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  • ishikaaggarwal 21w

    Happy ARMY Day!

    We've learnt so much from our idols!
    Working hard to achieve the Herculean dreams,
    Fighting against stereotypes,
    Confidence in yourself,
    Fighting off depression,
    Accepting life,
    Inspiring themselves and then millions to speak ourselves and love ourselves
    They say we are their wings, but to us they are our seven colours of the rainbow which always bring a smile to our face after the gloomy rain.

    Saranghaeyo Bangtan Sonyeondan and ARMY!

    P.S. We don't need permission to dance, break records, or love ourselves!

  • chetan_bingg 77w

    If anybody has a different point to make over here, please do in the comments.
    Thank you!

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    Is that Love?

    I would start by a Quote :
    "Fall in love when you are READY not when you are

    Nobody has a clear definition of Love, Some say it is about helping one another even if both are suffering in their own life and some say it is all about affection and attention.

    I think everybody is right, but how do we differentiate between what we are feeling, is that love? or is it just attachment?

    The attachment we feel with other person in Loneliness is not Love.

    Sitting at home, chatting with friends can pass your time but don't allow yourself to feel that you are in Love as Love doesn't happen on texts. It happens in person, It happens when both partners look in each others eyes and everything else around becomes silent. It is when you sit together and you dont have to speak a single word to be enjoying that moment.

    I think Love is when you have everyone with you, you are getting attention of everybody but then also your eyes tend to look for that missing person among them.

    Find Love in Real Life and not on texts!

    Love is about actions not about words.

    Thousands of people will say they can do this and that but who actually does that, is your person!

    A person who gives more while expecting nothing in return.
    A person with whom you can share anything and everything and he will accept your flaws, he will accept you completely.
    There is no fear, no drama, no ego.



  • onelovenikhil 113w

    Please stop acting like you're so comfortable because you and i, we're still strangers. Stop whining like you're a child because I haven't even started yet. I don't like love that's like a child playing with fire. I'm just a little farnished, I'm alright. Actually no, I'm.....

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    Missing you

    Stop being so obvious
    Because the world was always dark
    How can you smile so brightly?
    But looking closely, I see your face is sad
    I know I've been there before

  • ess 129w

    It's always better to be a dignified loner than a degraded lover.