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  • june_margot 9w


    Let's cut through the chase
    And push the knife in
    Just think like a psychopath
    And commit some sin
    For once in this life
    Let's be reckless with ourselves
    For once in this life
    Let's not lie with ourselves
    For once let's dont wait for
    our wings to spread
    For once let's not care
    About the connection thread
    Standing on the edge of building
    Let's not regret about anything
    Stand fearless and dive in
    Think like a psychopath
    And commit some sin.
    Let's not shed more tears
    Over unnecessary commitments
    Let's win against fears
    That controls human sentiments
    Run in a forest and lure the wild
    Be that ungrateful arrogant child
    Form your rules and mock their drills
    Let your adrenaline chase your thrills
    Just for once while you're alive
    Screw all these schedules and discipline
    Just for the last time before you die
    Think like a psychopath
    And commit some sin

  • ambivertquki 26w

    Soul that has been pretended
    from a long time, Really? Why?

    doing well or not
    I don't believe humans
    their humanity
    they aren't really
    all the time
    they pretended
    to be human
    even they are
    where to go?
    how to do?
    why to?
    what for?
    all goes in vain
    and makes you insane

    ~Ambivert Quki

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 47w

    Brain Rot

    Theirs rot in my skull,
    Rattling around.

    When you die,
    Your brain shrivels up,
    A little wad inside your skull.

    Somtimes I shake my head,
    I feel that little wad,
    Coming loose,
    From behind sharp edges.

    My brain feels dry,
    Nothing can fix it.

    So I get high,
    And try to dismiss it.

    One day,
    I'll tilt my head to listen,
    And out from my ears,
    My little brain will fall.

    Sad and shriveled,
    Devoid of thought,
    All sustenance gone.

  • kazumirin 49w

    “ Why did Mom forgive them?”

    “ What's wrong with that, Layria? They have admitted their guilt and we must forgive them,” replied her mother Layria.

    “ Mom's so good. But the mother did not question my opinion about — whether I want to forgive them or not..., " Says the girl with a cold stare, “ Mother's problems are done. Unfortunately... I haven't considered this finished yet.” replied Layria budged from her seat, then walked into the room without saying any more words.


    Layria and her Mother sat on the couch, with a snack of peanuts inside a large bowl. In the morning it is very deliciously watching the news and while enjoying a light snack.

    The news this time shocked Viskayle, Layria's mother. Because of Ambrecle's family, Evaline and her husband Ansh also their three children died in a fire in their house on Shubuh earlier.

    Not yet known exactly the cause of the fire, police are still tracing the incident.

    “Layria, we have just made up with them but they have died in such terrible ways, huhu...,” Viskayle sobs.

    Layria is just a cold expression, then smiles faintly. The girl went to shower without caring about the news.


    My garlands story. In the title “Don't bother Me". ( Indonesian to English translation) I'm sorry that my English is so bad. ����☺

    #story #psychological
    #psychopath #Mysteries

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    Don't bother me!

    “You may be able to lie to someone else — but in my eyes the liars won't be safe in hiding. I'm a good girl who just hasn't acted ruthlessly. ”

    -Layria's word-


  • sarahrachelea 69w

    Oh my God! You're still alive
    I've stabbed you dozen times on my mind
    But next time it will be real
    I promise you for the sake of my life ♥

    ~ Bloody Burger, The Murderer

  • healednarcissist 73w

    When sociopaths and psychopaths enter the game, plain narcs (narcissists) will lose all the fame.

    #mentalhealth #personality #narcissists #positivelife #advocate #psychopath #sociopath #narcissism #dark #fairytale #cinderella #princecharming

    But be reminded that Jesus is the game changer. In fact a LIFE CHANGER. So behold if you are someone conflicted with illness or sadness, lean on to God and He will lift you up. He will.

    Sharing this comforting words from the Bible:
    The Lord is your helper you shall not fear. "I will never leave and forsake you" saith the Lord.

    ||Taken from the book of Hebrew|| #Jesus #Christ #Hebrew #HolyBible

    There is power in WORDS. The living words of God.

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    A Dark Fairytale To Be Told

    Noble she was...
    From the far away land.
    Had worn shiny jewelries
    Fancy seasoned gowns.

    When nightfall has come
    She had to run
    For fairy godmother will be there
    In the castle waving her dark wand.

    Cinderella the name she was called
    Had sold her soul in exchange for gold
    You thought she was kindhearted, and humble,
    But, inside her was boiling madness for her stepsisters.

    Woe to this damned lady
    The prince enticed and tamed
    Not because of her own beauty
    It was all her glass shoe the prince envy.

    As fairy godmother had caught her.
    She was transformed into a rotting tree
    Then witch godmother boldly told
    "let her bare feet lay on the ground unfree."

    Poor Cinderella, her life cut short.
    Fooled and paid the price for a fiction world.
    Only her glass shoe was left
    Adored and consumed by the weirdo prince that she attempted to manipulate.

  • james_taumas 75w


    When the night comes
    My hunt begins
    Slip into the darkness
    Comfortable silk
    Sheep on the street
    They don't notice me
    Engrossed in their phones
    They don't hear me
    Symphony in their ears
    Surprised at my appearance
    Turns to fear.


  • phal_candy 84w

    Sadistic reality

    "Addiction of alcohol changed from Beer to Old Monk."

    "The cradle lied empty in the corner of their bedroom."

    A sadistic fantasy of his, came true by her abortion.

    Ahh! Seems he is a psychopath, read a readers mind!!


  • zayanacullen 88w


    Blood dripping from the sharp pointed end of the knife,
    From the deep cut in the chest of the person now behind.
    What a pleasure to see the precious red fluid touching the ground,
    Drop by drop, moaning of the person, the clouds of pleasure,
    Filling my mind. Seeing the tears, the grin changed into a broad smile.

    Sweet nestlings on a tree made my heart flutter,
    At least that was what others thought for they didn't know,
    I had a heart but not those sweet feelings for any creature.
    "Oh! How cute. She is so much into the nestlings. So sweet".
    But who knew I was in my own imagination, watching those nestlings,
    Getting excited to see their under developed brain smash,
    Their eyes come out of their sockets and their last breath.
    Couldn't control my urge to do so, picked up a stone,
    Smashed on them, two, three, four, and that was when I was nine.

    It was when I was fifteen, my boyfriend went into a coma,
    I pushed him off the stairs in the school and cried tears of joy,
    Though others interpreted it to be tears of pain, this was what I wanted.
    When asked how it happened, I just lied he slipped in hurry,
    With no sign of lie in my face, others believed it too,
    Just like every time I was the one the most innocent.
    Teachers rushed him to the hospital, friends followed, I too.
    He was taken to the emergency, everybody waited anxiously.
    I moved from the waiting room to the emergency operation area,
    There was blood on the floor, I found myself excited,
    Went there to touch it, I was forbidden,
    Went back and waited,
    For doctors to announce he was dead, but no, it didn't happen.
    He was shifted to the ICU, I made my mind to make this the end,
    Went to his room, crawled on the bed, grabbed his neck,
    Put as much pressure as I could, his heart rate started to fall,
    My smile turned into laughter, doctors arrived at the alarm,
    Of his failing heart, deteriorating health but I was still in the books of innocence.
    I tried my best to stop his breath, but oh! I failed, what a disappointment.

    To be continued...

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #poem #poems #englishpoem #englishpoems #psychopath

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  • _seleno_phile_ 89w


    I was abducted by a psychopath , ever since I met through his eyes

    My heart pounded heavily and was spine chilled by the clatter of knives , whilst my cheeks sworn red for no reason. His grab of my wrist pulled me out of the reminiscences of same wrist being left lost with crave for love . Slowly realised my wrist was tied up by a constrictor knot, but I felt it to be tied around my neck as a nuptial knot . His enigma left me tranquilized.

    And finally transcended the world with hearts entangled.


  • chazzychazz 99w


    I checked on you at your back
    The hidden phase that you hold onto
    You lie to your friends everytime you meet them
    But i'm not the one to be fooled.
    You've kept everything under private
    But there are people like me, Sarah
    You can't trust even if it's a puppet
    I know what you're seeking.
    Did you ever thought about this
    How you unintentionally get naked in front of the people
    I don't know why am i advicing your image
    This must be my brighter side, thinking good for others.
    At the Castle Rock Pub getting stoned
    With two miserable breakups that you own
    Then there is someone replicating your steps
    You believe that i could be a threat.
    You know... you're a mystery to me
    We've never had each other's eyes on hold
    That too on my phone i'm aware of your history
    That makes you so much exposed.
    Trust me, i'm not a harm to you
    This is just my conscience working pure
    How our future together would be like
    Before you change directions by realizing insecured.
    Before i get caught i'll fix you up
    I'm too in search of what we don't know
    Describing this to you would be a hell in words
    You are like falling snow and i'm a winter thirst.
    But the end seems really much worse
    Because it shows that you haven't shown up
    I fell into the darkness and i'm fading to unknown
    And only thing i see is your
    Status: 16 Hours Ago

  • speedingbullet 102w

    Happy Psychopath

    The Joker says - “There is nothing more contagious than Laughter.”
    But —How true is this above said fictional fact?—
    I never see a Mentally sound Person on this earth being happy forever because one who is not sicko and has one's mental foundation laid down deep like a concrete lives life bound by a conduct in which it is a proven fact that “Happiness is always accompanied by Sadness” and this fact also lifts up the vicious burden of depression because they know it's a normal cycle so they don't go crazy in pursuit of eternal happiness.
    But one (in this case I consider myself)
    who has never seen a bit of Sadness is bound by a curse of being driven insane in pursuit of eternal Happiness because all one witnessed was nothingness living like a nobody. So having a contagious laughter is what a nobody like me needs to live like a happy psychopath just successfully putting a fake mask of being eternally Happy.

    ©speeding--bullet(Ayush Singh)

  • james_taumas 102w


    Hidden in plain sight
    Hound is blind
    Amongst the norms
    Monster lurks
    Wearing a woolen sweater
    Seeking a special lamb
    Innocent bouquet
    Finding its prey
    Jaws snap
    Dragged into the night
    A tormented fate.


  • _husk_ 103w

    Don't show me the reality

    Those heart-sick low-key days from way behind
    are chasing me for years now.
    Even let me seem like a psychopath to get lost in my
    world of happiness and to feel your amour in my illusion.
    But just don't show me this reality.

  • bhavya0011 103w

    In search of psychopath so that together we can take the mess to a different level

  • _husk_ 103w

    Don't show me the reality

    Without you beside me, I act like a
    psychopath in this real world.
    But I'm a happiest blissful creature in my fantasy for
    letting myself experience your amour in my illusion.
    Just don't show me the reality.

  • angels_halo_shines 104w

    Bravo!! Bravo!!

    In other news, a theatrical performance with a high chance of intolerable, narcissistic, unrealistic, and unimaginable ways to make my living days a Hell, that's inescapable. Making me wonder, what the Hell did I do to deserve this?

  • nehadvn_7 105w

    Fallen For A Psychopath Criminal--(An exceptional love story)

    Alert⚠ This chapter contains adult contents.

    *Florence Wilson*

    "What the fuck? This man is insane. He is lying. Let me tell you. My mother was having an affair and my father was depressed. He even asked her to leave him and go and live with that bastard but she denied because she didn't want to lose the big house and the property and the man with whom mom was having affair, killed..."

    "Wait, Brother." A familiar voice interrupted.

    Tears flickered when I saw Ethan. He was looking cheerless. His ocean blue eyes lost the charm and were turned red. Dark circles rounded his eyes. There were cut marks on his neck and arms. His hair and clothes looked untidy. I was troubled seeing him in that condition. I wondered what would have happened with Ethan on the previous day.
    He greeted me with a half-hearted smile.

    "Welcome, my brother." Kenneth passed a grin to Ethan.
    "What are you here for?" Ethan was making steps closer to Ken.
    "To save everyone from you. I know you are going to do the same thing with Florence which you did with other girls, earlier and this time I won't let it happen." Kenneth said.

    Kenneth turned towards me and held my palm, "Florence, trust me. He will spoil your life."

    I saw Ethan losing his anger. He was trembling with rage. Anger pulsed through his veins and he caught Kenneth's collar, "How dare you touched her? She is mine. I will kill you."

    *Mr Kenneth Wood, you are under custody now*
    I saw an inspector standing on the door.
    They took Kenneth with them.

    After that Ethan closed the doors and walked towards me. He stretched his arms and I hugged him fiercely. I burst out in tears while his hands were rubbing my back in order to stop me from crying.

    He took me in his arms in a bridal way and ascended up the stairs. He made me sit on the couch in his room and brought a first aid box and asked me to medicate him.

    With brimmed eyes, I aided his wounds and kissed him on the cuts.
    "I love you, Ethan."
    "Awww my baby, I love you too." He wiped my tears and wrapped me in arms.

    I cupped his face and kissed him on the forehead.

    He tilted his face and touched his lips with mine. I snaked my arms around his neck while his hands held my waist and pulled me closer. He caught my lower lip and kissed it deeply while I gripped his hairs tightly and then his tongue rolled inside my mouth, taking the taste of it.

    The kiss was getting deeper while I laid on the couch and he was over me. He broke the kiss and caressing my hairs he said, "Did you believe whatever Ken said?"
    "No, love. I know you will never hurt me."
    He kissed me on the forehead and said, "Oh my baby, I will never hurt you. I promise."

    He kissed me on my neck sensually and then asked, "Can I, love?"
    Kissing him on cheeks, I hummed.

    He took me in his arms and placed me on the bed softly.
    ......to be continued.

    [Corrections and feedbacks will be appreciated�� Thank you for giving your precious time❤Stay tuned for its further chapters��]

    To read my stories, visit #storiesbydvn
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    Fallen For A Psychopath Criminal~(An exceptional love story)


  • nehadvn_7 107w

    Fallen For A Psychopath Criminal--(An exceptional love story)

    *Florence Wilson*

    Next morning I got ready for the meeting. I scared losing my life so I entered Ethan's room where Kenneth was sleeping. Silently I opened his wardrobe and took out a rifle and kept it inside my handbag.

    I descended down and as I made a step out of the house, I felt a hand on my shoulder. My heart leapt into the throat and I felt nothing but blind terror.

    Silently, I took out the rifle from my bag. I turned back and pointed the revolver towards Kenneth.
    "Dare you try to cause me harm. Put your hands up."

    "Oh my God! You are pointing the revolver towards me. Oh! Florence, please don't shoot. I will die. I won't hurt you or your boyfriend but please leave me. I am so so sorry." He said mockingly.

    My hands were trembling.
    "Hahaha! Seriously, Florence? Do you think I will fear this gun? Come on, shoot me." Kenneth said.
    "Put your hands up, Kenneth or else I will shoot you."
    "Shoot me."

    Pointing towards Kenneth, I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger.
    There was total silence for a minute. I opened my eyes and realized that there was no bullet inside the magazine.

    "Oh innocent Florence, I knew your each and every move, darling. I know my brother very well. Now come with me." He held my wrist and brought me inside the house.
    He made me sit on the sofa and himself knelt down on the floor.

    Holding my hands he said, "Now listen, Florence. The person you are staying with is wrong. He loves to manipulate and he is doing so. Trust me he just wants to spoil your life the way he did earlier with the other girls."
    "Oh! Please, stop saying all this nonsense. I know you are lying and how can I trust you?"
    "Okay you can't trust me but you don't even trust Ethan blindly. Do you? Answer this honestly not to me but to yourself."

    Kenneth was somewhere right. Though I used to love Ethan the trust was still not there. The thought of him being a criminal always disturbed me.
    I nodded my head in yes.

    Kenneth held my palm and said, "You know Florence, Ethan killed our father. He is a criminal."
    "Yes I know and whatever he did is justified."
    "Really? Can you please narrate me the story he made by himself?"

    I narrated the whole story whatever Ethan told me.
    "What the fuck? This man is insane. He is lying. Let me tell you. My mother was having an affair and my father was depressed. He even asked her to leave him and go and live with that bastard but she denied because she didn't want to lose the big house and the property and the man with whom mom was having affair killed...."

    "Wait, Brother, " a familiar voice.

    ......to be continued.

    [Corrections and feedbacks will be appreciated❤ Thank you for giving your precious time�� Stay tuned for its further chapters��]

    To read my stories, visit #storiesbydvn
    To read its previous chapters, visit #psychopath_dvn

    #storytelling #thriller #mystery #romance #psychopath #lovestory #iambugs #tanzread #writerstolli #17shadesofpain

    @ampragya17 @vamerdo @odysseus @udit94 @its_youknowwho

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    Fallen For A Psychopath Criminal~(An exceptional love story)


  • humanityraiseup 74w

    Psychopath - 1

    There are many type,
    But I know one type,
    First they want to be so close to you,
    They make you believe for whatever they say to you,
    Hidden psychopath wants more joynes,
    And they want to see you suffering and that receives them even more joynes.