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  • realityvision 30w

    How to understand Punctuality?
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    How to understand Punctuality?

    When we are planning for a journey in train, we will be punctual irrespective of trains punctuality, because at any cost we need to make that journey, in the similar way in all work we do make some commitment what we gain so that we will be punctual in all our work. Be punctual in life. Have a nice day

  • se_3729 45w

    Do it now!!!
    "Later" is useless;
    If not,
    You will definitely regret it....

  • mrspectacular 50w


    Henry hurries to pack his things for his 2pm flight he had booked a week ago. He worries that he may not arrive in time to catch the flight and may therefore have to cancel his trip but there is a lot riding on the trip. He is being transferred to the Danish Headquarters of his company and it is pertinent that he arrives as soon as possible and reports to both the Assistant Chairman of the Denmark territory of Flenchly Company Int'l, a conglomerate of household items producers and the personnel department of same.

    Arriving the airport an hour to take off time, he checks in and goes to take a seat while waiting for the plane to be readied for boarding. He feels really pumped about the trip and cannot wait to see what surprises await him at his new position in Denmark as Chief of External Relations. He is aware it would be a great shift, turning a lot of things both upside down and right side up for him but he is prepared for the challenge.

    The flight announcer announces over the airport speaker. 'DenAir Flight 635DA to Denmark is currently boarding. Please, all passengers proceed for boarding,' the announcer says with a voice so sweet it makes Henry smile. He however feels indifferent as he is married and would have wife and kids joining him later in Denmark once he is properly settled. He joins the queue as they are marched towards the airplane through the escalator stairway. Few seconds later, he is finally on the plane seated beside a young man probably in his early 30s who he would later realize has the name, Richard. Henry flashes a smile out of courtesy and shakes Richard's hand sturdily in the spirit of communality. The kind of smile that seems so reassuring.

    A few seconds later, the flight begins taxi as the pilots turn on 'the fasten your seatbelts for take-off' signal. After taxiing for about a minute, the plane finally takes off and the 'fasten your seatbelt for take off' signal is turned off. Everyone is smiling and enjoying the flight until suddenly, a passenger screams as if being stabbed by something. It is Henry's in-flight seatmate, Richard. He seems to be really uncomfortable, sweating so profusely as though he is in some kind of boiling water. Richard usually feels such way traveling by air hence he had not done so in years but only attempted this with the impression that his aerophobia was gone permanently but he is wrong. Right now, he feels his heart slowing down as a result of the panicking.

    'Land the plane!!!,' Henry screams as he tries to keep Richard from suffocating by doing all he can to calm him down. Henry seems so worried about Richard. Would he have to watch Richard die before his eyes in his perfectly ironed suit, wonderful perfume and nice black shoes? He would not have Richard be buried when he looks so dapper, just because of a flight. Henry quickly leaves Richard to go to the cockpit to ascertain if the plane has been landed as he had earlier kindly requested. Surely it has landed but in an open field. He quickly asks the pilot before he goes back to Richard to assist him off the plane,

    'Kindly contact the paramedics and give our location out to them immediately'. He feels paranoid that Richard's case may deteriorate further, probably to the point of death but he is wrong as in a matter of a minute after Richard is brought off the plane into the open air, he feels much better.

    The paramedics arrive shortly after in an ambulance, escorted by two police squad cars and two police motorbikes, advising the flight crew and passengers against taking Richard up in the air again on the grounds of chronic aerophobia. Briefing the crew and passengers in the open air, the chief of the Emergency Management Team (EMT), Capt. Donald Brian says,

    'First of all, I would like to thank you the first aiders for your selfless service and determined resolve to save the life of this man here. Even though, you all clearly have somewhere to be at hence the reason you are on this flight but that did not deter you from allowing the flight to be brought down in the middle of nowhere just to make sure the young man does not die. We thank you very much.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Richard here has a phobia for flight as I am sure you have all ascertained by now so he would not be following you to Denmark. We will probably look for an alternative means to get him there. We would probably drive him there in the EMT convoy or we'll put him on a ship and if he has hydrophobia as well, we'll then have to put him on an air ambulance to Denmark so they can tend to his phobia whenever it arises mid-air. As for the rest of you, do have a safe flight to Denmark. Thank you.'

    Everyone gives a resounding applause. They are happy that they would be able to continue the flight to Denmark even though they would arrive pretty late. They board the plane again and take off with an EMT personnel acting as the adhoc Air Traffic Controller. The flight takes off with an irregular taxiing as a result of the environment hence almost causing a crash but for the expertise of the pilots.

    Two hours later, they make a touchdown at the Bornholm International Airport, Denmark. Safely landed at the airport, Henry cannot help but wonder how his new friend and seatmate on the plane, Richard would be doing at the moment and if he has made it to Denmark as the Chief of the EMT had assured them. Really concerned about how Richard would be doing, he goes to the Den Air Service Station and addressing the lady behind the counter he says,

    'Excuse me....Ms. Abigail', he says picking her name off her name tag on her left breast-pocket.
    'Good evening and welcome sir', she says with a wide and bright smile. 'How may I be of help to you today?'

    Henry replicates the smile. 'Thank you very much....Please I would like to inquire about a passenger's information. We were on the same flight some few hours ago but he seemed to be stricken by aerophobia so we had to have him alight from the plane to follow an alternative means but I am sure his contact information should be in your PNR list. Please can you kindly check for Richard Crawson on your Passenger Listing for flight 635DA from New Zealand? Thank you very much'

    She declines his request with a smile stressing that it is against the airline's privacy policy to give out their passenger's contact without authorization from the passenger himself or herself. Realizing it is not possible, he backs down without uttering another word as he goes away to the parking lot to await the vehicle that would be sent from Flenchly Conglomerate in his new district in Denmark.

    In about ten minutes, the vehicle arrives. He gets up from the gossip chair underneath a cool cover just outside the airport lounge and walks towards it slowly, as if hoping and praying that the lady at the desk would change her mind and come running to him with Richard's phone number but again he is wrong as she does not. Perhaps he would run into him at a later date. He instructs the driver, Mr. Albion to step on the gas and take him to the office immediately for his welcome tour to begin as soon as possible.


  • quarantinistani 73w


    At the latest,
    you should be the earliest
    and while you may never
    actually be the earliest,
    you may still be earlier
    or at least early
    or even just early enough
    to be precisely on time
    and never late.



  • rajeshreejunghare 107w

    |√| Hairs |√|

    • Consistently her Hairs
    Used to be tied Tightly
    So that her Brain beneath Skull
    Behaves duly in Hardships ...!!!

    • Ne'er she gazed Back
    Viewed hairs with Eyes
    Likely ne'er she turned Around
    And peeped into Past ...!!!

  • umartanwar0357 142w

    Clocks were invented to tell us that:
    "Tick-tock, tick-tock,
    Time runs, it doesn't walk..."

  • dhirendrasbisht 161w

    Time Punctuality

    Everyone isn't punctual of time, then why do wait for all the right time.

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  • shruthisatheesh 172w

    Today's miracle

    The sun didn't rise in the West and set in the east
    The earth didn't stop revolving
    The sound didn't travel faster than light
    The moon wasn't visible in the morning
    Then what was the miracle that happened today ????.......
    She was punctual ....☺️☺️
    She reached much earlier than the time specified..


  • aquinacoldfeather 191w

    Discipline is all what we need
    to overcomes all hurdles and to succeed.
    Life will put many barricade
    you need to decide;
    whether to quit or to rewrite your fate.
    Don't lose hope.
    Beneath every difficulty,
    there is a solution enrobed.
    Paint your passion with determination
    Add punctuality to your creation
    Practice till you are proficient
    Sparkle patience to all deterrent
    Trust me;
    God will recreate you as champion
    Universe will work to favour your ambition
    Align these four "P"
    to achieve peace and prosperity.

    pic credit @d_pixel_factory

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    Align your
    Practice and
    to be
    Prosperous in life

  • roningen 201w


    "Punctuality is the most proper homage to the passing time."

  • outofleague 209w


    only time
    i hate punctuality..

    ... is when pizza is delivered
    within 30 minutes.


  • misshri 211w


    Now a days most of the PEOPLE are
    The only things which are always ON TIME
    My HUNGER & my SLEEP

  • prerna_lall_silentwords 238w

    And I woke up that day with red eyes burning from the insomnia of last night.It was warm outside but it still felt cold inside.
    What time is it? My mind wondered
    And my eyes wandered to my alarm clock.
    What!!! Is it 8 a.m already?
    I jumped from my bed and went straight to the washroom.
    Mentally revising all the formulae.With toothbrush in a hand and paste in another.
    I made half an hour of dressing up to a literal 10 minutes affair.
    I was late.
    Exam would start in half an hour and I was still at home brushing my teeth.
    I knew it had to happen.That is why I was trying to sleep early yesterday.
    But my anxiety killed the cat this time and mom-dad also had to be away this time.
    I was running on my feet ,skipping breakfast ,grabbing a packet of biscuits for my treat.
    I skipped all the toiletries,still running on my feet.
    Brushing my dishellved hair with my hand,luckily I caught the metro as soon as I reached the station.
    It was 10 minutes to exam.
    My heart was pumping up and down.
    I calculated my time and applied every formula of Time,Speed and Distance.
    But I knew I would be late anyway.
    Finally as the minutes hand,struck the six ,I bent my head in deep regret.
    Even though logic had defied punctuality, a small ray of hope was praying to reach on time.
    The metro stopped and it was dot 8:32.
    I took the shortcut and reached school by 8:40 a.m
    Finally, I let a sigh of relief.
    Taking out my stationery beforehand to create no more delays,I reached the gate.
    The gatekeeper looked at me in dismay .
    His face was stoic reflecting his disinterest in activities of life.
    But,this time he seemed bemused looking at me.
    He opened his mouth full of betelnut,which was as red as my eyes.
    His words were not articulate with nut inside.
    Then he spit it out and said,
    "What are you doing today on a Sunday?"
    Crap , I had miscalculated a two day study leave.
    Time,Speed and Distance needs to be revised.

    ~Prerna Lall
    #exam #time #punctuality #insomnia #writers #Mirakee #readwriteunite #writersnetwork

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    The Exam....

  • kevinosullivan 285w

    Keep Time

    All dressed and ready, waiting on another.
    Friends like this who needs the bother.
    Cold biting my ears, I stand like a hooker.
    Shuffling feet, hooded dark lenses hide equally dark voids of fallow.
    Skylights to the soul, cavernous, hollowed and gutted.
    I scrapped anything of value myself,
    cannibals got the rest in tolls.
    That lump in my throat once was a pump in my chest.
    Anxiety and doubt. No respect, false clout addressed..
    Circulation gets clogged with rage and deafness.
    Accountability is lacking. All mouth service, no backing.
    My planetary calendar and clock in sync as if atomic.
    Society judges you successful, how pathetically ironic.
    This isolationist manifesto is back in effect.
    I am the first of the last beast, the alpha and omega timepiece.
    Take what I want and leave nothing to chance.
    No accomplice, no witness.
    Boston Irish hooligan fitness.
    Classically trained in the arts of warfare and crime.
    If your gonna run with me,
    you first gotta learn to keep time