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    Constantly revive & resuscitate
    -wes mbanje

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    From the POV of an lonely depressed teenager.

    #dark #home #story #psychological #poem #poignant #triolet @darkmoon696
    PS - The poem is fictional ✌️��

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    Home no more feels home
    Strange entities wander here all night,
    Parents fighting all the time in daylight,
    Home no more feels home
    Loving grandparents passed away recently,
    I cry all alone, now no one seems friendly,
    Home no more feels home
    Strange entities wander here all night.

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    Please Miss me
    I want to meet you
    In my dreams.

    #Psychological fact - when someone appears in your dreams that means that persons miss you .

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    Please Miss me
    I want to meet you
    In my dreams.

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    Dark Light

    Too much darkness can drive you crazy
    Too much light can make you blind,
    Beware of these 2 every second day
    While Opening the curtains For the shine,
    Or trying to hide from something or someone
    By Closing the doors or Hiding Behind

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    The Doll, The Teddy, The Thing and The Night Wanderer
    Chapter 1 (The Doll)
    Intro -:
    For the Kids, A doll means a Lot !
    They play with them,share feelings with them,and even sleep with them . But when they grow up, They're supposed to break that relation with the doll
    ..... The one Who chooses not to ,Are thought to be the bad cases. But when the doll Chooses not to do so ..... It's worse .
    Me and my sister had experienced a lot similiar to this. So I should better start with the latest Incident first

    Latest Incident (Dated Some days ago) -:

    My nani's house is just 2 streets away , and there I have 3 Cousin sisters . Eldest one is 16 y/o ,Middle one is 13 y/o ,And the youngest one is just 4 y/o.And My real Sister's doll (Juju) with whom she used to play in her childhood usually remains At Nani's house as my Youngest cousin sis plays with her . Just a few days ago, Me and my sister were at that place, Sitting on the bed talking to each other about the School, IG , Punjabi songs And other stuff . After a time ,The youngest cousin dropped the doll on the bed , And started playing with her . I said to the middle cousin
    That "The doll seemed a little sad ,when she was laying on The bed.But when the youngest Started playing with her she seemed happy. I don't know if I'm imagining or it really seems to Everyone who notices this" . The middle one said "That's true,when I was a child , I too used to play with alike dolls for hours,And it felt like the dolls reacted to each and every talk and the things...Just like she was a Living Friend".
    Just next day....
    The youngest cousin hitted our door In the morning with my uncle .I was just in a half awake state ....
    I remember seeing her carrying the doll in her arms and approaching me .The Youngest Cousin came closer to me and said "The doll wanted to come here , She wanted to stay with you here"....
    And I was totally shocked hearing this !!
    My sister's Experience (Somewhere in 2013 or 2014)
    It was a complete midnight situation.My sister Was just 7 at that time .So she used to sleep with the same doll (Juju) on the cornerside of the bed.So she was facing towards her doll which was sleeping left to her. She closed her eyes watching the same doll, After a little while when she opened her eyes ,she could not see her doll sleeping next to her , All she can see was just wall. Her body was totally paralyzed,Like she can't move an inch of her body as she can only see the wall and nothing.After a while she was back to the normal state ,Then she turned her eyes to the roof .There she saw something unnatural ...She saw a lot of dolls on the Ceiling, joining hands ,making a circle and they all were staring my sister.But she was astonished more to see that her own doll was not there .And instead of the ceiling fan, In the area between the circle , She could see the darker portal thing which was very shady and hard to identify. Next morning, she was glad to see her doll back and hugged her and everything was back to normal .
    (After hearing that I was having my own thoughts,I imagined maybe they all were trying to open the doors to another world,maybe My sister's doll was doing so because in the whole process she wasn't one of the dolls and doesn't appeared in front of her,And maybe it was all in my head)
    The last incident (Dated somewhere 2 or 3 years ago)
    We had a cradle which belonged to my younger sister when she was a kid. But now as we were having a younger kid (At my Nani's house ,that same 4 y/o cousin was just some months old) we decided to hand it over to her.But the cradle never stayed at the same place .Sometimes ..my Cousin travels to our house sitting in the cradle and leaved the house sleeping in her father's arms .So one day my sister was holding the doll In a silly manner,and we were delivering the cradle and the doll both to my Nani's house. On the way Many people Talked a lot weird things about them Such as ...(The women is so heartless that she handed her little baby to her younger sister and is being careless ,Why they are not placing the little baby in the cradle ...So silly they are". i think they said such things as the doll appeared very close to reality such as it was a reborn doll(Reborn dolls are the dolls which looks total real and are custom made),But our one was a total normal one.
    I don't know why but after hearing this, I was disturbed.
    The Ending - I personally think there's nothing wrong in having a little sweet connection with the doll at any age, But only when we keep in our mind the Difference between the reality and the illusionary world. Because when you start ignoring the difference,It gives her the chance to erase the difference Completely.And if that happens, Your life may turn dark and depressive...you may be left alone and declared a psychopath by the rest of the world and your life may come to a pointless Still.
    .....( Darker Narrative continues )
    Then she'll only play with you, She'll only talk to you, She'll sleep with you every night without you knowing the fact...
    Finally , she'll have total control over your LIFE and Your SOUL......||
    The Narrative style is inspired from The Lore S1 (Horror Web Series)

    Credits -: The reborn doll reference is from The Lore S1E6.

    Special Credits - I want to thank my sister and my mom For telling me the stories,
    And a sincere apology for Over -dramatising the stories too....
    P.S.- The writer's not a crack mind , It's just semi fiction (Half fiction,Half reality)
    #horror #deep #dark #disturbing #tale #story #supernatural #paranornmal #psychological #suspense #thriller #pod #mirakee @miraquill @writersnetwork #writersnetwork

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    The Doll


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    Movie Rec's

    It's such an intelligent Psychological horror that you can't miss it. It's not just a good horror movie , But also An Filmmaking masterpiece . The start of the Movie May Seem Slow but it's only to take you to a Good mind ride. When You'll reach the Half Movie You'll get a little idea what you're dealing with. As you'll progress You'll Doubt you're brain to a great extent. The film Gives a lot of hallucinations To the Viewers And that too Serious Ones. ....
    The best part about it is It's not a linear story movie (One like the Christopher Nolan ones)
    It travels In the Parallel Universe Feel, So Smoothly in the past and the Present that I can't stop Appreciating the director (Who's also the screenplay writer that's why ). Just saw this Amazing Movie Last night
    Lastly I wanna Say just Some Lines
    You'll not believe what you'll see, And what you're gonna see may not be true |

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    The system

    There have been many times when I was talking to a therapist and they wanted me to go back to that little boy and Express what he would say. I refuse to do it. I cannot handle expressing what I would as the little kid. I am a man and I will never go back to that little boy. Because what I felt then was worse than the time in solitary confinement. They wonder why I'm fucked up I was put in a cell for 23 hours a day for 2 years. I lost my mind. I was 16yrs old my brain wasn't even fully developed. I was already carrying extreme psychological problems and then they through me in the hole. I had to get out of that cell and I couldn't the only way I could is if I spread my shit all over the wall they would have to let me out to clean it. I would fill my cell with my urine so they would have to let me out for at least 10minutes to clean it. The system failed me miserably and they they will never understand what they did to me. Paranoia, time distortion, talking to my self and pounding on that cell door begging them to let me out. When I got out I couldn't even handle talking to someone. I was demolished socially. That's why now I keep all my windows in my house covered so know when can look in. That's why I fear just going to the mailbox. Feeling like I'm gonna throw myself out of a moving car and jump off a bridge and my mind won't be able to stop my body from doing it. It took me a year to walk over the bridge in richford without those thoughts. 

    Any way thanks for listening 

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    Turning Red

    All the signs are warning me
    I must not proceed further
    But this stagnation is hurting me
    With an angst that begs it's urgency
    I murder me in my sleep in a frenzy
    The light of the Sun's solar beams
    Bleed the ends of me
    Onto marble floor like oil
    Serpentine as it's lines coil
    Seem to wind
    And slither
    Like a chemical caterpillar
    As the leak sizzles
    Seductive as it sinisterly strewn sex appeal
    It's as eruptive as Venus's rage if she could
    Kneel before the masochistic
    Eel that vibrates and pulses a bolt of
    Sensations that made me jolt awake
    As it strangled me I'm manically starting
    To mechanically unfold
    I don't have gold
    But substance in a essence
    And long ago

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    Kuch Log Khud Nahi Marte
    Wo Dusaro Ko Marte Hai
    They Are Psychotic.

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    Doctor I have something I need to get off my chest.... you see, you say your interests are for my best... but so far you've only given me pills to take, you seem like you listen but are you even awake... your
    1.  BOOM LIKE BOMBS DO and I'm feeling stuck in this room I hate your perfume and can you turn off this tune this has been on repeat since I got here at noon. And the doctor has this to say ,"Beau, I'm sorry no we are out of time
    2. Let's just make sure to take your medications combined 
    3. swallow these you'll feel much better and give it some time
    4. I know it's only nine different kinds this time but just
    5. mix them together because each one is designed
    6.  to kill the thoughts in your mind
    7. so you forget you even wanted to become better
    8.  and if this doesnt make you die or kill another
    9. come back and I'll let you pay me to sit and act like you matter
    10. but I honestly I could care less, you see, I'm just like an actor
    11.   the truth is , I'm not your mother im just a doctor."

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    “ Why did Mom forgive them?”

    “ What's wrong with that, Layria? They have admitted their guilt and we must forgive them,” replied her mother Layria.

    “ Mom's so good. But the mother did not question my opinion about — whether I want to forgive them or not..., " Says the girl with a cold stare, “ Mother's problems are done. Unfortunately... I haven't considered this finished yet.” replied Layria budged from her seat, then walked into the room without saying any more words.


    Layria and her Mother sat on the couch, with a snack of peanuts inside a large bowl. In the morning it is very deliciously watching the news and while enjoying a light snack.

    The news this time shocked Viskayle, Layria's mother. Because of Ambrecle's family, Evaline and her husband Ansh also their three children died in a fire in their house on Shubuh earlier.

    Not yet known exactly the cause of the fire, police are still tracing the incident.

    “Layria, we have just made up with them but they have died in such terrible ways, huhu...,” Viskayle sobs.

    Layria is just a cold expression, then smiles faintly. The girl went to shower without caring about the news.


    My garlands story. In the title “Don't bother Me". ( Indonesian to English translation) I'm sorry that my English is so bad. ����☺

    #story #psychological
    #psychopath #Mysteries

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    Don't bother me!

    “You may be able to lie to someone else — but in my eyes the liars won't be safe in hiding. I'm a good girl who just hasn't acted ruthlessly. ”

    -Layria's word-


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    घटिया Professors तो बहुत देखे होंगे लोगों ने psychology professor की बात ही अलग है! (Dominance)

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    A change for an external reason is always temporary


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    Killing desires, the unconsidered wishes,
    The psychological disorders!!

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    Your ownself is your greatest company


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    Answered with #psychological impact, oops.

    Emotions flattered insane when sentiments got disdain


    Her symmetry of words went deep when she found out her dreams


    Collab @ovais43

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    Verses became curses when dialect went plagued


    She preferred the darkness when glint went so wane


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    If you aren't feeling good these days,
    i have a way for you to get out.

    just write down everything going in your mind and tear the pages afterwards and blow it.

    (sounds very silly but its very effective)

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    Her Impaired Mind

    The evening falls and yet again
    She's spread out on her bedroom floor
    Too tired to keep up the facade
    Decides to show her deranged side

    She lies there bound up by her gloom
    She's high on everything but booze
    And in her head she only hears
    The devil playing symphonies

    She tries to think up a good plan
    One that would ease her frustration
    And help gain control of her mind
    Before she loses all of it

    But then she realises that
    It's one happy never after
    So she lets all her demons loose
    As she can't help her impaired mind

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    ये कौन लोग है मेरे पास? मै इन्हें नहीं जानता
    मुझे अपना कहते है, मगर मैं क्यूं नहीं मानता?

    क्या इसे ही तन्हाई कहते है? शायर गजलों में
    क्या यही अंत होता है जज्बातों के जहान का?

    अंदर से जल रहा हूं बदन में हरकत तक नहीं
    क्या खूब कीमत चुका रहा हूं अपने मान का।

    अगर फैसला गोलियों से ही होना है शहरों में
    तो फिर कौन सी आजादी कौन सी समानता।

    कोई हुस्न के दस्तरस में है तो कोई दफ्तर में
    हम क्या जवाब दे अपनी मशरूफ ए जात का।

    वो रूठ गया है तो तिरछी निगाह से देखते है
    टूट ना जाए कमजोर बांध मेरे इत्मीनान का।

    अब हर्फ ही तो हूं ना मैं, हर्फ क्या बताएंगे?
    गर होता व्यापारी तो जेब अपनी खंगालता।


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    Vegetarian Vs Non - Vegetarian Vs Survival

    It has been a topic of discussion for a long time and there is no conclusion of this. I can be wrong too because I am human. I just wanted to make it clear that seeing things as purely black and white is never a good tactic to understand something. It is just that we all are grey shade characters. You may think you did nothing wrong to anyone and you are an angel figure but trust me there will be a lot of people who will hate you.

    Non - Vegetarians have been criticized for their eating habits by a lot of people but I don't think vegetarians have the right to criticize them if any vegetarian is feeling bad about it then I would suggest you to visit any dairy farm see the condition of animals there , or if lockdown is not letting you go outside then just see some YouTube videos of it you will get a glance and I recommend you to watch it emotionally because that's how you bash non - vegetarians.

    I can be wrong too but still you can't ignore the fact that your ancestors did exactly what they needed to do for survival and we posses their DNA so it is obvious we will also go to any extent for it and eating meat is not related to survival anymore I know that too but not eating meat is also falls into the exact same category.

    We all are grey shade characters and we have our own flaws it doesn't mean we don't deserve what we have it's just that we think everything in black and white and that's what makes it complex.

    #animals #humans #survival #thoughts #life #wisdom #psychological #philosophy #harfpoem #harfpoetry #harf

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    Yes I don’t eat meat but of course I torture them too
    Separating calves from their mother is also cruel
    I don’t slaughter them but drink milk with satisfaction
    Putting metals on their delicate body with affection
    Beautiful Dairy industry don’t just let them roam around freely
    They too torture them for your morning tea they are too greedy

    Making cows pregnant again and again like it’s their fate
    When a vegetarian curses others don’t you just hate
    Physical abuse is what you do to get your daily needs
    This isn’t about cows only, there are so many breeds
    Animals feel sad too when they are alone in some crate
    I am proud to eat my sweets, Ghee, and sweet milk cake
    Hello I am non- vegetarian I feel shame that I kill animals
    It makes me sad my plate is always happy served by criminals
    I look after them build them fluffy to slaughter in the end
    I hope I will not meet the same fate but I can’t sustained
    Survival is what that made us all killer of cows and goats
    But what can I do I am programmed to eat my own bloats
    I am sorry I can’t do anything I need to survive hence
    When you ask me why I do what I do sorry no comments

    The ultimate answer is this that we all are killers
    Some of you think and one of you just preserves
    From the ages we have been killing and torturing
    You may call it differently but I am sure it’s not nurturing
    Survival of the fittest is something that made us do
    Whoever is saying killing is not an option think it through

    We are all painted grey not just black or just white
    Move outside of your room so you will get a better sight
    We all have bad and evil engraved within ourselves
    It’s not that we don’t know why do we cruelly behave
    This was, is and will be happening for sure and what not
    At least till the humanity finds a way to make it resolved

    Animals are tortured by humans but for humans only
    I am sorry but it is something we can’t solve thoroughly
    You domesticated that cute Labrador in your house
    Without feeling disgusting I bet you can’t hold a mouse
    There are so many things that we do and it’s not nice
    I am just being delusional or I just deciphered a crime