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  • dreamersneverlearn 31w

    Money buys security

    Money can't buy happiness?
    Then you must have a lot
    You say Money isn't everything?
    Ill take that bet
    You must of never been poor
    You live on my salary , I'll live off yours

  • dreamersneverlearn 32w

    It's Unnatural

    There's no worse pain than
    knowing the person you love
    Is out in the world
    And Loves you too
    But you both know it'll never be

  • dreamersneverlearn 36w


    I dont want to forget you
    I dont want to remember
    All the cruel things you've done and said
    Are used to fuel my indignation
    I came home to a locked door and furniture on the street
    You were nowhere to be seen
    But your strong presence haunts me still
    I wish i could of understood back then
    The guilt eats me alive
    My mother alone with her broken mind
    This, I now understand for i am my mothers child with an illness we share
    She had to escape from all the eyes and noise
    To write her own song
    My lingering resentment mom,
    You didn't think to bring me along

  • dreamersneverlearn 36w

    Baltimore refugee

    I can't wait to escape this town
    Me and my baby
    Hand in hand
    All you false jokers, leave you all behind
    Banish your cruel words from my mind
    Apathetic people trying to be so cool
    Sacrifice your own integrity
    You all look like fools
    Constantly trying to drag us down ,
    Gain more likes on the web
    Maybe try making a real friend instead?
    But that requires loyalty and trust
    Something toxic people always do lack
    I can't wait to escape this town
    Me and my baby on the right track
    Hand in hand never looking back

  • dreamersneverlearn 37w

    The ladder (is broke in America )

    it shakes me
    Constant worry
    I'll never be free
    I work long hours
    With minimal pay
    Will it always be this way?
    Will i ever hear crickets instead of gunfire
    Will i ever be able to lay in the grass
    Is it too late
    Is this concrete jungle forever my fate?

  • dreamersneverlearn 40w

    Goodbye my favorite friend
    (Laura Palmers theme)

    I guess its time
    Burn those fantasies of one day having a life entwined
    Pack up the memories
    Throw away the bad, Cherish the good
    The happiness we shared, my fingers running through your hair
    It was amazing being your true love
    Until reality had its brutal way
    The odds we're against us
    A cruel joke , we used to say
    Do you still love me?
    I know you do
    I know I'll always love you too
    Wish i could tell you
    While staring in your eyes
    But all i can do is write this poem saying goodbye

  • dreamersneverlearn 40w

    Ill go last

    " I just can't do what ive done before
    I just can't Beg you anymore
    So im gonna let you pass"

    Bob Dylan

  • dreamersneverlearn 41w

    Surround me with your love

    This broken mind sometimes goes astray
    Adrenaline and drugs lead me the wrong way
    I spin for days, never looking back
    I give you away looking for change
    The adrenaline fades and my mind becomes clear
    All that I've lost , all my fear
    This broken mind never seems to win
    But you see my flaws and still let me in
    Your face is my home
    Your words brings me life
    Ill forever be in debt to your undying love
    Ill make you smile when youre low
    Give you a home in my heart when there's no where else to go
    Compared to the rest youre far above
    You dumbfound me with your boundless love

  • dreamersneverlearn 41w

    White man in the sky

    If there were a God,
    I imagine it'd be quite disappointed
    If there were a God,
    I imagine it would rescue the poor and punish the evil
    Banish the lies and spread the truth
    But instead it sits and watches us suffer?
    I need no book to teach me right from wrong
    If there were a God that made this misery
    Id choose not to sit in its kingdom


  • dreamersneverlearn 65w

    My biggest fan

    I knew a man who held me high
    Taught me right and wrong
    Told me I could touch the sky
    A man with demons , he tried to hide
    As a child I often wondered why
    But thats what happens when disappointment & malice collide
    I knew a man who masked his sadness
    Instead he laughed and made us smile
    But the universe had its evil way
    The laughter would fade after awhile
    The day he died , I'll never forget
    I cried for my father night after night
    I knew a man who believed in me
    Something no one else could ever see

  • dreamersneverlearn 68w

    I got wild staring eyes

    You don't have to apologize
    There's no need to explain
    Its all in your eyes,
    Both the love and pain
    Your actions show a story, your words tell another
    But your eyes show me truth
    Undeniable true love entwined with guilt and self doubt
    No need to prove anything or give a silent clue
    Your eyes already told me everthing about you

  • dreamersneverlearn 70w

    The Owls aren't what they seem(maybe in 20yrs)

    You said we're lucky in a way
    And in this together
    But you saved yourself and let me die
    You came back to say
    Its our time to be happy
    But as time proved I was left waiting alone.
    I said I'd always go with you
    But i no longer did
    I asked if we'd at least always be friends You laughed and said of course , i believed you
    You lied
    I said i can get through this alone
    I lied
    Now we're so far from what we knew, so far from what we faught for.
    So ill ask again
    Are we a cruel mistake or lucky accident?

  • dreamersneverlearn 70w

    Through being cool

    Everyone seems so cool
    Spit their ignorance at any closed minded fool
    Believe the words, spread the hate
    Easier than fixing your own life ..
    Or maybe its too late
    So fixate on vengeance to ease your mind Hate everyone that differs too
    Search the web for others like you
    Ban together , that's ever so cool ,
    and make others feel bad, who cares if its cruel
    Trapped in a life you never wanted
    Plug the hole with drugs and booze
    Miserable people do crazy things
    For they have nothing to lose

  • dreamersneverlearn 72w

    If i knew then...

    I didnt want to have a boring life
    I was tired of being the "good kid"
    So i lead myself astray
    worked full time, quit school,
    went to parties.. oh , i was "cool"
    No longer felt like an outcast , laughed and smoked as my future crept away...
    Now i sit , still a boring life
    Oh why did i go astray

  • dreamersneverlearn 73w

    Time doesn't heal everything

    Grief doesnt simply go away
    It grows and transforms
    For how can your mind forget such memories ,special people you once had and lost
    I thought acceptance was my end game
    But grief does not die
    I now understand and accept
    Still, some days i cant help but cry
    Grief grows inside me , something i will never lose
    The faces i loved , energy and good times i miss .
    The pain has dulled, but time can not heal this.

  • dreamersneverlearn 94w

    Into the crevice

    Living in your head isn't as bad as it seems, with the help of my favorite pastime.
    In my mind i am happy, i travel, im in love with life. I can endure just about anything. I do not need a single friend or lover. I will one day climb that hill, in my own way. I will have the life my parents did not. I will be happy.
    .... drugs are wearing off....
    Where is my passion? Where is my hope? I want to go back , to that place where i can still feel your face, the cold wind, the look in your eyes.
    Drugs have wore off. I am alone. I have no dreams , no love. I have no hope. I truly despise my life. I need to go back.
    I need another dose, to live in my head.

  • dreamersneverlearn 94w

    What we cannot have( i guess it never goes away)

    Im in love with a man who crushes my being. In love with the memories, in love with the pain.
    I let him in time after time
    And he doesn't disappoint...
    He leads me down a beautiful trail, hand in hand. Tells me i will always be his, always he will love me.
    He's changed, he will make me happy, tears in his eyes, he knows this time will be different...
    Im in love with a dream that will never be real
    I let him, he leaves again. He does not disappoint.
    Im in love with a man who is broken but i can not fix him nor him me.
    Im in love with a memory; two people who found their happiness within each other.
    Im in love with a man who is a coward but i no longer try to fix the one who has broken me

  • dreamersneverlearn 98w


    I may tear up thinking of your face
    But not too often these days.
    I no longer pity you. Sleep in the lazy, miserable bed you handmade yourself
    The hole is still here, but i believe its starting to scab.

  • dreamersneverlearn 121w

    If i look back i am lost

    If i look back i am lost
    Decision is made, no need to rethink
    That road is deceiving, the clouds will come i know
    Weve tried and failed
    Dont look back
    Nothing will change, it never does
    I will not win , its simply not possible
    Security and peace is waiting
    Life is waiting
    I know what you bring, both good and bad. Its always ends with sadness yet....
    If i look back i am lost

  • dreamersneverlearn 158w

    Blaze of Glory

    You left me so broken
    I'm back to the darkness
    Thankful for the dying emotions, for I can not take another daydream.
    I used to love to write
    Now I hide so far from any creative thought
    Hide so deep from any thought at all
    I need you out of me
    I need to breathe again
    Fuck the memories, too much pain
    I'll try to forget everything, everything
    ... except the day you quietly decided to leave me
    The day you simply stopped talking
    "Weird" as you would say
    We talked everyday for two years. You loved me , couldn't talk to anyone else, made you feel alive and special.
    So poetic, you claim I brought love back into your life
    Now the story ends
    You absolutely destroyed me and I can't believe how different I am
    But you were happy You You You
    Worst of all ...I still miss you
    Why oh why did you start this
    Blaze of Glory my ass