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  • namrataraina_ 1w

    Hear me, hear me, people around
    I am purple, the colour, seldom found

    I am the purple broken wayfarer frame
    Holding the lens, so she can see around

    I am the purple eyeshadow, she buys
    She loves me, keeps me on her eyes

    I am the purple brinjal, she adores
    Mouth hurts, gulps me down her throat

    I am the purple marks she has
    I am purple, the colour her body has


  • rierie_simpss 2w

    content not mine
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    I Purple You

    Purple means love, trust and loyalty. So technically if someone tells you "I purple you," that someone is saying "I'll trust you, love you, support you, and be loyal to you until my last breath. Just like the color purple in the rainbow that ends last."


  • vaibhav_padmanabhan 2w

    'What's your favourite colour?'


    'But why?'

    'Because It symbolizes trust and loyalty !'

  • deadlittlesongbird 6w

    Torn Ribbons

    Purple ribbons in her hair,
    Grinning from ear to ear.
    Smiling at the knowledge of nothing.

    Blue eyes like the sky
    Shine bright.
    Blinded by innocence.

    A man
    Full of bad intentions.
    Driven by lust.

    Purple bruises appear on her body
    Telling a story
    Of abuse.

    Padded blue walls surround you now,
    Years after the day
    When her innocence was stolen.

    The contusions have healed,
    But the marks on her heart and mind
    Stay tender and sore.

    Her heavily sedated sleep
    Is where she escapes
    Where she can finally breathe.

    The constricting chains of terror
    Break and lose their hold
    In her dreams.

    Dreaming, purple ribbons in her hair,
    Grinning from ear to ear.
    Smiling because she remembers nothing.

  • tejaswini_3 7w

    Aren't we all wishing to see them once? And that's what inspired me to write this. I wanted to make it happy, but the Zero O' Clock effect didn't let me. Still, I wish all of you would stay happy and keep on working hard. We are all going to be happier!

    Happy first anniversary to all my loves��


    ~Lovenote: Escape From Reality~

    The flickering lights of the evening vanished, and my mobile battery gave up. It is an addiction, they had once said, and I had challenged them that I won't be a victim of it; only to fail in my first attempt. Their notes hit my tympanum and swirled down right to those four lifeless chambers of my heart and unknowingly built a new chamber, so purple. It was love at first, then it became a habit and now an obsession. I needed them. I was loved by many but nobody allowed me love myself the way I wanted to, the way I deserved. I longed for some space. I wanted someone to hold my hand, give me a hug and say, "I won't give you false assurances that everything would be fine; but I would be there to relieve your pain at every moment; I would not be able to gift you a golden sturdy palace, but I would give you the strength to let your house of cards hold its ground firmly. I would never leave you, if you would want to leave me–I would present you a silver chain with a pendant having my good wishes, for you wouldn't be wanting to stay with me always– but I would want to", and they did say all this to me. Indirectly. And I became a lover of them. Directly~

    I wanted to see them. Feel myself being that one drop in the ocean of purple elixir. For just once. I would cry my heart out seeing all the other drops turning into pearls when they would touch them, as if they were magical oysters. I wanted to see their faces and their eyes that hold the universe, shine infront of me. I knew I won't be able to, never ever. It was Zero O' clock. A whalein was sad and tears poured out again, slower than the last time. Hope had died–

    Until they flew to my room and thousand clematises bloomed~

    ~Lovenote: Reality Meets Fantasy~

    Zillion wishes, you repudiated when the Genie of luck offered– you desirated just one will,
    Everyday a maiden crossed her fingers, while plucking out petals of the scarlet flower–
    Rose it was, a thorny one; and our ballerina with an enfeebling persona, broke down at its prophecy,
    Once again, we came to you– now tie your satin laces and let us have this dance,

    Over the horizons of despair, beyond the gleaming concert halls, a room exists–an epitome of our bond!

    Curtained in pink, a moon jar is shining in the corner with a vintage gray piano,
    Look under the pillow; through the portal of photo cards we will enter in your dream,
    Open your mind to us, find us in those books– maybe another leaf has dried while waiting for you,
    Closer I leaned to them; I whispered– still I need you here to slow down my racing heartbeats–
    Knowingly they smiled, turned the speaker on and wrote a lovenote– 'And you gonna be happy.....'


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  • emiell 7w


    Hues of red, with a hint of blue,
    it is the shade that mirrors the truth.
    I feel at peace when I look at the wall,
    covered in violets, crowns and all.
    Shower me with riches with every stroke,
    as I paint this room with buckets galore.
    All of this jewelry isn't enough,
    to fill in the void that cuts through dust.
    Let it rain memories, of the fallen,
    to guide me through treacherous paths unfold.
    I'll wear the crown that guides the people,
    with purple stained hands,
    forever my throne.

  • the_ink_doe 8w

    The color of royalty and wealth
    A sure likeness to arrogance, they said!
    The color of harmony and creativity
    With an uncanny list of hobbies, it is!
    Purple, A color often misunderstood
    But never ignored
    For, it is sassy and classy all the way!


  • sahnah 8w


    Purple the flower of friendship that blooms in my heart for you my mates, for you who is far away still are my intimates, for you who know me yet are unknown, to all who claim to be my own, for all my schoolmates and my soul mate.
    Purple a hue so delicate that bind the hearts
    Like the mauve lavender that seize the sight
    Like the dim violet that complete the rainbow
    Purple together with all the hues that makes life bloom from day to night in the emptiness of darkness that changes every sadness into happiness.

  • nuravdoos 8w

    The Purple Mat

    Long time ago, he opened Flipkart
    He was too lazy to go to the mart.
    He had a purple vision in his dream
    By luck, he opened up the sports screen.

    Scrolling through the pages
    Within the budget of his wages.
    He came across a purple mat
    Came to his mind the idea of reducing his fat.

    Yoga videos on his TV
    A layer of flab on his belly.
    Matching purple t-shirt
    An hour later, every muscle hurt.

    Persistence is the key
    His wife would care - how do you feel, tell me
    In some months, after all this while
    He wore his new t-shirt, with a proud smile.

  • k_unwinds 8w

    To my purple plum,

    A heart so true
    I honestly have no clue
    I'll just continue to woo


  • a_dream_book 8w

    I purple you all mirakee family��!

    PC : @a_dream_book (Me)��

    Thank you for the ❤ @writersnetwork ��

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  • kajoray 8w

    Purple denotes passion in our everyday lives. Happy Valentine's Day ��
    #purple #mirakee #ValentinesDay @mirakee

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    Walking towards you,
    Carrying those
    Embers burning
    Slowly within
    The desire still fresh
    As the new purple
    Freshly plucked flowers.

    I'm still chasing after you
    In the dark
    With all my might
    I'll find the flame burning,
    Like the embers inside.


  • brianna_m_salmon 8w

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    The deception of purple,
    Right before everything falls apart,

    The deception of purple,
    Before the winds of life turn sour,
    And the skies cry bitter tears,
    Before the wrath of God rumbles,
    And the lights of revelation flash

    The deception of purple,
    Comforting and soft,
    Telling you everything will be ok,
    Before everything falls apart.


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    The deception of purple,
    Right before everything falls apart,


  • joybirdpoetry 8w

    If I colour the whole sky purple
    will the world have a
    spiritual awakening
    the likes of which
    we have never seen before?


  • miracle___ 8w


    Is it just a color?
    Is it just a word?

    No matter what it is,
    it's astonishing when you wear it.

    Music when you say it.


  • tathyajain 8w


    Love is purple, let the rose be red
    Love is purple, let the pain be half dead
    Love is purple, let not the journey be dread
    Love is purple, let not it be a half thread.

  • lucent_muse 8w

    The colour of her eyes
    The royal robes she wears
    Her favourite flowers bear
    The reason I am obsessed.
    Your royal handmaid awaits.

  • dandilion_dilema 8w

    We all got our own vision of things
    thank God for freedom of speech
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    Purples mark

    Purple that's mixed with black and blue.
    Is love that's supposed to be taboo.
    Purples red and blue that's mixed.
    A broken heart that can't be fixed.
    Lifeless lips that can't be kissed.
    Long lost friends that's truly missed.
    Purples meant for royalty.
    Most disturbing loyalty.
    Purple wine stains on the floor.
    Purple hearts that come from war.
    A coffin lining for the dead.
    Often words that's left unsaid.
    Some see purple flowers bloom.
    I think purples full of doom.

  • willowdubstep_ 8w

    purple joker

    the only villain i ever liked, the joker, wears purple,
    even the most evil mind knows purples artistic flair

  • ruminativeminds 8w

    Bora Hae

    I purple you.

    three words,
    countless memories
    & feelings.
    one group, seven members,
    their songs, connecting their fans,

    they were only seven,
    but they have us all now.
    purple thread, connecting us all.

    we sing, we dance, we share.