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  • iamlakshaygupta 53w

    इतनी धीमे लेता हूं तेरा नाम दुआ में
    कि सांसें थम भी जाए तो सुनाई ना दूं।

    मोहब्बत तो है पर पा कर खोने की चाहत नहीं मुझे
    इसलिए इतने करीब से गुजरता हूं के तुझे छू भी लूं और दिखाई भी ना दूं।


  • an_inked_girl 59w

    The simple life is not that hard!

    -- Quarantine taught this.

  • theweirdgenie 60w


    My mind is aligning itself from a huge complex brainstorm to a monotonous gale.
    I can't help myself but gaze at with pity, because the world has just learnt to fail.
    A global pandemic has taught, the secret of life to the flamboyance;
    Now is it that they've embraced, the Bohemians and their little nuance.
    In the sunken valleys of my memory lane, there lie ahead emerald gardens
    Waiting to fill itself with nostalgia, anxious and gets sharpened.
    There is little sense among the words the wounds speak,
    But what they relive is the truth, no matter how bleak.
    Stay home, stay safe, people in the quarantine; you perhaps may realise, your hidden valentine!

  • wordsofjanu 60w

    Quarantine mood

    We are in quarantine, yes i know that you know it. This quarantine thing got us to live kind of alone life, even if we are with our family but do we really talk to them? No , but we are trying to talk to those people who are important to us and far away from us. It's like this distance killing us.
    Talking about our behavior, everyone is irritated by having no work. Somehow this overthinking is giving us negative thoughts.
    And this chatting, with this, we are getting or creating misunderstandings between us and our people. Our behavior is litreally changed. Like if i am talking about myself, i have never ever have fights with anyone and in this quarantine i did this, no , i am not surprised, i am shocked that i can get angry on someone and just get depressed for no reason.
    Somehow, these days are killing my calm nature. May be because of not meeting to my loved ones. I am dying to see them. I am dying to talk to them.
    I am confused , depressed or overthinking or all of it. Idk :/. Is this happening with you guys too?
    But what i know is everything will be okay at the end.

  • hashtagdreamer 62w

    Inspired to write this after reading Anne Frank's Diary of a young girl. Not in any way trying to compare the situation, she faced much much harder times abd brutality than we are. But the idea inspired me to write a quarantine diary. I have maintenaned journals and diaries almost all my life. But as this phase is special I thought why not this way.. #quarantinediaries #quarantine2020

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    Day 22 Quarantine Tales

    I have finally settled into a routine. Now I look forward to waking up in the morning standing in my balcony and feeling the cool morning breeze. Sipping my morning chai in peace and not looking constantly at the clock to check if I am late. Today I realised I like this slow life. Where I am not in any hurry any time. I eat slowly, read slowly, think, breathe..slowly

  • rupalbarad 63w

    Be ready to adapt with the coming circumstances
    As the world s gonna be different than before..

    Open up by feeling your own feelings,
    As coming life gonna discover lots of dealings;

    Learn how to be present with your own self,
    Don’t waste time in creating useless mind-shelf;

    Curiosity is a simple universal experience,
    Will act an important role and make a difference;

    We are going to create a new life and new world,
    Will see people at their best characters unfurled;

    Sedate yourself with curiosity and play,
    Difficult moments will definitely stay at bay;

    Sit with yourself and stop thinking of future,
    As it creates anxiety never to be nurtured..

  • gopika_gopan 63w

    Now it seems like a quaint normal day... I'm used to this. Constrained within the four walls, lounging on the couch, scrolling down through my old pictures, thinking about those 'working' days before it fades away from my memory book, it feels like everything happened yesterday. Have you ever thought in your wildest dreams that one day world would come to a still? I never ! Probably, because I took life for granted. Months back when Greta Thunberg, a 17 year old girl, showed her wrath against human beings for our imprudent behaviour towards Mother Earth, little did we know that it was just a prelude to a thunderstorm, world gonna face.May be it's not our fault, it can be the prejudices that bounds us to think in an inimical way. Every morning I woke up to the news of deaths. It's terrible and scary. Sometimes, I feel if I could be a wonder woman to stop the god of war from destroying mankind. Okay! I know we are not in a whimsical world to not to be afraid to...But there is a ray of hope like how a rainbow paints the sky with its hues after heavy rains. Let's contemplate at the brighter side of everything.This too shall pass...!
    We have our supermen and wonder women in human forms who could uplift our life that could have been fragile otherwise. Let's not forget to acknowledge and appreciate their service to us.
    I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. Some days back, I found a meme saying Mother Earth is healing...Yes, she is! Air quality improved, dolphins came back, migrant birds finally found their home, and most importantly unity and humanity improved amidst the discords. We are one and will fight together.
    These quarantine period made many of us artists and most of us nature lovers (hopefully). The importance of life and liberation to levitate our souls is the biggest lesson I learnt during the lockdowns. Not to forget the fact that there are some among us who have gone and are still going through tough times physically, mentally and economically. We can together aid them to channelise their inner spirit. We are a family and it's our duty to protect them.
    Nowadays, I find sunset more beautiful.It is surreal and sun rays are filtering sunshines at every corner. May be a sign that everything is gonna be alright soon. As we look back, it was mandatory for us to understand, evaluate and analyse our life..a hustle bustle one..
    When everything settles down, do remember to thank the universe and divine power for a life to be grateful for...In these difficult times, we had a shelter to reside, food to satisfy our appetite and our loved ones to lean on...! Blessed����✨
    Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu ��
    #quarantine2020 #prayforabettertomorrow @readwriteunite @mirakee

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    Whisper of hope


  • rupalbarad 63w

    Less words and more silence..
    Is always better to discover our brilliance,

    Expressions are more deeper than voice..
    Making our heart and soul rejoice,

    A smile or just looking into someone s eyes..
    Can be a real...blessing in disguise,

    Happiness is the best thing to be made in our mind lab..
    Keep experimenting it till you get the perfect map.


  • rupalbarad 63w

    Peace is something which cannot be created,
    Anger is something which should not be debated;

    It’s all.. creation of our own thoughts and emotions,
    Through negative and useless words that are spoken;

    Never listen to what your mind says to you,
    Heart is the beautiful path to clear all your blues;

    Best way to come out of stress and anxiety,
    Ignore your dislikes.. and stay with almighty;

    Truth is the key to be peaceful in your mind,
    Waste thoughts to be thrown out and unwind.