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  • angelqueen 13h

    Situations or mindset
    might not be perfect
    but soul is flawless
    and heart is pure.


  • tejaswinisrivastava_88 1d

    Surat aur serat me fark karo
    Dil ki Khoobsurati anmol hai iski kadar karo
    Aur apni is fizool soch ko yahi dafan karo
    Usne kaha shakal dekho apni
    Humne kaha pehle apni akal ke bare me toh socho
    Shakal surat ka kya jab seerat hi nhi
    Aur tumahri raye ki yaha koi jaroorat hi nhi
    Sacchi baate logo ko kaha bardash hoti hai aur soorat ki baat karne valo ki maine aksar seerat kharab dekhi hai
    Soorat ka pta nhi dil pak rakhti hu
    Aur ha main shakal nhi dil saaf rakhti hu
    Logo ke peet piche aur muh pe ek se hisab rakhti hu
    Aur ha main shakal nhi dil saaf rakhti hu

    Tejaswini Srivastava

  • pranalishah 1d

    - Recipe of Remedies -

    The ingredients are pure and simple,
    They’re the emotions that run wild sometimes,
    They’re the experiences one wishes to pen down in life,
    Equivalently, they nurture as the remedies for the soul...


  • moonstar_ 2d

    My love for you will always increase too much with time.


    #mirakee #love #moon #star #alone #pure #real

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  • lalitpatel11 2d

    तेरी निगाहे

    तुझे एकटक देखू बावरे की तरह
    तू देख कर भी ना देखे अनजान की तरह
    चाहत तो तुझे भी ये जानते है हम
    क्योंकि हमारे जाने पर तेरी निगाहे
    हमको ढूंढे बावरे की तरह...

  • parthrey 4d


    She complains that her eyes are large, I smiled and said,"just perfect for dive in".

  • parthrey 4d


    After meeting her, I knew the meaning of purity and so was our bond......PURE.

  • diabolicangel 1w

    My intentions are always pure.
    Cause, wtf I need from you?

  • princess_diary 1w

    Ode To My Love

    My heart shall travel so far
    Where the two edges of sea meets
    Northern star will be my guide
    For me to meet you there
    The warmth i feel
    A grasp of peace to grace of love
    With the blissful smile of yours to sweet embrace and your bright summer kisses
    Remembering every moment we lived
    Every grief we grived
    Each melting of truth
    With heart of innocence and
    Love that grows
    Your Eyes That i try to read
    When you keep staring at me
    I feel the love in your heart
    When you get angry with me
    You don't make me nervous
    I feel the pure and delicate soul of yours
    Love of which i can't help but see
    Never will i forget the blissful kiss so sweet....❤️

  • gab_writes 2w

    "Dying, you destroyed our death,
    Rising, you restored our lives,
    Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus,
    Come in glory"
    #goodfriday #good #write #truth #life #words #wisdom #understanding #glory #faith #hope #world #desires #pure #love #holycross

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    Good Friday

    "The only love that was pure was the one on the Holy Cross,and nothing else can be compared"

  • the_venting_poet 2w

    Back again

    I walked away
    Knowing I was exhausted
    And worn out
    From trying to deal with you


    But something I thought dead
    Keeps tugging me
    Back to you
    And I don't know
    What to feel.


  • chaotic_silence17 2w


    I looked at him and smiled internally. Such an innocent soul who was misjudged by the cruel world. He was treated harshly for a crime he never committed. His image was tainted by the devil who had his claim over him. I set my cold glare upon his bright face which wavered a little upon looking at me. He held the kind of smile on his face that can brighten a whole room. Only if someone acknowledged his presence. He was treated as a doormat. He faced the cruel comments the world threw at him. Those words were supposed to change him. But it didn't. He remained the pure soul who would help anyone in a heartbeat.

    I admired him. I really did. I also understood the mixed signals he gave me. But I chose to be ignorant. He didn't know that I was protecting him. I was protecting the naive soul who hadn't been touched by the darkness that had consumed me. I gave him one last glare and stormed off. I had helped him understand himself. And my action made him believe that I was an angel. If only he knew. If only he knew, the demons I had. The demons that were turning me into a demon too. If only he knew the evil side of my soul. If only he knew the destructions I have caused. If only he knew that I used to be the same as him. But now I was far from it.

    I used to be an angel who would laugh around and have fun. I used to cheer up a whole room. I used to bring bright smiles on everyone's face. I used to be an adorable ball of sunshine. But I was pushed off from heaven. And the feelings that were brought with it were terrible. Changes started to appear in my soul.

    And I became the female reincarnation of Lucifer. The SHE-DEVIL who terrorised everyone.

  • bliss02 2w

    i am Waiting for you .
    And it is still for you .


  • shrihari_nandini 3w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shyam #gopala #cowherd #god #contemplate #never #forget #real #pure #bliss #truth #happiness #priceless #lament #grief #on #separation #pain #love #see #through #mind #seeking #devotion

    जब देखो तुम
    -भव्या गोगिया

    जब देखो तुम गोपाल जो प्यारे
    रोक लेना वो है नाथ हमारे
    श्याम बदन पर पीतांबर संग
    जो कंठ में वैजंती डाले
    जब देखो तुम गोपाल जो प्यारे
    रोक लेना वो है नाथ हमारे
    माधव नहीं यह मन छलिया है
    उनसे दूर यह तन छलिया है
    दुर्लभ रत्न जब पास तुम्हारे
    खो मत देना वो है श्याम हमारे
    जब देखो तुम गोपाल जो प्यारे
    रोक लेना वो है नाथ हमारे
    जाने न देना यह सोच कर मन में
    न रखना गुरूर भी तन पे
    वो आये न अगर फिर तुम भी
    रोने लगोगे अपने जीवन पे
    जब देखो तुम गोपाल जो प्यारे
    रोक लेना वो है नाथ हमारे

    इसका तात्पर्य यह है की जब भी आपके मन में श्रीकृष्ण का स्मरण हो, उस पल को कभी कम मत आँकना। ऐसे क्षण में, उनकी छवि को कही भी अपने मन से जाने मत देना, उनका दर्शन ही नहीं, स्मरण भी दुर्लभ होता है। काफी जन्मों के पुण्ये के बाद हमे मनुष्य बनने का सौभागय मिलता है, उसमे भी सिर्फ कुछ को ही भक्ति का सौभाग्य प्राप्त होता है, ऐसे में श्रीहरि का स्मरण प्यासे को अमृत मिलने के समान है।
    श्रीहरि का दुर्लभ स्मरण जब हो जाए, तो उनकी छवि को कभी मत भूलना क्योंकि एक बार ऐसा सुख फिर मिलेगा या नहीं यह हम नहीं जानते। हमारा मन बहुत चंचल होता है, विभिन्न वस्तु विषयों के लिए सबसे बड़े सुख का परित्याग कर देता है और अहंकार आदि विकारो का शिकार हो जाता है। एक बार श्याम आये, और फिर दूसरी बार छवि न दिखाये, तो यह कष्ट नर्क समान ही लगेगा। इसलिए उन्हे कही जाने न देना! मन मंदिर में सिर्फ उन्ही को सबसे ऊचाँ स्थान देना चाहिए।

    Whenever you see the adorable cowherd,
    Stop him with you (in your mind)
    The one who wears yellow clothes on his black form,
    And a garland of Vaijanti Flowers in his neck
    Whenever you see the adorable cowherd,
    Stop him with you (in your mind)
    Madhav isn't fooling you, but your mind is
    Apart and away from him, this material body is fooling us
    When you have the priceless gem with you,
    Don't lose it, it's our own Shyaam, the black complexioned God
    Whenever you see the adorable cowherd,
    Stop him with you (in your mind)
    Don't let him go thinking thus in your mind,
    Don't be filled with unnecessary pride (for body, status, wealth etc)
    When he won't return to you,
    You would be left lamenting your entire life
    So, whenever you see the adorable cowherd,
    Stop him with you (in your mind)

    The poem explains that whenever you remember ShriKrishna in your mind, never underestimate that moment. At that time, never let his form fade away from your mind, because not only his Darshan (Vision), contemplation upon him, too is a rare thing. After inculcating good fortune for many many births, we get to become a human, and after that too, only few get a chance to practice devotion, in such a state the contemplation upon ShriHari is like providing nectar to a thirsty man.
    When you are able to remember ShriHari, never forget his form again, because we never know when we'll be able to get this bliss again. Our mind is very fickle, it goes after unnecessary sense gratification, and therefore forgets the pure real happiness and becomes prey to various faults like ego etc.
    Once when you experience Shyaam, and then it does not happen again, the pain would be much like hell. Therefore, never let him go! In the Temple of your Mind, always allot the highest position to him and him alone.

    Jay ShriHari! ShrimanNarayana bless all!
    Pic credit: To original owner

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    जब देखो तुम

    -श्रीहरि नंदिनी

  • onlywarrior 3w

    A world without Books

    World without books ,
    Is a chaos ;
    In which you hooked all day long.
    A day without reading ,
    Is like ;
    Impure oxygen you are breathing .
    Without Perfect combinations of words,
    You temper will be tethered.

    World without books ,
    Is like ;
    No best friend who always gives you solace .
    And you are living without your roommate.

    World without books ,
    We are just home sapiens ,
    Without having a their reading bae.


  • shubham_20 4w

    Main tum se shuddh desi pyaar karta hui

    Ohhh bhaisab shuddh desi sirf ghee hote hai


  • maddurihemant 4w

    Beauty should be your heart, should be your soul, if that is true, nobody will be more beautiful than you ��❤️
    #innerbeauty #shortpoem #pure

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    Her beauty gave birth to her own beast,
    Never thought it made herself her own feast,
    Ate her brain, Ate herself, Ate her only goal,
    Never considered the beauty lies within her own soul.

  • thatreclusivehuman 4w


    Love, on one hand has the ability to make you the most vulnerable.
    While on the other it gives you a way to find strength in this vulnerability.
    Is that why it is so elusive, hard to believe in and rare to find?


  • _jjaura_ 4w


    Ever tried going to the terrace on a windy day and music buzzing on a loud voice with your earphones plugged in? Magic. I know right?
    You are there but your soul is floating in the air. Pure bliss! ❤️

  • da_ksh 4w

    My thoughts are pure
    but when they come out
    they get diluted.