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  • rhymesbynick 118w

    Afghan Days and After

    Keep down and keep moving or you'll find yourself dead,
    Then you'll never make it back to your uncomfortable bed.
    Quickly now, fire back or die,
    There is no time to cower or even cry.
    You're a trained soldier, it's what you live for,
    Bodies on the floor, these images so raw.
    Bodies on the floor, pieces everywhere.
    The taste of blood hanging in the air.
    Grenade went in, made a hell of a mess,
    These stories I need to get off of my chest.
    IEDs, explosions, it must be fun time,
    Vehicles blowing up, high into the sky.
    Pieces of debris flying here and there,
    Taliban are hiding, fuck knows where?
    Come out you rats, what you scared?
    British soldiers are here so I suppose you wouldn't dare.
    I'll fucking get ya, you little pricks,
    Backwards ass country, gives you the shits!
    Raise myself up just a couple of inch,
    Concentrate now, aim true, don't flinch.
    I'm gonna shoot the bastards, shoot them all DEAD,
    Hope this red hot lead blows out the back of their heads.
    Home time now, the war is over,
    Anxiety starts and I'm gonna fall over.
    Problems in my head have only just started,
    In a few more years I'll be barking.
    Anger flaring up again and again,
    There's no point even trying to pretend.
    I have a few problems, we all do,
    Not really surprising after what we've been through.
    Job after job, homeless, unemployed,
    I feel like a sad pathetic, lonely little boy.
    Depression can last for days, weeks, even longer.
    Sometimes no food, starving, uncomfortable hunger.
    Trapped in my head, my problems don't end,
    Maybe my life will never be the same again.
    This sadness never seems to go away,
    A length of rope won't make it okay.
    No one seems to care what we fought for,
    Our brothers, our flag and a lot more.
    Queen and country, that was my world you see,
    Now I wake up and I no longer feel like me.