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  • realnotreel 26w

    "♬ ᖰɨ¢Ƭ⩏Ʀ៩ ɨន Ɯ០ƦƬϦ 1000 Ɯ០Ʀᖱន."
    The proverbial sentence “A picture is worth a thousand words” is one of the famous and common proverbs. It means an artwork or an image can convey meanings more effectively than descriptions. This phrase is usually used in newspaper advertisements. It shows that graphic illustrations are more useful to express the clear thoughts hidden behind a notion rather than words. Most artists, especially in the modern arts, share their message through their art piece. These artworks bring various interpretations and are also hard to get it right. However, an image can undoubtedly give an important message or tell a story using colors, designs, themes, and more.

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    A journalist and an award-winning author, Stacy Hawkins Adams, wrote a book series, Jubilant Soul. Worth a Thousand Words is a sequel, which has the second half of the proverb. In spite of using the proverb partially, the title means “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The story revolves around the significant character, Indigo, a passionate young girl who wants to persue her career as a photographer, but she is stuck in several obstacles. The marriage proposal from her long-time beloved, Brayn, is a hindrance to success and career. The protagonist keeps on challenging her strength and emotions as she tries to fight with her love life and future dreams. This proverb has been used metaphorically in the story.

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  • anuradhasharma 28w

    अधुरी चीज़ें भी , खूबसूरत होती है ।
    क्योंकि , जब वो पूरी होती है ।
    तो , कायनात की शक्ल ले लेती है ।


  • amy240 32w

    Dream it
    Pursue it
    Live it


  • ritik_19 43w

    Today's world is so cheap,
    Will judge you based on the way you live
    Post you share.
    They would never admire the way you think.
    The thought you pursue.

  • praily 59w

    A cat. It symbolized me that whenever you get down or lost, it will not scratch you down. Get up! Don't give up! Because if a cat climbs in high place and if she falls down ,she won't die. You will overcome those problems you have right now. Trust in God. Don't try hard, but try smarter. Don't give up on your studies. Pursue them.


  • s_a_r_g_a_m 66w


    Minimum Efforts, Minimum Gains
    Minimum Resources, Minimum Success.
    Minimum Participation, Minimum Achievements.
    Minimum Expectations, Minimum Disappointments.


  • mysteriasecrecy 69w

    A haiku for all that’s little from 13th of May this 2020. #haiku #endeavor #struggle #slow #snail #continue #pursue #dream #inspiration #nature #life #thoughts #poetry

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    Slow’s Endeavor

    a snail’s trail that fail,
    limped off the path that’s pursued;
    beat but continued.

  • joyful_bliss 80w


    Seek Passion. Seek Passion. Seek Passion.

  • ciara1 80w

    A Man With An Abundance Mindset

      I am a woman, and I am understanding male nature every day. I am understanding how men think. I have done research on how males act and how the male mind operates. I understand men now more than ever. I understand why men cheat and why women cheat. But this topic today is not about women, it is about men. I am going to tell you all men what it means to have an abundance mindset. The men that are reading this poem, I want you all to understand my point of view based on my research. 

         Why do men cheat? Well, according to an expert on relationships, a book written by AMS Strategies. Men cheat for different reasons. A man may not be satisfied with the woman he is with. That woman is not fulfilling his needs, such as sexual needs, showing affection, not cooking or cleaning, and honesty. Those are the basic typical reasons why men cheat. I used to always wonder why some of my aunts and including my mother could not keep a man. They still do not have a man today. Well first, they do not cook or clean. Second, they think all men are the same. third, they think a man should do everything. Fourth, when they get a man, they tend to let that man chase them. Men should not chase women, men pursue women. The difference between chase and pursuit is that chasing is when a man is becoming desperate. Most people would say thirsty. If that man is an alpha male, he does not chase a woman. A woman chases the alpha male. An alpha male is a man that leads the relationship. It is in a man's nature to take the lead in a relationship. It is not a control situation, it is out of respect for the woman. An alpha male protects his woman. An alpha male wants a feminine woman, not a masculine woman who tends to act aggressively in the relationship. Alpha males do not chase women, beta males chase women. The beta males are the ones who tend to act desperate and thirsty for that woman he sees. That can be a turn off for a woman to see a man that is acting desperate and thirsty. I know a lot of you women that are reading this poem may know what I am talking about. A lot of you women might have experienced this situation of a man or boy that was acting really thirsty and coming on to you. That is unattractive to a woman. I do not like it when a man is acting desperate. That is why I said men should not chase women. 

        The other term is to pursue. Yes, men should be the first to ask a woman out, but men should take their time asking a woman out. There is no rush. Men should not come on too strong. Men should let the woman do the chasing. Life is not all about chasing women. Life is about chasing your purpose in life. Whether you are a poet, writer, businessman, actor, artist, painter, etc… Most men's mindset is based on just women, and that is why most men do not reach their goals in life because they are so fixated on going to the club meeting women or picking up prostitutes. Men should focus more on their goals first. Women come after you put your all into your purpose. Do not put your all into a woman. Do not chase love, let love find you.

        In my past, my boyfriend put his all into our relationship. I did not feel the same way he felt. He was deeply in love with me. That is why I do not believe in deep love or romantic love. That can become a drug. I talked about needing space in my other poems. We all need space from our partners and spouses. My boyfriend was so focused on me and not being focused on himself. I was his priority, and I hated that. I was tired of being around him all the time. Now, he does not put me first anymore and I like that. He put his purpose first. He has an abundance mindset of being masculine in our relationship, and he is focusing on his purpose. Men should focus on making money, and let that prostitute or stripper come later. Money comes first.
    Another meaning of having an abundance mindset is that you know you can replace somebody. I have heard a lot of men always say to a woman that you are my one and only, and do not ruin this relationship. If that woman is the only woman for you, then you are not confident that you can replace her for another woman. Do not be fixated on that woman if she is not treating you right. She may not find you attractive. Other women may find you attractive. My boyfriend may not find me attractive, but I know there are a lot of men out there that will. Some men may think I am unattractive, but I know a lot of men that say I am beautiful and sexy. If my boyfriend breaks up with me, I know I can easily find another man if I want to. A man does not control me. I am confident of that. Be confident in yourself, and always have an abundance mindset of pursuing your purpose. Put that person you are with after your purpose. Focus more on your purpose and passions.


  • sarahrachelea 83w

    Sperms will always pursuing ovum
    Not the other way around
    It's a lifeline
    The law of nature


  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 94w

    Myriad paths for following your dreams.
    Which one are you going to choose?

  • merlinthewizard 99w

    Writer's Block

    My voice is muffled.
    My words are muddled.
    My tongue is twisted.
    My thoughts existed.
    All are past tense.
    All don't make sense.
    All are excuses.
    All are human.
    The brain grumps.
    The heart pumps.
    The life lives on.
    The story, untold.
    Don't give in to confusion.
    Don't give up on a solution.
    Don't stop doing it.
    Just keep pursuing it.
    You will bring all this to a halt,
    You will conquer writer's block.

  • stillnessoftheheart 109w

    Hard but Worth!

    When life is moving on for others and for me, even to take single breath is breathlessness and to live one day at a time is senselessness.
    Each Life has a meaning with a purpose but to live in pain when all is lost, only darkness in the tunnel...
    These moments tell you who you are and who are yours, even in despair and even in hopelessness pursue life...why??
    The truth Creator created you cannot be a mistake, wait in hope until you see the light!!!

  • surajsam_078 117w

    My Wish

    I have noticed that people do mistakes
    and try to hide them with some silly
    but cute excuses,
    And I know when it comes to be truthful
    it can be build once again stronger with give
    and takes...
    I realized I am nowhere in town of hope
    but I do realize the sprinkle of love
    falling on my face,
    You were right when you said how much left
    but I used to give a try until it's gonna
    be my the best....


  • danaha 117w

    Beloved best

    Your best may not be your beloved
    Your beloved may not be your best
    No holy book,
    No constitution,
    Has ever mentionned that
    You should end up with who you dream of.
    You'll atrract who your soul seeks
    And not who you pursue...

  • kkael_ 123w


    Pursue what you want to be, not the world wants you to be.


  • vickysardar243 123w

    It's not enough if you just See.
    It's a bit less if you just Seek.
    You're pretty close if you Believe in what you seek.

    And you're eventually there when you Pursue your beliefs.


  • porter 124w

    Anything worth having in life we pursue!
    We pursue careers,
    Women pursue makeup,
    Men pursue position,
    We pursue happiness, love, etc
    Everyone is in pursuit of something!

    Fulfillment of life is not in the things we Possess, but rather the things we PURSUE!

  • soupism 125w

    I was sinking and the golden braided mermaid passed by

    I was a lost sailor. My ship bludgeoned with high tides demons a gigantic whale. My ship and i both were sinking. Untill i saw a glance of you frolicing across the water.

    I dont know if it was your shining hairs
    Eyes like a goddess with a mole above it
    Your symmetrical nose.
    Your forehead.
    Your lips like the horizon telling a million stories.

    I abandoned my sinking ship.
    My sinking heart has now up. I am screaming. I am thumping my chest. I am not in love.

    I have been woken to adventure of pursuing a women with words, with show off of my sailing skills. With passion with exuberance.

    Thanks for existing. For the grace. For giving me the will to rise and swim. To break bondages. And swim with all passion to you.

    May be you ll lead me nowhere
    May be you ll accept me when i reach to you tired debilitated.

    May be i loose in the middle and i drown in the endless lap of the poseidon.
    The journey the pursuit is worth it.

  • my_tiny_chapter 127w


    In the dark night,
    the soul took me on a journey,
    one I had created
    through utter ignorance,
    and by my own stupidity.
    I am now on the edge of oblivion
    stranded with my worst enemy, ME.
    I couldn't yet see
    the true cause of my sin
    for the light was dim.
    I had created
    this unforgiving state
    where I now found myself
    Not being aware
    of the difficulty
    I had gotten myself into. 
    It felt like treason. 
    Trying to keep hold
    of the pieces
    that flutter in the persistent snarl
    of the wind.
    I lie drenched
    in the truth of my wanting
    and all that he implied.
    I keep telling myself,
    why did I ever decide
    to pursue a vast space,
    knowing deep down
    he could only give me
    broken and dim lit stars...
    I should have learned
    all the other times.
    It was a punishing wave
    of disappointment.
    Motionless is now my body
    Rumbling in chaos is my mind
    Numb is my heart.
    Can you hear it?
    No longer is it alive
    Yet I am still breathing.