfurls into a sparkling enchanted sea of tranquility. Stars fall in your mouth
    and when we park, planting them in deep space; on shrill clay Milky Way pink skin. Undoing buttons. Now pushing me unto the truck. Untucked shirt fabric packs palms; whispers you make sound like songs. I get so lost in
    constellations mathematically marking my body. That even on the days I wanna seperate myself from my bones; these asterisms actually feel closer to home than I’ve ever known. This poem isn’t poetry,
    poetry is high tides gripping my sides, and the traces left behind. Gravity clatters our atmospheric matter
    into a syzygy. We are a cosmic dance: a constant flow of motion. Crashing down each other’s walls, swinging this hit, it shoves us back just in shambles; and we don’t pull punches. Blows explode like phosphorus exposing that which sits heavy on chests, holding hummingbird hearts in place. I still can’t believe how confinement feels so fucking good. Trapped by widening pupil darkness, biting your lip over me: we kiss for hours. Stargazing in infinite reflections of ourselves in honey irises. It's funny how cold comfort is, twisting, surrounding my neck. Don’t you think? Being your bunny makes me hope that one day I’ll eventually erode entirely away in your crushing waves,