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  • lovely_rachana 2d

    Ahilyabai Holkar

    Long ago in the land of gold
    Lived someone as pure as gold with,
    Love filled and assertive eyes
    Looked with a smile too wise
    Listening to the chants of which,
    Lord Shiva felt glad and smiled
    Little one was the source of it
    Leaving the one alone suddenly seemed hard
    Loving her childish devotion was not very hard
    Listed in her smile attracted was the King
    Liking the girl as his daughter like anything
    Lovingly he also saw the future in her
    Listening to her words he got assertive
    Lovely little was the one who was so devotedly immersive
    Leading her to becoming his daughter in law
    Loving her like a daughter without a flaw
    Little one turned out to be quite mature
    Longing for her motherland's future
    Lovingly she helped the prince at each step
    Luring him of competition at every step
    Lost one day in her beautiful life
    Living seemed impossible to the dedicated wife
    Losing her husband seemed unbearable
    Least intrested in taking any more of life's trouble
    Luckily the the King once again took her away
    Lovingly saves her before tried to make her ashes stay
    Launching the rule of a great female leader
    Loved by all and fighting for motherland's freedom
    Looking at the end of Islamic domination
    Leaving none of the enemies of the nation
    Living to reconstruct the temples taken away
    Leaving the example of how a woman can slay
    Lord looked upon and blessed always
    Looking at Ahilyabai Holkar every morning she took in front of him her vows
    Let the world be against her she will stand
    Letting not a single risk to touch her land

  • althea234 5d


    The queen that what she is,
    She knows herself but she is a chain by that strict rule that make elegant from a society that always tries to find a flaw in her
    But is a queen with time flies
    She chain bruised her skin but she not cry about it cause responsibility she carry

  • porcupine 1w


    I think you are a Princess
    And you would make a beautiful Queen

  • blossomwrites 2w

    I see her smiling through the mirror
    She looked like a sparkling crystal
    Her eyes had the zeal to conquer
    The reflection justifies her extreme
    She is no less than a queen
    The essence of her beauty is her confidence!

  • love_dara 2w

    ps. working on better peoms :) #woman #queen

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    beauty, grace

    She's Beauty
    She's Grace

    She'll punch you
    in the face

    If you dare mess w/ her
    she'll a leave a scar as a
    sign of remembrance on your face

    She's learned to keep her anger in
    like water
    but she's a
    in the sun
    which sometimes leaks

    Elegance is her middle name
    When you meet her you wont
    be the same

    She's Beauty
    She's Grace

    She'll punch you
    in the face

  • heart_wrenching_stories 3w

    Tell me, Ma, why do you abhor the colour of my skin? Why you so adamantly paint me with cosmos of beauty products? Ma, tell me, did you forget the colour of your mother and her brown cheeks. Tell me, Ma, how can I be ashamed to resemble the selcouth ground my ancestor's walked on?

    Tell me, Ma, why should I hide my stretch marks? When did the world convinced you that scars echoing my strength are horrendous? Tell me, Ma, how it is fair to my body to hide her true self in an atelier?

    Tell me, Ma, why do you keep telling me to loose weight? Why you look at my thighs with such disdain? Tell me, Ma, should I be mortified with my juggling thighs and saggy breasts just because one day I'll wrap them around some guy?

    Tell me, Ma, how can I be angry at you when I know you were always taught to say "okay" and "obey". Ma, we no longer need to be another Hera or Aphrodite. Because now is the era of kingless, magnificent, resilient queens with gunpowder coating their wings. Don't worry Ma, I will teach you the art of self love & you can let go of the demons hiding in your bedroom. Together let's create a sanctuary from fractured ashes of our sempiternal dreams.

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    Date : 27/5/21
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    //Ma, I will teach you the art of self love & you can let go of the demons hiding in your bedroom.//

  • fiuntscriptum 3w

    Higher Amnesia

    Watching scarface with the doll who got a baby face,
    Highkey wanna know how those lips taste,
    Grabs my hand to the foyer for more space,
    Just us now with more space, she's a case,
    Mouth to mouth next to the suitcase.
    Lips to head with no resuscitation,
    Holding the door knob for needed support,
    Not helping as I throb from her deep throat.
    We move over to the den, legs spread beside the briefcase.
    Sweet whispers in my ear takes me to a state,
    Sensual ohhhss as I eat the cake,
    Blunt yeses, really takes the cake.
    Against the desk, she's proudly bent over.
    She got what she intended by taking over
    The desk rumbles but her butt is too brawling,
    Deep breaths, doing my best to hold compsure,
    I'm going nuts not to nut, butt! it is enthralling.
    Peaches and cream, it's a tasty cheesecake
    Her words slur, but clearly "it's.h.. ti..h.me... to.hh... c..u..m...u.h.h..h"
    It's dangerous for a man when inside, but can you help it?!!
    Damn man! Just look at that bum!!!
    Knocking the bookshelf and messing up the bookmarks
    I let her know I'm about to cum, as she's about too.
    Sober yet inebriety of such levels, woo!
    She screams the loudest when she's this high,
    I tell her to relax as I help,
    lightly caressing her thick thighs.
    Such a climax could never be anti-climactic.
    What will however is the mess we created,
    I should of been more disciplined.
    The bedroom was the better place,
    Now I gotta explain to my wife in haste,
    Of how the books got all over the place,
    She forgets everything when taken to space,
    When she comes down I state my case
    Half her fault the bookmarks are misplaced.
    I look up to her as she looks troubled,
    Babe here's a towel you had another amnesia high

  • kosmiikgoddess 4w


    I am woman, Hear me roar
    Hear me sing, Even the score
    I am invincible, I am strong
    Wanting more, I’m not wrong
    Loving myself, Living for truth
    Learning lessons, Through battered youth
    Helen Reddy, Empowered a generation
    Women unite, Keeping concentration
    No more flaunting, Body shaming is wrong
    Natural healing, We are strong
    Listen to yourself, We are not crazy
    Narcissists beware, You assholes are lazy
    I’m on fire, Listen voiceless millions
    Caught in the mire, Quicksand kills them
    Reach high, Keep your mind sacred
    Soar into the sky, Stop the hatred
    Keep on your clothes, You don’t have to strip
    Women respect yourselves, If not you’ll slip
    LGBT, Q, Gay or straight
    Men and women, Do not hate
    We are strong, We are invincible
    Take care of each other, The ending, the crucible


  • umme_kulsum3351 4w

    Your Little Girl!

    I Ask For One,
    You Bring Me Two.
    You Manage With The Old,
    But You Make Me Wear New.

    You Work Day And Night,
    To Fulfil My Wishes.
    You Are My Guiding Light,
    And Will Remain Till The Ages.

    You Call Me Your Princess,
    But Treat Me Like A Queen;
    I Will Always Be Your Little Girl,
    Even Though I Turn Eighteen!

  • strangewriter2002 4w


    Don't make a lion roar

    Cause when he roar against your barks it won't be just any roar


  • _vishal_parmar07 5w

    #मोहब्बत #mylove #queen #treding

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    तेरे बाद भी मैंने मोहब्बत तुझसे ही की,
    इस दिल ने इजाज़त किसी और को ना दी।

  • mrgrey 5w

    #grey #love #queen #king

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    I can tell a thousand stories of people before me,
    I could tell a thousand stories of Hollywood Glory,
    But none could live up to the one I'm living right now,
    And if it was ever written,
    I would never want the glory,
    I will just say I'm happy how it turned out,

  • mrgrey 5w

    #grey #love #queen #king

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    Nothing compares to you,
    I guess my life wasn't a waste after all,
    Because it led me to you,
    The purpose of my purpose,
    You have my loyalty and my honor,
    And everything extra,
    My love you deserve it,

  • mrgrey 5w

    #grey #love #queen #king

    You have always had my attention,
    My eyes wide open, if I didn't mention,
    From the way you pinch your knowledge from the tree,
    To the way you educate my heart in your soul college,
    Sometimes I find myself mesmerized looking deep inside,
    But appreciation for the cute outside,
    that beautiful skin tone profection,
    Your eyes are my personal heaven,
    Every crumb of your being is like me dreaming inside of a dream,
    Finding myself only yearning for more,
    With hunger straight from the core,
    The sound of your soul is like an instrument of my life,
    I can never get enough,
    I'm always starving for another bite,
    Join hands with me and let us dance through the night,
    Runaway away at sunrise,
    Rest a full day,
    Do it again and call it life,
    Because days with you are happiness,
    And that's enough for me,
    Nothing more nothing less,
    Your name is like a brand across my chest,
    Worn with love and deeply etched,
    Every minute of this life I feel you,
    hear you ,need you,
    you are ,and forever will be my balance.

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    Some of you


  • mrgrey 5w

    #grey #love #queen #king

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    "World series of love"
    love in a fun way

    If love is a curve ball,
    Then I just shocked a top tier pitcher,
    And I don't even have a homefield advantage,

  • swetaswadhismita 5w

    Love song

    When I was falling down,
    She held me
    She held me
    She kissed me
    She tapped on my shoulder
    And said to me to stand again
    Her touch
    Created sparks
    In my whole body
    She was like a dream that happened to me
    And I couldn't resist her
    She promised me to hold my hand till the end
    And she never left that
    I am now out of my trauma
    And she became my queen
    And I, her king
    And we built our kingdom


  • raghav86 5w

    वो मलिका-ए-फ़रेब-ए-निगाह है,
    वो ताज-ए-जफ़ा-ए-उल्फ़त ग़रूर से पहनता है...

  • anuradhasharma 5w


  • mrgrey 5w

    #grey #love #queen #king

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    Unpopular love

    I'd rather be a simple man with you,
    Than a popular man without you,
    I'd rather be unknown,
    Than known,
    Loved by you,
    And disliked by all,

  • mrgrey 6w

    #grey #love #queen #king

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    Voice of my love

    Your my one and only,
    Even when days feel lonely,
    The tears in my eyes,
    when life doesn't feel high,
    My reason for going,
    when I want to quit,
    The sigh of my soul,
    When I take a sit,
    The smell of the flowers,
    Sunlight through the mist,
    The voice of my love,
    I promise you this,